I have started my Journey of meditation about 2 months ago with Wayne Dyers I am meditation, this has felt beneficial and I started feeling a lot more positive and energetic.

I struggle with chronically feeling tired and unmotivated and could probably sleep my life away if I didn't have small children. I have started doing Joes chapter 3 Becoming supernatural meditation. The next day I seem to feel even more tired and miserable, and lack even more energy.

I have only been doing this for several sittings but I am worried that I'm going backwards quickly. I would be grateful if somebody could recommend how and what to meditate to stop this what I call lazy -itis that I have experienced most of my life Or if anybody has a similar experience with either meditation and what They have done to make a difference.

I have seen the doctors and I have no medical reason to always be so tired and unmotivated. I've just had enough of not achieving anything with my life and having no direction.

Thanks for viewing and responding.

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Hello InwardQuest! The thing that stuck out for me in the question was " I struggle with....." . You're owning it. Are these things you want to own? You're programming your subconscious. The last line in the A-H quote (JanuaryFeelins)is another way to put it.

So,what DO you want to own? Meditate on that. Imprint it on your subconscious. Mediate on gratitude. And be amazed on how positive things get!



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Grateful for everyone's comments. Puts things into perspective and I can see where I go wrong. It is very difficult when you first start changing your thinking from constant negative to positive so I easily revert back but hopefully this will not take forever to overcome. Thank you again for responding. Makes me feel less alone.

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Well first of all you are obviously not NOT achieving anything with your life as clearly you are a mother of at least two small children, as i understand from your question. So you have achieved quite a lot with your life already- as you are raising children, and being a mother is a very hard and difficult task on every level- both psychologically and physically. So perhaps it is time to at least stop saying that your life has no achievement or direction- i think that if you stop saying that for at least a month- and start perhaps telling yourself- no- i DO have a direction- i am raising human children- and taking care of them, teaching them how to be independent happy humans and that is by itself an achievement and is giving my life a very clear direction every single day.

Second, of course the main issue here is your lack of energy, which you have been experiencing as you say your entire life, and also that doctors could not pinpoint the exact problem. I too had a medical issue in my life where not one doctor could really help me, i myself did not know where this came from or how to solve it. so what i can advise you, and it is truly the only advise that i know- if you will follow it- you will find the cause and get better.

Find a note- write down exactly what you want (i want to know what is causing my lack of energy and how i can solve it or- i have a lack of energy, please make sure it goes away) sign it- date it- put it away somewhere safe and forget about it- and keep living your life- perhaps stop saying your life is meaningless- and give yourself 1 month to stop contemplating or complaining or being like ugh i have no energy again- just say for one month- im gonna just live life- and i asked for the answer and it will come but in the meantime im not gonna try to solve it anymore and i will see in a month what happens.

this is directly from manifesting experiment 1 link: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/2915/manifesting-experiment-1-the-manifesting-box-method-how-to-get-what-you-want-effortlessly

Read the whole thing- it will explain further to you what to do and you will know how to write the note correctly

And after that i promise you- within that month- even sooner but dont keep waiting for it you will have an answer of what it is and how to solve it if it didnt solve all by itself all together- but you gotta just let it go, out of your thoughts for some time- i mean you have tried for so long to find an answer- doctors- meditation for gods sake- if nothing YOU are doing so far has given you the answer- why not let it go for just a month and see what happens- either way you have tried so much its maybe time to try something else

but seriously also stop complaing about your meaningless life with no direction and keeping focus on how bad everything is- of course the meditation is going to make you feel bad- obviously that is what you keep telling yourself you should feel like

also maybe watch some Abraham Hicks

edit: *I just wanted to add, because after reading my own answer i think i wasnt clear enough and perhaps it also will clear up why i picked this exact abraham quote, how i see it- you are feeling this lack of energy because you kept and still are thinking the thought 'my life has no meaning and direction' and over time this has become your dominant vibration- so you keep manifesting a seemingly meaningless and directionless life and the physical state (lack of energy) to match that vibration- because obviously a person who believed their life has no meaning and direction wouldnt exactly be bursting full of energy ready to take on the day jumping out of bed screaming woopie every morning at 6 am- if you believe your life to be meaningless and with no direction- why WOULD you have energy- for what?- you dont need energy remember?- your life is meaningless and has no direction. so i think by starting to change the thought (or molding the vibration as abraham puts it) you will change your dominant vibration of my life has no meaning- into perhaps something a bit more refreshing 'i have one very clear direction which is motherhood', and then when you will feel your energies going up (because now you will keep the thought of you HAVING a direction- which will result in your body also responding to this new thought and you start to feel more energetic) and then you can replace that thought with others that will come up when you start to build towards a more positive view of your life, and before you know it your habitual thought will be something like 'my life is full of meaning and direction and fun things to do and to experience' and your physical state will mirror that belief in giving you the energy required for such a belief- resulting in all the energy you need for your meaningful, fun, exiting new life. change the thought- and the rest will follow. every physical discomfort ALWAYS has a psychological origin- the mind comes first- the body follows.

I have a book-tip for you about how medicine and the mind actually work with a lot of practical real-life clinical examples- its a book by Lissa Rankin- a brilliant physician, the book is called 'Mind over Medicine' and in it she explains how crucial and powerful the mind is in medical issues- and how for example- the placebo effect isnt some hoax- but actually a clear explanation that if your mind believes it to be true- its gonna work- you just need to make the brain believe it will- because it does all the work- not the medicin. thats why some people get better and others dont- the difference between who gets better and who doesnt is never the medicin or the doctors or whatever life condition you can imagine- the only difference between someone getting better and someone not getting better- is the fact that the person who got better simply believed that they would- and so they did. and the person who did not believe they would get better- no matter how much medicine and amazing doctors and what not- they never got better because they did not believe it in the first place. your mind holds all control over every aspect of your life- including your body- the body responds to the mind, never the other way around.*

here is a link to the full version of the book in pdf, you can start reading it right away


and finally- just as a little observation from me to you- your life HAS meaning- and a very important direction- you are currently searching for the answer and cure to your lack of energy which you have been subject to your entire life- this search, of itself, to make yourself better and improve the quality of your life- is what the direction of your life right now is- it is giving your entire life meaning and purpose because what can be more important than getting better, enjoying your life and feeling good and energetic every day? nothing can be more important- so this search for answers should have you spiked with the energy and willpower and determination to find the answer- because giving up and not getting better is, as i hope you already understand- not an option nor will it ever be. so there- what a clear and direct purpose for your life you have, one that is perhaps more crucial and meaningful than any other i can think of.


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I used to be tired all the time to the point I would sleep 16 hours a day. They could find no medical reason or at least they had no idea where to check. Turns out I had hypothyroidism and most thyroid tests do not actually know how to catch the illness. I also read a book on natural ways to cure chronic fatigue syndrome where many possible causes were addressed. Even if your current doctor cannot find the cause does not mean you cannot find a way to overcome the fatigue. The first step is being open to possibilities. I do not know if you believe in God, but prayer for aid on the path to discovering the cure will be helpful. There are so many causes of chronic tiredness that are commonly overlooked by doctors that I cannot remember them all. Don't feel bad about the lack of motivation, It is hard to be motivated when tired. Just do what you can and let God hold you up. If all you can do sometimes is walk to the fridge to open it, be proud of being able to do that. When you are tired every little step counts and let go of feeling bad about motivation. Remember there is hope. I thought I would sleep my life away at one point too. I used what energy I had to look for help and when I least expected it I was delivered from chronic fatigue.


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