My Adult offspring, hereafter referred to by h/s to protect the innocent , namely me , lol, posted on a social website today that all New Age thinkers/religions are idiots and they need to wake up . Quoted Aleister Crowley and various others and tied them in with Satanism , saying h/s has researched all of it's origins .

I visited with h/s last week and h/s made vague comments about the likes of Abraham Hicks etc but I didn't engage just listened and let h/s do their normal rantings . In recent times h/s has made friends with 7th day Adventists and is now observing the Saturday Sabbath as best h/s can

I find it quite funny that h/s was the one who 5 years ago mentioned "Ask and It is given" as a good book , but last time I mentioned that , it was fluffed off , saying , oh I never really read it . Now its all fire and brimstone stuff , and I've got my 7 year old grandson questioning me about eating Pork , sheesh . I've already travelled the road of Catholics as a kid , played with the Jehovahs on three separate occasions , momentarily went to church with those who speak in tongues and when the hair stood up on the back of my neck I made a quick exit !

I don't want to fight with my child but sorry to say h/s is extremely opinionated and therefore if you don't want to toe h/s's line , well you can get F@#%ed too .

Again I giggle inside as I watch on the one hand the talk of being a good Christian and in the next lambasting people , drug addicts , losers ,gays,wealthy bankers, on and on .

If you IQ'rs can help me with a few sanity tips , then perhaps I can retain my relationship with h/s and my gorgeous grandchildren and not blow a fuse in the meantime . Cheers Miss Twinkling not quite so brightly today ;-)

April 17th I just want to clarify in the above , that it's my offspring whose frequently using the "well you can get F%*# too " expression not myself :-)

asked 16 Apr '13, 05:18

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Keep breathing from the abdomen & smile.

(16 Apr '13, 05:26) ele

love the F@#%ed bit, haven't laughed so much for a long while, yes kids certainly love to stretch the a hole :D

(16 Apr '13, 11:57) ru bis

Be annoying. Buy h/s Alesteir's books as a gift and say something like "I heard you were interested in this sort of stuff". Be condescending. Be oblivious to the meaning of h/s's reactions and misinterpret everything h/s says. Be so outrageous, brutal and relentless that h/s has no choice but to break out in laughter from sheer despair.

(16 Apr '13, 12:04) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer , you must have been tapped into me last night I googled Aleister and there came up an art show almost on h/s doorstep , but then , lol, I realised it was from before xmas . I might have actually gone , had h/s been in this phase at that time :-)

(16 Apr '13, 18:20) Starlight

Ru bis , I wasn't sure if Admin Gems would leave that in , but it really IS , something that is frequently powerfully voiced . Glad you laughed , now I am , as I write this ;-)

(16 Apr '13, 19:07) Starlight

give him a chance to learn at his pace. to swallow anothers principles is like being in a cage. besides he may see the flaws of the touted panacea. he is here to learn about who he is, his way

(17 Apr '13, 15:27) fred

Fred it seems people are MIs-understanding me , I have NO issue with my child walking their own path , all I wanted with this question was some tips on how I can find peace whilst My own beliefs are being shot down . Thank you anyway

(17 Apr '13, 16:34) Starlight
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The law of attraction is one of the ways that we use to describe the pathway to enlightenment, there are many others. Enlightenment is always a personal experience beyond that which is purely material, it's searching for truth that leads to freedom, awareness and knowledge. It's all about self discovery, the realisation of being aware of being aware, of seeing life for yourself. Classic teachings that have stood the test of time are all good pathways to enlightenment. It's natural and a good sign for children explore different pathways, exploring spiritual paths of all sorts, being adventurous in these domains, checking out all religions and spiritual paths from all origins. It assists in recognizing where to fit into the spiritual scene.

Enjoy it all and remember this quote from abraham-hicks "There are no choices that are really a detour that will take you far from where you're wanting to be-because your inner being is always guiding you to the next and the next and the next. So don't be concerned that you may make a fatal choice, because there aren't any of those. You are always finding your balance. It's a never ending process."

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ru bis

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Accept them and love them for who they are and whatever they feel comfortable in believing.

"To the praying Mother; And the worried Father; Let your children go; If they come back; They'll come home stronger; And if they don't you'll know."

