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I need answers. I also can see energy i believe and also wake up around three. As a matter of fact my lucky number is three. I am healthy and not on drugs. i have always felt my whole life that there was something different about me and never could figure it out. I dont know if i will get my answers here but maybe some insight on myself. I can see outlines on people that radiate. when im at the gym i see it more. I can also feel peoples emotions without even knowing them.

i have also have had out of body experiences of being paralyzed and felt as though i was in another world but the same. I need to know what i am or who i am. I have been searching my whole life for answers, and no i am not crazy. I own two businesses and am quite intelligent but i just don't know why i am different or even if i am. So please give me incite.

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Hi dmoney3. We all possess the ability to see energy.I spent a lot of time looking outside of myself hoping that someone could give me the answers I was looking for.I know now the answer lies in my heart,and I do my best to listen to it.You mentioned"I was in another world but the same",could you tell me did you view this in your head or as a witness outside of yourself.I have experienced this type of viewing myself.You are who you are in communion with the Universal Source.We are all ONE.

(27 Jan '13, 21:43) Roy

no i was outside my self looking at me as energy. i was able to control every move. I felt as though if i strayed to far i would not be able to come back. Also there was a squirrel just standing there ad it was in the house. I have had many experiences in my life and do believe in the universe being one. I have watched the secret and built a business around it. I am able to control outcomes and people .

(27 Jan '13, 22:01) dmoney3

i am 28 years old and when i was younger i always felt different. I felt as though god had a greater purpose for me. I never knew if i had a gift or a curse when i was younger. I always am searching for who i am. its like my subconscious is hiding something and i cant figure it out.

(27 Jan '13, 22:03) dmoney3
(28 Jan '13, 03:21) ursixx

I know the feeling of feeling different, like you have a mission here on earth, but don't know what it is.

(28 Jan '13, 11:37) Fairy Princess

You are not different and at the same time you are different.Why that is because you are aware and you experience.Seek and you shall find.Know your self.strive to enter the narrow gate.why do you wash the outside of the cup?Do you not know that the one that made the inside is the same one that made the outside?

(28 Jan '13, 22:40) white tiger
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Be reassured we are all different, having said that i know exactly what you mean, i have "lived" these kinds of things often, and still do. Seeing energy, waking up at 3, feeling the emotions of strangers, these are all signs of expansion of consciousness, it is a natural process and beneficial ... have fun with it :)


answered 28 Jan '13, 04:11

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blubird two


yes, almost as though you want to find proof that you are from somewhere else, but you are human with some fine tuned perceptions, what is called a forerunner of what we will be in the future. when we realize that we cannot know but what is already inside of us

(28 Jan '13, 20:11) fred

Fred just commented this comment:

yes, almost as though you want to find proof that you are from somewhere else, but you are human with some fine tuned perceptions, what is called a forerunner of what we will be in the future. when we realize that we cannot know but what is already inside of us

I agree. Have you heard of Indigo Children? Look into the Indigo Children, and you will find a whole new world of people (not just kids) who seem to have evolved, or are evolving, into something new- it is as though we are starting to see people who are on the edge of a whole new race of humans.

There is nothing wrong with you! If there is, then there is also something wrong with the majority of people on this site...:)

Have fun researching! You are NOT alone!




answered 28 Jan '13, 21:33

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All a buncha weirdos here. ;) And I love weird.

(28 Jan '13, 22:26) Grace

yes "a buncha weidos", all 4runners in our own domain :)

(29 Jan '13, 02:00) blubird two

look into the ... "in we go" children ... and you will find a whole new world :)

(29 Jan '13, 04:30) blubird two
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