Was just reading some manifestation topics and ideas on the forum, and wanted to get perspective upon my interpretation on how things come into our lives.

Upon being in a community dedicated to attracting women, the formulae for dating success was, and as a disclaimer this is not my original thinking:

Intent + freedom from outcome = success

Now whilst this formulae was specifically done for guys wanted to attract women, my question begits if this is the exact same principal for deliberatly manifesting things, out of our control or knowing, for other things in our life.

I want to state, using deliberate manifestation techniques has never been something I have been successful at. On IQ I'm sure many believe in their validity and have had gains using them, for me it just doesnt really vibe.

Then again, I am looking at it wrong- manifesting is never a technique, but rather its always just a guide through process to get one to feel relief or even better emotional wise (correct?).

I will use the dating context to affirm the equation.

Intent, or intention, was the effort put forth to getting what you wanted. To get a date, or a number from a girl or attraction built, you must display your interests in some way. You essentially are communicating, "I want this." "I want a girl" or "I want that girl." This mindset will result in a variety of things, examples may include going to night clubs, talking to girls more often, maintaining eye contact.

Freedom from outcome, generally tossed around openly in the world as going out "with having no expectations", was where you didn't need anything from the other person. You were not fussed whether they accepted or rejected you, and as a result of this, the element of neediness was eliminated. You didnt need approval, liking, sex, or even chit chat. The liberty of having no need for a particular result ended up with one feeling great amounts of confidence and chill.

Note how you need both elements to gain success in a male-female interaction here. If you have intent but dont have freedom from outcome, you will come across desperate and needy. Likewise if you dont have intent, but just freedom from outcome, you wont really end up getting girls because you arent really in a position to look for them.

Let us not argue with my dating equation or even that subject. My point being now, is this the same equation for manifesting other things in our lives?

The desire for it + I'm fine without it ever coming = manifesting?

Or am there a * in the armour here for getting things?

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@Nikulas Still wondering what your last sentence means?

(21 Feb '14, 10:06) Catherine

Ok so HOW? How do you trick yourself into believing you already have it, when you clearly do not? I find that nearly impossible to do, since I base my perception on observation. I do not observe myself having the thing, so, HOW HOW HOW am I to trick myself into believing something that I know damn well isn't true?

(21 Feb '14, 12:01) loser

I think you are strongly set in lack and need, that will keep anything you want away until you shift your vibration. Have you heard the Abraham term 'go general'? It simply means stop trying to manifest what you want and focus on something, anything, that makes you feel good. Take your mind off what you want completely. You would have more success with that because you seem quite stuck in yearning and that is a resistant vibration, and it's impossible to manifest in that state, unfortunately.

(21 Feb '14, 13:35) Yes

@loser "HOW HOW HOW am I to trick myself into believing something that I know damn well isn't true?"

There isn't any answer or any person here at IQ that will convince you of having something that you don't observe yourself seeing in front of your face with your two eyeballs. Your belief system is clearly set to a particular frequency of lack. A lot of us here at IQ were also once in your shoes. You have to be willing to read some answers here and be open minded about new possibilities...

(21 Feb '14, 13:43) Cory

@loser... Just because a human being can't hear a dog whistle, does that mean a sound doesn't exist for a dog? Just because you can't see a frequency signal going into a cell phone, does that mean that the cell tower's frequency doesn't exist? You first have to make a decision if you are willing to change your understandings and beliefs of how human life works first, then you may be able to get an answer to your above comment. Until then, everything you hear on this site will be blah blah.

(21 Feb '14, 13:49) Cory

@Cory I think @loser should search through IQ for @flowsurfer. Also a member that had a hard time. And often it seemed to have issues with lack and need.

(22 Feb '14, 05:59) ursixx

My last sentence, no clue why it was blocked, was (I will spell it backwards): "KCNIHC in the armour" or, holes in the armour

(22 Feb '14, 20:07) Nikulas

@Nikulas Thank you for that. It is a shame because that is actually what you are asking here and it gets lost and overshadowed by the rest of the text.

(23 Feb '14, 05:25) Catherine
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Yes, that is a very efficient way to manifest. Stingray has mentioned on here many times that one of the best ways to manifest is to focus on something strongly and then give up on it ever coming.

