I was reading about people explaining the Vortex and how they enter it on daily basis. They explain it as a state of complete freedom, joy, ecstasy, a state where you can feel the energy flowing through you, being completely in the Now moment, things line up perfectly for you, etc etc.... If that's true and you enter it daily, you guys are superbeings in comparison to me!

If my brain still serves me, I can remember only 2 or 3 times feeling like that in the last 365 days or more! And many more times I felt similary but for a short period of time. All this time I thought that feeling good is enough and that that actually means being in the Vortex...

So I would say I am generaly feeling good but I'm not entering the Vortex often it seems because I can exactly remember how I felt those 2 times. It was beautiful. Perfect. All things seemed so easy, I was sooo happy, laughing at every little thing, full of energy, even experiencing "little" manifestations. It was like I was on a drug of some kind :) So I felt exactly as described by you, guys.

I want to get in all the time, too ! I feel better after doing things I love(Abraham/Bashar recordings, music,..) and sometimes I can feel I am near the Vortex but I don't enter it. Maybe it's bacause I have a belief that entering the Vortex is hard and needs a lot of work? Maybe I somehow sabotage myself when I'm near it and don't get in?

What are your thoughts?

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It was beautiful. Perfect. All things seemed so easy, I was sooo happy, laughing at every little thing, full of energy, even experiencing "little" manifestations. It was like I was on a drug of some kind :)

Yes, that's a lovely description of true Vortex alignment.

I think some people mistakenly think the Vortex is just a calm, peaceful, pleasant place but that's not really it. The Vortex is a joyful, passionate, ecstatic place where you almost want to punch the air because you are so happy :)


In my view, here is the key to your question...

And many more times I felt similarly but for a short period of time

The only real way I know of to make it easy to stay in Vortex alignment as long as possible is to make it a habit to be there.

Like with all habits, in the period before the habit becomes, err, habitual, you go through a pretty tough time with it. It's as though everyday you must force yourself into the habitual behaviour you want. And, some days, it can feel like you are never going to get there.

Then after some period of time of daily repeated behaviour (traditionally stated to be between 21 to 30 days), something seems to "click" within you and the habit becomes effortless...and now it seems so easy to do that you wonder why anyone else has any problem doing it :)


I think you might be observing that phenomenon in others that you consider to be "superbeings in comparison to me". They are just people who have established that daily Vortex alignment habit, that's all. And once Vortex alignment is a habit, it's easy to return to that Vortex-aligned place because that's your default habitual place to be. It's difficult not to be there :)

And, if you think about it, this idea means that you are only 21-30 days away from becoming a "superbeing" yourself :) ...because that's how long it will take you to establish that habit.

And so, coming back to your key statement....

And many more times I felt similarly but for a short period of time

...the easiest way to make this habit stick is to find a time daily when you know you are going to touch the Vortex and then "milk" that period of time as much as possible so you stay in that Vortex-aligned feeling as long as you can.

In some recent recordings, Abraham have been pushing a nice simple, easy method to achieve this.

The method is based on the idea that for a short period of time after waking, everyone is in Vortex alignment. Once the conscious mind kicks in properly (i.e. you fully wake up), you may then end up reverting to established negative behaviour patterns that drag you out of the Vortex again but, nevertheless, there is still that small window of Vortex opportunity to exploit daily.

So the method is simply this...

  1. Immediately upon awakening, acknowledge the good feeling place you are in...even if it initially lasts for just a few seconds.

  2. Every day, try to make that feeling last a bit longer by consciously focusing upon it ("milking it").

  3. Do this for 30 days in a row.

Hope that gets you started on the road to super-being-ness :)


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@Stingray - Abraham often say that everyone is in the Vortex many times each day, it's just that we're doing it unintentionally and for very short periods of time, in response to things we're observing, so we don't notice. Do you think I'm misunderstanding that? I guess I've thought of the "in-the-Vortex" thing they're talking about more as... oh, when someone who is maybe habitually ornery is driving, and gets into the flow, and relaxes, and slips into higher vibrations for a while. Thoughts?

(14 Mar '14, 12:57) corduroypower

@corduroypower - Yes, Abraham do say something along those lines and the issue is the "so we don't notice" part. We are all manifesting perfectly all the time. You can't stop yourself but unless we notice it consciously, we seem (in our physical bodies) not to be prepared to accept that it happens at all. Same with Vortex alignment. What most people are chasing is conscious Vortex alignment so that tends to require a conscious application of thought otherwise we don't accept it

(15 Mar '14, 08:36) Stingray

Bashar states that we're in a brand new reality with every breath we take and that helps me to align. It can be 'Oh I feel a negative emotion, take a breath.. there I go I'm in a brand new reality now so I can start all over again forget that doubt, that's instantly gone so I can just align with feeling great now'. You can extend the short periods of alignment to longer and longer periods if you can observe your emotions moment to moment. It's another good way of being present in the now too. :)

(15 Mar '14, 20:06) Yes

@Marin This technique is easier if you consciously go to sleep with good feeling thoughts - I think Esther Hicks appreciates her pillow or something else that doesn't have much resistance. When you wake up, you find yourself where you last left yourself (vibrationally speaking) so you can then "milk" that good feeling (carried over from the last good feeling thoughts from yesterday) as Stingray says.

