I have read on inward quest a few things about how people get 'petty sicknesses' when they are growing spiritually which is outlined in headaches here and also here

I am absolutely confused with this concept that you can get a cold when doing vibrational work. If you're doing well in 'expanding', naturally you will be in high vibrations- getting a cold or small illness just sounds counter-productive to this concept of LOA. And really, considering this may be happening to me now, wouldn't something like a cold or headache lower your emotions? And, unless anyone can prove me wrong, wouldn't zen monks be absolutely healthy to live up to old age at peak fitness?

I will be willing to put up a bounty for this question- this concept really messes with me. Someone help please?

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Good question Nikulas. I have been curious about this as well.

(06 Oct '11, 17:43) Cory

Great timing with this question as I just caught a cold right when I was feeling great progress.

(06 Oct '11, 19:20) Benjamin

Hi @Nikulas it all depends on what you mean by high vibes, when I am calm I feel centered which is smack-bang in the middle of the spectrum of emotions. When I am excited, joyful, angry, depressed there's a whole bunch of high vibes expressing themselves in one way or another. Expansion is extending my capacity to feel in all directions. Contraction is centering myself - by definition "in the center" where I feel calm and at peace.

(22 Oct '15, 05:51) jaz
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First, it's worth pointing out that "petty sicknesses" only tend to happen when you first start doing deliberate vibrational molding and are certainly not the norm...my personal health is outstanding to the point of seriously upsetting doctors :) ...and "petty sicknesses" are certainly not something that is going to happen to everyone either.

It's usually as a result of the initial All Hell Breaking Loose phase that Abraham often talks about.

My personal analogy for describing this idea is that of driving battered old cars beyond their limits. See: Good things happen when I’m feeling negative and bad things when I’m positive - WHY??

Basically, once you start to deliberately focus your thoughts, habitual beliefs that were previously unlimiting to you can become resistant or limiting. Realize that they are beliefs and attitudes that were previously serving you but you are now pushing them beyond what they can handle.

In other words, deliberately focusing thought can result in you letting yourself desire more than you can initially allow.

This is not something going "wrong" - it's just an indicator that your energy flow is out of alignment, that's all. As I mentioned in that answer you referred to ( How does the body become weak? ), that misalignment of energy is the cause of dis-ease.

Dis-ease is a great word actually because all dis-ease is emotional first...because emotions are an indicator of that energy flow...

...dis-ease = lack of emotional ease

...and that leads us to the "dis-ease equation" :)

DIS-EASE (relating to anything in your life) = SUMMONING OF ENERGY - ALLOWING OF ENERGY

So all dis-eases are emotional in nature first and then, if that emotional misalignment is not "fixed", they manifest physically in the body, or in your life as accidents or unwelcome life situations.

So how do you avoid even "petty sicknesses"?

Well, you just monitor your emotions because your emotions are telling you, long before anything physical happens, exactly how you are flowing that energy on any particular topic in your life.

If you are feeling any long-lasting negative emotional response towards anything in your reality, it usually indicates (from the equation above) that you should either summon less energy (release your desire) or allow what you are summoning (your desire) more.

The problem is that you cannot really release your desires once you have them (you can kind of squelch them a bit if you really, really, really try) so your only realistic choice is to allow more.

And that's where all these resistance-releasing manifesting methods fit in.

As a shortcut to learning how to allow more, just aim yourself towards your Vortex as often as you can until it becomes an habitual "place" for you to reside. See Vortex First, Any Way You Can, Then Everything Else'. You'll have to keep realigning regularly with it because the Vortex is not a static place but when you are there it's an indication of your alignment.

And once you have habitually acclimatized to the feeling of being in the Vortex, you can then jump out of it on purpose from time to time to experience the thrill of realignment again with the firm knowing that all is always going to turn out well in the end...and that's when life starts becoming really fun :)

As a shortcut to the shortcut I mentioned above, you can just find ways to Get Happy :)

Does this answer your question? If not, please try and clarify exactly which aspect is still confusing to you.


answered 06 Oct '11, 12:48

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Good answer Stingray.

(06 Oct '11, 15:19) Paulina 1

Why would anybody want to jump out of the vortex?

(07 Oct '11, 04:05) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess - Because life is about the constant in-and-out of Vortex alignment. See the link "thrill of realignment" above

(07 Oct '11, 09:58) Stingray

This clarifies thing a lot. Beforehand I was started to think that getting sick was a good indicator, but now it's been cleaned up on and nice to know how healthy you are.

(07 Oct '11, 10:34) Nikulas

Does this mean that if you keep desiring for more things but do not allow these things to come to you, you will find yourself burdened by more and more dis-eases (majority of it sicknesses)?

