I have been feeling a little flat lately - mainly because I have had long-held desires that haven't manifested and so I've tried to ramp down the desires in order to feel better. Of course this means I don't now feel as joyful as I should! I therefore wondered what the easiest ways back to excitement are.

Would just focusing on and appreciating the word 'excitement' work for instance? I would like to try techniques that are in some ways 'abstract' or 'more general' as Abraham-Hicks might say - as in, they don't require me to be focusing on specific desires, which may be 'tainted' in some way (tainted as in, I've had negative experiences with regard to them).

Would using more 'general' techniques still be successful in helping me to be more excited/get back into the vortex more regularly? Is it possible though that any joy or excitement which comes from 'going general' would be less than the joy/excitement I would feel from being specific?

I would add that I'm very lazy so the easier/less time consuming techniques the better! Thank you for any insights.

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Your question screams the words Abraham Gridwork at me... :)

so, being a bit short on time these days, I'll just present you with a few videos and some brief explanations and let you figure it out :)

How To Generate Any Emotion 'On Demand' - Practical Demonstration Of Abraham Gridwork

First, listen to this audio of Abraham...


Notice towards the end of the audio how Abraham talk about an avalanche of extraordinary manifestations from Esther simply generating good feelings unconditionally every day for a few weeks.

I can confirm, after some detailed testing, that this effect really happens :)

It will probably take a few weeks of generating those positive emotions unconditionally to start noticing the changes for sure but it's quite likely you'll notice subtle changes long before that.

I generate one positive emotion for not more than 10 minutes in the morning (because it doesn't take more than 10 minutes no matter your emotional starting point) and, if I have the time, generate one emotion (sometimes the same one) spending not more than 10 minutes in the afternoon.

If the emotion is a "fast energy" one, I often generate a "slow energy" one first and then, from there, ramp it up to the target "fast energy" emotion. (See the videos below for what I consider fast/slow-energy emotions)

The videos below demonstrate exactly this process in real time. I produced these videos live, without rehearsal. And, just to make things even more interesting, I felt myself launching a big new desire just before the first one so I actually started it knocked out of the Vortex.

I thought it would be valuable to start recording at that time because it demonstrates being knocked out of the Vortex and moving from there to pure excitement and joy in less than 10 minutes.

If you are vibrationally/psychically sensitive, you might even be able to pick up my emotional shifts as they happen in the recordings. There's no sound on these videos...it's just me typing out words.

Video 1 - Generating 'Ease' On Demand


Thoughts related to Video 1:

  • I first looked through my emotions list (from an out of the Vortex stance) and decided which "Slow Energy" emotion to choose. I felt that jumping straight to Excitement would be too much of a vibrational leap
  • I eventually settled on Ease as my target slow-energy emotion
  • I now started a new sheet of paper (electronic paper, in my case) and wrote Ease at the top
  • I thought of some words that represented Ease to me and typed them out. At this stage, it felt like I was just typing some synonyms for Ease. The words felt hollow and unemotional
  • After writing out a few words, I could feel the energy start to shift and they no longer felt like hollow, empty words but I was starting to feel some positive emotion start to bubble up
  • This inspired further words to flow...I was now no longer thinking of words to type but words were flowing to me
  • Notice that I'm also typing phrases from time to time. These are being inspired to me as I'm getting more and more into the emotion
  • Notice that I don't bother with any punctuation. This is a "write only" method so I'll never need to read back what I've written. It's about how I feel as I type/write the words
  • You don't need to use a computer. Often I use paper or just do it my head as I'm driving/walking or whatever.
  • By the time I'm typing the words expansive effortless, I am totally in the emotion of Ease from initially being out of the Vortex. Took around five minutes...it's often quicker than that.

Video 2 - Generating 'Excitement' On Demand


Thoughts related to Video 2:

  • I start off the video in Ease. I started recording immediately as the first video ended
  • I started off in the same way as Video 1...I chose my target emotion from the Emotions List and started a clean sheet of paper
  • Now the words are flowing quickly and easily because I'm already in a positive starting point, thanks to the work in Video 1
  • By the end of this video, I'm literally shaking with excitement and enthusiasm. I'm almost wanting to punch the air with joy
  • Again, if you are vibrationally/psychically sensitive, you may be able to sense the emotional crescendo

So there you have it...going from out of the Vortex to total joy and excitement in less than 10 minutes...demonstrated live :)

Hope you find it useful.

