I learned a very few simple things years ago about working with or meditating on chakras. What I remember most is that it just feels so good, and so natural and such a release of (blocked? misdirected? stagnant?) energy. Obviously I have no idea of the correct terminolgy, sorry. I need to ask your help with that too.

I've been very downhearted the last several days, and have been determined to employ all of the things I've learned here to get free of it. Unfortunately, I'm just so blind and stupid in this condition, I sit down to meditate, or get on this site and start looking around for a way out, and just end up feeling worse, because I can't consentrate, everything feels wrong and it hurts. I feel tied up in knots, that my friends manage this stuff and I don't, I should be better at this by now, and I get frustrated and angry with myself. These all end up as very physical sensations.

People here have been talking to me about feeling instead of thinking, and its finally starting to sink in. :) It's about paying attention only to the sensations in your body, instead of the convoluted thoughts in your mind. It's the instead bit that is a revelation to me, I'd never noticed the distinction before - that you focus only on the physical sensation and let go of trying to reason your way logically through things that have nothing to do with reason and logic.

Now recent conversations here about chakras have got me thinking that activating or clearing or whatever it is you do with a chakra could be a very effective way for me to feel better, espescially in my stupfied, Vortexturally challenged condition, without any context of the circumstances that are getting me down. What do you think?

The things I have found here about this have shown me that you guys are waaay out of my league. :) Can anyone reccomend a practice or a meditation, some sort of total newbie good place to start?

Thank you so much, I appreciate your help. :)

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@Grace- The chakras, as you must know, are the energy centers of the body. There are seven major centers. There is a picture of them below.

Balancing the chakras is the goal. I use a pendulum when I do my work balancing chakras- other people have other ways. The pendulum tells me how open or closed the chakras are, and also the "spin" of each. I do Reiki, so it is my job to balance the chakras, and to help each person achieve balance within themselves.

I would start by lying down somewhere comfortable. Get relaxed...this is important! Now picture your root chakra and the color red at the same time. If you see black, that's fine, too. Red and black are the colors of the root chakra. Sense the chakra as if it were a flower, and gently, oh, so gently, open that flower to receive God's loving energy. You can imagine roots growing from your chakra down into the Earth at this point. This will ground you.

Next, move up and up, gently opening each chakra, using the color of the chakra to help you. Bathe yourself in these colors. If you encounter resistance, imagine a golden ball of energy helping you open that chakra.

When you get to your crown chakra, which is just above your head, imagine golden, purple, or white light as you gently open this chakra. You should be feeling quite wonderful at this point.

Any Reiki Master can balance your chakras for you, and I can send distance healing to you if you need it. We just need to set up a time and place.

Good luck with this exercise...It is hard to describe how good it feels to be balanced and aligned.

alt text

With Much Love,




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Thank you, @Jaianniah, this looks like it will feel wonderful, I can't wait to give it a try.

(19 Aug '12, 02:04) Grace

Wonderful way of doing it Jai from now on I shall see my Chakras as flowers too.

(19 Aug '12, 11:28) Paulina 1

@Jai, I tried this and I see what you mean - I felt wonderful! Thanks again. :)

(19 Aug '12, 20:31) Grace

@ Jai,this is very interesting and I do believe in chakras, I am studying right now and feel some "stuckness" - any advice on how I can open up the chakra that rules the brain and studying??

(20 Aug '12, 12:03) MoonWillow

@MoonWillow @Grace- I owe all of you tremendous apologies for neglecting your comments and not responding to your questions. Thank you, @Grace, for quietly (as is your wonderful style!) bringing this to my attention. @MoonWillow- Opening the head chakras can be complicated if it is an issue. There are three chakras here, and all of them ultimately have to do with spirituality. If there is confusion with spirituality, and with God, it will be reflected in your chakras. But we can fix that! Read:

(27 Oct '14, 20:03) Jaianniah

@MoonWillow- The throat chakra is tucked beneath the chin, and has to do with communication. If you are stifling yourself, not speaking up, this chakra will close. To open it is easy- to keep it open requires that the issues that closed it get resolved. Easier said than done. Just keep at it. Pay great attention to what comes into your mind when you are balancing this chakra. Pay attention to colors, sounds, pain in your body. These can be clues to where you need resolution. More..

