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Over the past year, visiting Inward Quest has contributed so much to my life and assisted my balance and constantly reminded me that all the answers are truly within and to maintain a positive, upbeat outlook on life! THANKS FOR YOUR LOVE!!

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Yes it is a long journey. Stay happy :)

and happy birthday

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answered 04 Oct '10, 15:50

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I've been here for only five months but I have changed a lot of things that I didn't like, and I manifested so many things that I thought impossible or about what I felt always discouraged, that I feel that I owe this site a huge

THANK YOU!!! and Happy Birthday!


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answered 04 Oct '10, 15:52

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Happy Happy Birthday Inward Quest!!!!!

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answered 04 Oct '10, 16:09

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Yes - Happy Birthday!!! And thank you to all who make this site possible - Simon and Barry and all you who share your knowledge and wisdom so freely, all those who ask and all those who answer, we're growing together.

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answered 04 Oct '10, 17:08

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Happy Birthday and thank you, thank you, thank you for being here and allowing us to share, learn and grow. God Bless.

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answered 04 Oct '10, 19:44

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I Think Therefore I Am

Happy Birthday to Inward Quest!

Thank You Inward Quest for assisting our collective and individual inward quest, with the understanding and compassion of a loving mother and with the wisdom and authority of a loving father.

I wish you, Inward Quest, many, many birthdays and to be acquiring wings to bearing us, Pegasus-like, until "Let there be Light" into your and our souls.

We love you Inward Quest.

For you:

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answered 04 Oct '10, 21:00

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Cheers everyone, raise your Glass of Wine with me and let us made a toast to Inward-Quest first Birthday of a very successful year, and to celebrate many more Inward-Quest Birthdays to come!

Thank you Simon Templeton; also, thank you to everyone on Inward –Quest who has given their time unselfishly to make the work of this Site outstanding. Happy Birthday!

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answered 04 Oct '10, 21:37

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Inactive User ♦♦

I've learned so much here. Cheers!

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answered 04 Oct '10, 21:51

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Simon, thank you for the anniverasry of inward quest,
and your support to our development. Fred

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answered 04 Oct '10, 23:15

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HBD IQ :-) Thanks to everyone for co-creating this Q&A forum as an outlet to give and receive answers and new perspectives on life. And a special thanks to Simon, Barry and team for receiving and acting upon the divine inspiration that made it possible - very God work indeed 8-)

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answered 05 Oct '10, 01:00

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Thank you, Simon, and everyone who has been contributing to Inward Quest. This community has been an immense help to me in my life, and inspired me on my own inward quest. Thank you so much. Here's to many many more birthdays to come!


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answered 05 Oct '10, 01:17

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Pat W

Many thanks to all who take part in this co-creation.

I've rarely become involved with online discussion groups - it just doesn't seem to suit my kind of personality.

But somehow I seem to have managed to get myself quite involved with this one ..and I've learned a surprising amount about myself in the process :)

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answered 05 Oct '10, 06:29

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Happy Birthday, and thank you to all that make this learn/teach experience possible. Namaste, Daniele

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answered 05 Oct '10, 08:24

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and a day later anniversary greeting!!! Something ageless has anniversary's not birthdays (my wife celebrates her the anniversary of her 29th birthday;) ) peace

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answered 05 Oct '10, 18:40

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Happy Birthday Inward Quest.. When I thought there was no one I could talk to about my fears, feelings, insecurities, I found you. Being anonymous is what I wanted when I started asking questions, but now I feel more secure, and just the thought that there are people out there who is not judging me and my questions, makes me want to open up and share and all these people have helped me handle my fears and inhibitions better. I am glad I found you and thanks to all those people who share there thoughts here and thanks for listening to me when I wanted someone to listen :-).

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answered 06 Oct '10, 14:22

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A little late on the birthday but I thought that this is a good place to express thanks for being part of this community and show gratitude for learning and being more peaceful and closer to "Home" every day.

Something is happening...for sure.

Not enough words to express how I feel but I shall try,

I love YOU.


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answered 05 Dec '10, 18:36

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jim 10

alt text

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answered 04 Oct '10, 23:11

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