When you have 'freedom from outcome' or you've 'given up' or you 'go general' it simply means that you're not using you mind, your thinking mind to control, you're not attached or in yearning.

That's what trips most of us up when we are trying to manifest the things we think we need to be happy. It's also why we can manifest cups of coffee and parking spaces super fast. There's no resistance there, you're not getting in the way.

Getting in the way could be thinking where is it? Why am I struggling to manifest this? Why do others have the thing I have but I don't have it? I'm in the vortex all the time so where is my stuff? I'm going to do a focus block to feel better because then what I want will come faster. It doesn't matter what the patterns of thoughts are, all of those thoughts I have mentioned above are resistant. Any time you focus on what you want from the place of 'I don't have it yet' or 'I won't be truly happy until I have it' you stop it from coming. You can't stop its creation, it's created but you are standing in one place very solidly and what you want is in a completely different place, you're not lined up.

And until you're lined up you can't see it, even though it is right there NOW, it exists NOW. If you have 'freedom from the outcome', you've let it go, you're not standing in the way and it will flow to you through the open channel, because you're not blocking that channel with resistant thought.

I think where most people struggle is they don't realize that the Universe responds to your feelings and not your thoughts. If you have really set in your mind that having this relationship/pile of money/car whatever it is you want, if you believe that it will only be in the having of that thing that you want that you can 'feel good' then you will always struggle to manifest.

When you realize that you can align with your inner being without any of the 'stuff' that you want - and it's that FEELING that you're chasing anyway, then finding that FEELING becomes your priority, not the stuff. Paradoxically, when the feeling becomes more important than the stuff, you get all the stuff! The Universe is very clever.

We don't ever create a manifesting box and put only one thing in it "1. I want to live my life in total alignment with my inner being." But, really that's all that we want. There are plenty of movie stars and rock stars that have all the material things that we are trying to manifest but they're still not feeling that 'happy, on top of the world' feeling that comes from alignment. That is what we're all after. And, you can have that FEELING before you get any of the stuff. :)

If you can tie 'freedom from outcome' with feeling good, feeling present in the now and following your inspirations and excitement then you will get everything and anything that you want. In that state of being there is nothing that you cannot do, be or have.

*** UPDATE ***

I just wanted to add in something that I think might be helpful to those living outside the vortex more than they're inside. Looking back, I think this would have helped me with aligning with my desires.

How you are feeling in any given moment has NOTHING to do with the physical life that surrounds you at this present moment. How you are feeling in every minute depends on the thought that you are thinking and whether your Inner Being agrees with that thought.

Your life is a back and forth conversation between you and your Inner Being / Source. So, you have a thought and you get instantaneous feedback from your Inner Being. If you are thinking a thought that your Inner Being agrees with you will feel positive, happy emotion, that's your Inner Being agreeing with you. If you feel negative emotion, in any given moment, then that is your Inner Being creating distance between you, saying NO I don't agree with you on that.

So, any time you think a thought that is anything other than neutral or positive you will get an instant response in the form of a negative emotion. So, you can tell by how you are feeling how closely aligned you are with your Inner Being. You can tell if you're Inner being is saying, Yes!!! or No!! in every minute of the day.

You can change your thoughts to thoughts that your Inner Being agrees with any time you like and your Inner Being will respond by letting you align and then you can feel the wave of positive, happy emotions that come through you.

Now, let's say for example, you line up with the desire for a huge sum of money, unconsciously. You're thinking a lot of thoughts of money and LOA draws it to you. You might think, woooo hoooo!!! Now, I will be happy all the time. :) Jackpot! But, no, actually you won't. You can't ever feel the emotions of joy and happiness unless you are thinking thoughts that your Inner Being agrees with. So, with all your money in the bank, if you keep thinking negative thoughts.... - 'How will I manage this money, will people treat me differently, what if I lose friends because they're jealous, I have all this money but I still have terrible back problems, and my wife is unwell with depression and I'm worried because I don't trust that guy that's assigned to help me manage the money, what if he cheats me? - ........

Those are all thoughts that your Inner being cannot agree with and your Inner Being will let you know that you're not in agreement by the feedback of strong negative emotion, worry, doubt, insecurity etc. In other words, you will not feel good, you will feel awful, even with ALL THAT MONEY.