(19 Mar '14, 11:53) Catherine

Is it really necessary to be in the Vortex for things to flow and for desired manifestations to occur? Or is being in a calm state of knowing and expecting enough ?

(30 Mar '14, 05:24) Marin

Marin, just get yourself in the vortex and the vortex will take care of everything for you. Once you're in you won't want to swap the feeling of the vortex for the 'stuff', the feeling is too fantastic! So, once you're in it doesn't matter either way. Things can unfold very quickly or slightly slower. But, it won't matter to you when those things happen because you will feel so so good regardless. :) :)

(02 Apr '14, 12:48) Yes

I am going to try this. I have been observing the thoughts upon waking up (as if they are remnants of the dream consciousness), they seem so true and clear. It's like the thought to start your day, the answer to the question you haven't even had a chance to ask (like how to deal with life today). Today for the first time in a while I've woken up with that feeling of peace and it lasted, for I've taken the thought (To give up) that emerged from my sleep state and didn't let it go, and applied it

(12 Aug '16, 08:32) einsof

@Catherine I agree, when going to bed feeling peaceful, the peaceful feeling is temporarily there, before my habits of worry promptly kick in. I find that the worries subside after beating yourself on the head with the truth.

(12 Aug '16, 09:00) einsof
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Excellent answer @Stingray. Just to expand on this a bit, Martin Boroson talked about this in a one-moment meditation lesson.

I want you to consider the first moment you wake up in the morning- the very first moment you wake in the morning.

Most of the time, when you wake up in the morning, in that very first moment, you are open and innocent-a blank state, as if during the night you had completely forgotten about yourself and returned to a place of pure possibility.

And then, in the next moment, you remember, it all comes flooding in. You remember all your hopes and fears, stresses and strains and you remember the day ahead of you. In other words, your innocent soul puts on a body that's worn down by time and experience and that feeling of pure possibility is gone. So you face the day, not with an open mind, but with a host of expectations based on your expectations, even though you can't possibly know what will happen.

But what if you could stop yourself from putting on that set of creaky old set of expectations? What if you could live from that attitude of innocence- an attitude of "no attitude"- all throughout the day?

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Being in the Vortex is easy; it is when we resist and step outside the Vortex that is difficult. We are all constantly shifting outside and back into our Vortex every day. Esther Hicks is, Darryl Anka is -- all of us are. To understand the preferred vibration of the Vortex we must step outside of it. It is important to be aware of how one FEELS in any given moment; this is the clear indication of whether one is in one's Vortex or outside it. We cannot experience love without experiencing hate. We cannot experience pleasure without experiencing pain. We cannot experience order without experiencing chaos.

Ultimately, we cannot experience Oneness without experiencing disconnection from Oneness.

The biggest challenge is that we are in a co-creational reality, filled with all sorts of different energies and consciousnesses that are not necessarily our own, but which we are all connected to and have access to. Through the Law of Free Will we are challenged by the presence of all these different energies and consciousnesses and are faced with the choice to gravitate towards these energies and consciousnesses or not. Through the Law of Attraction, when we allow ourselves to gravitate towards a particular energy or consciousness, we move into the vibrational frequency of such. When we are in a particular vibrational frequency we attract experiences, 'reality', etc. OF that vibrational frequency.

Often, being OUTSIDE one's Vortex is the best way of recognising what one's Vortex is, and the preferred state one wishes to be in. Be aware of your feelings at any given moment. Reflect on those feelings afterwards. Be objective and visualise the energy you gravitated to, emitted and shaped your then NOW moment.

The thoughts of Human Beings are second to none in this Universal construct. We carry within our energy signatures Universes far more vast than the one we are currently incarnating into.


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@Stingray mentioned habit creation above.

I'm fascinated with this topic and I believe it's the key to being happy (and extraordinary manifestations) long-term.

When we don't create habits, we'll usually only try to get into the Vortex when we are in pain (i.e. something very unwanted happens in life). But once the pain lessens, we'll slide back until something very unwanted manifests again. And this cycle can go on and on and on...without ever having lasting success.

But once we create habits, we no longer depend on unwanted things to get into the Vortex. We do it automatically...and easily. We become pro-active instead of being re-active to circumstances.

However, there seems to be a price to pay for successful habit creation. Meaning there will be inner resistance to habit change in the process. And here is what challenges to expect in the period of 21-30 days. (I've first learned this from a Marketer called Eben Pagan)

alt text

Phase I is the first ten days

This period of time is very difficult. It's like launching a rocket. Almost all of the rocket's fuel is needed to break free of the gravitational pull aka old habits. One burns a lot of will power in this phase.

Phase II consists of days eleven through twenty

Even though there is no gravitational pull and this phase is much easier than Phase I, one can still feel active resistance and old thinking patterns that are still trying to survive.

Phase III - Acclimatization to new habits

One gets used to the new habit. It becomes magnetic and automatic. One feels naturally drawn to the new habit.

So the "defying gravity" part is very challenging indeed. However it's not impossible to do a 10 minute routine daily for 30 days in a row.


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your belief says your not in the vortex enough and your reality keeps reflecting that.

Lack attracts Lack and Gratitude attracts Gratitude.

Be thankful for the times you were there instead and imagine being there NOW and feeling that energy state.


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