This is my problem with "manifesting".

God created us. We did not, nor do we now, create God. To believe that we create God is nonsense to me. So, if we manifest our reality, and we believe in God, then we are saying that we create God.

I finally have figured out why I do not believe that we manifest our whole reality. I cannot believe that we are totally responsible for everything that happens to us. It is as if we are saying that God plays no role in our lives at all. It is like saying that there is no evil. It is like saying that the entire face of my reality is a construct of my mind...I am sorry, but that gives me a god-like power that I do not have.

I do understand the Law of Attraction- Jesus even mentions it in Mark 4:21-25. But manifesting seems to be going a bit far.

Can you explain this to me in a way that includes a belief in God and a love of God- obedience to God?

Blessings, Jai

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Thus saith the LORD, the Holy One of Israel , and his Maker , Ask me of things to come concerning my sons , and concerning the work of my hands command ye me. Isa. 45:11. I too believe in God and 'Divine Intervention'. There are limitations especially with people. We have Free Will.

(11 Mar '10, 16:38) G16
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Maybe evolution is the key.

The human race must be racing towards somewhere or some*thing*?

But what will we find at the finishing line?

I've no idea but I know that if we're still here in a couple of thousand years, and if we haven't destroyed ourselves, we will be very different to how we are now.

Our minds can't imagine what that will be.

We watch films like Back to the Future and imagine we'll have flying cars and it's cool and fun.

But what we haven't looked at is the evolution of our mind, our spirit or our energy.

If manifesting as God means we're able to create our own worlds (which is what we believe is one of the things God can do) then don't we already do that?

We have the 'entertainment world', the 'sports world' (to name but two) and our own worlds consisting of friends, family, our homes and our interests.

But that's not what you're asking. You're asking can we create God. I say yes because we're creating ourselves and since one of our ideas about God is that 'he' creates, we're already God, but we either don't it or can't accept it.

I struggle with the same dilemma as does science.

Ask any quantum physicist about the true nature of solid matter and s/he will tell you that it's a virtual impossibility in that nothing is real. Matter, in its true/atomic form, simply doesn't exist.

If the theory's true, this laptop I'm typing on isn't real. The words you're reading aren't real. You and I aren't real.

It makes The Matrix look like The Simpsons.

I've given up trying to understand it.

What I am beginning to accept is that we feed into and are part of an energy that has infinite intelligence. You can call it God, Life, the universe or whatever but we're a part of it and that at least makes sense to me.

So in that sense we are God.

Our task now is to decide what God/Life is so that we can work out what we are and I'd imagine most of us are trying to do that already.


answered 25 Mar '10, 01:33

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Welcome to Inward Quest! What a wonderful answer! I loved it! You captured the dilemma nicely. Thank you- I look forward to reading all sorts of good things from you! Blessings, Jai

(26 Mar '10, 04:31) Jaianniah

You're right. The creator is not created by its creations. But, I will say it can be affected by them...and even will be so bold as to say, wants to be.

Let me put it like this - I have attracted many people into my life. I have even molded how I view them as people, and enjoyed how their attitudes molded themselves when around me to my liking. I drew and saw parts of them that I believed were true of them and/or desired from them.

The same is true with God. That is to say, you can - if you so wish - experience God with his love for you - no matter what -...or you can experience God who wishes you to licks his boots if he so desires with 'fear and trembling.' As I've said in an earlier answer here, I find it interesting that God is often described as personal...the God of Isaac etc. But in none of that are you outright "creating" God (or the other people)...but you are creating your experiences. And as far as you can be concerned, what you experience in your reality is all that really exists.

...I am sorry, but "Ye are Gods".


answered 11 Mar '10, 09:05

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You don't have to believe in magic, or co-opt God's power, to accept reality-creation.

The simple fact is that most people are bound to who they are and what their life is like by the attitudes and beliefs that they hold. Change those attitudes and beliefs, and you transform your life. Why? Because we all see the world through the lens of our own perceptual filters. In other words, we see only what we want to see. In that sense, we all create our own reality. And you don't have to believe in magic, superstition or anything else to understand this.

If you are a person who believes that resources are limited, or that people are unjust, or that life isn't fair, then you will act in ways that fulfill those beliefs. If, on the other hand, you are a person who believes that the Universe provides, that people are basically good, and that life is just, then you will act in ways that fulfill those beliefs.

The person who refuses to start a business because he doesn't think he knows enough to succeed has already confirmed his belief: he can't. But if that person goes to school, learns about balance sheets and venture capitalists, and changes his belief, then he will succeed. But here's the kicker: The business knowledge matters less than the person's desire to succeed and belief that he can. Why? Because the person with a burning desire to succeed and the belief that they can will figure it out.

It's been proven over and over again in the business world; the A students work for the C students. That's because the A students took the safe path; they got an education, and got a good job. They wanted security. The C students, on the other hand, wanted adventure.

They both got what they wanted. They each created their own reality. And they did so by paying attention to (aligning with) those things that would help them achieve that reality.


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..."On earth as it is in heaven"...

Nobody cannot create his source, but which within us could be a source of own descendents - on the earth physical reality and, theoreticaly, we could create a God by ourselves at the end of our ascending evolution, level-by-level, until we will become omniscient and omnipotent true Gods, "qualified" such by the Council of God's Hierarchy. Then, we could obtain the permission to leave this Paternal Universe, full of gratitude, love and veneration for our Father, bring ready for, beginning with our own "Big-Bang", to bild our own Universe. If we will be successfull in this ubdertaking, it will OK. If not, probably we will aspired into a black hole and recycled. like an extinguished star.

How many "time" requires a such evolution? Probably much eons. But it doesn't matter; there in the higher spiritual levels isn't time. How many efforts and perseverence requires? Surely very, very much. How many courage for assumming the immense responsibility?
Unmeasurable. But we ever can choose.

All that I exposed here is only an imaginated hypothesis, bazed on a lot of "If": If is true that God existed before Big-Bang and is rezulting from an other older univere of the multiverse... If it's true that the continued emanating energy from God-Source, for a perpetual creation can assure the expansion of initialy Created Universe, consequently our co-creation is needed for avoiding the collapse... If the Divine hierarchy truly existe (I read about in a rosicrucian book, but just now I can't remind. I will add this information in a comment)... And else many "If" But I am sure that our Universe is Created by a Dibine individual Source, that we, the humans are invested with His features, that we we can create also.

But we are not yet gods, we are spiritual beings into physical body, with god's POTENTIAL and evolving as beginners on the way leading to the God state, which we could achieve at some time in the future.

Success for, to all you.


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We create our relationship with God, but we do not create God. Some of us feel sperate from God, and some of us feel the oneness with God. Abraham Hicks has a great video clip about our relationship with God on Youtube called "Abraham on God".


answered 11 Mar '10, 10:11

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G16 - I believe that God represents the "Universal Consciousness". The relationship between the individual and the universal mind is reciprocal. They can both act on each other. The individual acts on the universal mind through thought. The thought is transferred to the subconscious mind which is how the conscious mind communicates with the universal mind. Through the universal mind vibrational matches are made and are communicated back through the subconscious mind to the conscious mind. That is how sometimes we just know things without really knowing where the knowledge comes from. This is my understanding of how it works but "The Master Key System" explains it very well.


answered 11 Mar '10, 20:08

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The Kingdom of God is within me. What is within me? Quarks/atoms/subatomic particles all spinning/vibrating/pulsating as light. We come from the light. We are the light. My belief will heal me. Then what are the bandaids for?


answered 06 Dec '21, 02:17

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