It is hard to believe he manifested his current condition, considering what we can see of his discoveries, his mind appeared to be focused on much greater things than most of us could begin to imagine.

I can't help but think that perhaps he was discovering too much and maybe his sickness was a way to hold him back from discovering something even greater about the universe....

Any thoughts on this most intelligent individual, his illness and discoveries?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

This would be assuming that God wants to discourage us from discovering truths. I had the opposite thinking - that his illness helped to spur him to think deeper and harder about things that ordinary folks like us don't.

Also, your question would assume that there's a price to pay for knowing the truth... :D Is there? I've stopped thinking that way now.



answered 15 Dec '10, 01:07

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Pat W

yes, perhaps I have it backwards.

(15 Dec '10, 17:08) Back2Basics

I fully agree with Pat W. Rather than perceiving his physical limitations as a hindrance, Mr Hawking chose to realize that those physical limitations do not define who he is and what he can do. He knows who he is and it is way more than the physical body he is temporarily using for this physical existence.

His mind is free and has no limitations and he lives his life from that perspective. Because of that he is able to access the Source of his being and share his wonderful knowledge and discoveries with the rest of the world.


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Very true, perhaps he is even more free than many of us who are not paralyzed.

(15 Dec '10, 17:09) Back2Basics

I would hope that there woulnt truthfully be anyone on this forum who could seriously think that God MADE Stephen Hawking ill.

And i would also assume that even a person not particularly interested in things of a spiritual/devine/God nature would still credit the Almighty with the propensity to encourage rather than dis courage.

Also i would not assume that either Source or Hawking did any type of trade off between physical wholeness and intelligence. I know some extremely intelligent individuals who are both strong,vital and physically good to look at.

I think if anyone asked Stephen if he would quite like to be physically whole again he would answer in the affirmative. Now i must stress i dont know this for sure but i would take a guess he would.

Also i would hazard a guess that if Stephen had not contracted a wasting disease he would still be the man he is today.

If illness made people smart the world would be full of intellectuals,professors and lecturers who were wheel chair bound or on ventilators. Im sure theres some who are, but spending a lot of time in Oxford i can tell you that most of the teachers,lecturers and academics there seem pretty fit to me.

I would like to credit God for giving Hawking his abilities and will power to win...not the disease.



answered 15 Dec '10, 12:51

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Monty Riviera

very good points, thank you.

(15 Dec '10, 17:11) Back2Basics

If God did that, he was totally defeated by Hawkings strong will. I asume that he new he was not only a body, and the most important part of him, what makes him who he really is, is his mind.

That asuuming that God wished to punish him.

But suppose for a moment that Hawkings' intentions was getting to be an amazing football player, or something like that (no offence intended to football players). So God thought he had a lot more to give to society and science, and crippled him. And the most amazing thing of all, Hawkings couldn't care less! :)

When I am complaining about petty things, I always think of him as an example on how not to be defeated by 'calamity'.

Nothing is a calamity if you stand on the right point of view.



answered 15 Dec '10, 14:05

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This is a point of view related to this topic according to Seth, in the book Dreams Evolution and Value Fulfilment.

You choose your genetic structure so that it suits the challenges and potentials that you have chose. It represents your physical reference point, your bodily framework. It is your personal property. I t is a portion of physical matter that you have identified, filled out with your identity. It is like a splendid ship, the body, that you have chosen ahead of time for a splendid challenging adventure-a ship that you have personally appointed that is equipped to serve as much as possible as a physical manifestation of your personhood.

Some people, in beginning such a venture, will indeed insist upon an excellent vessel, with the most sophisticated mechanism, equipped with grand couches and banquet room. Others would want much more excitement, much more zest, and order then instead a less grand vessel, but one that went faster. Some would set goals for themselves that demanded that their seamanship be tested. The analogy may be a simple one, yet each person chooses the living vessel of the body, with his or her own intents and purposes in mind.


answered 16 Dec '10, 02:55

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I have always struggled with that pre-birth choice idea but thank you, will take into consideration.

(16 Dec '10, 16:52) Back2Basics

On the contrary.

Steven Hawking's mind is a divine tradeoff; he gave up physical prowess to gain increased mental prowess.

