Hello everyone,

I stumbled across this exercise more than a year ago. I did it for a couple of months as stated by Bashar, and now I'm doing a second run at it. It's interesting and pretty mysterious.


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I just wanted to get opinions from people that might have gone through it, and talk about the experience.

Here's part one of the exercise (part two should appear as a related video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DD-jZ4CXblA

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@Kriegerd This is something that I wanted to do a few months back as well, but kind of forgot about it. I'm interested to hear about your personal experience with this and anybody else who possibly tried it. Since you reminded me of this exercise with your question, I may even have to try it now while it has my conscious attention.

(15 Mar '12, 12:17) Cory

It's weird to explain. I definitely feel good doing the exercise, I find myself strangely drawn to both pictures and even though there may not be something tangible I feel like it's a powerful thing.

About a month ago my wife told me that after doing the exercise last year was the time when we "discovered" Abraham's teachings, which has been pretty significant for us. I don't know if it had anything to do with the exercise, but it was fun.

(15 Mar '12, 14:04) Kriegerd

A lot of synchronicities of along the way.

Also there has been insights about myself and my situation. Discovering beliefs or feelings that were sort of hidden. Or simply a good thought that comes to mind, a "quote of the day" kind of thing, a new perspective, etc. I found two days ago that I wasn't doing the complete thing (I wasn't journaling the synchonicities and dreams), and since that more things have been happening. It's been fun. If you do start @Cory, please share your experiences!!

(15 Mar '12, 14:08) Kriegerd

@Kriegerd can you explain how this works and what benefits it has? i don't get the idea. what makes those circles so powerful?

(30 Oct '12, 04:29) releaser99

Hello @releaser99, I have no idea how or why it works. I would say that it's probably due to the focus and the intent of the phrases. As for the benefits, I already posted on the comments above, increased synchronicities and insights about myself. I stopped doing the exercise some months ago now, but I'll probably do it again in the future.

Try it for yourself if you feel drawn to it, and please share your experience here. Best regards.

(30 Oct '12, 13:53) Kriegerd

@kriegerd thank you very much. i watched bashar explaining the benefits. he says "you will be amazed how things, people, opportunities fall into place in about 30-90 days if you do the exercise every day".

it appears very mysterious to me and therefore it scares me a little bit. but i will try it :)

(01 Nov '12, 20:03) releaser99

Here is a link to some downloadable instructions for this exercise: http://infiniteshift.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/bashar-core-beliefs.pdf

(28 Nov '12, 08:34) Stingray

@stingray- thank you.. :))

(28 Nov '12, 09:42) supergirl

Thanks for the file @Stingray! I had copied the instructions from the link I posted, but it's nice to have it either way. And the last part with the numerology and meanings is pretty cool.

(28 Nov '12, 10:25) Kriegerd

yh..@stingray.., the last part is awesome.. bt, tell me , wht if instead of just gazing .., we draw those two diagrams again n again.? cos i remember ,before joining IQ.., i practised sacred geometry (i used to draw circle, swastik , triangle daily for many times) a lot ..,just for fun ..n thn, found IQ n had many symptoms of ascension.

(28 Nov '12, 10:35) supergirl

@supergirl - I can't really answer any questions on this process. It's something I've only just got around to start looking at myself.

(30 Nov '12, 05:42) Stingray

@stingray- doesn't matter.., we l find out anyhow..,:) from some other sources..

(01 Dec '12, 02:14) supergirl

How do we use the 9 circles diagram? or are we just supposed to use the affirmation that is with it? thank you :)

(01 Dec '12, 08:46) lastplacefavourite

Check the youtube video I posted to hear Bashar explaining the exercise, or take a look at the link Stingray posted in the comments above.

(01 Dec '12, 12:03) Kriegerd

I had already done both before asking this question but I just wanted clarification on the images inside the diagram as it is not clear whether we are to just read the affirmation or study the whole diagram. Thank you for your reply Kriegerd.