(27 Oct '14, 20:09) Jaianniah

@MoonWillow- The Third Eye Chakra is in the center of the forehead. It can be a very vulnerable place for attacks and spiritual negativity. This chakra can be cleared with attention and love. I like to use meditation and prayer to reconnect this chakra with heart and body. It is here that the soul either refuses to go or refuses to come down from the head. If you are "up in your head", you may need grounding to open this place. If you are not in your spirit, try crystals- amethyst is good

(27 Oct '14, 20:13) Jaianniah

@MoonWillow- The Crown Chakra connects us to Spirit, and can be hard even for a healer or shaman to open without your help. It can be a good indicator of your general spiritual health, but do not get all wrapped up if it is not open. Just "lift" yourself to that which you believe to be God or One- this "lifting" feeling often is all you need while opening up that final "flower". Sometimes we all need a "lift". (This is why we say that!) I can give your more advice if you need it...

(27 Oct '14, 20:18) Jaianniah

@MoonWillow @Grace- Thank you for your comments. I can only say that at the time this was posted, Wade and I had just moved into our own home. It was a happy time for us. If you want more info or advice, I would be glad to help. Just comment here, and I hope you will forgive this lapse of two years! Love, Jaianniah ♥

(27 Oct '14, 20:21) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah Do you do this routine every day? What happens if you miss a few days, can you feel it?

(27 Oct '14, 20:39) Bluebell

@Bluebell- I do this exercise for a while, until I just can tell when I am keeping things aligned. I usually can tell when I am out of whack. Since Wade and I are both Reiki healers, I ask him to balance me out- it is better sometimes to just have a Reiki Master work on it. This is hard to explain: I guess I have done this for so many years now that I can tell when I am off. It is something to do for quite a while because, yes, if you miss a day or two, you will be able to tell.

(27 Oct '14, 23:44) Jaianniah
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Though this isn't a direct answer to the question you are asking, I believe it's an answer to why you asked the question :) ...

I feel tied up in knots, that my friends manage this stuff and I don't, I should be better at this by now, and I get frustrated and angry with myself.

@Grace, don't be so hard on yourself. You really are doing extremely well just being here and understanding so many of the ideas that get thrown around here on IQ. It took me many years to grasp these concepts and you are up to speed with them in a few months :)

The thing to really remember right now is that the times we are living through are pretty unusual...intense is a good description. There is a lot of energy flying around and people are getting stirred up very easily and "issues" are popping up for many people in dramatic and powerful ways.

I received the following email from Wendy Kennedy's mailing list yesterday (she's the Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective channeler) and, though it's been a long time since I've personally felt "depressed" or "blue" about anything, I could really identify with it because I can sense how raw and ragged the vibrational "energies" are on this planet these days.


Wow! I feel like I am typing the same thing I did last month, but I do hope you are all taking especially good care of yourselves. The energy this week in particular has been INTENSE. I found this to be true for myself as well as for my clients, family, and friends. One of the perks with my "job" is that I get loads of feedback which helps me to recognize trends in collective energy so I know it's not just my own personal stuff I am feeling and processing, but the collective energy is amplifying my own. Somehow knowing that seems to put us more at ease, and we can have a bit more patience with ourselves and others through the process.

Some of you may be wondering what an "intense" week looks like. To give you an example, I woke up Tuesday morning feeling energized and inspired. Two hours later I was in a complete funk, depressed and feeling blue. I hadn't spoken with anyone or done anything significant to warrant such a mood change, and I was keenly aware that the vibrational state I was in was a choice. I had the power within me to choose another vibration. Oddly enough, I decided to explore it for a bit, realized I was bored with it and shifted back to a more positive frequency. A few hours later the process began again with a new set of issues. Keep repeating that every few hours and it makes for an intense week!

The idea that our emotions are a choice seems odd sometimes to us. We believe we don't really have a say. "My emotions are my emotions. I just feel that way." But we do have a choice. I have included an extended clip from last month's group session on that very topic below.

Emotions As Choice - The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective

Higher Frequencies Newsletter - August 2012


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Thank you so much, @Stingray. This was very kind of you. And it does make me feel better. I will try to remember, and cut myself a bit of slack. :)

(19 Aug '12, 02:01) Grace

Hi I have found when I have a day that I am down, I have a few visualizations that work.

