Been using the Wim Hof method on and off for the past few months with good results.

There is research involved that explains that the pineal gland can be tapped into and unblocked with consistent breathing exercises of such.

The breathing in the Wim Hof method is typically a controlled hyperventilation followed by a breath retention sequence.

This has caused me to wonder about breathology course and breath work in general.

Being somewhat never inspired to have the experience of LSD or DMT or any other psychedelic at this stage in my life, I have always wanted to be able to have out of body experiences, do astral travel and fly in my dreams at will.

I wanted to know if there was a non-drug inducing way to accommodate for this. My focus has been on breath work; is there a breathing technique or method that would prime my body best for an out of body experience, if not, fully give it to me instantly/

I have not been attracted to classical meditation. Breath work however, amuses me enough to try it because I feel good when I do it.

What breathing techniques can you advise for me to achieve an out of body experience?

asked 22 Oct '17, 08:00

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I use Picopico. Inhale and exhale slowly and fully. Place your attention at the crown of your head during inhalation, and at your navel during exhalation.

For added effect, imagine brightly sparkling energy orbs raining on you, and your aura getting brighter and expanding.

This in itself doesn't generate on out-of-body experience, but it does make your imagination much more vivid, and it increases your ability to focus.

Without psychedelics, it is good to have a bit of structure for your dream to make it easier to let go while still experiencing something specific.

Shambala is a good place to visit. This is an otherworldly place where shamans meet to teach each other. Go there, teach someone something, learn someting, and help someone.

Another great place to visit is your inner garden- enter it the same way each time, pull some weeds, plant plants you like, and meet your spirit animal.


answered 23 Oct '17, 05:32

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