I'm aspiring to become a graphic designer and digital media artist in the future.

I'm currently enrolled in college classes and have some experience under my belt. However I would like to go beyond just producing content.

I would like to develop not only my creativity but would also like to find a way to reach higher levels of understanding and insight through my work.

In other words I would also like to turn my skill practice into a spiritual practice.

I would like to focus a little more on my skills and talent.

While it can be fun to find spiritual growth and clarity through meditation, energy healing ect... I would like to find a way to grow spiritually through art work and creativity.

I've recently put a lot of emphasis on energy healing, meditations, intention setting ect... to find answers.

I was wondering if focus and persistence with a little intention can develop greater levels of understanding and perspective on life as well. Not just my craft.

If so I would like to know how this works.

I would appreciate any ideas

Thank You

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I have also considered doing artwork that you infuse with healing energy as you create it with the intention that the artwork become healing to look at. I have considered doing artwork for a certain client and sending healing to that person as you move the pencil/brush/etc. So kind of like long distance healing, but with an image to focus your energy into. Also, if you like portraits you could create an image of that person as healed. To see the perfection in that individual.

(04 Sep '17, 17:17) Igot7
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As an artist, I have noticed that drawing/painting can be both a form of meditation and manifestation. There are those who literally create artwork with the intent of it being magick. This isn't just in the realm of Chaos Magic and Sigals. Historically many cultures have connected the creation of art with both magic and/or spirituality.

I see many paths you can take. You could do artwork about the based on what you are learning. 'Concept' is a big part of art with an artist statement you can explain the spirituality behind the choices you made in the artwork. Consider making the concept before the artwork. Think about what kind of material best gets the meaning across? Think about which colors have certain accusations. There are also a number of mediums to mix and use. Don't be limited to the traditional. For example, you could create an audio narrative with visuals to go along with it. Or you could do artwork that is so text heavy it blurs the line between book and image.

If you have a broad definition of art, you will find that art is included in all of life including the spiritual aspects. 


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Thank You. This is very inspiring.

(05 Sep '17, 11:17) TheCreativeOne
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