Firstly, we are constantly bombarded with negative images and energies in order to keep us as a humanity in a position of submission. Governments and corporations today cant afford to have an enlightened population that ask questions so they prefer to have us in a state of fear and anxiety. There are mechanisms in place to keep us down, that is our first issue to overcome. We can alter our mind by altering what we feed it with, if news and TV depress you , turn them off and listen to podcasts, where you choose the content and therefore control how your mind is fertilized.

Another point, We have a direct line of energy with most people we deal with, if you close your eyes you will see ‘’strings’’ of light or energy that connect most of us together. If we have a lot of enemies we can draw in a lot of anger and hatred from people that can cause us to feel uneasy or depressed. If we are close to people and they are down we can sometimes sense their depression through these links. When we feel anxious, scared or depressed, we need to ascertain if it is us that is feeling these emotions or are we sensing them from somebody else.

With regard to our chakras, they are the windows to our worlds, if you get in your car and drive for a few hours you will need to stop and clean the bugs off your windscreen. We are the same, we need to stop sometimes and clean the bugs off our spiritual windscreens, sometimes on a bad day, every few hours we need to do it.

When it comes to draining or removing negative energy you can try a few visualizations.

1) Imagine you can see yourself represented as a glass image of yourself. It looks like you but it is like a glass mannequin. See through. Inside you can intuitively visualize a dark liquid level. This will be your negative energy level, for some people it will be low and for some it will be high or medium. If you look closely you will see at your ankles there are two corks. When you remove the corks the liquid level will drain and be absorbed into the earth, transmuted and dissipate, the energy wont hurt the earth, instead the earth will find the best use for your unwanted negative energy.

Now if you look you will see a stream of light coming straight through the top of the glass image of you, it is like liquid light, it flushes and swirls and rinses every corner of the glass mannequin that is you, the liquid also flows out the corks and into the ground till you feel your have rinsed enough and are squeaky clean. The corks are then placed back into the ankles and mould up and seal. The liquid light coming in turns to a bright powerful luminescent light and radiates through the glass. These bright clean image then gets placed over you. You can alter this visualization to what ever works for you, we are all different and there is no one silver bullet cure for everybody.

2)Close your eyes and see yourself standing in a perfectly green and peaceful field. A stream of light flows down into the top of you and through you and into the ground. Look and see the various strings or cords that are being connected to you from various places, don't judge them, just see them. A brilliant light being appears next to you and removed these cords from your and ties them into the steam of light coming into you so that all the cords are tied back to the source of the light and not tied to you. The cords then dissipate and you can no longer see them or feel them. You begin to radiate light and energy.

I find that this helps me because all those string and cords attached to us could be friends or enemies, by tying them to the light we feed them with positive energy and that can feed them with high vibration energy and lift their spirits and energies to. When it comes to enemies, if we feed them with good energy the problem dissipates and normally resolves.

When we fight with somebody we normally think hatred toward them and them toward us and we just create a huge cycle of negative attitude that eventually affects everybody that is corded to us.

Again, you can alter this to whatever suits you and works best, i could go on for hours but will leave it at that,

best regards Etienne Olivier


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Etienne Olivier


wonderful visualizations ! and good advice

(19 Aug '12, 02:58) ursixx

@Etienne Olivier Love your answer for this is something simmilar to what I do so I'll try it this way and see the differance.

(19 Aug '12, 11:37) Paulina 1

Very Nice, thank you for that information

(19 Aug '12, 14:40) Eldavo

@Etienne Olivier, these are great! I love this kind of thing, they work so well for me. Thanks so much.

(19 Aug '12, 16:17) Grace
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Here is an EFT Chakra cleanse....I've used this myself. The best method is to use water by wetting your hands or just do it in the shower....it works!



answered 19 Aug '12, 14:55

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@Eldavo, this felt great. I had a sinus headache when I started this, and its gone! I've got this page bookmarked, this was very helpful, thank you.

(19 Aug '12, 20:29) Grace

Your welcome Grace, I always found it worked really well for me. I found most of my blocks were in the top 3 chakras. By tapping them out I also found things were flowing to me easier.

