I have been pondering over this and started to observe the people around me for a few days. This idea just occurred to me all of a sudden.

Most people in their life seem to seek ways to feel good or relief even though they may not really know about the Law of Attraction. For instance, if a person had a bad day at work, he might go online to some forums to vent his frustration, go for some retail therapy or just go home and enjoy a good hour or so of gaming, or watching his favourite TV show. If a girl breaks up with someone she loves, she would try to confide in her close friends or family, etc.

They do all of these naturally and all of these points towards seeking relief or feeling good.

But why then do these people sometimes seem to still not be able to get the things they want in life, or that their life may sometimes seem to have a lot of obstacles or problems? What's the main difference between these ways of seeking relief compared to something more deliberate like Focus Blocks or meditation?

And also, isn't feeling good or seeking relief supposed to be a normal human reaction or instinct when we feel bad in our lives? What happened to it and why does it seem so different (letting our lives run on auto-pilot to feel good as compared to deliberately feeling good)? Is it because seeking relief is not enough and we have to aim to get into the Vortex?

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For me the difference between the natural instinct of finding relief and deliberately using a technique like Focus Blocks or meditation is related to the idea that you can in fact control how you feel and the focused intent of feeling good, and added to that is the sensitivity to ones emotions.

Let's say that 2 people had a really bad fight. One who is not aware of any of the techniques discussed in this forum might go and get a beer, or watch TV, etc. The person would go mentally through the fight many times, hold anger/resentment towards the other person for some time (a really long time in some cases).

On the other hand a person who meditates, or applies any of the techniques discussed here is probably more attuned to his feelings. It will use the techniques to mold their vibration into a better feeling place probably in a shorter span of time. The more sensitive the person (through meditation, being in the vortex, etc) the faster the person will take action to raise their vibration, because the pain would be felt more intensely.

The other thing also regarding sensitivity, is that a lot of people live with a constant background of stress or unease and don't even notice it. So even when they find relief, their base level is one of a certain degree of stress anyway. Using the techniques discussed in the forum one starts being aware of smaller and smaller variations in ones feelings, so one eventually goes on to clear even tiny things, which as Stingray has said, tiny things can amount to a huge blocks in regards to manifestation.

Finally, that natural instinct of finding relief can be distorted or disabled to a certain degree depending on past experiences, beliefs, etc. I remember when I discovered a lot of these techniques, I was so excited I wanted to help everyone around me. Only very few people were open to not having those problems anymore, and even from the ones who tried some things and succeeded in solving a situation and confirmed that the techniques worked, sometimes they didn't use them anymore. So they keep living in a somewhat more negative setpoint.

Hope it helped. All the best.


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Yes, well-being is the basis of all things because there is only Self.

The only difference is that manifesting techniques somewhat problematically attempt to manifest something "external" via feeling good since feeling good is the common denominator of all pleasurable desire and its manifestation. Technically, if one would just make the focus / manifestation on the feeling good itself then all other manifestations will fall into place without any needs for techniques because the natural flow of Self is directed into the zone of pleasantness all experiences must come from within that zone.

When it comes to everyday things, most people differ in their awareness and application of the truth that all reality is begotten of a corresponding state of mind. By venting, sharing the issue, discussing etc. one might obtain some very temporary relief but then what is not seen is what is going on inside before and after that: how does the full experience and it's consequent relief-seeking mechanisms and their results get internalized? This is the key. What are they focusing on the rest of the time? We're noticing one event they caused and the way they respond to it, but what have they been focusing on to cause that event in the first place? No matter what they do to vent and what relief they get or do not get from it, if they return to the the fundamental state of mind that caused the event, then they'll flow into more experience that is in the same fundamental zone. AND WE ARE SUPPOSED TO NOTICE THIS CAUSE-AND-EFFECT CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN FUNDAMENTAL STATE OF MIND (: AS REFLECTED FIRST IN OUR FEELINGS :) AND CONDITIONS. Also, if one persists in venting / sharing or discussing the issue we magnify its presence in our consciousness through our focus even if we're seeking to feel good, we're seeking to feel good by talking about what feels bad fundamentally so it's pretty hard to develop a positive consciousness. Technically, if one is aware one must realize instantly that one is at cause, and switch focus and there will be no need to vent or the like. The whole need to vent comes from insisting that someone else is at cause.

Seeking relief and finding it is getting into the Vortex. Feeling good = being in the Vortex. Manifesting follows from the good feeling AUTOMATICALLY.

I hope this clarifies.


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@harsha I know about the feeling good = vortex part. What I mean is don't people naturally find ways to feel good themselves? Why doesn't that work as well as deliberately trying to feel good?

(23 Dec '14, 09:26) kakaboo

@kakaboo - Isn't the rest of the answer clear enough? It has much to do with what's happening before the event and after it. What was going on in that person's mind that generated the event? Is the event / venting about it reinforcing the original cause or eliminating it by replacing it with something more beneficial? What's the person doing with his mind the rest of the time apart from venting? If a habit of thought needs to change then it is going to require some deliberate application.

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what if how we see what is
is not and what we believe
we ought to have is therefore
the true distortion

everything else around us
is in cycles yet we prefer
to be an exception that
chooses to rationalize


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