I have heard that we seek immortality in our accomplishments. For many people, their most important accomplishment could be raising their children. For others, it might be starting a foundation, or being a great leader, or making an important scientific discovery.

But what if your accomplishments are less profound? Perhaps you are a talented artist, and you succeeded in becoming an expert at your craft, but your accomplishments are less well known. In time, these accomplishments are forgotten except perhaps by the closest family members.

Are the accomplishments of such a person any less sacred than those of the person who becomes well-known?

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You will probably never know what you have accomplished or how you have affected mankind.

Let's say a stranger witnessed you perform a small act of kindess and that act inspired this person to go on and do great things like be a great world leader and they never told you or they just forgot because at the time it was "insignificant" but important enough to light the spark in them.

Or someone sees a painting of yours and that inspires them. Or a bit of advice you tell a coworker then they parrot it back to another and that changes someones life.

I think you see how we can and do affect the world and DO accomplish something significant in this lifetime. A lot we just don't get the credit and thats fine because that is not why we do it.

Not for the recognition but for the end result.

Now go out and accidentally change the world!

Love U



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jim 10

I like that....

(30 Nov '10, 21:03) Vesuvius

Thank you......

(30 Nov '10, 22:11) jim 10

God created all humans equal, and he gave us all different gifts, and talents. Some of us use our gifts, and talents to become rich, and famous, and some of us use our gifts, and talents in a humble way, or as a service to all mankind, asking little, or nothing in return. Regarless of the accomplishmemt, success, fame, talent, or service to the community, everyone is equally important to society, rich, and poor.

The garbage man is equally important, as the family doctor, because they are both providing a very important service to society. One is higher paid than the other, based upon their field of work, but the reality is we need them both. Every person is an important person to the human race, regarless of their accomplishment, and we do need each other, as a people; we need the great teachers, in the same way we need the ordinary labourer. In general, some of us will use our gifts, and talents to aspire to wealth, and fame, and some of us will choose to remain humble, and poor. But in essence, each person is equally, important to our world.


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I love your answer. It feels so true. Love and Light, Jaianniah

(15 Dec '09, 03:48) Jaianniah

I think the part of us that looks to leave behind some memorable accomplishment in this life comes from the ego.It is that part that is attached to this physical existence and is looking to escape the impermanence of things on this earthly plane by leaving some sort of legacy when we have returned to the spiritual realm. When we are doing something that comes from our higher self, it is to help or add to the Whole in some way and we seek no recognition or applause for those accomplishments.

Some of the most memorable people who have left this physical realm are people like Mother Teresa or Gandhi who left a profound imprint on humanity and I'm pretty sure their intention was not to seek immortality in what they accomplished but rather a genuine desire to alleviate the suffering of those in dire need.

I think it's more important to realize our full potential and live our life accordingly, than to seek accolades for our accomplishments. For each individual this will be different, but everything adds to the Whole so even those seemingly insignificant acts do in fact play a vital role. The most significant accomplishments are usually anonymous - Love needs no recognition.


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Only history can tell if someones accomplishments actually benefited mankind. The important point is that each person tries to better the world in his own way. The pursuit for perfection, whilst not attainable, certainly does improve ones life.

Some of the most profound improvements to humanity have come from some of the most humble sources. Each human life can certainly make a difference.


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