(11 Oct '11, 16:13) kakaboo

@kakaboo - Yes, that's broadly speaking right in my view. But it's not that you need to allow those things to physically manifest, you just have to allow your desires to flow freely through you whether they manifest or not. If you think about it, you're going to go with your desire eventually whether you allow yourself willingly or not...it's a question of how painful you make it for yourself in the process :)

(11 Oct '11, 17:57) Stingray

@Stingray: I need some more clarification on this, gonna create another thread so it would be easier :)

(20 Oct '11, 12:32) kakaboo

Just re-reading this anser of your again....Everything makes so much sense now....You really are giving the 'secrets' of the forces that create worlds on a public website. Thankyou stingray so much stingray, appreciation ^.^

(23 Dec '11, 12:14) Nikulas

@Nikulas - Yes, all the answers that people are looking for are right in front of everyone...the "hard" part is convincing people that they really are there :) As Abraham say, words don't teach, it's life experience that teaches

(23 Dec '11, 12:32) Stingray
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When a person goes on any diet where they cut out bad foods and start eating only healthy foods there is a healing crisis for a while and the person suffers from what they think are colds and headaches and even their stomachs can be upset. This is nothing more than detoxification and will pass after a while.

When one starts doing spiritual work and tries to stop the bad thoughts and replaces them with good thoughts or deliberate thoughts for manifesting the same thing happens. You are actualy on a mental diet by leaving the old habitual thinking and you try to replace that with new positive thinking so what in fact happens is a mental detox. For a while you will feel ill till your system detoxes the mental toxins and excepts the new healthy mental habits.

A physical detox takes about 10 days to 3 weeks depending on a person. A mental detox can take longer but it differs from person to person. Just persevere with your mental work and you will be fine but dont forget to take care of your body by eating and sleeping and excercising and just maybe taking a supplement to make sure all goes ok.


answered 06 Oct '11, 15:37

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Paulina 1

it is all about the ideas of ego fighting. the ego will do what it can to stop progress spiritualy because its the part of u that does not want progeress. So when you do that work, It will act up in many ways. I am a channeler and i use that info from my source, to teach others. And in my life mnmay bad illnesess and small ones pop up, and i have found usaly ist is because i have the info , i use it to teach others, but i am not applying the great teachings in my life so i tend to get that in return. Because i am consiesly aware of that and dont act on it, i cause (like stingray said and also found in seth speaks) adiss- ease of consiesness, or soul, so i am then able to have a pysical warning that i am in this diss-ease and there for fix what needs to be fixed. Hope this helped my freind.

love n light,



answered 06 Oct '11, 17:35

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TReb Bor yit-NE

possibly, the sudden spurt of growth,
over-taxing your system,
unable to cope,
shouts for assistance
and you are not in a position to help


answered 10 Oct '11, 00:00

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yep over taxing your system. by using to much energy.

(17 Oct '11, 01:39) white tiger

white tiger, not using your energy wisely nor understanding your ability to accept the on-rush of the on-coming finer vibration

(19 Oct '11, 22:35) fred

I agree with all of you.. It happend to me when I quit smoking cigarrets about a year ago.. I felt sick for almost fourth months but it was my body adjusting to not beign constantly contaminated by nicotine.. a friend of mine exprienced the same when she became a vegan..


answered 08 Oct '11, 08:33

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I went through the physical detox about 10 years ago when I cleaned up my eating habits. Chlorella and LOTS of water helped to soften the effect.

I'm not new to spiritual work, but I only heard Abraham's explanation of the LOA about 6 months ago. I believe the colds/flu/GI bug stuff I went through this past December may have been due to some emotional/mental cleansing going on. Curiously, being sick did not bring my spirits down as I'm fairly certain my vibration has been rising as my resistance is softening.

Stingray - I want to join the others in saying thank you for your posts and insights. :-)

Marcus (First-time poster)


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@MarcusB - You're welcome, and welcome to IQ :)

(23 Jan '20, 11:03) Stingray

well a cold is when you use to much energy and get empty. stay up and work alot you will see in a couple of weeks you will catch a cold. it is the same for people that use drugs to stay wake up and party. after a while they get sick.

experience and enjoy.


answered 17 Oct '11, 01:21

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white tiger

I completely disagree with the above comments. Vibrational or energy work does not make you sick. What makes us sick comes from our beliefs and thoughts. Mental activity which does not help our energy work.

It is true that in physical terms, when, for example one stops smoking, one suffers withdrawal symptoms. That is the body adjusting to the withdrawal. Even when detoxifying the liver, for example, one may get headaches as a result of the toxins being pushed out of our body.

Energy work is different. The energy we work with is not above what one can handle. And usually it increases with practice and experience. It cannot hurt you.

Our mind tries to find conflict or contradiction. By believing, it happens. There is a general 'trend' in the spiritual community to believe that one gets a cold because of the energy spent on for example, healing. This is just that, a belief, which becomes reality, just because it is believed and it makes one feel special and above the rest.

This answer is marked "community wiki".

answered 23 Jan '20, 13:55

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