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I have been feeling this Energy Shift for the last month and it has been draining me.

Some days I feel so tired, with headaches and other days I just can't sleep or my sleeping pattern is out of whack and then there are other days I feel just Great. I noticed that since July with the eclipse of the moon I slowly started experiencing this energy drainage from my body but i didn't put too much thought into it at the time until I started to realize that this drainage is dragging on.

So I did some meditation with my Spiritual Guides and found that there is this New Energy Pattern being Emanated from the Higher Realms. So I realized that my Chakras were out of line and I had to Purify and Clear all Blockages which have been causing these ill effects. And now I am able to receive these New Energy Patterns which are multi colored reflecting the colors of our Chakra system without feeling any form of Energy Draining.

So I posted this question if there are others who have been feeling the same ...

Just like our computers which needs updates now and then, We as humans on the Spiritual Journey also need updates to further Evolve on this Spiritual Journey of Light.

Peace, Love and Light to All

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well since you mentioned the eclipse- i am observing the effects of astrological events for some time now- and although being in the vortex and aligned with your higher self should be enough for you not to feel any significant negative effects- if you are not in the habit of being in the vortex for long periods of time and have a wobbly vibration overall- then the eclipses can affect you significantly (as they do for example to animals and more specifically squirrels- and yes, that is worth a google search and i promise you- you wont be disappointed)

for the summer of 2018 as for eclipses- there was an eclipse on july 12th (20 degrees of cancer) another one on july 28th (4 degrees of aquarius) and one occurring tomorrow, august 11th on 18 degrees of leo- so we are in the middle of- you guessed it- eclipse season

it is advised not to take any major life decisions during eclipse season- especially right in the middle of it between eclipses- and not to worry a lot about extreme emotions swinging you around- let the eclipses pass and the energies settle down and you will notice that things will become much more calmer

during eclipses the overall energy on earth is shifted and radically changed- please do that google search on eclipses it will truly clarify a lot- most of the drastic changes in ones life occur after solar and lunar eclipses have hit their astrological points- so most likely the energy you feel and the headaches etcetera are a reaction to these changing energies- even more so if your astrological points are being triggered by them

however i must point out again- if you are aligned and in the vortex on a daily basis- you will of course experience (some) effects from the eclipses as they do affect us all in some way- but they will not have such an impact that is greatly detrimental to your overall state of being.

edit: after some further astrological research and looking back at other times in my life where i have been experiencing/feeling this way- i can almost for sure say that the energy you have been feeling these past months was the effect of mars being retrograde- from june 26th until august 27th- i think this also has to do a lot of other things that have happened both globally and personally- mars goes retrograde every 2 years for 2 months so its an energy we do not encounter often and that is why we felt so different and i think everyone can say that at least one very peculiar event occured in their lives these past two months- if everyone thinks back on the last 4 times mars was retrograde perhaps some things can clear up:

**2016: mars retrograde from 17 april 2016 until 29 june 2016

2014: mars was retrograde from 1 march 2014 until 20 may 2014

2012: mars was retrograde from 24 january 2012 until 14 april 2012

2009-2010: mars was retrograde from 20 december 2009 until 10 march 2010**

thankgod its over now and things should have been magically and suddenly improving since the 27th of august that we perhaps could not resolve before


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Thank you for your informative and valuable input it is greatly appreciated. About midway of 2018 I have felt these so called side effects from the Light Codes coming down onto Earth and have taken ur advice and sure enough everything was so much better for me. I was also able to handle these Energy patterns in 2019 with more ease and less negative effects. And I guess I also needed to ground myself a little more which also helped a lot. Peace, Love n Light

(02 Jan '20, 22:44) Moonbeam

While normally astrology bores me, I have noticed my energy level varies when astrological events are happening. A number of things happened astrologically in the last month. Once upon a time, I would write these off, but on the very days I am K.O. for unknown reasons I will go online to find others talking about being K.O. too. (K.O. = knocked out)

There are many ideas about why so much of humanity is being K.O during certain time frames having to do with Schumann frequency and sunlight. Some believe the D.N.A. is upgrading during this time so the body needs rest. Other believe we are clearing negative beliefs and toxins from the body. Some say it has to do with ascension in the body.

These things are great, but one thing is sure. I am glad this last astrological wave of energy is behind me! My muscles were too tired to walk many days! I was called to sleep at odd times of day. I had a headache all day one day.

Sometimes emotions will hit during these times, but usually for me I experience the fatigue symptoms and not emotional. I have already cleared a lot of emotions. Yet when the emotions do come to the surface during a 'pity party' (read about pity parties in 'Choosing Easy World') they are the most energetically clearing. I feel emotions with force if they bubble up.


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2018 was a little rough for me but 2019 I was ready for it as the waves were a little stronger. I embraced these so called Light Codes into me and the ill side effects were minimized considerably. I just had to ground myself more and it helped a lot. I am not familiar with the Schumann frequency thingy but I will look into it. Thanks for your valuable input. Peace, Love n Light

(02 Jan '20, 22:42) Moonbeam

Quite the opposite for me. Going up and up for many days now. But I've been working on myself and trying to really raise my vibe these days using different methods so its not a surprise


answered 06 Sep '18, 05:02

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@edward-Good.please share your method for raising vibes.

(06 Sep '18, 13:36) Zee

sun rays more intense,
winds at more velosity,
night and day cycle as same,
life seems more intense


answered 29 Sep '18, 20:53

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