Does sleep have any spiritual benefits? Does it contribute in any way to our spiritual growth?

If it does, how?

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Ok for more spiritual understanding of sleep patterns, let's start from scratch.

When we are first born, we are babies, we are spiritual beings getting "thrown" into a physical reality. Well if you can agree with that you can probably imagine how stressful, and how hard, is to stay in that state ALL the time. That's why infants and babies sleep most of the time. It takes a lot of energy to be in wakeful state, so the act of sleep was designed. In that state the soul doesn't leave the body but it expands it's awareness wherever it wants to go in the cosmos. The spirit "regenerates" and then comes back to physicality. That's why a lot of children cry when they awake, because that state is more peacful for them, it's more natural.

So when we start to grow up and start being more accustomed to being in physical reality we seem to need less sleep. But still the soul needs the time for itself so it needs to sleep. I concluded judging from my own experience that the more I felt frustrated and depressed the longer I had to sleep. It's because I was so cut off my true nature, spiritual nature, that it consumed a lot of my energy and to function normally I had to be sleeping too long (or maybe it was easier to sleep than to face the world, who knows). Anyway I believe that the more we become spiritual, which means we acknowledge that spirit is with us, we tend to need less and less sleep. I heard that having little sleep actually tells you about your level of spirituality.

I believe that many years in the future, after we ascend, humans will learn to deprive themselves of sleep entirely. As to some people who think it's impossible I say that everythings probable, that's why world is so great.

Now no one needs to keep himself down for sleeping. Sleeping is VERY important. One more function it has is that all thru the day we are given signs from our environment, our feelings etc. If we are really attentive and can figure out what they mean that's great. We graduated a lesson. But if we don't the situations are replayed in our dream states. We have a chance then to learn the lessons we missed.

Another thing is that our dreams are direct communication with our higher self. They are often unclear to us because higher self uses the only language that our physical mind can comprehend at this stage of evolution- symbolism. That's why we don't get the meaning of dreams directly but we have to try to figure our their meaning.

Another thing that's been said before is about lucid dreaming. It's a really powerful process that lets you be conscious during your dreams. Many people think they've experienced it but just looking at a dream situation and knowing is a dream is not being conscious. Being conscious is BEING in the dream, which means you can change the content of your dream with your will alone. The implications for these are endless. You can confront your fears without being afraid of something happening to you. You can talk to seers, higher self, anyone dead or alive. You can teach yourself any skill, like playing the guitar, sewing etc. It's like tapping into an endless database but living it and experiencing it. And it really is more real then waking life. Why is that? Because that's where we come from, that's our home. My experiences with that are outstanding and I encourage everyone to take a look at it and your dream life.


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Wildlife, you really need a spell checker. Here is a free online one:

(09 Nov '09, 00:28) Vesuvius

Well english isn't my native language. Sorry for the inconvienience :-)

(09 Nov '09, 00:37) wildlife

I'll forgive the spelling mistakes..good answer.

(09 Nov '09, 20:35) Pink Diamond

The meaning and thought of what you were saying came in loud and clear wildlife

(20 Nov '09, 08:46) flowingwater

Wonderful answer. I had never thought of teaching myself something during a lucid dream. I love the idea, and it's making me want to give lucid dreaming another try.

(16 Apr '17, 11:30) Grace
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Now that I've gotten the physiological requirements out of the way, let me give you an answer dealing directly with spirituality, an answer in which I have personal experience.

Lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming is the act of being "awake in your dream," of being aware that you are dreaming, and having the ability (to a certain extent) to control your dream.

Lucid dreams can be quite vivid, in my experience sometimes more vivid than the wakeful state. They are of value to me because they appear to be the most accessible "playground" for spiritual and creative exercises. In a lucid dreaming world (unlike our physical one) you can truly imagine anything into existence, instantly.

Lucid dreaming has many clinical, scientific applications as well. In a way, gaining control over your dreams helps you gain control over your life.


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Definitely a thought provoking answer.

(09 Nov '09, 20:33) Pink Diamond

It's hard to imagine how one could focus on spiritual growth with one or more of the following problems:

alt text


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Very good, illustrated response. I learned from it. Thanks.

