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Manifesting Experiment 4 continued....

Step 6

Step 6

This step is now a repeat of Step 3 but we are now asking the question about the statements you have written in List 5 from the previous step.

So just add more beliefs here that spring to mind as you contemplate those statements.

Step 7

Step 7

Step 7 is just a repeat of Step 2 but this time is related to what you've come up with in List 3 - the step just before this one.

Feel free to add more items to List 3 if more occur to you while filling in List 2. These two lists really go hand in hand so don't be surprised if they fill up side by side.

Now go ahead and complete both those lists as thoroughly as you can, before reading on....

If you've done all this correctly, you now have a complete list of statements (List 3) that don't feel good to you and a list of emotions (List 2) that don't feel good to you, and also a description of those emotions

And, also, if you've done all the previous steps correctly, you will be probably be feeling pretty terrible at this moment!

This is an IMPORTANT checkpoint...if you are not feeling good right now then that is because you are exactly tuned into the "blockage" that has been at the heart of this particular issue in your life

If you are not feeling bad at this point, you're doing something wrong with this process.

Resistance always feels bad

It could be that you've not identified the resistance properly (go back and check you've fully answered the questions) or it could be that you are not allowing yourself to feel the negative emotion for some reason (see the troubleshooting guide)

If you find yourself dissociating from the pain, just be aware that even though you may not be allowing yourself to feel it, it will still be responsible for attracting and manifesting in your life.

It's like hearing a fire alarm going off in the building you are in and putting in ear plugs to block the noise. Just because you're not allowing yourself to hear the alarm, it doesn't mean that the building is not burning down around you :)

If you really want to change for good, you've got to let the "blockage" surface for a short time so it can be cleared out. The relief of finally letting it go will be well worth the small period of discomfort.

Remember that you've already prepared yourself before you started this process with your change method, like EFT or Focus Blocks, so the discomfort should really be short-lived

If you are genuinely feeling bad right now then that's good news because that feeling tells you that you are now looking directly at the things that have kept you imprisoned up to now

Now break away from this process for a while to apply your chosen clean-up method and let all those limiting beliefs (and emotions) go!

Once you're able to read back all the statements in List 2 (Step 2 / Step 7) and all the emotions in List 3 (Step 3/ Step 6) and still feel neutral about them, you're done with this step.

Feeling neutral doesn't mean you have to like what is written there, it just means you must have no negative emotional reaction to the words. If they have been neutralized, they will feel like just hollow words (like at a distance from you) instead of words that have some power over you.

EFT is a particularly good process for applying to List 2 while Focus Blocks is ideal for List 3.

You should find that clearing just one of the lists should usually clear everything in the other list too.

Keep repeating your clearing process until you reach this state of neutrality about the lists.

After that, carry on with Step 8

The "Real" Step 7

This section is optional reading. Just go straight to Step 8 below if you want to skip it

This section is not essential to know to use the "Resistance Release" process. You are free to skip it now and never even read it at all

You might have noticed something a little puzzling about this whole "Resistance Release" Method.

Isn't it strange that this method apparently relies on some other method to work, such as EFT or Focus Blocks?

"So what's going on here?", you might be saying. "What kind of a con trick is Stingray trying to pull on us?! He's just wrapped a few questions around an existing method and is claiming it is something new. What's the deal here?? I want my money back!"

It certainly does look a bit fishy, doesn't it? :)

Well, let me explain.

When you first start doing changework of this kind, it's easy to approach methods like this one with preconceived notions and ideas that there is effort involved in getting results.

In our action-oriented world, we have been so conditioned (more like brainwashed actually) to believe that to achieve some kind of change, we must do something that involves some kind of effort. "No pain, no gain", they tell you.

And some people who are new to these kinds of ideas (you might even be one of them) are going to have that "gain equals pain" belief fairly well ingrained within'll know if that's you because you'll find yourself looking for something to do in order to change the beliefs and emotions you have identified.

In other words, it won't be enough for you to just have identified the beliefs and just have me tell you to "let them go".

But nevertheless, I have to say, that is honestly all you really need to do, just let them go :)

Your intent is everything

Everything else you do in addition to that is really just one part of you giving permission to another part of you for a change to occur. Pretty deep, huh? And it might be making your mind spin just thinking about it. I did mention that this section was optional reading, didn't I? :)

You see it is quite possible to reach a stage where once you simply notice that you have a limiting belief, you just decide that it no longer serves you and you release it immediately...all in the wink of an eye...all without any effort whatsoever. Just the mere act of noticing a limiting belief and noticing how absurd it is that this belief should play any part in your life is all that you really need to kick off this automatic releasing process.

You might even find this happening to you right now in the original Step 7 (above) when on discovering the limiting beliefs you have identified, they seem so silly to you that you just decide within yourself there and then that they have no further part to play in your life.

In that case, you'll find that you are free of them in an instant without even applying EFT or Focus Blocks (or anything else). You might not see any physical evidence there and then that they are gone, but they have.

When you reach this stage, you'll be using the real Step 7...Effortless Change...That is the real "Resistance Release" Method at work.

