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if a bird and a fish were to fall in love, where would they live?

I don't think they need to have a material "house" to live when they are in love, they live in each other's heart. And they will always be together.

Love is in the air, their love lives in the air.

They live in the same place. The earth, the universe.

Air and water meet intimately in the clouds, in rain and mist and dew. They meet in the bubbles and babbles of babbling brooks and the seafoam when the waves meet the shore. They meet in the storm and the rainbow after. Air and water are mates, and they meet like lovers throughout nature. They meet in our own nature. If a bird and fish were to fall in love, they would live harmoniously where water and air mingle: in a place of quiet pools and slow flowing water. Dappled sunlight would pass through the sprays of leaves overhead to dance on the surface. And life would be a glorious thing. Nothing is stronger than love, and love has its guardians. what is the best answer for this

asked 11 Jan, 14:55

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A bird and a fish who are lovers looking for a place to live would surely find it in the surface of the water.


answered 11 Jan, 19:31

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edited 11 Jan, 19:32

neither could exist alone
without earth and fire,
perhaps more ethereal,
in mind, soul or spirit


answered 12 Jan, 16:46

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