Whatever running in background of my mind, it is the real time experience in outer world.

People want different resources for living. And I want to be one the source by which all sources will reach to them (I Don't know how). Keeping this in mind, If I attend the interview, after all twists and turns they disqualify (I had a sense like they want me to go somewhere great place to get great job).

However I can't alter the thought that I want the best job, though not knowing the procedure or process how to get it. Being Commerce Graduate what best profession I can have. There are few limited companies where I'm being rejected. Everything is clear and everything is confused in my way.

My interest is to be film director in Tollywood (Andhra pradesh, India). But initially to being a part of the industry I've to meet a person who belongs to that industry. Celebrities are no where in reach of common persons except on screens or in books. Read so many articles on google the qualities needed for a director and I'm ok with all of it. James Cameron in Ted talks says "giving respect is one of the most powerful factor to be director".

The people with similar interest is not around me to discuss and come out of a solution. I really want to give my audition to be an actor at first.

Need suggestions that directly help me to get into the industry. Please....my heart is squeezing.

asked 22 Apr '14, 03:06

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IQ Moderator ♦♦

I will answer this question, but first please tell me more about why you want to be part of the film industry.

(22 Apr '14, 12:32) lozenge123

I wanted the life to be new and fresh every day with new expression all the time. The new expression and thoughts which I enjoy within myself I want it to be shared and enjoyed by all the people. That gives me a feeling of living the life to the large extent. I love to be living the life this way instead of regular confused life. I enjoy the films a lot because every film has its own style in expressing. As I'm deeply connected with human emotions. So I wanted to be the part of that industry.

(23 Apr '14, 02:16) PERFECT GOOD

@lozenge123 please.......

(23 Apr '14, 02:17) PERFECT GOOD

To impress lozenge123, I have a story.

There are two tress 1) an Apple & 2)The Orange. Apple tree like that people having its fruits so deliciously. It also observe they are other people who's interest is to have oranges than apples.

(23 Apr '14, 05:15) PERFECT GOOD

The Apple tree worshiped god and earned a boon to bear oranges. After Apple tree bearing oranges. Apple tree have seen that oranges are increasing in number, falling down and becoming waste. Apple tree oranges are of no use. The people who like to have oranges, they go to Orange tree and have oranges. Nobody use to come to Apple tree to have oranges.

(23 Apr '14, 05:15) PERFECT GOOD

Apple tree understood the people who like apples are no more coming to her and who likes oranges are even are coming to her.

(23 Apr '14, 05:16) PERFECT GOOD

After passing some time, the Apple tree realizes that "Im good when people eating apples., but why would I thought to bear oranges. By not appreciating my own nature. I have earned suffering by my own".

(23 Apr '14, 05:16) PERFECT GOOD

So the Apple tree decided to bear apples again and started worshiping to god. Soon after the apples grown; People started coming to her and eating apples. She felt so happy and never forgot to appreciate herself entire her life. No suffering ever-after.

(23 Apr '14, 05:16) PERFECT GOOD

I've just read the story and found few typo errors. Hope that does't take away the concept and meaning I want to convey. Sorry...

(23 Apr '14, 09:23) PERFECT GOOD

@lozenge123 comments please...

(24 Apr '14, 10:39) PERFECT GOOD

@PERFECT GOOD So the story is we must learn to adapt. If we don't adapt we fall right back into our old ways. Those people were not willing to adapt to the change and so it forced the apple tree back to its old ways.

We must except the change we see people make or if we don't, they feel like, "What was the point of even trying, no one believes I changed." Next that person goes back to his old ways like the apple tree did.

(24 Apr '14, 21:56) Wade Casaldi

If Change is lead to increase the perceptional level, it is appreciated.

(25 Apr '14, 00:59) PERFECT GOOD

Creative Industry that's awesome.

(02 May '14, 09:56) PERFECT GOOD
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But initially to being a part of the industry I've to meet a person who belongs to that industry.