If anyone needs further clarifications about what is going on here, post in the comments below and I'll try to make things clearer.

For more information, search for videos/audios regarding Abraham Gridwork on YouTube and read the IQ comment thread below this answer.

EDIT - June 23, 2017

If you get stuck...

I realized that I forgot to mention a handy little trick to use if you are having trouble "getting into" the target emotion.

Just ask yourself the following question if you get stuck coming up with trigger words...

"What does [emotion] feel like?"

So if you are trying to generate, say, a feeling of "being in control" but you can't easily lock into the emotion, just ask yourself...

"What does it feel like to be in control?"

...you should then find it much easier to get into the emotion

...even just thinking that right now makes these words (effortlessly) come up for me...

  • Relaxed
  • On target
  • Clear
  • Free
  • Relaxed focus
  • Effortless
  • Guided
  • Smooth and easy
  • Flowing
  • It's all working out
  • Calm
  • Confident
  • Secure
  • Expectant

...and so on.

Applying Gridwork To Specific Manifestations

And, one more thing, while I'm editing this answer...

You can apply this technique quite effectively to particular desires you are trying to manifest.

  • All you do is softly come up with a list of statements of "What" you want and the reasons "Why" you want it
  • Look through the "Why" reasons and see what overall emotion they seem to suggest to you
  • This is the "missing" emotion that needs to be added into this desire to move it further towards physical manifestation
  • Generate that emotion using the Gridwork method above. I like to get even more specific with the emotion by boosting it afterwards with pre-prepared Touchstones, Positive Aspects, What If etc statements all relating to that particular emotion
  • Now, while you are totally locked into the generated emotion, you can look back at your What/Why statements and see what inspirations and impulses come to you
  • In this "locked-in-to-the-desire" state, whatever comes to you will be the fastest and most effective route to get what you want. Follow those inspirations and impulses.
  • In some cases, another overall emotion might suggest itself as needing to be added so go generate that one before coming back to "overlay" it as well on the "What/Why" statements
  • If no ideas/inspirations come to mind, don't worry. Just leave the desire for a few days (preferably three, at least) to allow some vibrational matches to surface and then you can mold the vibration a little further using this same method

This approach lies at the heart of the "How To Manifest A Death Star" videos I recorded last year. Check the link in my account summary if you want to view them.

Interestingly, a few months after recording those tongue-in-cheek videos, I discovered that the next Star Wars movie was indeed about the construction of the "Death Star" and, through various twists of fate, I ended up seeing it unexpectedly (for free) on the opening day even though I wasn't actually that interested in the film (and so had no/little resistance to it). Just the Universe having some fun with me, I guess :)


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Wow, thanks very much @Stingray! I will definitely give this a whirl!

(26 May '17, 08:29) Andie

Thanks, @Stingray - that looks pretty simple to do and yet seems to be effective. I could feel the bubbles of excitement in your Excitement video :) Thank you!

(26 May '17, 09:07) Andie

@Andie - You're welcome :)

(31 May '17, 10:00) Stingray

@Stingray - I also had a vibrational match pop up for me on the "Death Star" front :)

(23 Jun '17, 13:40) WeRadiateBeauty

@WeRadiateBeauty - Nice one :) Stormtroopers sitting down to dinner reminds me of Star Wars Undercover Boss...


(24 Jun '17, 04:19) Stingray

That's great - thank you so much, @Stingray! I'm enjoying focusing on the emotions rather than the manifestations. And I feel like I'm finally 'getting' this stuff (on a knowing level) rather than an intellectual level. Thank you for your help on this!

(24 Jun '17, 13:52) Andie

@Andie - "enjoying focusing on the emotions rather than the manifestations" - If you're noticing the difference between the pure emotion and the one tinged with "absence" (from peaking at current reality) then you're probably right on target. After a while of tasting purity, anything less than that starts to feel almost painful, like a punch to the gut, so it's easy to spot when you're drifting into lack. Even then, you have 16-17 seconds to change the flow before it impacts your life.

(25 Jun '17, 05:31) Stingray

Yes, @Stingray - I'm noticing the difference. I'm enjoying generating excitement for its own sake without looking for any manifestations. It does feel purer and is more enjoyable because of that.

(25 Jun '17, 15:04) Andie

@Stingray - Hi Stingray, thank you for sharing. This Emotion Generator Process is just excellent, so simple to use too. I am sure anyone could start using this process... which might be the reason nobody has been troubleshooting it too much :) Been having a lot of fun using it, this past few days, I find I can lock into the specific emotion very quickly. I think this is great process for anyone too attached to the physical manifestation occuring..