So, the DESIRES, that you so desperately seek, will not improve your life in any way, shape or form if you remain out of alignnment. You'll just swap one stream of negative thoughts for another and your Inner Being will respond to those negative thoughts by creating distance and sitting in that distance you will feel, NEGATIVE EMOTION, even with ALL THAT MONEY.

That's why Abraham and IQ teach, alignment first, marry with your Inner Being first, get that relationship under 'control' and you will ALWAYS, ALWAYS be happy. You'll be knocked out of the vortex now and then but that's GOOD. You will enjoy that too, because you're creating more lovely things to enjoy when you come together with your Inner Being again.

I hope this is helpful :)


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Love your answer! Very insightful. Thank you!

(21 Feb '14, 17:36) Inner Beauty

yes @yes "how you are feeling in any given moment has nothing to do with the physical life that surrounds you at this present moment" and "you get instant feedback from your inner being" love it :)

(22 Feb '14, 04:41) jaz

You're welcome! I have received a lot of guidance from reading answers from both of you so it is nice to repay the favour :)

(22 Feb '14, 17:42) Yes

One of the best answers on IQ ever!

(11 Apr '14, 21:20) WeRadiateBeauty

WeRadiateBeauty, thank you! :)

(15 Apr '14, 09:00) Yes

@Yes - Wow! Your description of life as a "back and forth conversation between you and your Inner Being / Source" providing "instantaneous feedback" from your Inner Being was an eye-opener for me. I had not thought of it in just those terms before, and it's making a difference in my mind. It feels like another piece of the puzzle just clicked into place. Thanks a bunch! :)

(15 Apr '14, 16:07) Grace

Grace, I'm so glad you got something from it :)

(17 Apr '14, 11:51) Yes
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Yes - the formula you describe is basically Ask and it is Given, assuming that one does the letting go part. The Asking is the masculine or active part of the process and the Letting Go part is the feminine or receptive part of the process.

However, increasingly we are being encouraged to just pulse the frequency. Everything you do, you do because you desire the feeling state. What feeling state would you wish to reach if you desired to attract women - presumably to feel attractive so the idea here is that you just pulse the feeling of attractiveness, either using your imagination or your memory of previous times when you felt attractive.

The thinking is that in a third dimensional time/space reality you send out the request and then in time the fulfilment of that request comes back to you. In a fifth dimensional reality, where time doesn't exist, you simply go straight to the instant manifestation of the feeling state. We are moving towards a time of instant manifestation so I guess the new formula would be something like:

feeling state = manifestation

Just curious, what does your last sentence mean?


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*"What feeling state do you wish to achieve with your desire to attract women - presumably to feel attractive so the idea here is that you just pulse the feeling of attractiveness" Yes, and sometimes it's not clear what the exact/specific feeling is we want. So I find it's helpful to break the words down to their core feelings. For example, what is it about feeling attractive that I want to feel? A sense of power/freedom? Admired? What is it about power, being admired that I like? etc.

(19 Feb '14, 11:48) releaser99

@releaser99 Absolutely R99 - we should get as specific as we possibly can.

(20 Feb '14, 16:08) Catherine

I dont believe my question had anything to do with my personal desires @Catherine

(22 Feb '14, 20:09) Nikulas

@Nikulas As you mentioned it in the question (i.e. the formula for dating success), I simply ran with that theme - the theory holds good for whatever frequency state you wish to create. If you'd mentioned a formula for attracting more coffee into your life, I would have run with that! I suppose what I was really saying is that it is a good idea to work with frequency states rather than form. Many already know that here but it doesn't hurt to keep reminding ourselves of that, me included.

(23 Feb '14, 05:21) Catherine

@Nikulas I've amended my answer to be more general - hope this helps.

(23 Feb '14, 05:50) Catherine
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I'd say it's 1) Ask for it. 2) Know that since you want it, it's yours. 3) Let go of all doubt and fear. It's yours because you want it. 4) Be happy and excited that it's yours, even though you don't see it yet, but KNOW with absolute certainty that it is yours. 5) Say "Thanks!" and don't worry about when, where, why or how it's coming, because it's yours.

