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I came across an energy releasing method that is really powerful! After using the sedona method, eft, faster eft, releasing technique etc. i found that this method works smooth and easy for me. i think you could benefit from it if you give it a try. originally it is produced to conquer panic attacks, quit smoking, loose weight etc. but also the speaker talks about how to use it for the law of attraction in his audio program.

this program costs 27$ but you can access the online streams of the audio course for free. just type in "mc2free" if you are on the site.

asked 20 Sep '12, 02:11

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Is there a question here? I'd be happy to check it out, but you may want to check out the FAQ for this site. :)

(20 Sep '12, 18:49) peplumen

sorry my fault. you can delete this if it doesn't fit. nevertheless here is a question:)

anybody tried this method so far?

(20 Sep '12, 19:45) releaser99

Sorry?!?....don't ever be sorry because you are sharing information and techniques to every one here. It's encouraged!... If what you are writing is inappropriate, Barry Allen is quick to tell you so. :)

By the way, I started listening to this technique....very interesting perspective.

(20 Sep '12, 21:56) Eldavo

Have you tried Two Hands Touching and EZ Deletion Sequence? If so, how does it compare? Thanks

(18 Oct '12, 10:44) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess i tried but it didn't work for me a 100%. but i use the affirmations sometimes with the "midline method". in my experience sometimes some tools work (also eft, sedona etc.) in different stages in life and sometimes it seems to not work. maybe i will try two hand touching again in the future.

(18 Oct '12, 13:20) releaser99
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Thanks for sharing this method. I've worked my way through Part 1 and found it valuable.

I'd recommend it to anyone who might still be struggling with negative emotions in their life.

The basic idea is that rather than fight your negative emotions, you turn the tables completely and become friends with your negative emotions...they are there because they are telling you something about you and the energy that is flowing through you, and once you take the time to consciously acknowledge the message they are bringing you, they naturally dissipate by themselves.

I've found this idea to be true a number of times in my own life and, as I've emphasized many times on this site, you need to get a "taste" of what's bothering you before you can clean it up for good. (Manifesting Experiment 4 contains ideas that tie in with MC2)

So often what we fear in life is not an actual "bad" event happening but how we will feel when it does happen.

In other words, we fear having fear, and this MC2 method helps you become more accepting of your fears rather than running from them and getting stuck in avoidance behaviors.

I'll take a look at Part 2 sometime next week probably.


answered 21 Sep '12, 02:59

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thanks stingray. part 2 deals especially with the law of attraction. it is about consciously creating energies/vibrations in your body.

it is also my experience that you have to have a taste of your feelings first.

quick tip: if you can't access your feeling probably your awareness is weak so you can't feel, touch, hear and see your energies/feelings and mental thoughts in your head. then i would recommend to strengthen your awareness with daily meditation. it really helps imo.

(21 Sep '12, 06:00) releaser99

Just discovered this method from another post by @releaser99, thank you. Makes perfect sense, extremely practical. I will play around with this method and see how it works. I can totally see how one can benefit in FEELING through emotions, rather than running or attempting to escape them. Thanks again!

(08 Jan '13, 13:07) figure8shape
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