For well over two years now I have been seeing energy, geometric shapes, rotations and numerous other transparent rainbow energies. I have done a lot of research but welcome any other insight into this. I see this in my head in a limited view but it is larger and stronger with my eyes open. This has happened countless times now and is always different. I wont go into the hearing and feeling part just yet. I have looked into Merkbas, Metatron, Abraham-Hicks and a lot of E books from PsiTek (thanks Simon) plus too many other paths to mention. I understand that most answers come from Within but I like to learn from others who are willing to share their experiences.

Thank you

Love and Light


asked 09 Oct '09, 17:15

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Barry Allen ♦♦


Roy, I'd like to ask you if you can sleep well at night? Have you experienced waking up from sleep at a specific time each night? For almost a year now, I'd wake up at 3am or 3:30am almost everyday. As if someone/something would wake me up. It may sound strange but i don't know why this happens. And yes, i'm in good health.

(12 Oct '09, 09:31) Celine

I know that I have been woken up by the things I see but there has never been a specific time.I dont sleep as well as I should with 4 chidren I accept that.I do have my best meditations around those times though. Im in Canada and its Thanks Giving day here and its perfect. Love and Light

(12 Oct '09, 19:12) Roy

Happy Thanksgiving day to and your family!

(12 Oct '09, 22:33) Celine

Did you go to SW

(15 Oct '09, 02:53) Roy

Yes, i just sent you a message.

(15 Oct '09, 06:48) Celine

Hi Roy! Have you found the answer to your question?

(13 Nov '09, 23:58) Celine

Hi Celine, I getting one step closer every day. I have a friend who has recommended a friend of hers who channels. I have had some correspondence with her and she has given me some advice on a couple of things to try in medatation. How are you doing? Are you still at SW.I cant get back into it , says im void and I need an invite. Love and Light

(14 Nov '09, 03:17) Roy

Good to hear that. Same here, can't login at SW.

(14 Nov '09, 03:53) Celine

Hi Celine, just wondering how you are making out with your energies, a lot has changed for me. I trust all is well. love and light

(05 Mar '11, 14:52) Roy

roy.. I am going through the exact same thing.. I am very confussed and would love to talk to someone who understand what it is like.. if you are willing I can give you my email or facebook.. I feel better now that I read your post.. thanks a lot! :)

(17 Sep '11, 01:23) jinxx

I would like to talk to you,I feel that the time is right to bring this out in the open.There is a recent movie called Awakenings and it was backed by the musician Sting. it shows what we experience.There are a lot of and light

(17 Sep '11, 19:32) Roy

Hi Celine, are you ok? love and light

(17 Sep '11, 19:34) Roy

Roy: I have been looking all over for the movie Awakenings and I cant find it :( I'll keep trying.. you are more than welcome to add me to your FB or email me let me know if we can do that cause I am new at this and I am still trying to make sense of it.. thanks a lot for all your support :)

(19 Sep '11, 05:28) jinxx

I am so sorry< I wrote that comment out without checking first. The real name of the movie is called, Wake-up . I am sure you will find this one. love and light

(19 Sep '11, 21:20) Roy

This is amazing to hear. I thought I was losing my mind, I've just recently started seeing, feeling, and living this sensation. I rarely tell anyone about what has been going on with me because everyone I tell they think I'm crazy. I need to talk to you roy a soon as possible

(10 Oct '11, 09:47) shayne

Can someone please reply to this message. I feel like this curse could break lose at any moment and i might lose control AGAIN. I know what i am seeing is real its scary to deal with something like this at my age (18). But i believe if we could work with eachother we can break through other barriers and come out with a greater understanding of life, and possibly change the world. WHAT WE HAVE IS BOTH A CURSE AND A GIFT WE HAVE TO DECIDE WHICH WE RATHER IT BE...

(15 Oct '11, 19:42) shayne
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I would be open to talking privately with any person who has the ability to see light/energy. I have been on this journey for 13 years and I am coming to a point where I need to find a community to belong to. The isolation is beginning to make it difficult for me to feel connected to this Earthly place.