(19 Aug '12, 22:02) Eldavo

That's encouraging. I'm out of the flow at the moment, and to be blunt, it just plain sucks. :)

(19 Aug '12, 22:27) Grace
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Dear Grace,

I can't be 100% sure, but it sounds like you may be experiencing something which "feels" negative, but is actually positive, and which happens to a lot of people when they first start making major spiritual progress. According to Swami Sivananda (a renowned teacher in the ancient, classical yogic tradition), often after the spiritual aspirant begins to make significant progress on the spiritual path,

he is horrified to find that, after a time, instead of feeling a gradual and progressive purification, morally, mentally and spiritually, he experiences more impurity, evil and undesirable emotions and thoughts. What is this strange phenomenon? Is he slipping backwards? What is this queer stage he is passing through? Is he indeed moving towards Light or getting more and more into darkness? These considerations begin to trouble his mind seriously. His natural anxiety and grave concern over his inexplicable state is quite understandable. If he reflects a little and patiently tries to introspect and analyse his condition and the change that is going on within him, he will soon know the actual truth and will at once be reassured. His mind will be at rest.

What is happening here, sans yogic lingo, is that a purification process is going on. Much like when one has food poisoning and goes through a process of vomiting, the vomiting feels horrible, even worse, but the body is actually making itself healthy. You could also liken the process to painful withdrawal symptoms experienced by an addict who is getting healthy. What is being vomited up here (spiritually speaking) are the "Vasanas," which are defined thus:

[vasana], karmic residues, unconscious propensities, disposition, habit energy, thought, habit formation, habit thought dormant, potential tendency, habitual pattern, habitual propensity, habitual tendency, impression, imprint, inclination, inherent tendency, inveterate tendency, karmic impression, karmic imprint, karmic propensities, imprints, predispositions; karmic traces, latency, latent predisposition, latent tendency, mental imprint, negative psychic imprint, potency, potential tendency, potentiality, predisposition, propensity, propensities, sediment of impressions. Tibetan synonym: nus pa, habitual patterning.

alt text

Sivananda further explains:

This is not a degenerating process but is actually a purifying one. The course of spiritual development at times appears as the contrary of what it really is. Extreme things that are diametrically opposite and contradictory tend to seem identical at times. Very low rates of vibration the ears cannot catch and similarly extreme high rates the ears cannot hear. A static object appears motionless, and the same object set rotating at a tremendous velocity appears to the eye to be perfectly still. Thus, when, during a stage in Sadhana, the extreme reverse process of purification and the getting rid of impurities (Mala) takes place, it appears alarmingly similar to that of the obverse positive process of acquiring Asubha-Vasanas (evil tendencies).

He goes on to explain what to do when one is experiencing this:

It is here that an important note of caution has to be vividly borne in mind. When these inner Vasanas (tendencies) begin to cast out themselves, then the aspirant should, with great alertness and vigilance, see that they are not afforded any scope to have any active physical manifestation. Like the excess water in a dam that is released out of the barrage by the periodical opening of a few sluice gates, these Vasanas must harmlessly flow out. Then the Sadhaka (aspirant) is all right, and he will soon proceed with his Sadhana as before. Else these outflowing Vasanas will get translated into actions and forge further bonds in the Karmic cording that holds the individual in thraldom here. Instead of becoming a release process it will be a reverse of it.

There are two processes in this connection which will be of great help and reassurance to the Sadhaka if he remembers and makes proper and timely use of them with a little discrimination. That is, it is not always necessary or even desirable that all such 'spending-out' forces should indeed be allowed to flow out abortively or that they should issue forth at all. Where they are imbedded in the Chitta or the subconscious mind, these can be directly sublimated and nullified. Just as the heat of the sun shining upon a pool of water reduces its contents by evaporation, so also regular meditation of the aspirant sublimates a portion of the store of Vasanas, day by day, as he proceeds. Then with those forces that actually sally out there is a very profitable alternative, viz., sublimating them upon the external physical plane and transforming them into some profitable spiritual activity. This latter can be employed either subjectively with beneficial repercussions upon himself or objectively to the advantage of others. Subjectively, for instance, should the subtle tendency of lust endeavour to manifest itself, then the aspirant should transform it at once into a dozen Surya- Namaskaras or a vigorous round of the favourite Pranayama, a course of Asanas, or a full-throated chant of Mantra Japa, etc. Thus the process of sublimation also is turned into Sadhana.

