I hear voices, outside my head.

I also have an uncomfortable energy inside me, which can reach out and make neighbours scream. I hate it.

I also have some kind of hole in my throat chakra, which sucks in spiritual energy, and cause spiritual beings to gasp from kilometers away.

I know I have some power to do this, because every time I constrict my throat in some kind of way my dad coughs. 100% correlation.

I am a reasonably intelligent and quite logical person (with a double major in maths), but I know something major is wrong.

I know something spiritual is wrong with me. Dark sparks/invisible lines of energy lance out from me when I think the wrong way and they make my neighbors scream.

I have anger, pride and shame issues, and I think I attracted some bad energy & power from you know who (the dark S).

This darkness occurs semi-consciously. I think there is something installed in my subconscious that prompts these occurrences.

It can be as simple as concentrating in the wrong way, and I detect an outward energy from my brain or throat chakra, and a scream/shout event in the neighborhood.

I want to remove this ability to cause darkness.

I want to get rid of these dark powers, and remove Satan from my life.

I am a loner, and I have turned my back on my group of friends, and only have myself to think of.

The voices I hear tell me to do something for someone else. I think that will take my focus off me, which might of contributed to attracting Satan's attention in the first place.

The voices also tell me: "mind over matter" and "open your mind". I'm not quite sure how to do mind over matter, and every time I open my mind, I cause more screams/shouts to my neighbors.

Help appreciated.

My related question: "How can I be less self absorbed, and more open minded?"

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Hello @SR7 what is "satan's power" but patterns of struggle within that gives the impression of an external force having power over you ... and the greater the struggle the tighter the trap gets. How to be freed? Step back from thoughts, create space in your head and feel from the heart

(22 Jan '17, 04:01) jaz

SR7, Your post offers a fairly clear discription for how you perceive and experience your reality. I have some questions. What is your understanding for how reality is created? Do you have any role in creating this reality? Do you have within yourself the ability to alter your experience? Are you willing to explore alternative explanations for what you are experiencing?

(22 Jan '17, 20:39) i4cim2b
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I do not know what country you are in, so I am a little unsure as to get you the help you need.

Satanic forces can be very real to some people, especially those who are Christian. But I am more than a Christian- I am a Native American shaman, and the Native Americans knew exactly how to deal with "bad/evil" spirits...Many people of Faith believe in evil, but not a lot of folks here do. But I suggest, before you proceed one step, that you get thee to a medical doctor of psychiatry- and this is why: Schizophrenia can present like this. It's that simple. You need support and help, to be sure that you are not "coming down" with this very debilitating disease.

Assuming all you said is true, I wonder about a curse, or other satanic device that might have been placed on you. Before all of you laugh me out of Inward Quest (once yet again), remember that this person is in deep pain and needs support and not derision. Evil is something I have dealt with, so just let me say my solution with a minimum of fuss, okay?

1.) You need to clear your home, preferably with sage. Read up on it. A lot of heath food stores sell it now. You need to clear yourself- a salt shower or bath with sea salt will help here.

2.) You need a Reiki healer also, to balance your chakras and close that darned hole!!! I have done this myself for others. Someone ripped that hole in you, and I suspect that they were not very nice.

3.)If you have gone to any flea markets or rummage sales recently, bought anything second-hand, I would get rid of these items immediately.

4.) Pray to Mary for aid. Say the Rosary. If you are not Catholic, then learn how.

You need real help with this- I am glad you wrote here, so I could point you towards help. But this is not something you can go into alone!

Let me know how it goes. I sincerely care. What I have written here is just a sketch to point you in the correct direction towards real aid. If you do nothing else, at least get some support with counseling. A good counselor should not judge you, but rather support you on the journey.

Satanic people hurt me when I was young. They were crazy people. But in my journeys from that great darkness towards the Light, I have seen and learned many things, and this site will not offer you much practical help. I hope I have.


BTW- It would be nice not to get sarcastic feedback on this answer. This person is real pain.



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"every time I open my mind, I cause more screams/shouts to my neighbors"

the only question you need to ask your self is why? why do you choose to open your mind?

in my perspective you are choosing do do so because that is what you're " beeing asked" to do. because you feel like you have to, and if you will not do what is suggested you'll be punished. and that is FEAR. it just mean that maybe your decision to do mind over matter was right but it did'nt come from the right reasons. it wasnt your call it was someone's else (even if it all happens in your mind, and even if it all just a belief, it is your belife that someone else told you to choose that so the decision did not come from you). it is all subconciouse.

and that is why you got "punished" -I cause more screams/shouts to my neighbors" - because you already knew deep inside it will happen.

but acctualy it isnt a punishment at all. you just need to take a different perspective. its the universe trying to tell you to fear nothing, not even from the univers, not even from your voices, not even from "satan" . the only thing you should be afrid of is you who allow yourself to be afraid. fight those voices and tell them to shut up!!! be angry at them, throw them out of your kingdom. decide who you are and just be it.

also check out some materials on codependency mind programming. i think it may help too. love and light


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Hello @SR7 what is "satan's power" but patterns of struggle within ... this drawing

alt text

(ref: Lotus Tarot card no.15) perfectly illustrates the internal mechanisms involved and clearly shows it's really all your own energy. The uncomfortable energy that you feel is negativity (anger, fear, anxiety ... )

By progessively shifting negativity into positivity you'll gradually find a more satisfactory state of equilibrium.


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