Lyrics from a song I like by Good Charlotte featuring a few members of A7X. "The River". ( )

Don't try to force your life on your kids, nor your beliefs. Present your experiences as an opportunity for them to learn from if they feel it is correct for them. Don't ever try shoving religion (or beliefs if you're too insecure to call it by another name) down your kid's throat, you're more likely to push them away from both you and everything you stand for while fostering a nice deeply seeded resentment.


answered 16 Apr '13, 18:00

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Hi Snow ,I have never tried to force my life on my kids , nor my beliefs , what I do find amazing however is I have seen h/s deliberately use visualisation techniques in the past and have gobsmacking results . Now baffled as to how that can be conveniently forgotten or pushed away with " how do I know that it wasn't the Devil ? " I've always lived with the live and let live , so it's hard to understand why h/s is so demanding that others live by what he/she says is so or else

(16 Apr '13, 18:48) Starlight

If h/s asks one's opinion on something , and it doesn't fall in line or is not liked then one gets shouted at .I have been burnt before more than once , so tend to as we British say ,to keep my gob shut . All I want is to be able to keep my sanity and am realising through this question that probably the best answer is just keep my distance

(16 Apr '13, 18:52) Starlight

I didn't mean to imply that you did, and now in hindsight I can say I wasn't as clear as I could be.

I meant to say there will be times that people (especially our kids) can refuse to accept information simply based on the source. I had to relearn a great deal of valuable lessons because I rejected them simply because I had resentment towards my parents for one inconsequential reason or another.

If someone is 'locked' in their beliefs, sometimes the best you can hope for is that they will~~~

(16 Apr '13, 18:55) Snow

Either find their own way, or someone else will be able to show them for whatever reason they were unable to accept from you.

Sometimes people have to learn lessons for themselves, just pray that the lesson is delivered to them in a way that isn't too harmful, and while you have the means to try to facilitate their safety and foster their growth to the best of your ability.

Especially with younger generations stubbornness runs rampant. At least we know they'll be tenacious.

(16 Apr '13, 18:56) Snow

I appreciate the answer but there's still a lot of far heavier hitters than I who have yet to weigh in. Assuming you can; Perhaps you should retract it because it appears to prevent further answers from being posted. I don't recall this being a feature before, I figure one of the administrators has been playing with board settings. Anyway: as a somewhat 'new age' thinker, what would I do without people like him/her to provoke thought and growth in me? I value my opposition as much as my allies.

(16 Apr '13, 19:01) Snow

Ok appreciate where you are coming from Snow , I actually accepted your answer but really it was my own to my own , as we are allowed to do :-) But given that you have asked , Barry or Simon could you please aquiess ? to Snow's desire , I am unable to it seems :-)

(16 Apr '13, 19:15) Starlight

Lol , seems the cybernet etherial has granted the wish after all ;-)

(16 Apr '13, 19:18) Starlight

@Snow I couldn't help but laugh when I saw Star curse. It reminded me of our discussion on IQ last year when you said you never swore till HS & I said you could not be Catholic. I told you all good Catholics swear & know the true value of a 4 letter word. For me, I had something to confess instead of making up stories (sins) in the Confessional. BTW Snow - Great advice & I sincerely hope Star listens to you. Remember s/he is an adult & remember to breathe from the abdomen.

(16 Apr '13, 21:49) ele
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I know that’s what you think now, but people change their minds. Often our intentions are strong at first, but as time goes on they weaken, just like an apple sticks to the tree when it is unripe but falls to the ground once it ripens. The promises we make to ourselves in emotional moments lose their power once the emotion passes. Great grief and joy may rouse us to action, but when the grief or joy have passed, we’re no longer motivated to act. Joy turns to grief in the blink of an eye, and grief becomes joy just as quickly. This world is not made for either one to last long in, and it’s no surprise that even our loves change along with our luck. It’s still a mystery to be solved whether luck controls love, or love controls luck. When a great man has a run of bad luck, watch how followers desert him, and when a poor man advances to an important position, he makes friends with the people he used to hate. Love is unreliable. A person with lots of money will always have friends, while one fallen on hard times makes an enemy of any friend he turns to for money. But back to my original point—what we want and what we get are always at odds. We can have our little dreams, but the fates decide our futures. You think now you’ll never remarry, but that thought will die with me, your first husband. ~ Hamlet

This answer is marked "community wiki".

answered 16 Apr '13, 05:21

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Thank you CalonLan :-) this resonated in many different directions, (not all specific to asked question though) it can be uncomfortable at times watching the alienating process but tis h/s journey after all.