Should the Vasana or tendency of anger commence this 'spending-out' process, then repair to a quiet room and have a good loud hearty laugh and make it effervesce into a pure upsurge of good cheer. Or sit still and send out wave after wave of love, blessing and goodwill to the entire world from the bottom of your heart. Repeat again and again the sublime verses of the scriptures, and you will be simply filled with overflowing cosmic love. All tendencies to anger will vanish, leaving in their stead a continuous thrill of motiveless love. This feeling is indeed indescribable. This Sadhana will give you a positive asset of Sattva (purity) and Prema (love). You will find yourself a tangibly different being after even a single genuine attempt at this process of deliberate sublimation...

So, when the inner Vasanas break through and strike the surface, do not be dismayed. Understand what is happening and deal with them calmly. Adopt the methods outlined above to suit the case and with variations to fit into particular situations and temperaments. Overcome them wisely and be a gainer. This experience will enrich you and you will be more firmly established in Sadhana.

The whole essay is available here...you might find it interesting in its entirety. I know I did when I was going through the same thing (and it still happens to me from time to time):


Hope this helps!


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Thanks for this info it is very interesting and yes most people on the spiritual path have this at times.

(20 Aug '12, 09:44) Paulina 1

@lozenge123 - thank you so much. This whole answer had me chuckling in self-recognition over and over again. That first quote even employs some of the same expressions, words and phrases I've used here about slipping back, finding myself in more darkness... This bit "...object set rotating at a tremendous velocity appears to the eye to be perfectly still..." describes me so well, it made me laugh....

(20 Aug '12, 10:00) Grace

..... This helps a lot. At least it makes me see that, rather than stagnating, going backwards, or simply being not good enough, I am purging things I want out of me. It's bound to be ugly, but if I can remember these words and keep clear on what it is, I can take it, no problem. Thanks again. :)

(20 Aug '12, 10:00) Grace

@Grace - You're very welcome...So glad it helped! Yes, just as you say--Stingray was saying a similar thing recently regarding limiting beliefs--once you recognize these things, know what they are, and are aware that they are simply a part of the process of moving forward, then your very awareness of them (and what they are) drains them of their power. And moving forward seems somewhat more effortless...even inevitable.

(20 Aug '12, 10:22) lozenge123

@Grace - Re-reading the part about the "good hearty laugh" just reminded me of an exercise a yoga teacher (who actually came from Sivanada's lineage) taught us. When this teacher sensed a little negativity from students at the beginning of class, he would have us do this thing where we would suddenly and violently thrust our arms forward and throw ourselves into a crouching position, while opening our mouths and sticking our tongues out, "expelling" the negativity from ourselves.

(20 Aug '12, 10:27) lozenge123

@Grace - He would make this horrible face when he did it--imagine a monster, mouth gaping, sticking his tongue out-- and made a horrible "Baaaah!" sound at the same time (the whole thing is done simultaneously and instantly). It looked ridiculous--and everyone in the class laughed--but it worked! I still do it myself sometimes in place of EFT. If I can ever find a link or video to this, I'll post it here.

(20 Aug '12, 10:29) lozenge123

@lozenge123 - That sounds fun! I recognize that from somewhere... I used to do this with Wai Lana Yoga - a TV program years ago. Loved it! You feel nutty when you do it, but it sure does clear up the energy! Can't remember what it's called...

(20 Aug '12, 15:21) Grace
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SHE LET GO …. without a thought or a word, she let go.

She let go of the fear.

She let go of the judgements.

She let go of the opinions swarming around her head.

She let go of the committee of indecision within her.

She let go of all the “right” reasons. Wholly and completely, without hesitation or worry, she just let go.

She didn’t ask for advice. She didn’t read a book on how to let go. She just let go.

She let go of all the memories that held her back.

She let go of all the anxiety that kept her from moving forward.

She let go of all the planning and all the calculation, about how to do it just right.

In the space of letting go, she let it all be. A smile came over her face. A light breeze blew through her. And the sun and moon shone forever more.

Written by Ernest Holmes (1887 – 1960)

This answer is marked "community wiki".

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edited 20 Aug '12, 06:04

@Satori - Wish I had words. I can't tell you how you just made me feel. If you could see my face, you'd know. I'll keep this, it will go on my wall.

Thank you, dear, thoughtful, gentle friend.

(20 Aug '12, 09:31) Grace

Love this.

