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So how was the year 2014? Did you have a good or a not-so-good year?

My year was pretty good altogether. I grew a lot spiritually and learned much about myself and the world around me.

The beginning for the year for me was still a bit depressing. 2013 had been a very hard and disappointing year for me. I felt that my whole future had been taken from me and I had nowhere to go. I started searching for answers and throughout the year 2014 I found a lot of them.

I read a lot of books, watched a lot of videomaterial on spiritual topics, went through my own belief systems and discarded what was toxic. I learned to trust my excitement more and gained a new feeling of hope for my future. On the other hand I also had a lot of different health issues. For one month I had unexplainable irregular heartbeat and palpitations, I had severe back pains and just all kinds of symptoms. Those all went away on their own, so maybe it's just my body adjusting to new energies or something like that.

2014 left me feeling "fresh" and ready for something new and better. I've heard from different channelled materials that 2015 will be a year when things will speed up in a way, manifestations will occur faster and things will be smoother for some people. Not so smooth for the negatively oriented likewise, I quess.

Anyway, how do you feel? And what would you like this year to be?

(sorry for any grammar mistakes etc. I've just been feeling really tired this whole day and I'm like 99,999% ready to go to bed.)


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A year of spiritual growth in leaps and bounds for me. Much happier. A few external changes in my life with greater alignment with my authentic self. Thank you to Inward Quest for always being there when times were difficult! For 2015, I want to be happier, share more love and get better at manifesting, exposing and changing my limiting beliefs and seeing the illusion of physical reality for what it is.


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Inner Beauty

For the world in 2015, I want greater love, unity, peace and spiritual understanding...

(13 Jan '15, 16:26) Inner Beauty

It seems like 2014 was the year for becoming balanced while 2015 is the year of making change through increasing the energy even more.


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Astrologically 2014 was an earth and water (think mud) year and 2015 is a fire year (think action) - quite a different feel - fits in with what you say above.

(22 Jan '15, 05:36) Catherine

It's funny, because I've realized that the answer to the question could go either way. I had a conversation with my wife about this before reading this question, and it was funny.

We both had a super rough 2014, more stress than ever, more emotional exhaustion than ever. I reached the highest levels of depression in my life.

But then, I read the Loving What Is by Byron Katie. Even though I had read a million times how thoughts create your reality, how thoughts are a precursor to how you feel I think I never quite understood what it meant: thoughts are not real in the sense that a thought is just a thought. I can have the saddest thought in the world and believe and react to it, or I can choose to have a happy thought, believe that and react to it. It makes a world of difference and it's one's own choice.

I also found (here at inwardQuest) the MC2 Method, and it kind of did something similar to the book I mentioned but this time with our feelings. Our feelings are just energies, we feel them in our bodies and if we are able to remove the labels and what they mean to us it's just that, a sensation in the body. This was really liberating.

(As you can see I highly recommend both).

So, 2014 even though I thought it was the worst year of my life I now can actually see that it was just a label. I actually accomplished a lot of great things and learned a lot.

For 2015, I just want to continue my path and being more in the moment.


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