I have been doing some vibrational work in the past such as the Manifesting Experiment 1, Focus Blocks, some of Abraham processes such as the Prosperity Game and Wallet Process, but I have never managed to make it past 1 week for all of them.

I recently just started trying to practice Abraham's Getting into the Vortex Guide Meditations CD and it is the first time I have probably managed to make it past 2 weeks, but the thing is I feel a lot more tired than usual, have some funny minor but irritating new problems with my health even though I can somehow feel my vibrations are at a higher level than before and also noticing certain vibrational matches.

Just as luck would have it, Nikulas was asking this question

Why is it we get sick when we expand?

and it seems very similar to my situation. Also did a search and found some similar answers such as the battered car example and http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/10883/after-consistently-listening-to-the-abraham-hicks-vortex-meditation-cd-im-physi

The problem is I have tried looking through the answers and they all seem like talking blah blah blah to me and I can't understand them at all after reading them 2 or 3 times, so I am basically seeking some clarifications on what I should be doing.

First question is : If one is unable to stick to vibrational work for a long period of time, is it because they are not ready for it yet? Or has it got to do with laziness and discipline?

Second question is : So what should I actually be doing about my situation? Do I just ignore the small problems that are surfacing and continue on with my vibrational work and they will all go away eventually in the near future?


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First question is : If one is unable to stick to vibrational work for a long period of time, is it because they are not ready for it yet? Or has it got to do with laziness and discipline?

The best and only time to change is always now. If you are aware of the value of the teachings, you are ready. However desire to succeed with this stuff is definitely necessary or you won't keep doing it. I would suggest you just try to enjoy the meditation, see the beauty of it and feel the lovely peace it gives you, love the fact that your health and wealth are benefiting from this, and be appreciative of the fact you have came a cross this material. In other words - get into the vortex about the "getting in to the vortex" meditation. Have fun rather than doing it as a chore.

If you feel extremely resistant about this then I would suggest you look for something else that you would enjoy doing.

I do not think laziness or discipline have to do anything here.

Second question is : So what should I actually be doing about my situation? Do I just ignore the small problems that are surfacing and continue on with my vibrational work and they will all go away eventually in the near future?

Bashar and the pleaidiens said that when you offer higher vibrations, then the higher vibration "pulls up" to the surface all the "garbage". Fears, limiting beliefs, anything that is not matching your new state will be highlighted and will come to your attention and even manifest physically. It is brilliant, isn't it? The new state you are reaching is helping you spot all the negativity and gives you a chance to let it go. It gives you a chance to make peace with it. And not only that - from your new vibration of inside the vortex, you are in such a calm and peaceful place that you are less attached to the problem and have the excellent opportunity to see it from a different, less resistant place, and release it!

In other words - if you want to take out the garbage (your limiting programs), you can't get into the trash can and start fighting with it. You have to be above it (in the vortex) to pick it up and throw it out.

This is simply a way of your source to highlight the obstacles that remain. However in your case it brought you to a very worrying and doubting place... And that is counter productive. Everything is going just fine and you're doing great. Don't let your subconscious negative thinking habbits convince you that once again, "this isn't working" and "I'm lazy", or "maybe I'm not ready" - the way of doubt and disbelief never works, and I believe we all know that from experience. So don't go there.

Welcome whatever is happening. Allow the sensations to come, appreciate that everything is going exactly the way it should, and allow yourself to feel excited about what is coming and what reality will have to offer you... Just enjoy the ride:)



answered 20 Oct '11, 17:32

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Well said, Benjamin

(20 Oct '11, 17:48) Stingray

"I do not think laziness or discipline have to do anything here." in other words like my answer to the first question "no and no" :-)

(20 Oct '11, 18:43) Wade Casaldi

To answer the first questions: no and no.

Now the second question: I believe "Your Wish Is Your Command" would help you. I bought mine when you could only get it from the S.O.S. Now you can get it anywhere on the net, even Amazon.

There is a lot in those Compact Discs that most books or Compact Discs from others never talk about, for example, the training balance scale.

I believe also in a good relationship with God and Prayer as well to keep ourselves in line with God's blessings.