I'd say, Intent + Excitement + Faith + Gratitude = Manifesting.

Worrying about the outcome = lack of faith.


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Beach Baby

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That sounds about right to me. I think of it as "What you want and how much you want it"+"What you secretly believe is possible"=what you get. So as an example, maybe you want a dream job so powerfully that it manages to manifest, but then it turns out to be a nightmare - because if you are 100% honest, what you actually believe about these things is something like "I don't deserve a fulfilling dream job".

Abraham does often express this as "happy where you are and eager for more", which I think is pretty close to intent+don't care if it happens. I would guess that these are all ways of talking about a high energy/low resistance state, where a lot of decisive energy is flowing, and you are not throttling the flow with your own beliefs.


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@corduroypower-can you please elaborate the bashar technique imagining a different past and its benefits?

(21 Feb '14, 06:37) Zee

@zee - here's a link: new past. Where I found this helpful was with things where I'd been carrying around "trauma" from life experiences in the past. Abraham says that it doesn't matter, you just think differently in the now. Which is true, but for things that were really "sticky" and compelling, I found it very, very helpful to just think...

(21 Feb '14, 14:59) corduroypower

...about what it would have been like to have had different experiences. Almost like fantasizing up a new past for myself on certain topics. I found that after doing that on a topic for a couple of days, it really lightened things up for me emotionally/vibrationally. Does that make sense? So instead of "I had a bad relationship with that person" being what I was pulling up mentally when I thought of my teenage years, I started to think more softly, because I had just rewritten that time.

(21 Feb '14, 15:02) corduroypower

At first it felt actually quite challenging, my brain was so intent on the reality of what had "really happened". But I got a lot of use out of the idea, that I do believe, that really now is all we have. The past is not happening NOW. So why not just vibrate something else about it? (Some would probably say that it's unnecessary, just stop thinking about, but I often find it easier to think of something else than to not think about it at all.) Anyway, I don't know if this is useful for...

(21 Feb '14, 15:04) corduroypower

...every topic, but when you have been dragging around an emotional issue for a long time, I think it can be really helpful. Or at least that was my experience!

(21 Feb '14, 15:04) corduroypower
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This is very interesting I never gave it much thought that manifesting could be broken down into an algebraic formula that everyone could understand.

Kind of like Einstein's theory of relativity this manifesting could be broken down into an easy to apply mathematics formula.

I'll need to give this more thought. Could you elaborate on this formula you have developed?


With Yes's excellent answer that clarified this to me, I have more to add.

When I was a kid manifesting came easy, the thought of "where is my desire" never entered the equation.

I was excited everyday thinking of, "I can't wait to get this or that, it's going to be great!" I excitedly expected with no doubt at all, as a matter of fact doubt and disappointment seemed like a concept unknown to me then.

I had full faith that what I wanted I would get. I even had long term "some day" goals and every one of those came to pass also. There was no worry or fear of not receiving, I knew I would have what I wanted, it might just take a matter of time, but I would have it. It always came, even years later I eventually had what I wanted come to me.

I used to want a fold up bike and I can't remember how many years but I always knew someday I would have one. One day I found one for 20$ at a flea market.

I used to want a ColecoVision with all the games, years later a friend sold me one with all the games cheap.

Bigger things, I used to think there has to be a way to have these in hand-held. Now I have tons of games on my phone, just like I used to want in my teens.


answered 17 Feb '14, 22:33

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Wade Casaldi

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I couldnt say it's a mathematical formulae simply because manifesting things cannot be physically measured in a universal code of unit measurement, such as centimenters or seconds. I think a few would chip in saying Abrahams emotional guidance scale may come close, but even then it's just a representation and not designed to get specific with labelling things.

May you please elaborate on what you would like me to elaborate on?

(17 Feb '14, 23:00) Nikulas

@Nikulas oh I meant on the formula. I thought you were creating a mathematical formula, the way you wrote that. I just like discovering different ways to look at things.

Some would say it clarifies things others that it complicates things. I suppose it is all a matter on perspective.

