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To check if this is the appropriate manifesting approach to use in your particular life situation, first read the Manifesting Experiment Guide


I'm not sure if anything like this has ever been attempted before in a public online forum.

I've been using processes like the one I am about to describe quite successfully for a number of years now (sometimes with amazing results) so I have built up a considerable amount of confidence in them.

But I have no idea whether those results will transfer easily to complete strangers (some of whom might be quite skeptical) and who may be completely new to this sort of thing. Though I see no reason why what works for me will not work for anyone who tries it sincerely.

But, whatever the outcome is, I think it will be an unusual, and perhaps memorable, experience for anyone who sincerely gives it a go.

If any of your friends, family, colleagues or other online buddies wish to get involved as well, just point them at this web page.

If you have any questions, just ask them as separate (normal) Inward Quest questions, tagged as Manifesting-Experiment-1 and I'll answer them as normal answers. Doing this will also provide the opportunity for other people to answer as well based on their own personal experiences as they gain more manifesting experience.

If you want to see a list of questions that people have asked about this method, just click on the tag in the gray box in the top right-hand corner of this page marked manifesting-experiment-1. (The gray box is titled tagged)

I will use any feedback from those questions and answers to improve (or rewrite) these instructions as the experiment continues. Because I've been doing this for a while, things that might seem obvious to me might not be so obvious to you. So please ask questions if anything is not clear.

If you want to see the amendments I have made to this written method in response to feedback, just go to the bottom of this posting where it says edited (next to where it says community wiki). Next to that word will be the last time this posting was edited. If you click on that time, you will see all the revisions that have been made.


To take part in this experiment, you will need:

  • A box
  • Some paper
  • A pen (or you can use word processing software and a printer)


Here are the steps involved in how to manifest your desires effortlessly.

  • STEP 1: Decide what you want and why you want it, and write that on a piece of paper
  • STEP 2: Put the paper in the box
  • STEP 3: Forget about it
  • STEP 4: Record your Vibrational Matches below


I think the main reason that people believe that the Universe doesn't give them what they want is that the way that your desires manifest is often different to the way you asked for them.

Let me explain what I mean by that.

You are actually deciding what you want everyday anyway just by living your life.

  • If someone is rude to you, you are launching a desire for more pleasant people in your life.
  • If you feel that your life is too serious, you are launching a desire to laugh a bit more and lighten up
  • If travelling on the train to work feels tedious and boring to you, you are launching a desire for a more interesting journey
  • If you are lonely and want to be involved in a romantic relationship, you are launching a desire for a lover or life partner

To you, these might seem like four separate desires but the Universe automatically blends multiple desires together (often in surprising ways) and what you get in return is a blended manifestation.

So, to take the above desires as an example, you might be on the train to work one morning and you end up by accident (it seems to you) in conversation with a pleasant, happy person who seems quite attractive to you. You laugh and joke with this person and don't think anything more of it. The next day, the same thing happens, and the day after that, and the day after that - and you start to realize that this person always seems to be catching the same train as you...the train journeys seem so much less boring now. You discover from your conversations that you actually work nearby to each other and you start meeting up for lunch as well, and then perhaps after work as well. And eventually, you become involved in a romantic relationship, perhaps getting married.

All of this might seem like a series of random events to you but they were not. The universe has actually manifested multiple desires of yours but you didn't notice that happening because those desires were launched incrementally even though they might have manifested simultaneously.

Plus you didn't write those desires down, or even given any thought to them consciously, so it's easy to forget that this is what you were asking for if it actually manifests years later.

These days there are many things I am living that I wanted many years ago but just forgot that I wanted. It's only after looking back and thinking deeply about the sorts of things I wanted back then that I've realized that I've got them now.

This is why sometimes I like to be quite precise about what I want and I like to track those manifestations. Over a period of time of doing this, you start to see the precise correlation between what you are asking for and what you are getting. And it just becomes obvious that you are always getting what you are asking for - and you will then start to wonder why no-one else can see that too. :)

Have you ever done anything as systematic as this before? No?

Well then, it's hardly surprising that you might not be convinced that the Universe is steadily responding to your requests.

This experiment might help to change your view about that.

Now let's look at each of the process steps mentioned above in more detail...

STEP 1 - Decide what you want and why you want it, and write that on a piece of paper

It may surprise you to know that this is probably the hardest step in the process to do. I have sometimes spent days, even weeks, trying to decide exactly what I really want.

It's not as easy as it sounds. You may think you know what you want, but you will often discover that you really don't.

The problem is that for most of us - for most of the things we want - we carry vague ideas around in our heads. We just kind of assume what we want is obvious. But is it?

Have you ever tried to explain precisely to someone else exactly what it is you want?

It is often only when we are forced to do something like this that we realize how vague our desires and wishes really are. So is it any surprise in that case that we don't get them, or we don't notice when we get them?

Guideline for request writing

Here is the guideline that I use when writing out a request for what I want...

Write your request in such a way that you can hand it straight over to a reasonably-intelligent person who is going to go and get it or do it for you. But the single condition is that once you have given them your request you cannot contact them again about it or give them further information.

This means you need to give them enough information up-front in the request to know exactly what it is that you want. And since you can't contact them again afterwards, it is a good idea to tell them why you want it as well. Because if they can't get exactly what you want, then they can at least get you an acceptable substitute if they understand why you want it.

I suggest you also date your requests. It is often interesting to look back and see how the things you have wanted have changed over time, and it also gives you some idea of how long things can take to manifest. Often, it is sooner than you remember.

Don't limit yourself

Another thing to bear in mind is that this person can get you anything you want, so why limit yourself?