So then, you see, this Resistance Release Method is actually a complete method in itself.

Other methods such as EFT or Focus Blocks are actually just training wheels to eventually help you reach the point where you can instantly let go of limiting beliefs as soon as you notice you have just identify, release and move on...effortlessly.

But don't berate yourself if you are not there yet, or if you don't get there for a while, or even if you never get there at all.

What's important is that you now have a systematic method for releasing limiting beliefs even if it takes you a little bit longer because you need to use an additional method like EFT or Focus Blocks to clear them out.

Be kind to yourself - it's better to be able to gently and methodically change into whatever person you wish to be than to be constantly angry or frustrated at yourself for not being able to do it instantly.

This is not a race. There's no prize for getting there a few minutes earlier than everyone else.

What's important is that you get there at all!

In any case, there's something else to consider regarding these beliefs of yours that you are wanting to eliminate. You see, your limiting beliefs are not really the enemies you might think they are. They exist because at some point in your life, they had something to offer you.

If you really look into them closely, you might even see that what is limiting to you now might have actually been supporting you back then in some way through some, perhaps painful, life experience.

It's just that you've now moved on from that place in your life and, like old friends with whom you no longer have anything in common, it's just time to move on and let them be.

Step 8

Step 8

This step will change where your thoughts go to by default when you think about this subject and you should only attempt it when you feel clear about your issue.

This is an important step because even though we have now cleared out the "blockage" to what you want or what you want to feel better about, we need to make sure you make it as difficult as possible for yourself to drift back into old habitual thought patterns.

Because you have now released a lot of negativity and limitation, you should now have vibrational access to better-feeling thoughts about this subject that you couldn't access before. So now is the time to take advantage of that.

Start listing, as quickly as you can, anything good you can now see about your current situation. If the process has succeeded, you should find this relatively easy to do.

I find that there are really two kinds of approaches you can take to listing good-feeling thoughts about your current situation.

The first is good-feeling memories from your past that are related to the current situation..."Touchstones". Touchstones are described in more detail here.

The second is good-feeling thoughts from your present that are related to the current situation...Positive Aspects. Positive Aspects are described in more detail here.

This column is the first one in the spreadsheet because if you ever revisit or reread this issue, this column should be truly representative of how you now feel about this subject.

Next to this column (the "Optional" column) are some of the thoughts that cropped up while you were working your way through this process. Now would also be a good time to reread some of the things you have written in there.

From your new better-feeling place about this topic, you are now well placed to decide whether you wish to follow-up on anything that you've written here or whether you feel those thoughts and actions that occurred to you are now no longer relevant.

Final Thoughts

You've now been through the entire process - there is nothing more you need to do for this issue in your life.

If the process has succeeded, you will find that you should feel completely neutral about the things you have typed into List 2 ("Emotions/Body Feelings") and List 3 ("Supporting Beliefs").

And List 6 (Touchstones / Positive Aspects) should be more representative of how you now feel.

You're now free of the resistance!


So what happens now?

If you were using this process to clear out some negativity/limitation towards a Manifesting Box request, you can now finalize that request and release it and you should start seeing vibrational matches in your life quickly...certainly within two weeks.

If you were using this process to change some negativity or negative behavior within yourself, you should similarly see results within a couple of weeks - probably much, much sooner - sometimes hours, sometimes immediately. You might find yourself behaving differently in typical situations that trigger your previously-negative responses, or you might notice others behaving differently towards you.

Just relax and let your life show you the evidence of what has changed when the time is right. I've been playing with these kinds of manifesting ideas for a number of years now and it still often surprises me how unexpectedly things can come about, or how differently I suddenly behave in a previously triggering situation.

So you've done all you need to do now.

Just get on with your life and enjoy whatever happens.

One final tool you may wish to consider using from now on, if you are not already doing so, is committing to an on-going schedule of daily meditation. Just 15 minutes a day of clearing your mind is really all you need to help solidify all the changes that this process is bringing about.

There's really nothing magical or mystical about meditating - you are just stopping all your conscious thoughts for a that includes all the negative/limiting ones as well.

Meditation just gives you time daily to re-experience what it feels like to "feel good" again so that if you should start to "feel bad" for some reason, it becomes more obvious to you much more quickly, so you can do something about it more quickly.

Regular daily meditation is a way of re-sensitizing your emotional system on a daily basis (like giving it a daily clean) and it will enhance the results you get from this Resistance Release Method even further.

If you don't know how to meditate and you wish to learn a bit about it, here are some good instructions.

That's all folks.

Have fun.

Be Happy.

Feel Good For No Reason :)

Having Problems?

If you are having problems with the Resistance-Release Method, read through the Troubleshooting Guide.