(18 Feb '14, 00:35) Wade Casaldi

Wade, lovely stories of manifesting your desires by being in the state of pure excitement with zero doubts. Pure thoughts + no lack + total belief that also = manifestation. That's another way of looking at 'freedom from outcome' :)

(19 Feb '14, 09:54) Yes
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I came across a book several years ago that contains channeled information from the 1950's. It is entitled "The Seven Mighty Elohim Speak On The Seven Steps To Precipitation" written by Thomas Printz.This book has been out of print since 1957.I felt this information fits in with your question.I should add that steps 6 and 7 are switched about through out the book.This is the first full explanation.So here goes.

             The Seven Steps To Precipitation

When We were first called by Helios and Vesta and asked if We were willing to create this planet Earth,We said:

First: "We WILL to help You!"Next,We had the humility to ask what They wanted Us to do.

Second: Then,We were given that PERCEPTION,when We looked upon Their Divine Design.

Third: We also had the Divine LOVE to magnetize electronic light to form the planet.

Fourth: We had the PURITY and humility not to desire to change Their Divine Design.

Fifth: We had the CONCENTRATION of the energy to stay with it (and do you know just how many millions of years it takes to create a habitable planet?).

Seventh: We also kept the RHYTHM of invocation and many a day We left Our Own particular Cosmic work to join with the Others of the Elohim,pouring love and light into this planet which was taking form at that moment.Never was one of Us missing at that rhythmic hour,lest the Flame of Cassiopea or,perhaps, the Flame of Orion,should be in smaller proportion to that of the Others.If that had happened, the perfect harmony and balance of the Seven Elohim which came in rhythm century after century,would have been broken.

Sixth: Then it was required of Us to release to and through Our creation the PEACE and Harmony which would sustain this planet until Its evolutions began upon IT; as well as after the creation of mankind who were invited here to enjoy It. Your Holy Christ Self now awaits your recognition and acceptance of It-and not in the abstract!.That Holy Christ Self is a very real Being! It awaits opportunity to show you your Divine Pattern which can be revealed to you through your mental consciousness,when it is held like a Grail to that Holy Christ Self.This must be done in humility,sincerity and in a realization that,certainly,the Being Who made you and has sustained you for millions of years,-giving you even yet the breath of life-that Being should at least have some "say" in your affairs!

Take from this what resonates and leave what doesnt behind.I felt a need to answer this question in this manner.

Love and Light...


answered 19 Feb '14, 14:49

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Thanks Roy, I just downloaded the book.

(19 Feb '14, 17:05) Wade Casaldi

I keep reading it over and over,lots to learn...:)

(19 Feb '14, 18:30) Roy

I'm confused....If you have a desire for something, then by definition, you wish it to come about. That is the definition of desire, or rather a darn good definition of desire. So I understand, your saying your fine without it, but isn't that really just a mature way of handling disappointment? I mean, we've already established the desire for it, the desire for an outcome. The mature adult doesn't throw a fit if they don't get what they want, but is "fine with it". But these things do not 'manifest' for everyone, all the time. This does not mean they are satisfied and happy go lucky, it means they understand they cannot have the thing now and so adapt their reaction to the thwarted desire. In fact, they are undoubtedly suppressing the desire, in order to be socially 'current'. And if they were to be truly honest with themselves, they would have to admit that of course we are not truly ok with not getting what we want, or getting what we don't want. We simply have learned to divert ourselves, suppress the desire, and get a new desire real quick. The simple act of doing an action implies a goal in the action, a tie to the outcome if you will. You shoot a free throw. Maybe you really don't care if you make it or miss it, but then, why would you do the action? You wouldn't. If you just toss the ball in the air, your not really shooting a free throw, are you? No, your just tossing a ball in the air. Even then your desired outcome is happening. To shoot a free throw requires intention. There are situations where you would shoot to miss, but there is a tie to an outcome. I guess I just don't really see any situation that both these things could be actually occuring at the same time, as they sure seem to be opposites, by definition. Either your not really trying (intent) or your not really free from the outcome, otherwise, why do the thing?


answered 18 Feb '14, 15:41

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I think billiards would be an better analogy. In basketball you are always trying to make the shot. But billiards sometimes you don't want to pocket a ball, because you have no shot so you shoot a safety instead. So in billiards sometimes you don't want to pocket a ball because you know you would get a penalty for pocketing the wrong ball, so in that case you really don't care about Pickering a ball.