This is not as radical an idea as it might initially sound; by freeing up neurons in his brain that would normally be used for motion and balance, Steven Hawking is able to bring more of his brain to bear on pure mental reflection.


answered 15 Dec '10, 03:23

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I think his adversity encouraged him to do more, Thank God :)



answered 15 Dec '10, 14:09

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jim 10

Thank God for your answer! Short, sweet, and simple- and you left the mumbo-jumbo for everyone else to debate about!! Thanks, and Blessings this Holiday Season 2010, Jai.

(16 Dec '10, 09:19) Jaianniah

though there may be some balancing of past karma involved,
he has a brilliant mind


answered 16 Dec '10, 01:22

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Maybe he just wanted to prove that he was able to manifest back his original self and prove to the rest of the world that it is possible to do that... but he hasn't been able to master that art yet which is not really surprising... there are still a lot of unknown truths in this world.


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@kakaboo "still a lot of unknown truths" good thing about that how boring would it be if we already knew them all?

(22 Sep '12, 03:24) ursixx

it is a well known phenomena in magic that the way to liberate the spirit is to bind the body.

people have been completely bound up from head to toe and hung in the air to accomplish this .


answered 11 Jan '11, 18:51

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blubird two

where are they doing now? What new heights have they reached?

(11 Jan '11, 22:10) Back2Basics

The Old Testament talks about a Loving God, but, then says if will punish down to your 3rd and 4th generation for sins of the parents. (Numbers 14:18) No wonder The New Testament is so popular. Jesus says our Heavenly Father loves us more that our than our earthly father. Knock and the door will be opened. I do not believe in a punishing God. Many Blessings


answered 15 Dec '10, 16:03

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The bible says a lot of things Tom....i feel sure youve got into the habit of looking into the spirit of whats said..not the letter.

(15 Dec '10, 20:05) Monty Riviera

I believe that God is all love.

That being said, Why in the world would this loving God deliberately "make" someone sick?????

Dr> Hawking has ALS. It is a genetic disease. He inherited it. I do not, cannot imagine anyone asking at any time to suffer from this disease!

I admire Dr. Hawking for his tremendous courage in handling his disease. I think that he has gone where no one has gone before with his disease-even to the point of playing a bit part on a Star Trek episode for the fun of it! (he did it because he likes Star Trek, and thought that he would encourage young people to go into the sciences by his example.)

In short, he is a great man.

That is my opinion, for what it is worth.

Blessings this Holiday Season 2010, Jai


answered 16 Dec '10, 11:08

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yes, no doubt he is a great man!

(16 Dec '10, 16:54) Back2Basics

I think all of us are faced with decision points in our lives when something negative happens and we have to make a choice as to how our lives are going to be from that point onward. Those who choose to remain true to their real self despite anything that may come their way are the real success stories of this world. Stephen Hawking always had his brilliance and he realized that his mind is is what defines him not his body so he remained true to that. If he had made a choice that his physical body was who he was then probably we would not know him as we do today - the greatest mind currently inhabiting this planet.


answered 26 Sep '12, 06:15

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I Think Therefore I Am

for me it is not so hard to see him manifest this situation for himself. because of his illness he has found ways to dig deeper into his psyche. It is very plausible that he did manifest this. My son has brain damage so i understand allot about the brain. When parts of ur brain are damaged, the parts that done work are blocking electric currents, thus not allowing that specific part of the brain to let u function in the damaged area. I.e speech, eating, whatever it is that specific part is for. But the brain is extraordinarily resilient and it will find another path around the damaged area. When it does, it taps into parts of the brain most humans do not use. ( as was thought to have happened to Albert Einstein ) When this happens, wow o wow, the become great at things we don't understand as a race.

Now as for my son, you would think that he wouldn't have wanted to have cerebral palsy, but as I have been told by Treb, he DID in fact manifest this reality so that he could use his emotions instead of his body or mind. He in all of his previous incarnations, only used his body for war, or mind for science. He needed to feel pure live and pure emotions. What a better way to do that than remove all things that usually prohibit most from doing so. This is one way to see it.

as for god punishing. It doesn't work that way. The god, creator, or the universal rules, is basically set up as neutral. There is no rewards or punishment, only whatever u send out energetically, u get back. so if u are being "punished" it is because u believe or have sent out that correct vibration to be "punished". and after u look back, you will find out it wasn't really a bad thing at all, it was a tool for u to learn what u needed to learn, and a lesson to be had.

love n light



answered 26 Sep '12, 08:16

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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