I have been combining meditation and gridwork in the mornings which I think works quite well for me. Some mornings, I will also do some clearing methods mainly using EFT on the main issues that are bothering me.

However, I have noticed that I don't feel like clearing any issues when I have just finished my meditation and my gridwork. I am feeling relatively good and I don't feel like doing a clearing session because it brings out negative emotions and I don't want to go there.

Trouble is some of the main issues that are still bothering me come up as I go about my day and sometimes new ones will come up and they need to be cleared up.

My question is, what works well for you? Do you find that it is better to just clear the issues up as and when they come up during the day or have you found that it is better to do a clearing session right after doing a morning meditation and gridwork?

asked 27 Dec '17, 03:00

Pink%20Diamond's gravatar image

Pink Diamond

I found that bridging works well and feels nice: from the new expanded after-meditation perspective I look lightly at something I saw not nicely before, and feel for a different perspective on them.

It also is like clearing, but clearing "from above."

Second thing, I would recommend to see the rising "issues" as life things, not something you feel resistance to. Then it could be easier to do with it what you feel like doing, and feel lighter and happier about it all.

What would feel better to you?


answered 27 Dec '17, 04:48

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Olga Farber

Thank you for your insights Olga. Will have to think a bit more about your second point.

(02 Jan, 15:18) Pink Diamond
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