UPDATE: October 2011

I've added some ideas for streamlining and further enhancing the Manifesting Experiment 4 process here: How to pacify my mind and move ahead?

asked 16 Jun '11, 17:38

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edited 06 Oct '11, 01:16

Are you sure you are not a person from outer space assigned to save mankind ? :) (I mean it with good intentions and jokingly lol)

(17 Jun '11, 03:04) kakaboo

Well, we all create our own personal realities (and everything in them) so I would only be saving myself :)

(17 Jun '11, 03:57) Stingray

Wow! That took a while...can't imagine how long it took you to put this together, so thank you. I'll echo what Vesuvius said... I think this is going to be the most effective (for me). I find a lot of processes merely bandaid over the core issues where this sounds as though it will get right to the heart of it. I've got family visiting right now so it's going to be another 10 days before I can dive in :)

(17 Jun '11, 23:51) Michaela

@Michaela - It took me about a week of virtual isolation, almost living like a monk, to write this one up. But I could feel a real inner push to get it "out there" (into the world) for some reason, so I just went with it :) Hopefully, people will recognize the power within this approach and give it a try. In my view, it's worth far, far more than all those other change-your-life methods that people pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for...and it's much simpler once you understand it... and it's all free :) Will be interesting to see what happens

(18 Jun '11, 05:23) Stingray

You, Stingray, are an angel! You should be writing a book already. I have been practicing LOA for years now and every time I come across a material that is of utmost significance, I make it a point to give much thanks. And so here goes: MUCH THANKS. :-)

(18 Jun '11, 16:13) Aphrodite

Thanks Aphrodite. You're most welcome :)

(19 Jun '11, 00:21) Stingray

Pure Genius ,Stingray, went through the process 3 times on  3 Subjects troubling me and  can say that it has worked,and then some.really felt like I got to the core issues on these brought up a few strong negative emotions I must say. The eft also worked on this emotion  which was a relief as it is a lot quicker than Focus blocks.  I had a throbbing headache for a few hours though? A negative thought or )what i perceive to be)on the subject comes up I can feel the body tense up slightly but with no emotion with it! Very weird experience but a good one. I feel like I'm in a differen

(20 Jun '11, 19:39) Satori

Cont.. I feel like I'm in a different place now. I cant ever remember feeling so relaxed and calm:). You think I should be noticing some changes soon Stingray! ? And it's all thanks to you.bless you Stingray for sharing this. It's pure Genius. Thank you:)

(20 Jun '11, 19:41) Satori

@Martin - You're welcome, Martin. Headaches, dizziness, yawning etc are all symptoms of a release and they should pass shortly. If you are continuing to get headaches or other symptoms, just tap on them directly saying "Release and let it go" don't have to suffer :) If every statement you've written now carries no emotional sting then you've done all you need to do for now and I would suggest waiting a couple of weeks so you get some kind of unbiased perspective about what has changed in your life

(20 Jun '11, 21:06) Stingray

@Martin - You can, of course, work on other issues in the meantime that you have yet to "clean up"

(20 Jun '11, 21:08) Stingray

Thanks for the advice Stingray. Ill use that. Just one more thing. Do you recommend directly bringing up past issues?, or better to stick with whats going on Now. I mind you saying somewhere about only dealing with currents issues as regards to focus blocks. Thanks again Stingray:)

(20 Jun '11, 21:41) Satori

The vibration that you emanating to the Universe (and to which it is responding) is only in the Now. So whatever is bothering you Now is what is affecting your life at the moment. If memories of the past are bothering you right now then it would be a good idea to clean them up. But I wouldn't go deliberately looking for them. The way our 3-D lives are structured is such that as we reach for feeling better, the obstacles that are preventing us reaching that state will automatically surface. So I would only clean stuff up as it naturally arises

(20 Jun '11, 22:02) Stingray

I think there's a mix up in something you wrote there. "Once you're able to read back all the statements in List 2 (Step 2 / Step 7) and all the emotions in List 3 (Step 3/ Step 6) and still feel neutral about them, you're done with this step." and "EFT is a particularly good process for applying to List 3 while Focus Blocks is ideal for List 2." - The emotions are list 2 and statements list 3 (and the diagram says use EFT for list 2 - which makes more sense since I imagine it more difficult to use focus blocks on " that orange blob buzzing in my head".

(21 Jun '11, 00:58) Liam

@Liam - Well spotted. Thanks for pointing that out. Have now fixed it

(21 Jun '11, 09:38) Stingray

I feel relief from simply reading your detailed description. Wow, going to get started now! Stingray for President! :)

(17 Nov '11, 21:16) figure8shape

@Stingray, I don't know what to say, I'm amazed. I just want to give you a feed back - nothing new for you, of course :) In fact, I had already taken a look in all of the processes before, but I was reluctant to using them (out of the Vortex?) Once I got to my "crisis point" and decided to try the Focus Blocks process for real, I was amazed at how fast it raised my vibrations and the quality of my thoughts. Since I had done six of them before starting ME4...

(01 Feb '17, 12:57) VitoriaRegia

(cont.) I decided to go ahead, read it over, go through it on paper (I still love a good piece of paper and pencil). When I found what I was looking for, I remembered that I had gone through it mentally when reading for the first time, because the event that came up as the source of the limiting beliefs end up being the same, of course! Anyway, these techniques really work and are amazing; congratulations for a great work :)

(01 Feb '17, 13:06) VitoriaRegia

@VitoriaRegia - You're welcome. Nice to hear you got some value from it :)

(03 Feb '17, 05:33) Stingray
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