(18 Feb '14, 21:59) Wade Casaldi

Loser, I think if you're living outside of the vortex, at boredom, contentment or below on the EGS, then what you're saying makes perfect sense. You can only touch joy, satisfaction and 'happy go lucky' when you manage to manifest something you consider fun or interesting. I think what Abraham is teaching, and what we often try to aim for on IQ, is reaching for our vortex, where ALL our desires reside, not just touching happiness when one or two good things manifest for us on rare occasions...

(19 Feb '14, 09:43) Yes

.. When your dominant feelings, day to day, are at the top part of the EGS enthusiasm, love, appreciation etc. When you reside here, emotionally, your desires do not matter at all because you just feel so 'on top of the world' without them. So the yearning desire tones down and the freedom from outcome is present and that state of being is where all your desires start popping up, one after another. Ironically, you get them all when you don't need them, because you're just so darn happy anyway.

(19 Feb '14, 09:48) Yes

@Winner-in-the-making "If you have a desire for something, then by definition, you wish it to come about" True. Also there is a difference between having a desire and feeling bad about it/feeling the absence of it and having a desire and feeling good about it/feeling as if you already have it. And both feelings do not depend on circumstances. You can choose to feel whatever you want by imagining it. But when you dominantly feel "that you already have it", it must manifest in your life.

(19 Feb '14, 11:43) releaser99

I still don't understand. Your saying that the key is to 'feel that you already have it'. Ok, the problem is what if you in actual fact, do not have it. Would that not be just another of the lies we tell ourselves then? I find it very difficult to lie to myself, since I know I am lying. I can say "I feel I already have a million dollars" until I'm blue in the face, it doens't earn me even one dollar to do so.

(19 Feb '14, 13:02) loser

So I'm a little unsure of how we are going from "I want it" to "I already have it", and this somehow magically makes the thing appear. It sounds just like that, hocus pocus. Do this little 'spell' and the thing will magically appear in your life, just waiting for you. Doesn't seem to work that way in my experience. But my question is this: how do you honestly lie to yourself by telling yourself you already have the thing, when you clearly don't?

(19 Feb '14, 13:02) loser

From my own experience, I can say that "You don't really want the thing, you just want that feeling" sounds like total BS when you're lower on the vibrational scale. Of course you want the thing! You don't want the feeling of driving the car, you want the car! But as you slowly and slightly improve how you're feeling, it'll make more sense. I've gotten a lot of use out of my personal "I'll understand when I'm in the Vortex" mantra, because it has been true over and over for me.

(19 Feb '14, 13:37) corduroypower

And I don't think the key is saying "I have a million dollars", but in slowly bridging the emotional gap between how you feel right now (Poor, unstable, like poverty is lurking around the corner) and how you imagine it would feel to have a million dollars (Stable, prosperous, that feeling of "I can buy anything I want, if I want to"). And you can literally walk yourself closer to that ultimate target. I am a slow learner, so this stuff takes me months and months (or years and years)...

(19 Feb '14, 13:39) corduroypower

...rather than the days or weeks it might take other people, but hey. I can say from personal experience that focusing on increasing my feelings of prosperity, PLUS letting go of feeling so much urgency ("I have to make myself feel rich right now, this instant, so I can have a million dollars next week!") has really changed how I feel about money, and that has changed the way money operates in my life quite a bit.

(19 Feb '14, 13:41) corduroypower

OK, I like that. Thank you for your answer. One further. Ok, so HOW can you focus on increasing feelings of prosperity, as the example, if you don't feel prosperous? because feeling prosperous would entail having money. HOW can one focus on feelings of intimacy with a woman for example, if one does not have any feelings of intimacy with a woman in one's life? I sorta get the second part of the equation, the urgency part (but tough to tell a starving man to not be urgent!)

(19 Feb '14, 15:40) loser

I think you have to walk it in, step by step. Say you feel very poor. Your life has a lot of markers of poverty and you feel your lack of affluence really keenly, really emotionally. Okay, so your end goal is to be in a place of feeling affluent, prosperous. But my experience is that really, LOA can only bring you thoughts and feelings that are a couple of degrees either side of where you are. I mean, you can say "I feel rich!" but it will feel like total BS, right? That feeling of "BS" means...