(01 Sep '17, 16:11) Satori

(which is almost everyone anyway) because you can get so locked into the emotional manifestation it doesnt matter anymore. How would suggest using it on a daily basis? Start with slow energy emotions then move in fast energy ones as mentioned? Thanks :)

(01 Sep '17, 16:13) Satori

@Satori - "How would suggest using it on a daily basis?" - I'll describe what I do with it and you can pick and choose what you like the sound of :) Because my default emotional state always goes back to feeling-good - after years of doing this stuff :) - I only use a Slow-Energy Emotion for daily Vortex alignment tune-ups and let the feeling-good habit naturally hold me there - so that's often just a minute or two of effort. I often use a pre-created list of emotion-targeted Touchstones...

(02 Sep '17, 01:35) Stingray

@Satori - ...Positive Aspects to top off the Slow-Energy gridwork - it's a bit of a shortcut to do this because they already have considerable vibrational momentum behind them. After the Slow-Energy alignment is complete, it's all really about what's going on in my life. If I'm coasting and just feel like having some emotional "thrills", I'll switch into VWE for as long as I can resist being drawn into (good-feeling) actions...

(02 Sep '17, 01:40) Stingray

@Satori - ... about something. If I've got something specific to manifest, I'll have already identified the Fast-Energy emotion that is required for it (from the What/Why? statements regarding it) and will generate that emotion - topped off with emotion-targeted TS, PA etc as before - until I get bored with it. Then it's either follow inspired actions that have arisen or have some VWE fun :) After doing this kind of thing for a while, you end up attracting plenty of good-feeling irresistible...

(02 Sep '17, 01:49) Stingray

@Satori ...actions waiting to be done in your life. Sometimes, the draw of those gets too much and I end up jumping straight into them without even doing the gridwork at all. That's fine but you've got to then do some Vortex monitoring from time to time (perhaps every couple of days) to make sure that the lure of the physical world hasn't subtly seduced you into less-than-optimal alignments. If it has then it's time to regroup...

(02 Sep '17, 01:56) Stingray

@Satori - ...(vibrationally speaking) and get back to generating Slow-Energy emotions again. Overall, most of the time these days, I don't tend to "push" vibrationally either for Vortex alignments or physical manifestations. The Law of Attraction is so naturally powerful at building momentum that I tend to just concentrate on "emotional purity" and then let it build the momentum behind the purity for me...like blowing up a balloon and then releasing it to the wind. Hope that helps :)

(02 Sep '17, 02:00) Stingray

@Stingray - Thank you for that detailed description of how you use this process, very helpful :) Just one more thing (Columbo) lol. If your revisiting an emotion like "Ease" for example do you just start afresh? So your not building on the emotion from a previous descriptions like in FB or PA? I notice you say that its a "write only" process, like a one time thing. Thanks.

(02 Sep '17, 08:17) Satori

@Satori - "If your revisiting an emotion like "Ease" for example do you just start afresh?" - Yes, I start afresh every time. Even though I might call the emotion "Ease" every day, I find that every day I generate a slightly different "shade" of Ease. It's quite interesting how sensitive you can become to even the subtlest emotional differences as you spend more time engaging with them. The only real purpose of the "writing" (or typing, in my case) is to externalize the process, which...

(02 Sep '17, 14:11) Stingray

@Satori - ...helps to provide inner clarity and focus. It's a bit like if you've got a lot of things to do, then just by writing out a list, it makes you feel better and you can think more clearly about them. I'm sure it would be possible to do the gridwork entirely in your head but I'm not sure it would feel as satisfying ...that seems like hard mental work to me so naturally I've avoided trying it. Easy is good :)

(02 Sep '17, 14:18) Stingray

@Stingray - Got it..thank you for clarifying that and I appreciate you sharing your insights :)

(03 Sep '17, 20:54) Satori

@Stingray, does Gridwork supersede Advanced Focus Block as a vortex entry method? Are there specific situations when you'd use one vs the others, or is it just about personal preferences? Thanks.

(12 Sep '17, 06:33) cod2

@cod2 - "Are there specific situations when you'd use one vs the others" - Most of the time, these days, I'd recommend Gridwork and to use it immediately after a solid low-momentum-of-thought state e.g. after waking in the morning, or after a deep meditation. The reason for that is there's far less risk of activating/boosting a resistance-filled topic than with a more head-on approach like Focus Blocks, especially if emotional sensitivity is lacking. I've noticed that some people always...