I see light/energy. I cannot describe it but I have painted it and will share with people who are having similar experiences. I have been able to see energy (sperm-like light fluttering and flickering everywhere) since I was 5 years old. But at 22, I woke up one morning to find a swirling light in my right eye - which sparked a spiritual journey from the inside out. I soon had numerous lights that become tunnels while meditating or taking a psychedelic journey. I do not play with drugs - and my lights began long before I ever took a psychedelic. I consider these substances a quick way to get to a place that we can all get to through dedicated spiritual practice and meditation. Went to an MD at 22 and there were no physiological issues. (just trying to ward off any "advice")

I have visions, see beings and languages that I cannot describe in language. I "know" aspects of the universe that are profound and I am empathic to a fault. I take on the suffering of others - something I am in the process of learning how to be compassionate and helpful without becoming the suffering itself. When I am out of sync with the universe, I plummet into depression. As of late, I feel that I am straddling two worlds and I know that I must create community in this world if I am going to be able to stay. And by this I mean to say that I want to go HOME in the most deep and authentic sense of the term. So, I need to make a home for myself here. Reading that some of you have similar experiences, I feel there is an opportunity here to create a community. Something I did not know was possible.

I am not looking for advice here - though I appreciate your intention. If you are someone having similar experiences, please email me at

On Sept 12th I celebrate my 13th anniversary with the light.

Thanks - I hope to hear from those of you who relate to what I wrote.


answered 09 Sep '10, 17:13

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Hi Dhanna,I totally relate with your knowing :).I have been experiencing energies for three years now and I am only starting to really understand the vastness of this, our life experience.I now know that I have been very fortunate to be open to higher frequencies and that I am only just starting to grasp the vastness of what this truly means. We have been blessed with a wonderful gift, and as you well know , it is only begining to shine. Love and Light Roy

(10 Sep '10, 02:01) Roy

If I might suggest a new book,Welcome To The Fifth Demension, by Diane LeBlanc as channeled by Bianca Gaia. In my opion it is a truly wonderful guide as to what and who we truly are in oneness.Blessings Dhanna.

(10 Sep '10, 02:10) Roy

Hello Roy ,

I found it fascinating for you to see that , havent worked on that gift yet but have alot of researching done regarding it.From what you describe it seems to me that you can see Auras as well is that right?If so i advise you to balance your chakras first before going into the next step of seeing and earing energy on its pure form (6th chakra Third eye) also i advise you to get any info you can get on Psyballs just to get you starting with this matter...

Waiting for your reply for a more precise answer



answered 09 Oct '09, 18:20

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Thant you for your repy Yathnos, I will explain in a bit more detail .This is not something I have Been working at but rather something that has happened to me,when I see these energies in my head the detail is limited but when I look with my eyes open they can span up to 30 ft and are constantly changing rotations and colors. sometimes it will just the right side and then that day or even several days later I will have a mirror image on the left side both lasting approx 30 min.I constantly see within my head and at certain times of day with normal vision I have no choice in this it just is

(09 Oct '09, 19:10) Roy

Hi Roy

You are not alone. The Stuart Wilde forum have people discussing this 'seeing' colored, fractal geometric shapes.

Among the most talented posters there is a woman named Angela:


answered 11 Oct '09, 16:37

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Thanks Alma I visited the S W site and Im waiting for confirmation.Thanks very much this feels right

(12 Oct '09, 02:14) Roy

I have just registered in SW. It feels good to know that i'm not alone. Thank you, Alma.

Once again,thank you Simon!

(12 Oct '09, 03:25) Celine

Hello everyone

Its very interesting to know that there are others out there having similar experiences as myself.

I experience a similar situation to Asklepios as when I look to the sky [clear or overcast]. In my vision when I slightly swkint my eyes, I see a millions of tiny flashes, flashing into and out of existence. To me it looks like quanta flashing all over the place

And recently, I've been seeing at random moments tiny bright lights that would appear for a split second then disappear. Though at the time it happens, I'd find myself thinking thoughts and co-relating events to make sense of a situation and at the time the bright light appears, would sort of be the correct thinking or choice I have to make.

Incredible things are happening to us. We are chosen to be enlightened I believe

We are seekers and lets keep seeking :)


answered 06 Feb '10, 06:05

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I believe one of the keys to this type of viewing is simply just to relax and watch what is unfolding. There are many ways to "see" and trying to analyze at the time it is happening will just cause you some confusion. I would suggest that when you become aware of a starting point of your viewing that when possible try and meditate with it first and analyze it after it passes.They can be a great source of Inspiration.Have Fun with it.:)

(06 Feb '10, 12:50) Roy

Roy, Just to be safe, you may want to consider seeing a doctor and describing the sensations to him. If the doctor says your Ok, no harm no foul, but no matter what the out come of the visit to the doctor follow Yathnos advice and balance your chakras. This will help.


answered 09 Oct '09, 20:14

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Thankyou for your adivce it was one of the first things I did and Im AOK Thanks again Roy

(09 Oct '09, 20:26) Roy

It sounds like you're describing synesthesia.


answered 09 Oct '09, 22:11

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Well that is really interesting,maybe I should elaborate some more.Approximately 2 wks after this began I started getting a buzzing in my head at this point I was scared and as time went on I noticed that it kept changing tones or frequencies as well as moving positions in my head say from my crown chakra down to the base of my neck and then through meditation I discovered that I could move it throughout my body with limited success.It wasnt until I received the Munay-Ki Rites and started practicing my Fire-breath that I began to notice other changes in shortI beleive I see other realms.Thanks

(09 Oct '09, 22:47) Roy

Hi Roy, what 'other realms' do you see?

