Since everything is energy, and since energy at its core essence is love, I would think that anything could be used as a healing modality if done repeatedly.

That peaceful inner knowing and that feeling of relief is what most of us LOA followers are seeking a lot of the time.

When you work on a task until you no longer feel any resistance then that means you've grown in that area and possibly in other areas as well.

Its like fine tuning your connection with source through your crafts, hobbies and daily activities.

Repetition to me is kind of like prayer.

I love energy healing methods and they've given me a greater understanding of the energy field. How ever sometimes I get tired of looking to these methods for relief and try look to something else once in a while.

Normally looking outward for confirmation usually isn't a good idea for most people.

But since everything on the outside is a reflection of what goes in inside you would think that outward focus would have the same effect on reality creation.

I would appreciate some of your ideas.


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Yes, I believe you figured it out perfectly!

The perfect healing is to integrate everything you are- your higher being inspires you and arranges for events in your experience, your mind directs your attention, and your body nature has emotions and instincts and experiences your humanness. In Hawaiian tradition, my favorite one, the perfect integration is known as Kanaloa- one who uses his mind to direct his attention towards what his higher being inspires him to, and directs his lower nature to do it and enjoy itself.

The understanding is also that everything is a dream- your everyday life, your imagination, the kinds of dreams you can have after ingesting certain chemicals, your sleep dreams, and psychic perceptions. You can even tune into the dream of others, like your liver, and re-dream it to have a positive effect.

Likewise, the whole point of using your imagination is to have a different experience, and taking it just as seriously and considering it just as real as your day-to-day dream- all dreams are real dreams if they're relevant to you. If your present focus is not so much to your liking, you can expand your focus, and imagine to make yourself feel better, which will shift you. But you don't need to just keep on imagining for all eternity, you are physical for a reason- so if you have been brought to the perfect circumstances to act on your highest passion, well by golly it's time to focus on your circumstances. All of the talk about not focusing on circumstances is that you refocus yourself when you don't like your circumstances. But if you do like them, by all means, use them, and experience that dream! Isn't it vivid? That's why we got physical in the first place, enjoy! What you want to keep is the knowledge that if you don't like what's in front of you at any time you can imagine more and use it.

You might, however, do a little digging to make sure your resistance to your techniques is not some kind of negative belief trying to keep you from redreaming yourself- just to be sure. But if not, great! Keep whatever balance of dreaming and physicalizing (acting in your physical dream) that feels right to you at that moment!

Enjoy, rejoice in your physicalness! You certainly just inspired me to do that a little more.


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I don't understand all your energy mumbo jumbo psycho-babble. Tends to be a lot of dissociation going on when people start bringing in that word "energy" and say things like "money is energy" "love is energy." Yes, and, what is your point?

I will answer on the word repetition because that is a good place to begin.

Last year I purchased a course entitled "Developing a Military Mindset." I have mentioned elsewhere on the site that the core thesis of this product was to become more stoic and psychologically tough by embracing with, and processing pain in life. By being able to be willing to deal with psychological discomfort, the individual becomes very powerful, very quickly. I will expand on this point later.

There were 12 principals given on the course to enhance mental toughness.

Principal number four was repetition, repetition, repetition. This is just plain and simple how the human brain learns ideas. If you repeat it over time, you will burn it so deep into your skull that you have become a new person. This same author of this programme has mentioned in other products that you can expect to stick with something for 6 weeks until it is so automatic and natural to you.

Another point mentioned is that humans will forget 99% of everything they read, unless it is repeated to them and they take the effort to proactively learn it. This is especially true in our information society and was core motivation to my question called "Information Overload- How do I deal with it and make decisions?"

The reason I bring up the notion of pain is because having the discipline to repeat something on your own will requires some psychological discomfort. It can be boring. It can feel like a waste of time. It can be especially dull when you don't have the impulse or feel like doing it.

And I give heed to mention someone else on this site has said the only way to really get proficient at techniques described on this website (but anywhere) is to practise them.

What's another way of saying practise? Repetition.

You don't try it once. You don't try it two times, or three times, or six times, and then just drop it. No! You drill it over and over and over again.

I once met a younger man that had a life philosophy that for any new endeavour or technique or activity he came across in his life, that he refused to make any judgement on it until he had tried it at least 100 times. Only after this would he judge whether it was effective or not.

Repetition is like prayer? Yes, because prayer can be said to be an affirmation or phrase you mention over and over and over again.

Similar to the Rifleman's Creed. How bout you devise a Rifelman's Creed that you repeat to yourself every single night before you are allowed to go to bed. How cool would that be if you could just mentally hypnotise yourself to go after whatever it is you want?

So yes, make a mentor out of diligent repetition and you will find enrichment and genuine value out of any technique.


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