(13 Sep '17, 02:36) Stingray

@cod2 - ...have their "big issue" at the back of their minds once they've thought about it or something similar to it, and that resistance adds a "drag" to all their subsequent vibrational efforts for that day. The Gridwork starts pure and stays pure - it creates a new vibrational pathway that by-passes the problem issues - but it lacks the specificness that makes the Focus Blocks Vortex Entry so thrilling. Law of Attraction will naturally make that purity more specific over time but...

(13 Sep '17, 02:40) Stingray

@cod2 - ...in the moment, it can feel less satisfying, like eating a meal without salt. I usually stick some Touchstones, Positive Aspects, Virtual Realities etc on the end of the Gridwork to boost the specificness but, again, that introduces a resistance-activation risk if they are not pure past/current/future memories. So, for anyone starting out, I'd probably recommend just sticking to the pure Gridwork only. Sometimes an "issue" is so big and bad-feeling that even after low-momentum...

(13 Sep '17, 02:43) Stingray

@cod2 - ...it is already activated. In those cases, one often has no choice but to do some kind of clean-up first (like with Focus Blocks) before attempting the Vortex alignment. With regular Vortex alignments, there's less and less likelihood that issues will get that "big" before you notice them and do something about them.

(13 Sep '17, 02:45) Stingray

Thanks @Stingray. I am now doing Advanced Focus Blocks before going to bed and Gridwork after meditation in the morning... so I have got it all covered :-) I am sticking to the "slow" emotions for the time being (i.e. your video 1 only), because I noticed that some of the "fast" emotions are knocking me off the vortex (after having entered the vortex using a slow emotion). I think I'll deal with those areas with Focus Block.

(13 Sep '17, 04:01) cod2

@cod2 and @Stingray - I've noticed some resistance when I try and generate 'fast' emotions too (like excitement, for instance). However, I've tried FasterEFT to tap on the resistance itself when I feel this come up (usually in the form of a mild headache) and it does seem to help.

(13 Sep '17, 09:51) Andie

@Andie @cod2 - "resistance when I try and generate 'fast' emotions" - If you are experiencing this, I would leave the "Fast" energy emotions alone for now until you have acclimatized to the good-feeling state. Purity is far more important than power. It is better to have "Slow Energy" emotions that you are aligned with than to push beyond your limits into something "Fast". Doing that, in itself, can imply a trust issue with manifesting, as though you need to give Law of Attraction a...

(13 Sep '17, 10:20) Stingray

@Andie @cod2 - ...helping hand in doing its job :) Remember that all vibrational work should ideally be done for the fun of it. If it doesn't feel like fun to generate a "Fast" emotion, you are much better off not doing it. The neutral point is your friend so as long as you are not feeling bad, things are going just fine. You'll know when you're ready for "Fast" because you will want to do it and it will feel great when you do

(13 Sep '17, 10:26) Stingray

@Stingray - Purity is far more important than power. So true, I think this deserves highlighting. Above all else, you can't be kidding yourself. I think many of us can gloss over that, in the spirit of giving our all to the processes. Desired results of spiritual practice are diluted and weakened without purity, honesty, self awareness. These are sometimes very challenging, especially for those of us who had been putting on a really good "show" all our lives. :)

(13 Sep '17, 10:40) Grace

@Stingray @grace Ah ok - I will just stick to the slower emotions then. Thanks.

(13 Sep '17, 13:29) Andie

I think it's more about self sabotage than not trusting LOA @Stingray :)

(13 Sep '17, 13:31) Andie

thank you thank you so much for this explanation. Gridworjk is one of my favs as well

(26 Sep '18, 06:00) inwardlove

@inwardlove - You're welcome

(26 Sep '18, 11:22) Stingray
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A simple idea: I ask myself, "How does my source feel about my life, the world, this condition, whatever, right now? Source always feels good and loving and enthused. Then I allow myself to feel as my source does.


answered 25 Jun '17, 13:21

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Thanks, @imaginesue - that's a great tip!