(19 Feb '14, 16:07) corduroypower

...in my view that I am way, way out of vibrational range of that thought actually "locking on", as it were. So you have to start where you are and take little steps. So say you're trying to meet a partner and you are really intensely aware of being unwillingly single. So you have a lot of energy moving, but a lot of resistance. I would probably start by meditating and sitting with the feeling of being single until I stop pushing that sensation away so much (which, IMO, is very resistant)...

(19 Feb '14, 16:10) corduroypower

...once I felt less crummy stuff in my body about being single, I might try to think things like "I know that lots of other people have gone from being single to meeting lots of wonderful potential partners". Or maybe fantasize about what it would be like to meet someone. Or I have had success with a Bashar technique of imagining a different past (helpful for stuff that comes up a lot, for me) so maybe you imagine that you are totally a champion dater. What you are looking for is...

(19 Feb '14, 16:12) corduroypower

...IMO the sensation of lasting, real relief (so NOT something where you're talking yourself into believing that this affirmation will help, or gritting your way through visualizing the perfect person, for me that sort of thing is often very resistant!) And then once you have moved from that sticky place of very practiced resistance, my sense is that if you just softly keep thinking now and then about what you DO want (meeting appreciative women, say), it won't happen instantly, but you will...

(19 Feb '14, 16:13) corduroypower

...find yourself having an easier time thinking cheerful thoughts about the topic. You will release more and more resistance. One day you will wake up and realize things like "Wow, I no longer think of dating as this zero-sum game, I now genuinely believe that women might be interested in me without me having to somehow make that happen". And I think that once you see belief changes like that, your reality starts to shift. Because your reality is basically a reflection of the beliefs you hold.

(19 Feb '14, 16:15) corduroypower

I hear you about the urgency, that is definitely a thing that feels extremely real/serious when you are the lower ends of the vibrational scale. It's hard to hear (let alone believe) when people are like, just let it go, just relax about it, but what they're saying totally feels legit once you're in vibrational range. So I figure: just do whatever you can, no matter how little, to seek a tiny bit of relief from wherever you personally are starting on the topic. (Sry for epic comments!)

(19 Feb '14, 16:17) corduroypower

Corduroypower, these are great answers! It's reminded me of how vast the gulf can seem to the things you want when you're lower down the EGS. I think lots of the advice given from people higher up the scale can seem like Harry Potter nonsense when you reside a little lower down. You have explained here how to move up incrementally via the feeling of relief. There's lots of advice from Abraham on that subject, all available on youtube. Maybe loser could search on there for additional help. :)

(20 Feb '14, 07:55) Yes

@loser great advice in the above comments! Like to throw in a thought. Dump account on IQ as loser! Start a new one as Winner! Think of the things that have made you feel like a Winner. No matter how small. That feeling use it!

(21 Feb '14, 04:43) ursixx

@yes - Harry Potter nonsense makes me laugh. Recently I have been (finally) understanding that when Abraham say "Words don't teach, life experience teaches", that is literally true. For instance, I THOUGHT I understood "focus on what you want more than on what you don't want", but it's only very recently that I have come to understand what that actually looks like.

(21 Feb '14, 15:09) corduroypower

It is amazing isn't it. We learn more and 'see' more as we climb the scale and peel away layers of resistance. It's a journey, an unfolding, and as Abraham always says 'enjoy the journey to it'. The most fantastic thing for me has been watching the world change around me as I focus on what I do want and shift my attention from what I don't. That's where the magic is. :) It's wonderful :) :)

(22 Feb '14, 04:09) Yes

@winnerinthemaking, you write, " Ok, so HOW can you focus on increasing feelings of prosperity, as the example, if you don't feel prosperous?" If you are still having difficulty feeling as if you are prosperous, for example, you might try IMAGINING how you would FEEL if you WERE prosperous? What would you do? What would you see? What would it look like to be prosperous? There is an excellent Neville Goddard video in which he outlines how he uses his imagination to create what he wants:

(23 Feb '14, 16:42) Beach Baby
(23 Feb '14, 16:43) Beach Baby
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