For a while I was a practicing psychic. I was very accurate. I stopped doing this because I felt that too many people were getting dependent on me and I felt they needed to seek their own answers.

As part of this, I had people call me and ask questions like, "I am getting married on a certain date. We want to have an outside reception. Will it be clear weather or will we need to have the reception inside? I would REALLY like it to be outside!" I would usually answer, "Have it outside, it will not rain." And it did not.

We manage our income properties. One of our new tenants was late with the rent. She also presented a list of repairs that were specious. Things that were ok when she moved in, but suddenly, concurrently with the late rent, seemed to go wrong.

I had a psychic hit/felt that she was using the request for repairs as a delaying tactic for paying the rent. I asked our maintenance staff to determine if the needed repairs had been caused by the tenant. Her brother was a maintenance person for someone else and could have easily engineered this. My people could not determine if the tenant caused the problems, but my people felt there was a good chance that they did!

Tenants paid the rent, but I let the late fees slide.

We made repairs, but at the end of the next month, additional last minute repairs cropped up. Same scenario. Now I was certain!

But I went into meditation and got the feeling that they really did have needed repairs and that it had nothing to do with the rent. So I had these new things fixed without asking my staff if they felt the tenants caused them. Since I had shifted my perspective, I was putting no negative energy into this situation, the situation seemed to change, and instead of more repairs, they have been happy and satisfied for the last six months. Not a peep and rent always paid on time.

Only had one repair, recently a leaking toilet which I replaced with a very good toilet that cost me about twice what a 'standard toilet' cost but had substantial water saving abilities, saving money for the tenant on her water bill.

I mention this example because I wonder if I was reading the future and she was using 'repairs' as a device to excuse late rent, or did I create that situation?

Do I suddenly slow down because I sense a speed trap, or did I create the cop behind the billboard to impress my passengers?

Did I create a restaurant up ahead when we are driving and hungry, or intuit one was just around the bend?

Is that a minefield in front of me or a level playing field? Does my mind create my reality, as Abraham suggests, or do I have foreknowledge? IF it is a minefield, can I change it into a level playing field? Or vice versa?

There was a psychic who told his client, "This morning when you wooke up, you found a horse in your living room." The astounded client exclaimed, "How did you know?!?!?! The psychic replied, "I put it there last night."

It seems to me that I am creating my reality, but how much of this is filtering branching paths leading me to alternate realities? If I am driving and intuit there is a bridge out ahead and take a turn before I get there and have a more pleasant reality, did I create or intuit?

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Dollar Bill

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"For a while I was a practicing psychic. I was very accurate."

Practicing psychic ... hmm, then why ask my first name or where I live Bill?

All kiddin' aside good question & many good points - Reality creation & alternate realities..

(26 May '13, 18:57) ele
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premonition is not a mystery, but a collection of undefined information that allows an individual to make an assumption which can be accurate or inaccurate based upon the principles of assumption. It can appear mystical like the aurora borealis, but once the general population understands its function, the mystery is over. Since you are questioning your own ability you should try to journal your psychological activity. You may be prone to favoring your existing idea by notating the evidence of your ability as you've already done, but your journal needs to be more involved in your daily activities. We are the greatest observers of our own reality, mainly because no one takes interest, unless there is something profound to take interest in. This is also a common occurrence that takes place here on IQ by all of us, questionnaires and answeries alike. Did you manage to see jupiter and venus last night? They've appeared in the westward skies for the past couple of days as bright shining stars. Truly an amazing occurrence since both planets are beyond our visible eye and yet for a moment in the season, we are able to witness there existence as lights. Not a mystery, but mindfully amazing.


answered 17 Mar '12, 10:01

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@Constantine thank you for your reply. Premonitions occur often with me. They do not seem so mysterious anymore.

My question is whether we "foresee" an event that was going to happen, or do we create said event, for good or ill, by our attention to what we think will happen?

Perhaps the point is moot. If we feel a negative event is going to happen, neutralize it with positive reflections.

In a much larger, though possibly related story there was a flamboyant stock market analyst whose investment predictions possibly did cause the market impacts he predicted.

(18 Mar '12, 14:43) Dollar Bill

I can say that whenever my mum is in my car and we are in a packed car park, we always get a parking instantly. She demands it and it happens... every-time!. Now, I've demanded it and still usually have to drive around a bit and only sometimes get an instant parking which I put down to luck. I have to say I think she creates it; even though she is quite intuitive.

There has been plenty of times when I have listened to my intuition and chosen to drive a different route, thus avoided delays etc. I manifested this (avoided delays - traffic pile up) by using intuition. I don't think precognition and manifested are the same things.


answered 27 Mar '12, 01:31

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" I don't think precognition and manifested are the same things." Perhaps what we feel as precognition is a glimpse of an alternate universe where this event can take place. Then the good feeling can precipitate our entry into that universe. If a bad feeling, go somewhere else.

(27 Mar '12, 03:11) Dollar Bill

well the 2 can exist appart or at the same time. that you see what is going to happen or that you create what is going to happen go hand in hand. and i can tell you that sometime you can see what is going to happen and change it to some extent. just by what you are thinking about what is going to happen when you know what is going to happen. but when you do that what is going to happen is not happening exactely as you add seen it before is it. then can you claim to see the future? and i can tell you that when something like this happen you feel as if you are intense light inside your self. that is probably what jesus was feeling all the time.because if all that he did is true walking on water making food multiply etc. he was at a level that no human being is right now. stopping the wind and calming the storm i know that this is possible but you need faith and it is not to be done for fun.even jesus did not want to use this to convince people. i came to tell is words not to crush the people with the powers. and he said begone from me satant.


answered 27 Mar '12, 05:03

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white tiger

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