I see a lot of posts stating that the LOA is all around us in all situations, etc. I do believe that is true.

However, what are some examples of LOA where they are not all around us, not everyday occurrences.

In a recent post I had asked about before and after pictures from the focus wheel - "A vibrant, healthy, and sexy body" and got a great answer.

BUT what about something that seems like magic? What about -"A new natural eye color of black from blue" ?

Any examples of things where most people would say that is impossible! ?

OR is this over the limit of LOA?

Thank You!

asked 21 Jul '10, 21:34

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Back2basics - I think that you are focusing too much on the external. You cannot judge where a person is based on the material world. Things might look good but it may not be what you think it is. So if you are looking to see something physical you might be missing the most important thing which I believe is the feeling of being in alignment with the source of all things and giving up all resistance.

(21 Jul '10, 22:56) Drham

@Drham: Understood but it is hard to be like that when others judge me based on the external everyday and sets the basis of my reality in a way I do not like.

(22 Jul '10, 00:09) Back2Basics

@Back2Basics - Try exploring the idea of parallel realities. In that idea you already exist with both blue & black eyes and you can choose to wake up as which ever version of you you prefer. That is beyond the belief of most people in the world today. Why even care what others think or believe? Isn't the scientific fact that everything came from nothing miraculous enough for you?

(22 Jul '10, 08:18) Eddie
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According to "Abraham" what we are really seeking is the feeling that comes with having what we want. So when we manifestat something we feel good. The point I am trying to make is that what it really comes down to is a state of mind. Example if you only had one leg but wanted to walk - then you would picture yourself walking and try to bring that about. This desire or feeling can lead to several manifestation that satisfies the desire without really growing a leg.

  1. You may get a good prosthesis
  2. You may get a good wheel chair
  3. you may receive a great job offer
  4. You may start to develop a greater appreciation and acceptance of self
  5. You may meet new friends

Any of the above can make you feel so good without giving you a leg and you may start feeling so much "joy" that you forget about the leg. At the end of the day it is about feeling good not so much about the manifestation. The desire to manifest helps you to develop the feeling that you want.


answered 21 Jul '10, 22:51

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@Drham: This is very true. Thank You.

(22 Jul '10, 00:13) Back2Basics

I guess LOA is actually the law of feeling good. What a golden post you've given Vesuvius.

(06 Jul '11, 14:32) Nikulas

No, there are no limits as to what can be manifested.

The basic rule is that if you can imagine it, it must be possible to manifest it.

See here for more information why this must be true: What are the practical limitations of what the Universe can manifest?

But your problem is going to be that if you perceive something as impossible, the Law of Attraction is not going to match you up with evidence that it is possible. It will instead only bring you information that is aligned with your current beliefs.

It's a tricky situation especially when you are looking for examples of the impossible :)


answered 22 Jul '10, 00:22

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@Stingray: O come on! I want to believe in it but if you can't show me something i think is impossible, show me something most people believe i impossible. Come on, this is a challenge that can change many peoples life's. how is it I am the first digging for it?? BTW- Thank you for you response and answers.

(22 Jul '10, 00:34) Back2Basics

@Stingray: your answer gives me and anyone else reading this more hope, I just don't want it to be false hope!

(22 Jul '10, 00:36) Back2Basics

I use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to control the universe...is that impossible enough for you? :) http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/1614/how-do-you-remove-all-doubt-so-that-manifestation-can-occur/1642#1642

(22 Jul '10, 00:44) Stingray

lol@stingray..."I use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to control the universe" ...... love it!!!

(04 Jul '11, 15:22) streetsanto
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I personally don't believe that people break the laws of physics when they apply the Law of Attraction in their daily life.

But the mind is a powerful thing, and some results can seem like magic. That's only because people see things happen that appear to transcend boundaries and overcome impossible obstacles but which, on further examination, have perfectly plausible explanations.

In your other question, you asked about example pictures of the Law of Attraction at work, as it relates to the shaping of your physical body. The results that some people have achieved can seem miraculous to some. But one of the ways in which these pictures help is that they put a picture in your mind of how you want your body to look. Your body will respond to that image by making the necessary physical and chemical changes for the transformation to take place.

You can be sure that, if a person has found a way to change his eye color with his mind, that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation. In any case, most of the time people do not achieve great things because they do not believe that they can, not because they don't have the power.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - Arthur C. Clarke

By the way, it's probably easier just to use colored contact lenses. :)


answered 21 Jul '10, 21:59

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@Vesuvius: Yes I agree with you in what you are saying here but I really need some examples of things that are more "magic like". Working out is too easy to believe in. I need some examples of something more miraculous! can you tell a person who had his arm blown off in war that with the LOA he can grow it back? I am stretching here to explore the boundries of LOA. I really need to know because I wonder if i should spend time on LOA for some of the things I would like differently in my life. Thank You so much.

(21 Jul '10, 22:20) Back2Basics

@Back2Basics: Look for those things that happen to people which any reasonable person would consider very "lucky," but that still have a physical, causal basis (this excludes things like the lottery, which are designed around randomness).

(21 Jul '10, 22:37) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius : "randomness"? O dear! I believe that could be a debate all in it's own.

(22 Jul '10, 00:35) Back2Basics

@Back2Basics .... to borrow an idea from bashar: "Believing is Seeing". It would seem that you are trying to see...in order to believe.

(04 Jul '11, 15:20) streetsanto
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Hey b2b, I too am studying the L.O.A intently, so intently that at times I feel I will never be satisfied until I have proved it wrong. Ive been searching this site for a few hours now looking for miracle stories and havnt quite found one which proves it exists. HOWEVER..surely there must be something miraculous about it otherwise it would not exist at all and so many people wouldnt buy into it. Ive only been practising a few weeks now and over the last couple of days have had the weird feeling that something is about to happen which I could never have imagined. L.O.A or just blind faith? Who knows. We'll see what happens shortly ha ha. xx


answered 24 Jul '10, 20:23

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Mile3 1

@Mile3: Thanks sharing. Yes, there definitely is something to it, which is why I will stick with i...t but I'm also trying to get as much information as possible about it.

(26 Jul '10, 16:06) Back2Basics
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