If you believe that knowing people in the industry is a prerequisite, or at least a big help, in being a film director, then I suggest that you honor that belief by signing up for a free account on LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/), and join the following groups:

TOLLYWOOD - Promote interaction among people around the globe interested in the Tamil Film Industry - 191 members

Telugu film Industry (TFI) - 44 members

BOLLYWOOD - Promote ineraction among those involved in all India. - 1,018 members

After this, congratulations, you now know people in the industry.

However, in the interest of attaining your desire, I strongly suggest that you reconsider any limiting beliefs that presume that your power "lies without," i.e., that you need what others "in the industry" have in order to be a director...such as:

Celebrities are no where in reach of common persons except on screens or in books.

It's one of the greatest myths that success in the film industry depends on "who you know."

It's the other way around.

Once you yourself start doing great work...the "others" such as producers, financiers, and celebrities...will want to get to know you. And work with you.

In order to test this principle, simply watch the first films of the most "successful" directors and count how many celebrities you can spot:


You can also read the words of the filmmakers themselves, some of whom I've already quoted here:


And since I know you respect James Cameron, let's look at what he says:

A lot of people ask me, you know, "What's the best advice to someone who wants to be a director?" And the answer I give is very simple. "Be a director." Pick up a camera. Shoot something. No matter how small, no matter how cheesy, no matter whether your friends and your sister star in it. Put your name on it as director. Now you're a director. Everything after that you're just negotiating your budget and your fee. So it's a state of mind is really the point, once you commit yourself to do it.

alt text

The video of this entire interview, along with a lot of other great material, is at http://www.achievement.org/autodoc/page/cam0int-3

You can modify your limiting beliefs regarding what you think or feel "is necessary to succeed" by using a variety of methods; this one has been my personal favorite.

I would suggest one more thing. Stingray has previously suggested cultivating a feeling of "invincibility" in life. With regard to a career in the film industry, I would advise cultivating a feeling of "unstoppability." If you read about the careers of the various great filmmakers, you will find that they all seem to follow this paradigm. No matter what happened, they just could not be stopped. For instance, Steven Spielberg was rejected from the same film school (USC) three times. Nevertheless, he continued to follow his desire, and ended up sneaking onto a Hollywood backlot where he masqueraded as an employee and set up his own fake office, eventually landing his first director's gig. If you survey the early careers of other great filmmakers, you will find that the stories (and tactics) are all different, but the mentality is the same.

So keep going with this law-of-attraction stuff. Use the manifesting processes on this site. Neutralize any limiting beliefs you might have. And become unstoppable.

alt text


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Sure. Thank you.

(25 Apr '14, 00:48) PERFECT GOOD

Hi! @lozenge123 "success in the film industry depends on "who you know."" Thanks for this point.

(05 May '14, 05:20) PERFECT GOOD

@PERFECT GOOD - I intended the exact opposite meaning of the quote you posted. Let me clarify:

"Success in the film industry depends on doing or being exactly whatever you think is necessary in order to have success."

In other words, if you believe that your success depends upon knowing celebrities, or people who work in the business, then you will have to get to know them in order to achieve success...

(05 May '14, 15:10) lozenge123

But if you believe that very little is necessary to attain success, if you believe that success comes easy, and that there are no hurdles or obstacles to overcome, nothing that "must" be done, than success must come swiftly and easy to you.

I myself tried the first route...for many years I sought "success" in the entertainment industry by seeking power in sources other than myself...in producers...big companies...rich financiers...celebrities...you name it.

(05 May '14, 15:13) lozenge123

But in my experience, belief that power lies outside of yourself creates a sort of feedback loop...which continuously places you in exactly those sorts of situations, where you are still seeking "success" or "power" or "opportunity" in another individual, company, or entity.

Although this approach may work for some (typically after many, many years of struggle) it is far more time-efficient, labor-efficient, and downright economical to simply neutralize or modify your existing beliefs...

(05 May '14, 15:16) lozenge123

...about what you believe is necessary to achieve success.

In other words, change your beliefs into something like these:

It is easy to succeed in the film industry.

All the resources I need to attain success are within me.

I can always make a film or write a script on my own, even if I don't have a lot of money.

People float to the top of the industry all the time. Success can come suddenly and immediately.

If I create good work, others in the film industry will want to work with me.