(20 Aug '12, 09:36) Paulina 1

@Grace- Thanks for the kind words Grace.Im so glad you like this.Im very inspired to post certain things sometimes and it seems to be helping:)

(20 Aug '12, 10:37) Satori

@Paulina 1-Glad you like:)

(20 Aug '12, 10:37) Satori

@Satori, It's helping.

(20 Aug '12, 15:14) Grace
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Maybe I should post this here to as reference...

Kundalini Yoga With Maya Fiennes:A journey through the Chakras.

There is a 45 minute kundalini yoga workout for clearing/balancing each Chakra.

A good way to "prepare for the Aquarian Age" in 2012

1st Chakra:http://youtu.be/vxcWSj3XPgk

2nd Chakra:http://youtu.be/jBQ9qH-IMMg

3rd Chakra:http://youtu.be/kYVu1hMlz40

4th Chakra:http://youtu.be/BI088AW1nRQ

5th Chakra:http://youtu.be/fW38UiWZwb8

6th Chakra:http://youtu.be/PC4joGwXz8c

7th Chakra:http://youtu.be/vFMr8snZB2Y


answered 20 Aug '12, 09:16

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edited 20 Aug '12, 14:15


@Satori, thank you. These look great - and you've made them so easy to access. I followed a link you posted previously about this wonderful lady and her teaching - she is just so wise and helpful, so lovely and loving - I want to be like her when I grow up! This thread is really a treasure for me, thank you again.

(20 Aug '12, 09:40) Grace

@Grace-Thanks Grace glad you found this useful.Ive been following these exercises now for a few months.Highly recommended.The active meditations at the end are excellent:)

(20 Aug '12, 10:46) Satori

Dear Grace, You have some good answers here on how to balance your Chakras and clear yourself of negative energy so I'll leave it at that. You can do simmilar visualizations to clear your home or place of negative energy as well and it is a good idea. Have you brought something old or something you were given by someone else into your home. Sometimes its not only the people but things as well that can change our vibration to sad and uncomfortable.

Here is an example of what happened to me. A wonderful artist friend of mine gave me a beautiful small painting as a gift. I was so pleased as I loved the work and remarked how much I liked it and that it was my favourite work of theirs.

That night I couldn't sleep for just as I fell asleep I would hear a loud bang and wake up. This kept on throughout the night. Needless to say during the day I was extremly tired and felt very down. This kept on for about a week till I eventualy couldnt take it any more for I was exhausted and depressed. My husband couldn't hear the loud bangs and I thought I must be ill or going crazy. I couldnt understand why this was happening.

One of my alernative friends mentioned that one can pick up others energy through their stuff and immediately I thought about the painting. Sounds compleatly crazy I know but I was desperate enough to remove the painting and wrap it in foil and put away in my storeroom which was tree floors below in the basement.

That night I slept like a well fed and satisfied baby. It was so wonderfull to be able to sleep and the depression left as well. My old self was back but I simply couldn't believe that something like that could happen so I too the painting out of the storeroom and put it back on my wall again. Well that night I couldn't sleep and the noises and depression were back. Needless to say I got rid of the painting and am now so carefull to note how I feel when someone gives me something and I dont buy old stuff anymore (I used to love that)

Of course things can also be cleansed of negative energy but once bitten twice shy. Go back in your mind when that feeling of yours first happened and think did you bring anything into your home or who you were with that it could posibly be their energy you are picking up on. The moment you realise whose energy it is the feeling disapeares like magic.

To raise your vibration quickly use props like happy music or whistle or sing a happy song no matter how miserable you feel. Gratitude and seing beauty and love also changes vibration quickly.

Heres wishing you good vibrations.


answered 19 Aug '12, 12:05

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Paulina 1

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ursixx's gravatar image



....very interesting!! This has also happened to me and didn't realize it. An object from a friend, and ended up just getting rid of it because I didn't like the vibe it gave off. I could even feel the negativity when I walked past it.

(19 Aug '12, 14:50) Eldavo

@Paulina 1 - Wow, what a story! I'm glad you figured out the problem, that must have been awful. I have heard of such things before, but never met anyone who had experienced it. It never would have crossed my mind if you hadn't told me about what happened to you. I don't remember anything off hand, but I will give this some thought, thank you!

(19 Aug '12, 16:28) Grace
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