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I'm sure that i'm not the only one who knows about healing by talking to your body. I got inspired by this video from Wim Hof that talks about altering and controlling the mind and body with intention and the breath:

A lot of Richard Dott's Teachings including "it is done" and "Thoughtless manifestations and non verbal protocols" inspired some of these ideas.

Sometimes I try to get as creative as possible and I do everything I can think of to be creative and or to manifest. then I let it go and meditate/allow everything to unfold: How do I channel experience of meditation to art

I try not to overcomplicate things but when I get bored I do take action but it's usually vibrational action and action to get aligned. I set intentions before everything I do and with everything I do. I do everything I can think of to get creative (Brainstorm, Focus, energy work, allowing, a combination of switching between focus and allowing rapidly and intermittently).

I then let everything go for a while.

When I get bored I repeat this process.

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