(05 May '14, 15:22) lozenge123

And even if my work is mediocre, success can still come easily...because plenty of bad movies are made and somehow the people who make them are getting the means to do it.

All I have to do is focus and hold an intent, believe in myself, believe that my success is inevitable, and hold to this positive vibration as much as is possible.

As James Cameron says, "It's all a state of mind." I can be a director right now...today. "Everything after that I'm just negotiating my budget and my fee."

(05 May '14, 15:25) lozenge123

@lozenge123 I will keep that in mind. Thanks you; smile.

(06 May '14, 05:54) PERFECT GOOD

@Perfect good - You're welcome. Anytime.

(06 May '14, 23:53) lozenge123
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This is very interesting right now I have been getting into films a lot.

I am filming my best talents, not my guitar but my karate. But that could be a future project.

I am making instructional videos, I am just trying to make them good enough quality to make demos to send to Turtel Press. If that works maybe they will film me professional so I can have a DVD collection to sell of my teaching.

The way I am doing it is filming my talents myself or with the help of Jaianniah.

I need them good enough to send into a publisher to judge to see if he or she wants me.

Keep your dreams up and go for it even if you have to start by filming yourself first.

You can start off small. This beautiful video would not be as beautiful, if it did not have a good director. You could make short stories on YouTube and build from there, you would have a portfolio of films you could show as your work to qualify you for bigger jobs of directing.

This film is an example of starting small but you will see even something small on stage can have so much meaning and impact with a good director and actors.



answered 22 Apr '14, 11:06

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Wade Casaldi

edited 26 Apr '14, 11:50


@Wade Casaldi, All the best for your future project. And I'll plan to construct my talent and prepare a video. Thank you.

(23 Apr '14, 01:25) PERFECT GOOD

yes @Wade years of karate training using codified systems of combat practices for self defense, physical, mental and spiritual health and development also automatically opens and strengthens the subtle energy channels

(23 Apr '14, 03:05) jaz

Wow it so earnestly inspiring video. Thank ...

(27 Apr '14, 04:40) PERFECT GOOD
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Hello PERFECT GOOD, this question is all about how to manifest a particular desire in this case be a film director in the Tèlugu film industry.

The brain is naturally dual and has both positive and negative sides and that's the why thoughts always contain opposites. In other words when you think of being a "film director" you are also creating at the same time the opposite a kind of "non film director" and both are equally valid. Thought is creative and you can manifest in this way.

However the heart is much more primal and in direct contact with the whole of nature and vibrates in unison with it, so creating from the heart is a much more holistic (whole-istic) way of doing and is always in perfect harmony, it is Creation.

Creating with the brain brings limited success, creating from the heart brings unlimited success.


Personally i enjoy using physical supports for expansion and development of whatever interests me, they are efficient and easy to use, here is an example;

To manifest your desire to a film director place a short written text of your wish on the center of the "N°14 sélecteur psychologique" graph

alt text

on top of this text place a characteristic pattern of yourself e.g. a photo, then place the graph in line with magnetic north, in this way you're aligning perfectly your entire vibrational being and your desire, with the vibrations of the earth and the whole of nature. Keep an open mind and leave the whole assembly in place until your desire becomes real . The time that it takes for the realization of your desire is variable depending on where you are on your journey, little by little you will notice that things change in your environment and take a different direction.


answered 22 Apr '14, 04:26

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The physical world has created some rules to enjoy the liberty. I want to know the procedure and process to get connected with directors and so that they enjoy my presence by helping them in various sectors.

(22 Apr '14, 05:04) PERFECT GOOD

Jaz ; Thanks for being a part of my question. Love you.

(22 Apr '14, 05:15) PERFECT GOOD

Perfect Good, you don't need to try to be a film director because you are one now. In your vortex, you're a fantastically successful film director Just keep telling yourself that until you believe it and then the Universe will have to thrust you into situations where this will happen for you. :)

(22 Apr '14, 08:03) Yes

" you're a fantastically successful film director ". I'll affirm it. Thank you.

(23 Apr '14, 02:26) PERFECT GOOD
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