(02 Dec '12, 06:11) lastplacefavourite

@Kriegerd- thanks for bringing this diagram to light, it's extremely intriguing ... i will certainly give it a go :)

(02 Dec '12, 07:04) blubird two

I did the exercises constantly for 2weeks+ then I forgot how I just forgot about it and didn't continue. But within the 2 weeks+ I felt that my dreams became a lot more vivid and I could remember them better. It was definitely due to the exercise because now I cant remember any of my dreams at all

(20 Feb '13, 07:33) kakaboo

Hi all,

i just stumbled on this exercise today and was glad that Kriegerd already started this post. Few started this experiment, but how where the individual results? Could anyone tell more about what it meant to you personally?

(09 Jul '14, 09:36) TimH
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Hello Kriegerd,

First impressions are an assemblage of harmonious symbols.

CENTER - origin of all things, source energy CIRCLE - wholeness, the complete being, mind body and soul LINE - where thought goes energy flows ; direction of energy ... drawing a line from A to B is different from drawing a line from B to A CUBE - all that is present in physical form SPIRAL - in this case it is left handed denoting an inward pathway. Chaumery and de Belizal have done a lot of research into the right hand spiral, a powerful emitter of subtle energy that when correctly orientated syntonizes with the whole spectrum of electromagnetic energy, ranging from negative green and white through to infra red and black, in a sense "lighting up" the outside world. We could say that a left handed spiral "lights up" the inner world. The spiral is stepped in cubic forms rather than being a smooth snail type shape, making downward and upward movement more controllable. It is an effective way of investigating the unconscious in a calm and systematic order ... Freud once said that the royal pathway to the unconscious is through dreams and i certainly believe that it's the case ... this method is a neat way of conducting an auto-psychoanalysis.

In practice it gives similar effects to the servranx method that consists basically of consciously exteriorising and saturating a series of graphic symbols with your own personal subtle energy. Here is a selection of the graphic symbols used with this method;

:visiblealt text:visible

  • Top left hand corner - the universal symbol of magnetism
  • 5 pointed star - perfect harmony
  • the male silhouette - generator of positive energy
  • lozenge - evolution of energies and their duality (as above so below)
  • sun - source energy
  • black disc - profound energies of the invisible
  • female silhouette - generator of negative energy
  • cube - realization in the physical world
  • bottle of water - fluid magnetic energy, accumulation of forces

It is always recommended to use symbols rather than real objects that absorb a lot of energy, symbols act as relays for the purpose with which they have been created, creating a circuit with the invisible. As Alan Steward writes in his book Down to Earth Magic, "Symbolism is all around us. We react to symbols as well as to words but there is one major difference. We react to symbols on a much more subconscious level. We don't tend to question them as much as words". There is no logical argument against a symbol ... What we send out always comes back in some form (x10) ... so it could be considered to be a method of getting more, better, faster.

The bashar transformative shifting exercise uses the same principles and is more streamlined and efficient especially in conjunction with the enneagrammatic circuit, and when applied brings profound inner transformations.

It's interesting to note that the diagram is made up of 19 circles, and servranx in their researches came to the conclusion that the number 19 is the best number from all points of view for everyone, and syntonises directly with humans and their living conditions.

have fun :)


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blubird two

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@bb2- amazingly amazing mann!!! simply superbb.. , dear,just telme hw to use these above symbols? or u hav just mentioned thm fr giving examples?

(29 Jan '13, 12:09) supergirl

yes supergirl, these symbols can be used to stimulate the qualities within you, that they represent ... to do this you project your energy into them using your thoughts, hands and eyes

(30 Jan '13, 01:07) blubird two

Do you know how many of your personal drawings made by either you or ru bis come up doing an image search for Chaumery? Pretty cool. A couple months ago I ran on to even more -- can't recall the exact words from the search... Even your personal drawings of the Servranx graphs can be found cruising the internet...

