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I have seen many posts here where people is interested in Magick and the paranormal, and I thought I could add something interesting, IMO, that I have found.

I am fond of mythology, especially Celtic and Norse, and became interested in why those people believed in magick. This article on Runes and Magick has a lot in common with the Law of Attraction and explain how 'magick' works.

Just a paragraph, for instance. It resembles a lot 'The Master Key System' ideas!:

Spells and rituals work through the agency of thought forms. A thought form is a mental and emotional construct on the astral planes. Whenever you repeatedly think about something, and strongly wish for it with emotion, this creates a thought form. Yes, thought forms literally do have wings. With magick spells and rituals, these thought forms can be sent flying through time and space, and even beyond time and space, using spiritual beings to fulfill your wishes. Spiritual beings and thought forms are not limited by time, distance, and walls, as we humans are limited. This is the secret to magick, causing change on the astral planes, brings change on the earthly planes. As above, so below.

Here is the link if you want to check it out. All the site is worth the while taking a look:

"An Awareness of Magic" - How Magick May Operate in the World.

If you're interested, here's a video, a chant of the names of the runes, that can be used for meditaton as a mantra.

Runes Chanting - FUTHARK

All opinions are welcome, your thoughs on that, or interesting links you'd like to share...

asked 10 Jun '10, 15:14

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Should be Community Wiki, since it is not a real question.

(10 Jun '10, 18:17) Vesuvius

I've now switched this to Community Wiki

(10 Jun '10, 20:13) Barry Allen ♦♦

Thank you, guys. I would have done it myself but I wasn't certain if it was up to me to decide... :)

(11 Jun '10, 12:18) BridgetJones09

I really love this posting especially the bit linking magic with the master key system ... the whole scene of ESP seems to fit into place ... thanks BridgetJones09, Stingray and Community Wiki

(25 Nov '11, 06:01) blubird two

Thank you!!! xx

(25 Nov '11, 12:57) BridgetJones09
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I've always taken the view that Universal Laws are, well,...Universal :) - and it is only the language we use to describe them and the methods we adopt to interact with them that ever varies from human being to human being, or belief system to belief system.

So I would agree with you that Runes and Magick have a lot in common with Law of Attraction ideas because ultimately they are both dealing with the same thing...the words Law of Attraction have just become a bit more fashionable recently, so that's why I tend to hang around with those hip and trendy folks. :)

Besides, I'm not sure how my dark sunglasses would go with that Wizard outfit...

alt text

I think there is much to be gained from looking at all philosophies, religions and schools of thought and seeing the commonalities between them.

It's only when we lose that willingness to see truth everywhere and end up proclaiming only One True Way that we get ourselves into a bit of a self-inflicted muddle.

A wise being once told me: All knowledge is of worth.

Thanks for sharing, BridgetJones09.


answered 11 Jun '10, 06:11

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edited 11 Jun '10, 06:37

Thank you, Stingray. 'All knowledge is of worth.' is what my father tought me when I was a little girl: "Read all the books you want, about all religions, all beliefs; and if at some point you wish to change your belief system, and you have tought it out well based on you readings, and you're certain that that's what you want, daddy will support you and will never be mad at you for your choice." Now I am into the Law of Attraction, and I've read about Magick in Paganism, I remember his words every day, always sure I have his 'thumbs up'. This post is a sort of tribute to his open-mindedness.

(11 Jun '10, 12:33) BridgetJones09

And, Stingray, hip magicians can wear sunglasses and dress trendy clothes :) It makes them less conspicuous...

Besides, when you've asked the Universe for something, and you got to manifest what you wanted, knowing it's you and only you who have done it, in the very first minutes when you're 'feeling invincible'...doesn't it feel a little like Magick???

I have rambled a lot already :P

(11 Jun '10, 12:42) BridgetJones09

@Stingray - You have an uncanny knack of being able to combine humour and wisdom and come up with just the right answer:)

(11 Jun '10, 14:46) Michaela

@Michaela, thank you for your kind words and thank you also for so many right answers. :) @BridgetJones09, you are fortunate to have had such an enlightened father. I think it has served you well with your open-minded approach to life. Regarding hip magicians, yes, I guess I could set a new fashion trend for them...looking at some of the outfits, those guys/gals could do with a makeover. Just got to figure out what to do with that magic(k) wand. :)

(11 Jun '10, 21:14) Stingray

ThankQ both @Bridget and @Stingray , for this , I love its lightheartedness and fun aspect , I feel at times we get so caught up in the seriousness of our LOA and it just seems to make it too darn hard .

Am sure our creator has an awesome sense of humour from some of the things I see in nature ;-) though all serves it purpose in the big scheme , love you and again thanks ♥♥♥

(19 Sep '12, 23:07) Starlight

@Starlight - You're welcome and...Agreed, To me, spirituality and humor are close, if not essential, companions. It's when we take things too seriously that we lose our connection with who we really are.

(20 Sep '12, 06:02) Stingray
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