(16 Apr '13, 05:33) Starlight

Sounds like your child changes his mind about religion about as often as he changes his shirt...well, maybe not that often..perhaps his cars??? Anyway, I'd keep smiling, be kind to the poor soul, and for God's sake keep the peace so you can keep in touch with your grandkids. I am there with you, Star, as two of my kids are not speaking to me right now for various stupid reasons, and I have thus been cur off from my granddaughter, which has been very tough. You do not want that, I am sure.

I would encourage you to get some support from somebody... a counselor, a pastor, so you can blow off steam when not around him. Know that God will hear your prayers and that all will be well in the long run (unless he ends up in the nuthouse....)

I am a Christian, but there are limits...Jesus Himself said it is not what goes into our mouths that counts, but what comes out, so perhaps a little Biblical education on your own part might be educational as well as important- you want to know the Absolute Truth here, and what the Bible does and does not say. Than you will have answers for your grandchildren.

Good luck!



answered 16 Apr '13, 12:47

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Seems Jai you may have misread this , it was I who was doing the searching . It is specifically because I had religion rammed down my throat as a child that my children where brought up without a denomination . I was indoctrinated to believe if I went to Mass each day through Lent ,before school , then reported that to my teacher I was releasing babies who had died unbaptised, from purgatory . I didnt want that kind of brainwashing for my kids,that worked very well on me in primary school ......

(16 Apr '13, 18:29) Starlight

I went religiously , lol, each Lent 7 days x 7 weeks , my score 49 babies . I don't want any religious elder's advice , had my fill of religion forever . I have read scripture before now but I am not interested in arguing the point with h/s or anyone , it is physically draining. Pork or fish , with or without scales is all down to if one is following old testament , mosaic law or new . Never the less thanks for your perspective as it's all food for thought :-)

(16 Apr '13, 18:38) Starlight

@Star I think you meant to say babies who passed before receiving the Sacrament of Baptism went to a place called Limbo, not Purgatory. I believe Purgatory was reserved for people like you & me. As I recall, only special needs children received a free pass to Heaven. The rest of us went directly to Hell or spent an eternity or two in Purgatory & then perhaps went to Heaven & yes it also took many, many prayers from people like you & me. Perhaps your prayers were NOT in naught. The Vatican

(16 Apr '13, 21:44) ele

Vatican... officially abolished the medieval creation of Limbo a few years ago. I know in the US (in my area) , Limbo was considered gone more than 20 yrs ago.

(16 Apr '13, 21:45) ele

@Star It was my understanding Limbo was for eternity. We prayed for all souls, especially ones in purgatory. I don't recall ever being told if I prayed for a baby in Limbo they would go to Heaven. I could be wrong, but I don't think there was any hope for those babies. If there was any way out of Limbo & I'm not sure there was, it would have been through Jesus Christ. I recall feeling really sad about the babies & their moms. (it happened my area) I guess your nuns were more compassionate.

(16 Apr '13, 23:41) ele

@Starlight Both Jai and I were confused. Your question doesn't seem clear to us. She thought you ment your son changed to Seventh Day Adventists and I thought you met you did. So it turns out I was the right one here. If he doesn't want to join you then let him have his free will. He may resent you otherwise.

(17 Apr '13, 04:27) Wade Casaldi

Nope , Wade both Wrong , I am not an Adventist , neither is my child though being indoctrinated by friends . I am not standing in the way in any shape or form , I asked for tips on how not to have to defend my right to believe in what I believe in LOA , without losing my relationships :-)

(17 Apr '13, 08:02) Starlight

Ele , then your teaching must have been different to mine , I find differences all the time with people religiously educated in other countries case in point my girlfriend here in Australia and my education in UK , quite often she will say , oh you know how we were taught blah blah blah and my answer is , "I wasn't or I didn't "

(17 Apr '13, 08:12) Starlight

@Star That is what I was thinking especially when you mentioned Lent - difference in local & date of schooling. You thought you had it rough, we attended mass 2 if not 3 times per day, each & every day. Daily mass before & after school & all holiday & every funeral mass. I have vivid memories of Limbo due to a neighbor lady losing her baby. If was hard enough losing a baby & even harder knowing your baby was never going to heaven. No amount of prayers was going to change anything.

(17 Apr '13, 11:19) ele

anything.... I know she (we) would have appreciated your schools take on this. This is one of the reasons I had doubts about God at a very young age - I couldn't believe in a God who was not merciful. Best of Luck with your adult child; it will all work out.

(17 Apr '13, 11:20) ele
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