(25 Sep '13, 03:07) ele

"It is always recommended to use symbols rather than real objects that absorb a lot of energy, symbols act as relays for the purpose for which they have been created, creating a circuit with the invisible ... " thanks for the reminder blubird; I understand "real objects" means real "living" objects :)

(24 Mar '15, 11:55) jaz
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I just began this exercise on August 9 and plan to follow through for the full 90 days. Each time I've gone into the cube, I've gotten a pertinent word/s for a belief or belief system which I'm in progress of releasing. Some of the results have been: I'm now remembering a little of my dreams, which had not been the case in some months. Little synchronicities daily, which I'm faithfully journaling. On my first trip in, the first word I got, with an energy of humor, was "bubbles". OK that's fun I thought, and wrote it down. Then on 8/14 I was watching (again) Bashar's Youtube vid about the Hawaiian Islands (where I live) and his statement that they are the heart chakra of the planet. Then he said that with each heart beat, we release bubbles of energy at the speed of light. He went on to say that we are all in each other's bubbles. I take this to mean heartspace, ideally love. Wow! So I took it to mean, for me, that while releasing allow that humor, heartspace, "bubble" the old beliefs away. I'll report back on anything else really interesting and defo after 90 days (given I'm still in this version of reality). Love, MHG


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Looking forward to updates! @Mauihorsegal

(16 Aug '13, 02:43) ursixx

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(18 Sep '13, 18:43) Mauihorsegal
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I've just begun doing the daily exercise with the spiral lines and the cube. When I focused on seeing the lines as the cube that they form, I had the idea of gazing at the image to see if it would transform into a real 3D image the way an autostereogram does. When I did this, I saw the image transform into a 3D image with 3 of the circles hovering a great distance out away from the rest of the circles. Then another surprise; the next time I focused my gaze on it, the image transformed into a completely different 3D image from the first one I saw. The second 3D image that materialized had 10 of the circles hovering out away from the rest of the circles. I don't know for certain whether this has any spiritual significance but something tells me that it could likely serve as a "permission slip" for something at the very least.


answered 13 Aug '13, 03:51

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I had similar experiences when I was doing the exercise. Some circles popped out in different patterns each time. I don't remember the forms right now, but I do remember that 3 or 4 were very recurrent in the exercises.

I haven't done this in a while, I think I'll give it another go soon.

(12 Nov '13, 16:04) Kriegerd

The exercises are divided into two parts; the first uses the circles and square spiral;


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Regular practice brings a deeper understanding of personal beliefs, the final aim of which is to completely clear all blockages, harmonize the chakras thus allowing a free flow of subtle energies. It also stimulates that part of us which deals with dimensionality, thus opening the possibility to attain what is commonly known as the '5th' dimension, that is, a dimension beyond time and space.

The second part is the enneagrammatic circuit;


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In practice this acts as a kind of accelerator that strengthens the flow of subtle energy, it can be compared to the physical heart which pumps blood around the body the faster the heart pumps the greater the flow of blood - here the heart is represented by the circle with the central dot and the other symbols represent the different parts of the subtle energy body.

In short these exercises are a kind of vibrational medecine that allows us to reach our optimal natural state of being.

update 16 march 2013

Here is what i consider to be the precursor to the bashar transformative shifting method;

presented by servranx in the 1950's, it's a flower shape vibrational device with 9 petals representing the 9 vehicles of aquarian age man, it's reinforced with the 4 forces; thought, conscience, life and light and is used during meditation and assists in contacting exterior energies and deblocks energies that may exist in the subtle energy field of the operator, a photo of which is simply placed on the graph during meditation with the device orientated towards magnetic north.

alt text


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ru bis

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@ru vibrational med's ~ like that.. I can't wait to try these exercises. Thanks...

(20 Feb '13, 06:18) ele

@ru bis in short these transformative shifting exercises are designed to enable you to reach your inner being, your higher self

(10 Mar '14, 03:50) jaz
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