For those who don't know these 2 processes, they are 2 of Abraham-Hicks' processes more closely related to money. The wallet process is where you keep a 100$ bill in your wallet and spend them 'imaginly'(something like window shopping) and the prosperity game is where you have a virtual bank book where you deposit 1k more each day and spend the money on anything you like.

Somehow I seem to be having certain problems with these 2 processes and I can't seem to pinpoint them properly and rectify them.

For the wallet process, the first few days when I was doing it I felt really great and wonderful and realized how powerful 100 bucks actually was and how many things I could actually buy with 100 bucks. But as the days go back, the feelings start to slowly fade major problem here is since I almost always take the same route to school(there isnt really any alternative routes I could take), the shops I pass by will always be the same. Which means the things that I choose to buy with my 100 bucks seem to always be the same after some time, and it gets a bit boring and of a chore. I did try picking something else to buy from the same store but it just didn't feel the same or right.

For the prosperity game, it is also similar - it seems to get to be a chore rather than something that would be fun(since they say the purpose of playing these processes is so that you can feel good and fun about a particular topic). The problem with this process is that somehow after a few days, like maybe once I reach 5-10k, I am completely lost on what I want to buy.

It's like when people start doing these processes, most of the time they get into the hang of it easily and is able to maintain consistent effort because the doing the processes is real fun for them and they always look forward to it(there was a guy commenting on a youtube video that said he was going to reach 1billion on his prosperity game the next day), but for me it seems to gradually turn into a chore even though it started out as something really fun at first?

Do I feel this way because of my internal belief systems? Like maybe deep inside myself maybe actually I feel that I don't need so much money at all? Or is it because of something else?

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The key thing with both these processes, as you have pointed out, is that they must make you feel good.

Anyone who is doing them out of obligation (like it's a chore) is wasting their time.

I've rarely used the Wallet Process myself but I have played the Prosperity Game a number of times over the years. And me, and everyone I know, always reaches a point where it becomes very difficult to spend the game money.

I quite enjoy challenging friends to play The Prosperity Game because, without fail, each boasts how they would have no problem at all spending an on-going stream of cash and, usually within 30 days of playing it, without fail...they fail :)

I believe this is the internal abundance limit that we each place upon ourselves being reached (a limiting belief) - and it starts becoming uncomfortable to push out beyond that comfort zone.

An interesting exercise to try in your own life is to precisely measure exactly how much money flowed into your life every year in previous years. For many people, the number can be surprisingly similar from year to year even though they might be involved in completely different ways of making's that inner limit (or glass ceiling) at work.

It works a bit like a self-regulating thermostat...if you have less money than you believe you should, you'll find ways to make extra quite easily, and if you have more than you believe you should, you'll find ways to lose it or spend it until you are back in your comfort zone.

As with all the Abraham processes, if at any time you feel like you're getting nowhere with the games, it's probably time to stop and try something else.

And that's what I recommend you do in your situation.

I'm not a fan of the brute force "push on through it" approaches to manifesting. I feel that if you've lost your enthusiasm for a process, it's a sign from within that you've gone as far as you need to for now.

Take a break from it for a while, or look around for some other process that will take you forward instead. You'll know when you've found it because it will make you feel immediately better when you use it...and you won't have to force yourself to do it.

At some future date, you may feel re-inspired to play these games again. And when that happens, just go with the inspiration again.

Personally, each time I have started the game again, it has been easier and easier to reach much larger spending limits without feeling uncomfortable - a sign that limiting beliefs regarding prosperity have shifted.

Abraham have actually said in the past that, despite appearances to the contrary, the Prosperity Game is not actually about building your prosperity, it's about building your imagination. When you flex your imagination muscles, you allow more possibilities for your life. Yes, as a by-product, it will increase the general prosperity in your life too, but that's a secondary benefit.

And one final tip that Abraham mentioned'll know you are playing the Prosperity Game properly when if you look someone in the eye and tell them you just spent, say, $100,000 on a Ferrari today, they will be completely unable to tell whether you really did it in real life or whether it was in the game...that's true alignment :)


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yes that does make sense, I had a similar thought too - like maybe I had reached a certain threshold and maybe it was just that deep inside me I didnt believe that I would be able to have so much money to spend

(15 Oct '10, 01:43) kakaboo

and if I have always been , in a sense, a more 'thifty' guy, does it affect this in any way? By 'thifty' I mean I save quite a lot sometimes in real life cause I dont feel the need to spend a lot on redundant stuff. And also, when you dropped this process and came back to it again, did you start off from where you left off, or restarted from 1000$?

(15 Oct '10, 01:49) kakaboo

It doesn't matter how much you spend/save in real life as long as you are comfortable with that behavior. If you feel you want to save your money but you get convinced by others that you should spend it instead, then your vibrational energy is contradicted...and that's not a good attitude for prosperity to flow to you. Regarding the game, to save time, I restarted at an amount that felt reasonable in my real, everyday life. $1,000 is an amount I can spend in real life without even thinking about it so it feels too small to be taken seriously for me.

(15 Oct '10, 07:02) Stingray
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Your true "calling," if you will, is that which sustains your excitement, and holds your interest. Buying trinkets may not do that for you.

The purpose of games like this is to change your mental focus regarding money to one of abundance, rather than lack. By thinking about the movement of money through your life, rather than the absence of it, you are conditioning your mind to work on your financial life by bringing more money into it, rather than trying to stretch the money you already have.

So instead of focusing on the bills, you focus on the income and the things you want to do with it. It is a winning strategy; obtaining more money is always more effective than trying to spend less (although spending your money wisely is important also), because it gives you more choices.

If buying things does not hold your interest, think about how that kind of money flow will impact your life in positive ways. Pretty much anyone can live on a hundred dollars a day, and if you could save $1000 per week, what choices would that make available to you in the next few years?


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I am a funny guy. Maybe I haven't suffered enough or have been living a pretty good life up till now, but right now I am just the kind of person that can survive on a few hundred bucks(100-200) per month if needed. Don't really feel the need to spend much on a lot of things which I dont really need..

(15 Oct '10, 01:45) kakaboo

I used to play the prosperity game, and even kept a ledger book. If you have a large chunk of money and are unsure what to do with it you can pretend to donate it to some great charity that you like. The feeling is really very nice, and gets you into the flow; into the idea of giving and helping. Why not try it?

BTW, not too long after faithfully playing the prosperity game, I received a large amount of money, which I had not expected at all. I did get to spend some of it and share much of it. The prosperity game was like a practice just before the real thing!


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LeeAnn 1

Yes actually I did try that, but it just didnt make much sense for me to donate large portions of my money everytime...when I reach after 8k or 10k I always donated half of it everytime cause I dont know what else to do with it.

(15 Oct '10, 01:40) kakaboo

OK. Well, as Vesuvius mentioned, if it's not much fun for you and you've sort of come to the end of the exercise, then it's perfectly all right to just stop and do something you more enjoy. Best wishes!

(15 Oct '10, 13:19) LeeAnn 1

These processes are intended to help us change our beliefs and attitudes towards money. So even outside of the "game" you have to be working consciously in all areas of your life to create the shift in consciousness. You cannot play the game as if it was separate or apart from your life. It must be integrated into who you are and what you believe.


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