(09 Oct '09, 23:07) Celine

Hi Celine,This is a little difficult to explain.When I close my eyes I see infinite particles of light or energy they are always moving fast towards me but they do different things like very quick rotations ie(a tornado) or they change colours and at times there size.One time they were the size of a golf ball and I felt like I was so very large like I was going to explode and at the same time so very small,my wife could also feel this from several feet away as a strong pulsation.I see this energy all the time even with my eyes open it looks like Im looking through a Veil with sparkles.Thanks

(10 Oct '09, 14:51) Roy

I'm not sure if we experience the same thing. Sometimes when i close my eyes i see geometric shapes too; rotating and in different bright colors. There was one incident when suddenly a very bright ray of light flashed in front of me with sparkles (looked like small stars). This happened during broad daylight. I couldn't explain or understand what it was. I just had my eyes checked and they're perfect.

(11 Oct '09, 22:43) Celine

Celine do you see them with your eyes open as well or do you ever get the sensation that there is a very bright light behind you

(12 Oct '09, 02:13) Roy

Sometimes i see them with my eyes open. Yes,i also get the sensation that there is a bright light behind me. The ray of light that i just mentioned emanated from above about 20-30ft high; I've been experiencing this since i was a kid but i just ignored it.

(12 Oct '09, 03:21) Celine

Sorry Celine I didnt see this comment till now.I have not had the Light behind me in several weeks, I have to admit it is a stange sensatation.I would always be turning around to see where it was coming from only to find nothing there.The newest one is when I am visually focusing on someone or something I see a constant flickering of light behind them kind of like frosted glass with sparkles. The way I see things is constantly changing, I just hope its for the good. And like you I just live with it. Im sure we will find our answers. Love and Light

(14 Nov '09, 03:30) Roy
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Hello, My seeing is somewhat different. When I stare at the sky on a sunny day for some time without thinking (and without the intention of seeing anything; in fact the only way to see it is to be surprised by it) I begin to see translucent whirl everywhere on the sky surface. It is made of small geometrical (in 2D) rectangles being sucked in (as when you want to pour off the water from the sink). And unless I stop looking at the sky, I can see it. Very interesting, but I don't know what is it or what it means.


answered 25 Oct '09, 19:53

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Hi Asklepios,I think that for every person on this planet every awakening will be as different, there is no right or wrong.I try to look at each day as a new start to something that I will never finish and see something unique in each one. What you see has always been there you just never noticed it before.It will continue to grow along with you,it will teach you about a new life outside of this Linnear one.We have lots to learn.Love and Light

(25 Oct '09, 22:39) Roy

I'm adding this comment on Sep16th 2011 after reading your response. I started seeing these translucent swirls especially when looking at the sky from a young age, maybe around 10yrs old; exactly as you describe it. I tried to get others to see the same thing only to discover that most people don't observe themselves observing, even the concept seems strange to most people. At this time I started experimenting with the idea "what if there is much more in front of us that we don't notice until we teach ourselves to see it?”

(17 Sep '11, 02:04) The Traveller

As I started experimenting with sitting still and focusing or de-focusing while retreating my point of reference into consciousness almost like trying to make the stare of my still mind and the stare of the open eyes to become one and the same, the world started slowly changing and responding in ways very similar to how children develop seemingly imaginary relationships with reality. I thought I was going mad and became scared. It was as-if reality was looking back at me and saying “I know what you are trying to do” So I stopped the whole bloody thing and everything returned to “normal”

(17 Sep '11, 02:04) The Traveller

I think there is a fine line between madness and spiritual awakening. And in my own experience I saw it as “If you are not ready to process the experience then the result is madness”. I definitely was not ready for it then or now. I don’t want to do those experiments now. I think all of humanity is going through a transition and we are all being swept along at a pace that is just below madness. I am happy to stay at that place and let the almighty’s gentle wisdom point the way.

(17 Sep '11, 02:04) The Traveller
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