I know this is a strange question, but I feel like I've lost the ability to laugh from the bottom of my heart. This has been for quite a few years. I've been working on overcoming low mood and anxiety, and using the law of attraction, manifestation, raising vibrations etc and I'm so much calmer and even happier. But I just don't feel that I can raise my mood really high, to be full of fun and playfulness and be really happy and laughing. I don't know if it's because I feel old and burnt out, whether it's a physical thing related to my body often being achey and tired, or because my life is just not that exciting, love-less and without enough company. I've tried watching comedies but it seems to be an effort to bother to put them on. I feel like there is no joy in watching them on my own although I do try and when I do watch I do cheer up and laugh sometimes. Any ideas? I'm trying to live 'as if' in my life but the lack of being able to be playful and full of laughter is definitely telling me that I'm not getting there. .... oh and I tried a laughing group once, it worked for a bit but it wasn't regular and didn't feel very comfortable fake laughing in front of others!

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Inner Beauty

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I wish I had answer for you,Inner Beauty.I have been unable to have a good old belly laugh for years as well,a chuckle here and there but thats about it.Curious to see what answers you get...love and light...

(29 Mar '14, 15:53) Roy

You tried a laughing group once? What is a laughing group? Friends watching funny movies or to go to watch a comedian with?

(02 Apr '14, 02:58) Wade Casaldi

I thought the laughing babies were funny till I saw this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MxcUlJZlp8

(02 Apr '14, 09:26) i4cim2b

OMG! That must have been scary for the parents!

(02 Apr '14, 16:44) Inner Beauty

@wade Here is an example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vy4WynRQptE#t=36

BTW - I didn't chose to go someone invited me! :-)

(02 Apr '14, 16:47) Inner Beauty
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How interesting. About a week ago, I was asking that same question. I decided to explore the issue, came up with some questions and began taking a serious look at how to stop being serious. I decided to start by considering my lack of laugh from a psychological perspective first :)

Was there some buried trauma from the past that caused me to unconsciously cut off all sense of humor? I had resolved all the broken hearted miseries, having realized I was simply being asked to pay my tab for all the free sex I had received. Am I suggesting that God is some kind of ****? :) No...Well maybe. He is what he is. He doesn't Judge me, I will not judge him or her, whatever. Going further back to my childhood trauma after the flood of '64 and watching my teddy bear waving goodbye from where he was strapped to the back of a garbage truck. :( The following summer is when I began my lifelong hobby of rescuing and repairing toy from the neighborhood trashcans. I realize now how Law of attraction was working back then and still does today. In addition to kid's stuff, there are bikes, furniture, and lots of appliances. My vortex is loaded with an unending supply of televisions, microwaves, coffee makers, and an unreal supply of vacuum cleaners and George Forman Grills. :) It seems like wherever I go, wormholes jump from Dumpster to Dumpster depositing my manifestations for me to retrieve. With some cleaning and minor fixes, Craigslist and a couple trips to the flea market each month, I can cover my cost of living and occasionally follow my excitement to a nearby casino, which on a good day can get quite exciting.;)

My conclusion is that my laugh less life is not due to psychological reasons. Could it be due to the current sociological conditions? Was I exposed to an overdose of unfunny media, depressed people, pessimists with anger issues, and gloom and doom conspiracy theorists with their twisted logic. :( They think that to solve these problems, they need to inform the masses, convince them the threat is real, while spreading fear and hopelessness, all with the assumption that if you fill people with lots of fear they will have a reaction that transforms fear into courage. If you can get past the encryption, you can read the theory on this in that book "The Power of Paranoia" by what's his name. The guy who killed himself rather than be forced by aliens to reveal the names of everyone he ever mentioned the word "illuminati" to. :) My conclusion. Exposure to society and its social contructs both live and virtual puts you at 100% certainty that your laugh abilities will decline just like your hearing and vision. So rest assured, it is none of those things you mentioned. Really, "It's not your fault", Moreover. It was encouraging to learn that 100% recovery is very likely to occur under the right circumstances and exercises to revitalize and strengthen your sense of humor. I am beginning to see slight improvements. You probably did not recognize my rather poor attempt to exercise my S.O.H. during this reply, but even if you teeny tiny smiled one time, I can say I am making progress. :) Here is my plan for learning to laugh more often.

I have come to accept, embrace, and appreciate my somewhat stoic personality. This is a personal preference to refrain from overt displays of emotion. It is not that I repress or try to hide my emotions. I allow myself to choose and control how they are expressed. Laughter in my opinion is an attribute of the heart and is expressed very differently by each individual. For me a chuckle appears as a slight smile,:) quiet laughter reveals a distinct smile.:)) Laugh out load is where teeth start to appear.:O) My last question to ask myself was if I was still able to hear myself laugh. Laughter is a response to something you perceive to be funny. Think of everything hinders, interferes or other wise prevents you from the freedom to laugh as the enemy in your battle for laughter. You will need to fortify a defensive position and arm yourself will everything available for a full on attack. Your defensive armor and barricades are in put in place when you are shielded from any and all things unfunny. This includes news media and any cynical friends and relatives, and everything in your life that is of a serious nature. If you are dealing with some serious issue, schedule the time when you need to get serious with it. If you are not dealing with it at this moment, put it on the shelf and make fun of it or forget about it. I can find a way to ridicule anything in my life by imagining myself as a ghost. To summarize: As much as you are able, shield your self from that which is not funny and where that's not possible try to find something funny about it. You may even want to consider allying yourself with a young kitten, as they can be ferociously funny during every waking moment. To attack the issue head on:

Anything with funny potential no mater how much or how little or how long it can last. Long movies are generally not too helpful until after the battle is won and they can be used to help as a maintenance tool. Until you get to a place you feel good about, try to get large daily doses of fast blast funny. Google and bookmark "comedy radio online" find a station you like. They run 24/7. Listen loud or barely heard for direct or subconscious effects. I will leave you with a link that I found impossible to not laugh out loud!



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thanks @i4cim2b - especially for the video - definitely made me smile!!! :-) I'm going to try listening to the comedy radio online.

(01 Apr '14, 15:07) Inner Beauty

oh and if only laughing was as easy as it is for this baby!!!! :-)

(01 Apr '14, 15:08) Inner Beauty

If you go to that actual you tube page as I thought the link was supposed to, this vid was just the first of a set of 50 continuous play videos. they're all quite funny. I think the older we get we build up a tolerance to what we find funny, just as people build a tolerance to drugs. It's not so much losing our ablity to laugh as it is the need for bigger and better doses of humor.

(01 Apr '14, 15:57) i4cim2b

Here's a couple links to website to make it easier to find an watch movies online. once they start you generally will need to pause them for 10-15 mins. to let them buffer far enough into the movie. Then they stream without interuption: http://www.watchfreemovies.ch/ (any of the players are good) and http://www.free-tv-video-online.me/movies/ (180 upload or videoweed work best).

(01 Apr '14, 15:59) i4cim2b

And finally, for a life changing perspective and cure all remedy download the free pdf version of "Destiny of Souls" here:http://www.google.com/webhp?nord=1#nord=1&q=destiny+of+souls+pdf

(01 Apr '14, 16:03) i4cim2b

@Inner Beauty-remember when you were very happy and laughing out of control.feel that situation n merge in that.try it.

(02 Apr '14, 01:29) Zee
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they sure like grabbing the papers out of the printers!

(08 Apr '14, 16:48) Inner Beauty

perhaps there is a part of
you that senses what is not
consciously believed in
and it is not laughter


answered 08 Apr '14, 15:27

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yes, Fred - probably true.

(08 Apr '14, 16:49) Inner Beauty
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