Answer the below question "Then what is the main reason why one is unable to stick to vibrational work for a long time in your opinion?"

I do not believe it to be as much a laziness as there is a set vibration, call it the familiar vibration if you wish. It is what we are used to, like an old program that is stuck in a never ending loop but unaware of being stuck. You see this with smokers that want to quit but can't, with drinkers that want to quit but can't somehow they return back to what is known to them. This fits with women that go from one bad relationship to another equally or more-so bad.

Think of it like a marble sitting in the center of a cone, it sits there as that is the programming if it tries moving out it eventually returns back to center. But here is the kicker, if you can make a new center that it settles in as normal that becomes the new normal it will continue to return to settle in. This is why for subliminal programming to work it takes thousands and thousands of times to be listened to or videos the same thing thousands maybe tens of thousands!

Now one thing talked about on Your Wish is Your Command is getting rid of these old settings that we call normal life, "This is the way it is because this is how it has always been." We can as well say "This is how it has always been because this is the way it is." You see this is a circular logic with no way out other than to realize the only thing supporting it is the belief in it! It says use the TFT Callahan method to tap these beliefs out or the EFT Gray method but it seems to favor the original TFT over EFT. one thing I like personally is Avatar EPC to examine thought and realize I chose what I believe so what I believe hasn't control over me but I have control over what I believe.

When you find your self sliding back to old patterns think of sliding back down a mountain you are attempting to get over, there awaits a new valley of milk and honey but are you willing to keep climbing even after you slide back or are you willing to settle back into the center of normal, "This is how things are because they always were like this, things always were like this because this is the way things are." You are the only one that has the choice, and you are the only one that has to live with your choices, but keep this in mind every moment is a new choice, "should I stay or should I go?" There is never a ruined future because you didn't choose, but a ruined future if you keep not choosing, and even then you got what you chose and can always choose again.

Jesus be with you.


answered 20 Oct '11, 16:14

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Wade Casaldi

edited 21 Oct '11, 05:12

Then what is the main reason why one is unable to stick to vibrational work for a long time in your opinion?

(21 Oct '11, 00:26) kakaboo

Now that is a good question I'll add in the body of my answer. :-)

(21 Oct '11, 04:29) Wade Casaldi

I think that when we get into the vortex, and we feel good, we 'forget' that we have work to do still, so we don't do it. Needing to work on your vibration isn't a vortex feeling, it is an out of the vortex feeling. Tapping on issues is an out of the vortex tool to help us get into the vortex. So, when we are in the vortex, all the vehicles that got us there, stopped, docked, parked and we got out and are checking out the view from our new perch. We don't get on the Downtown bus if we are already downtown. So, we need a plan. If we are going to get out of the Vortex bus because we are in the vortex, we need to arrange for a bus to pick us up and take us around the vortex, one that stays in the vortex. So, if we are using EFT to get into the vortex, we would use EFT to stay in the vortex. We would just use it differently. So, instead of tapping on problems that you want to release, you tap on positive things or do the fasterEFT where you just say let it go as you tap when you feel any discomfort. With the fasterEFT, you don't have to name your discomfort, you just let it go before it takes you out of the vortex. Have a plan, a set time to tap on things to keep you in the vortex. You could even tap on your fear of leaving the vortex.

Thank you for asking this question.


answered 21 Oct '11, 13:44

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Fairy Princess

I would say you need to look within. Take some quiet time to ask your body to speak to you of its feelings. Of course it's best to be strong and in a good feeling place before you talk to your body about these issues. It's best to ignore your illness as much as possible if you are feeling out of sorts. You cannot help if you are not in a good space, you will probably only contribute anxiety and confusion.

Be patient with your healing, make it clear to your body that you love it and will be there for it as it heals. Don't wish it would hurry up and go away, don't make it feel like an unwelcome patient. It needs your love. It needs you to listen to it. I like to take the approach that what my body is feeling, I am also feeling. We are one. Listen and you will hear it calling you to the parts of yourself that are saying "I am in pain" " I am afraid" " I am frustrated' etc.


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slow down, nature does proceed slowly and thoroughly


answered 21 Oct '11, 23:24

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