Can anyone help me find the instructions for doing the exercise provided by Bashar known as Brick Walls.

This exercise addresses beliefs that stand in the way of a person's ability to change any beliefs that will result in him/her having the life they want in some particular area.

It's really a catch 22 in that a person will have a belief that says they are unable to change a belief. Bashar's exercise makes use of a very powerful tool in the form of a diagram to help a person begin rewiring his/her neuronets in a way that will rid himself/herself of this catch 22.

I have the diagram used in the exercise, but I haven't been able to find instructions on how to use the diagram in order to begin rewiring my neuronets and change some very stubborn beliefs.

I seem to recall some discussion about this exercise a few weeks ago being available here on Inward Quest, but I haven't been able to locate anything the past couple of times I've looked for such information here.

Please help me with any information that you may have about the instructions for this exercise called Brick Walls.

Thank you sincerely, Joe.

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By your usage of the term "Brick Walls", I guess you must be referring to the Bashar "Brick Walls And Beliefs" seminar, which is one of the most insightful works I've ever come across on the subject of understanding limiting beliefs. I once locked myself away in a quiet hotel room for a few days to get enough "isolation from humanity" to take it all in :)

The diagram mentioned in that seminar is this one:


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There is more information about that diagram if you expand the comments to this answer: Having strange clattering type experiences...can someone please diagnose?

Hope that helps.


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I posted this question sometime ago. Don't know if this is the exercise you are referring to because I never heard about it being called Brick Walls. It uses a diagram and it's about transformative shifting. You can discover beliefs with it too.

Here's the link (it contains the instructions in the question, read the comments in the question too):


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