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I was thinking the other day that newcomers to this website might be confused by the different Manifesting Experiments so far, thinking that each successive one is somehow better than the last.

Each experiment is actually independent of the others and each one has different occasions when it is most effectively used.

I thought it would be helpful to summarize here when those different occasions are. I'll more to this list, or amend it, as more ideas occur to me. Feel free to add further comments/answers based upon your own experiences and I'll fit them in, if it is appropriate.

Hope you find this summary useful.

Click on any of the underlined titles to go straight to the relevant experiment

Manifesting Experiment 1 - The 'Manifesting Box' Method

One line summary of the method:

  • Write down what you want on a piece of paper, put it in a box and forget about it

When to use it:

  • You have no idea where to start with what you want, and you are not even sure what you really want
  • You really don't feel like taking any physical action at all towards what you want but you still want something to be happening towards it
  • You know what you want but you have no idea at all how to get it
  • You just want to be the architect or visionary for your life while leaving the doing to "someone else"
  • You have supreme confidence in the power of Universal Forces to bring you whatever you want at the time you want it, and you just want a simple, easy way to clarify exactly what you want to them
  • Your life circumstances are just too busy or chaotic to work on what you want in any way but you still want to make progress towards it

When NOT to use it:

  • You are under pressure to meet a deadline
  • You have a specific plan of action that you believe needs to be done in order to reach your goal and you feel like you need to get something done now
  • These ideas regarding The Law of Attraction seem a bit ridiculous to you and you just cannot allow yourself to believe that anything can come to you without putting in a lot of physical effort
  • You cannot let go of thinking about what you want because you feel you need it or you are worried about it

Manifesting Experiment 2 - The 'Focus Blocks' Method

One line summary of the method:

  • Go through your everyday life noting down things that don't make you feel good, and later systematically think better thoughts about each one

When to use it:

  • There are alot of things bothering you in your life to the point that you just don't know where to begin, and you want a way of vibrationally "cleaning-up" all of them
  • You know that you are standing in the way of allowing what you want to come to you, and you want a method for "getting out of your own way"
  • You already understand and have experience with Abraham's Focus Wheels and would like to use them even more effectively and systematically
  • You want a systematic approach for entering the Vortex
  • You already know at a deep level that feeling good is all you need to do to have everything you want in life to come to you at the most appropriate time

When NOT to use it:

  • You don't believe that feeling better will have any effect on what manifests in your life
  • You just cannot understand how Focus Wheels work
  • The method all seems a bit vague and wishy-washy to you

Manifesting Experiment 3 - The 'Vibrational Goal-Getting' Method

One line summary of the method:

  • Develop an overall plan of action for reaching your goal, work towards it a little bit everyday and make it easy to feel like you are making progress

When to use it:

  • You are so overwhelmed by all the different things you want/need to do in your life that you just can't seem to get started on any of them
  • You firmly believe that you must take systematic steady action to reach your goals but you are just finding it hard to do that (for whatever reason)
  • The idea of goal-setting appeals to you but you just cannot seem to make it work
  • You cannot bring yourself to believe in all this Law of Attraction / Manifesting stuff but you still want an easy way to measure your daily progress towards your goals, and keep yourself inspired/motivated towards them

When NOT to use it:

  • You are not even prepared to take a tiny bit of physical action daily towards what you want (for whatever reason)
  • You don't believe there is any step-by-step plan of action for reaching what you want
  • You don't believe you can actually get what you want
  • Your daily life is not stable or predictable enough to even manage a consistent bit of physical action daily

Manifesting Experiment 4 - The 'Resistance Release' Method

One line summary of the method:

  • Step-by-step, identify what's in the way of what you want and clear it all out

When to use it:

  • You have no idea at all what's stopping you getting what you want
  • You keep trying to manifest something you want but you just don't seem to be getting anywhere
  • You want to clean up some troubling emotional issue in your life
  • You have some kind of a problem in your life and you don't know what within you has attracted it
  • Your Focus Blocks don't seem to "stick" after you have moved them into better feeling places
  • You want to make sure that your vibrational requests (Manifesting Experiment 1 - The Manifesting Box) come about as fast and reliably as possible. (Do this process if you feel any negative emotions in relation to a request you are writing and don't finish writing the request until you've cleared up everything that might be in the way of it)
  • You want to enhance and supercharge some other emotional change process you know

When NOT to use it:

  • You don't feel ready for a permanent change in your life yet
  • You don't like the idea that you are responsible for everything that happens to you, and you are not prepared to allow yourself to discover what limiting beliefs you are holding that are causing your discomfort
  • You are too busy (or are unable) to spare 30 minutes to go somewhere quiet and remold your thoughts and feelings permanently
  • You are not prepared to accept that, while your life transforms around you, there is a risk that things might get worse for a short while before they become permanently better

Manifesting Experiment 5 - The 'Daily Vibrational Tune-Up' Method

( Still testing and improving, but highly effective so far )

One line summary of the method:

  • Clear your mind everyday systematically and clean up the "core" vibrations of anything that doesn't feel good

When to use it:

  • You lead a busy lifestyle and you just want to smoothly integrate your vibrational work into it
  • You want to get the most "return" for your time investment in feeling better
  • You would like your life to take care of itself on "auto-pilot" for a minimal time investment everyday
  • You want a systematic method for Vortex alignment everyday

When NOT to use it:

  • Same as for Manifesting Experiment 4 above

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Hello stingray, this site doesnt seem to have a PM function so I figured I would ask for your permission here: is it ok if I post some of your stuff somewhere else on another site or something(your experiments or some of your insights), as long as I link them back to inwardquest and give credits to you?

(18 Oct '10, 13:42) kakaboo

@Kakaboo - Yes, sure. No problem. I'm not too bothered about taking credit but it would be nice to have more links coming to this website because I think it has the potential to help a lot of people

(18 Oct '10, 19:03) Stingray

Hi I have a question. Which manifesting method would be the best for me if I wanted to gain muscle or change a part of my body? Would it be #4?

(20 Jan '13, 13:11) Evolutionary High

@Evolutionary High - I can't really tell you. It depends what you currently believe about how to get what you want and how resistant you are to getting what you want. At one extreme, if you have no idea how to get started then making a request (ME-1) might be a good starting point. At the other extreme, if you believe you must take physical action and you already know what those actions are then ME-3 might be a good starting point. There's no right or wrong. Use whatever feels right, if any

(20 Jan '13, 13:29) Stingray

@Stingray - I love your work and your processes. I have a question regarding them: Can I use them in my business with clients? Is this okay for you or am I getting into copyright troubles if I use them to my advantage? :)

(16 Jan '17, 05:57) spacemetalfantasy

@spacemetalfantasy - It's a bit tricky copyrighting Universal Principles. I still haven't figured out which planet to send the legal forms to :) I tend to like Abraham's approach to copyright...which is basically use whatever you want in whatever way you want but just don't hide where it comes from, so that anyone can find out more for themselves, if they wish to.

(16 Jan '17, 07:09) Stingray
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Thanks for posting this Stingray. I think it's very useful to have a summary or abbreviation of all three processes in one place - both for oldies & newbies alike.

It's a great point of reference for those to look and decide which process would be most advantageous at the moment, and once that is decided they can look at it in more depth through the link - rather than maybe reading through the indepth versions of all three and being a little confused as to which one to use.


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Yes Stingray,thanks a lot for posting this!!!..:)


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I'm glad you posted these. Great work. Time to put them to the already-know-they're-gonna-work test. :)


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