My husband and I used to have many fights over family and money. After the birth of our child he realised that he did not want to be married anymore. I have been introspecting and I realise my mistakes and have apologised for the same because I really love him and I deeply regret hurting him. However he is insistent on separating and we are not living together.

I know that he is the love of my life and I need him to function. Also, our child needs her father as much as she needs her mother, and I want us to patch up as that is the most desired solution for both our families. I have decided to be a better person and overcome all my negativities and instead be more loving, giving and non-judgemental. I need a solution to help win him and his love. Currently he says that he hates me and refuses to speak with me.

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"I know that he is the love of my life and i need him to function"

Im going to put this as sensitively as i can. PLEASE dont put all your eggs in this one basket.

Youve developed a belief system that has hinged all of your happiness, answers and progress on a relationship with one person. A person who could die, decide to marry someone else or decide to move so far away from you that you could concievably never see them again.

You have a higher self who is linked eternally with the Godhead, Source all that is. This Source, your higher self KNOWS what best for you without even having to think about it. Your higher self already KNOWS the life track that will lead you to your optimum level of Joy.

Please dont use your limited 3 dimensional mind to dictate details to your higher self. You talk abou the most desired solution, your inadvertantly dictating to your higher self ,the part of you that knows " ALL " from your very limited 3 dimensional self.

Thats a bit like going to your doctor ( the guy with a couple of university degress, and twenty years of training ) second guessing his diagnosis, then prescribing yourself medicine on the strength of a first aid at work certificate.

I speak from expeience here, ive been where you are and ive tried every spiritual, metaphysical trick in the book to revive a relationship that wasnt in my best interests. I failed...and wasted many years in fruitless stress and turmoil. Dont do that to yourself.

The Universe and the God who created and contains it didnt hinge all of your potentiality for Joy on a single human being. All of your potential life tracks, maybe Billions, dont run along a route with one soul mate in them.

How do i know this for sure? because ive changed "TRACK" and found something better every time ive done it.



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Monty Riviera

I would suggest that there is only one way to use the master key system, that is, to study and assimilate it progressively, it is designed for self discovery, self development and expansion of consciousness, or to put things more succinctly, it allows us to perceive situations from a wider perspective.


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You cannot force him to open up to you with all the skills or techniques in the world if he is not willing to do so, as this is a Universe where free will is practiced.

Instead, you might be able to find another new love in your life and find a new father for your child. What you can do now is to just try and pull through this difficult time while practicing the methods and techniques. Only when you start to learn how to love and appreciate yourself will the other person appear in your life.


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"The game of life and how to play it" By florence schovel shinn (very similar to the master key system) may be worth looking at 7.00 mins in describes how to win back a loved one. From what I understand the idea is to act out, as realistically as you can, as if he is still there. Good luck


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Let me just start off by saying.., "yesss, you can get back love of your life.."..its 100 % possible. as you know you have created this situation so, for sure you can turn it around as well. ` all you have to have is.."PATIENCE". if you truly want something ..and you have burning desire for it then, you have to get that..,no matter what .

Be extremely positive and stick to that positiveness. you have no choice but, get that what you want.

I'll give you a wonderful a kid.., I had seen that my mom suffered a lot. the reason was the differences in between my mom and dad. being the only girl, I too suffered with her. My mom convinced by dad a lot in everything but, unfortunately he never listened her. so, eventually there marriage was on the verge of divorce. but, my mom truly loved my dad and he loved her..,but the problem were there "egos".

So..,what happened after that..,both of them filed divorce cases against each other. now here the story takes a turn.Before final hearing,my mom went to a temple. and there, she cried a lot..,I was with her so I know..,the way she went through all these things and so, I can understand your condition and even,your daughter's too. After a lot of crying..suddenly a man came from behind..,he had put his hand on her shoulder and said.."my child.., cry as much as you, let all your hatred come out and replace it with lot and lots of love..,love for him and your daughter (me). So..she did same. and she told him..the entire story. You know what that man said.."You love him..And You know this.., don't listen to anyone..,listen to your heart,your heart knows everything. You know, how much he loved you...the way he cared for you.., And said.."simply.., be positive for him.., don't utter a single negative word for him.., cross the heights of positiveness for him,your daughter and your family. and love him tightly.., he has no choice ,but to come back to you..". my mom did same thing.., for a month ..she did as that man said. she loved him tightly.., in spite of all outside pressures.

And you won't believe what happened after that.., when it was a day of final hearing.., my dad said..this in front of all to mom that .."I still love you..,I can't think of my life without you and our little angel". I take back this case and I really apologize for all the harm that I caused you all these years. My mom burst in tears. tears of happiness and joy of getting her husband back. and she won. she proved that ..,"If you hold on to positiveness, believe me circumstances are nothing in front of your positivity. this is the biggest example that I have learned from my mom. And each day I salute her for this. and you know, todayy we are a very happy family.

So..all I can say is.., don't give up.., if you really love him with all your heart. be positive, be confident,,and don't stop. I'll tell you what my mom did.., she thought only positive, she worked in an office to keep herself busy for all day. she loved him her mind. She helped everyone around her. She took music classes,along with her job, to keep her mind busy .She got shifted to her mom's place for more moral support. and sweetheart, remember it takes time.., so be patient..things will surely work in your matter what. My mom took a complete year to sort all this. so.., be patient. With patience and timing you'll get him back.

I hope this has helped you..
I hope ur joy n happiness be restored as soon as possible..

love,light n blessings ur wayyy



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@supergirl Thanks for sharing a wonderful experience from your life

(26 Feb '13, 07:05) ursixx

@ursixx- ur most welcme..dear :))

(26 Feb '13, 11:39) supergirl
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