(08 Nov '09, 18:30) LeeAnn 1

Thanks for your answer Vesuvius but I don't think it quite answers my question which is about spirituality.

(08 Nov '09, 18:55) Pink Diamond

Dr. Wayne Dyer once said that, in order to progress spiritually one must first have one's physical house in order. That means getting enough sleep so that your body can function properly. Hope this helps.

(08 Nov '09, 18:58) Vesuvius

Now I will sleep enough for sure!

(09 Nov '09, 19:45) Asklepios

Thanks for the illustration I appreciated and yes we do need our sleep.

(20 Nov '09, 08:51) flowingwater
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It's worth looking at Maslow's Hierarchy of needs for some insight.

In the Maslow pyramid, needs at the bottom of the pyramid must be fulfilled first before needs above it can be satisfied.

In the Maslow pyramid below, notice that sleep is at the bottom, and spiritual needs are at the top.

alt text


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Persons vary in the amount of sleep they need, and no pill will ever allow them to dispense with sleep entirely, for too much work is done in that state.

Sleeping could be done more effectively with two, rather than one, sleep periods of lesser duration. The conscious self would recall more of its dream adventures as a matter of course, and gradually these would be added to the totality of experience as the ego thinks of it.

As a result of more frequent briefer sleep periods, there would also be higher peaks of conscious focus, and a more steady renewal of both physical and psychic activity. There would not be such a definite division between the various areas of the self. A more economical use of energy would result, and also a more effective use of nutrients. Consciousness as you know it would also become more flexible and mobile.

Source: Seth Speaks


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What kind of work is accomplished during sleep? Are there any spiritual benefits? Do you only achieve those benefits from multiple sleep periods and if so, then why do most of us sleep through the night?

(09 Nov '09, 00:35) Vesuvius

I have had many a enlightenment from dreams, as long as I remember the dream when I awaken it could be something that enlightens me. I have found new ways to defeat sickness, I have through examining my dreams found the flow from expectancy to experience. This shed much light on life and the Law Of Attraction. It also taught me to think in a more commanding authority mind when I want to create an experience. In other words my dreams also increased my faith, as I fought devils, demons, vampires, and the living dead, as I defeated these more and more my faith rose higher and higher to the point of now I clear houses of evil with no fear I just do what has to be done, just like in my dreams it is always what do I need to do to solve or win this.

It is the right brain connection that is freed in our dreams then when we awaken we can examine it with the filter of the left brain to learn from.


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Wade Casaldi

I think there needs to be a distinction between reduced sleep as a result of spiritual practice and as a means to advancing spiritual practice. Sleep is natural and, for most of us, a physiological requisite to being awake (and alive). If it so happens that one, through spiritual development, can tap into great stores of cosmic energies and thus need less or no sleep, that sounds to be a natural consequence and thus natural to them. There are plenty of validated cases of individuals not needing food or water, so given that being able to advance past the need for sleep seems plausible.

But for someone who is not at that level, trying to jump start the process by cutting back sleep sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, or at least a severe setback. Certainly the bizarre states of consciousness one could enter into with severe depravation could result in some interesting revelations (Salvadore Dali often used sleep depravation as a means to achieve the visions that inspired some of his work) but as a practice getting less sleep than your body tells you it needs would likely catch up with you in the long run.

Sleep, like any other activity, can bring much spiritual benefit if one focuses and applies himself to those ends. Dreaming aside, which I will get to, the act of recognizing sleep as a restorative process of body and mind, as a reprieve from the physical plane, as a shift in consciousness, etc, can all bolster your spiritual practice. Any act can be made sacred with intent and devotion.

Much is said of dreams, but to keep it short nearly every religion attributes at least a fraction of its basis to dreams. Because it is such a depart from the normal mode of conscious thought and still able to accomodate consciousness great experiences are possible. Questions can be answered, revelations be received, other worldly entities contacted...and so much more, all have the chance to occur every night. Not that every dream is necessarily spiritual in nature, but they are without a doubt one of the most universally accesible ways to experience the divine.


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