I'm not a fan of discipline to get things done in most cases. I'm thinking of going back to school to get a degree. I'm young and I don't have a career yet. My parents want me to go for something and I don't want to let them down. I find reaching goals with a sense of direction is purposeful but sometimes I get resistance telling me this is not for me.

It's confusing because I want a sense of direction and the satisfaction of a task completed but the resistance I get tells me that it's not meant for me. Then I feel pressured to stop what I'm doing because I worry the universe is telling me to stop. I get inspired but I rarely finish some of the goals I set out to do.

I would like to look at my studies as a way to grow and manifest on a direct path to an even higher destiny at least until I get there and something else comes along.

I understand that effort isn't really needed but I would like some direction and clarification on this.

My parents are going to help me with at least some of my college expenses so I don't want to mess this up.

I'm exited at least for now but I would like to finish my degree even when I'm not exited which I think develops growth and satisfaction of a task completed.

I heard from stingray that effort isn't needed but he also mentions that you can also manifest the more action oriented way if you want.

In general I would like to know if the law of success is also a way to manifest.

Energy clearing has made it easier for me to complete daily task as well.

Some clarification please.

asked 09 Mar '16, 10:44

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What a great question. Seems to me, though some LOA people might disagree, that when we set a clear direction (ex. college degree, new car, better marriage, etc) there is a field of static that surrounds that for us. If the static wasn't there, we would already have or be what we are aiming towards. The static can feel like fear, or it can feel like rebellion (I don't want to discipline myself to get this done), or it can feel like confusion, or it can feel like scatteredness. We often describe the sensation as "resistance," especially when it feels like rebellion.

It's super easy to get lost in that static field. It can seem like it is a message from the Universe that we aren't supposed to be following this path. We've been told that effort is not necessary, so if we encounter a place that seems to require effort, it makes sense that we might interpret that as a "sign" that we should look for some other direction.

This is a way of thinking that is characteristic of the static field itself. It is a clear indication that we are out of alignment with what Abraham calls the "receptive mode." It is NOT an evaluation of the outcome we have directed ourselves toward, though often, this is the interpretation that people give.

The Universe doesn't really care what we desire, which direction we turn towards, what we want to manifest. We can have and do and be anything we want. And, if we get there and decide we don't like it after all, we can change it to be more to our liking. The Universe would not give us a "sign" that we are aiming towards something wrong. It doesn't see things that way. There is no force outside of yourself that holds a plan that you are supposed to enact. There is nothing that is meant for you or not meant for you. You are the decider.

We get where we want to go by staying receptive, joyful, eager, zestful, interested and engaged, and by keeping our eye gently and easily on the goal. The "discipline" required is the discipline to stay happy, to rest our eye lovingly on the goal and to not get lost in the static field.

Do you WANT to go to college? If so, what do you WANT to study? What turns you on, lights you up and feels like it will give purpose to your life? Keep your focus there and do anything that feels inspired and joyful and you'll get there.

Best to you..


answered 10 Mar '16, 16:03

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Thank You.

(10 Mar '16, 16:45) TheCreativeOne

Damn, another clever answer. Incredible clarity. Totally agree. Love to see my own perspectives reflected, serves as a repetition/reminder to this truth, and every bit right now helps. Thank you!!!

(12 Jul '16, 14:13) einsof
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