(25 Jun '17, 15:06) Andie

the easiest route for me is to read my positive aspects notebook i made. (as abraham has suggested).


answered 13 Sep '17, 18:55

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Thanks, @myself :)

(14 Sep '17, 06:36) Andie

Thanks @myself, after reading you comment i realized that this is the easiest for me too :)

(29 Dec '17, 14:08) White Elf

BOPA :-) great process to feel love

(26 Sep '18, 06:01) inwardlove
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Before I get out of bed, I say aloud, "Every day in every way, I am better and better and better," 21X as prescribed by Emile Coue, who originated the saying. Seth recommended that one, saying it was "an excellent suggestion, given by the conscious self to other portions of your being." More on that here, about how the results will follow one's beliefs: https://books.google.com/books?id=EQSDq9paZZoC&pg=PT118&lpg=PT118&dq=seth+jane+roberts+every+day+in+every+way&source=bl&ots=2LF_RpUA-y&sig=bumEDt0ODq7jQ7I4bok_JFvUfX4&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjjsqru0-DWAhUEiFQKHffvDXMQ6AEIRTAF#v=onepage&q=seth%20jane%20roberts%20every%20day%20in%20every%20way&f=false

And: "I look with joy and wonder at that which is before me now" and other affirmations that feel right. Then I get up and get at it.


answered 08 Oct '17, 05:01

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Those are great, thanks @Delphine!

(13 Oct '17, 06:57) Andie

You flatlined.

Mind you, there is nothing wrong with that- most likely this was the best way to put to rest some inner conflict that has been brewing for a long time, so it was for the better- however, in order to get back towards excitement, you are going to have to reverse the process of turning down your desires.

Now the trick to do that without it getting painful is to constantly remind yourself that you are not imagining in order to get the physical result- you are imagining to get the experience, and it doesn't matter if your experience is imaginary or not. It just so happens that keeping up the imagination will sooner or later lead to the physical result, but if you're checking in on the physical result and noticing it's not there and feeling bad about that- well, guess what, you just affirmed the lack and you're back to where you started- literally, up to the point where you say: I didn't really want that anyway- much like before you knew, thanks to the manifesting literature, that you can have.

In a similar way, your desires are not tainted- not in the least, your desires are good. But it is certainly the case that when you start focusing on your desires and you start increasing your energy that your negative beliefs start to come up, because they are taking up space in places that now need to go into motion.

So, in other words, you were right on track with your manifesting, but then you fell victim to an interpretation problem. When the negative energies come up, you don't back down from manifesting- you double down. And while that will cause you to feel all the negativity, that is a good thing- it's not getting any bigger because you are becoming conscious of it, you are just starting to notice it.

The best way I know for dealing with it comes from Bashar's method. When you feel bad about your manifesting, focus strongly on those feelings, and ask yourself: What would I have to believe in order to feel this? Then wait for an answer, and perhaps nudge a little, until you get a clear one. Once you did, you're good, the belief is gone. Keep doing this until your negativity with regards to your desires is gone, and you feel a good flow of energy. Then continue on your desires, and if you run into a snag again, repeat the belief uncovering process.

I hope this will kick start you back into a good energy flow, and that you will get all of the excitement that you had before, together with the power to deal with whatever snags come up. Enjoy!!!


answered 26 May '17, 05:44

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Many thanks @cmc - that's a great and helpful answer. You are absolutely right when you say: 'but if you're checking in on the physical result and noticing it's not there and feeling bad about that- well, guess what, you just affirmed the lack and you're back to where you started'. That is exactly what the problem has been - I was checking back on whether my desires had manifested or not, and they hadn't and so I felt bad...

(26 May '17, 06:39) Andie

@cmc... I'm not sure how to stop myself from checking in on my desires though... Thanks also for the Bashar technique - that will be really useful so I will give that a go. Thank you so much for your time and insight!

(26 May '17, 06:40) Andie

@Andie You're welcome! I really enjoy having wisdom drawn out by questions, I only recently discovered that I can do this, so don't worry about taking up my time, it was just as great for me.

(26 May '17, 07:19) cmc

@Andie The best way to do it is to start considering your life a dream. Not an unimportant dream- a real dream! By extension, this makes your imagination also a real dream. So it doesn't matter that your old dream in the world is only slowly coming around to your imaginary input- you already have your imagination right now. Let your imaginary experience satisfy you like real experience, and remove negative beliefs that may tell you it doesn't count.

(26 May '17, 07:22) cmc

Thanks, @cmc - that makes perfect sense. I think the key is to 'lighten up' and not to take everything so seriously - 'be playful' as Abraham would say :) Thank you.

(26 May '17, 07:53) Andie
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