Instead of asking for a small house in an average place, why not ask for a luxurious house in an expensive area? Why not ask for many houses in different places?

Instead of asking for a thousand dollars, why not ask for at least one thousand dollars? If they are able to get you anything, why place any limits on them?

Do you believe your request is possible?

Bear in mind that the person you are going to hand over your request to does not have magical powers (even though some of your manifestations might seem magical when they come), they are simply doing or arranging something on your behalf. So if what you are asking for is something you personally believe cannot be done, then it is unlikely that they will be able to do it either.

So, let's say you ask for a million dollars by next week but you are currently living in poverty on the streets, do you think this will be a believable request to you? It might be something you really want or fantasize about, but it is probably not something you believe is really possible. How do I know? Because if you truly believed it, you would already be living it...that's just the way the Universe works.

But if you are a billionaire already, then asking for another million by next week is probably quite a reasonable request to you.

So make your requests believable in terms of what you already believe is possible. You can push the limits of your belief a bit, but you will get a feeling within yourself when you have gone too far.

Ask for what money will bring you, not just money

Even though I have just given you a money example, I try to stay away from asking for specific amounts of money. After all, what is money? It's just lumps of paper and metal (if you have cash) or it is usually just a number on a bank statement. You can't do much with those lumps of paper and metal (or that printed number) apart from exchange it for something else.

So what you really want is the thing that you believe the money will allow you to buy. So ask for that instead of the money.

Ask for what you want, not what you don't want

Also, ask for things you want, not things you don't want. If the neighbours are unfriendly and annoying you, and you now want new neighbours, then asking for the current neighbours to go away is not really what you want, is it? You might end up with new unfriendly and annoying neighbours. What you really want are pleasant and friendly neighbours, even if that means that the current neighbours stay where they are and simply change their behavior.

Write your requests when you are feeling good

Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling upset, you behave in different ways than when you are happy?

It's the same with writing requests. The things you ask for when you are unhappy will be different to the things you ask for when you are feeling happy. And often, those unhappy things are not going to make you happy even if you get them. Vibrationally speaking, you can't reach a happy destination from an unhappy journey.

So I would strongly advise you to only write out your requests when you are feeling good. In that frame of mind, you'll be able to think more clearly about what it is you really want instead of getting hung up in just getting away from your current (temporary) unhappiness.

Don't ask for things you desperately need

I'm not saying don't ask for things you need, just don't ask for things you desperately need.

What's the difference?

It's tricky sometimes to tell what the difference is. Often you need something, that's why you are making the request. But if you are desperate for it then it is going to cause problems when manifesting the request.

A guideline to consider is how would you feel if you didn't get what you wanted. If it feels like it would be a disaster, or the end of the world, for you to not get it, you're probably in desperation.

If, on the other hand, it would feel like a gentle "oh well, I didn't get it. I'll still manage without it" then you probably have an acceptable attitude.

Don't ask for things you cannot forget about for a while

Let's say you decide to ask for more pleasant neighbours but you just can't bring yourself to ignore the behavior of the current neighbours. You keep noticing them everyday as you look out of your window and the way they currently behave preys on your mind all day long. Then this is probably not a request that is going to work out for you...because you will keep standing in the way of it. We'll talk about this more in Step 3.

An example of a request

Here is an actual request I used a few years back by way of example. I was living in an apartment and one of the rooms needed some blinds but the landlady was not co-operating. I've edited out the locations mentioned and the landlady's name. Notice that I have covered both the what and why of my request.

Also note that this is a short and minor request by my standards. Many of my requests are much, much longer, perhaps a full page of text sometimes (I use a word processor). So you can imagine just how detailed and specific they are. I chose to put this short, minor one here as an example simply to maintain some privacy for myself :)

December 12, 2006

I am writing about the blinds that were promised for my apartment at [location of apartment].

Please remind my landlady [name of *landlady*] to arrange for some blinds to be fitted in the office and lounge.

They should be vertical hanging Venetian blinds like those already in the kitchen, or like those that were in the [previous apartment] lounge.

I have asked the landlady on a number of occasions to provide some blinds and she has previously agreed to do so at her expense. However, nothing has yet happened and we have little privacy in these rooms as a result.

From what I remember this request manifested in a few weeks, perhaps sooner. The landlady called me out of the blue one day for some unrelated reason and I felt inspired to re-mention the blinds again and she felt inspired to deal with it immediately after that phone call

That's basically it. Just write the request as though someone else is going to do it for you. I used to write lines such as Please give me this or something better but I don't do that these days and I still get things that are better so it's up to you if you want to add any closing lines.

Some people like to add lines like Please bring this about for the greater good of all. If your particular belief system is such that you wouldn't feel okay about requesting things for yourself without it being of benefit to others, then add those lines as well. It's really all about you being comfortable about making the request.

If you do feel any resistance towards just asking for what you want - whether for moral or religious reasons - just look more broadly at what we are doing here...

...we are simply taking pieces of paper, writing on them, and putting them in a box. If this is something wrong or evil then we should probably outlaw the use of filing cabinets. :)

STEP 2 - Put the paper in the box

Why do I need a whole step just to tell you to put your request in a box?

Because in many ways, this is the most critical step.

When you put your request in the box, you are now handing it over to the person (the Universe) who is going to manifest your request for you.

Think about it for a moment. If, in real life, you told someone you trusted to go off and do something for you, how would you feel after they left to go off and do it?

Remember that you trust this person, so wouldn't you feel rather confident and expectant now that your request is being worked on and is in good hands?

Wouldn't you feel at least a bit better that you don't have to do this thing yourself and someone competent is carrying out your wishes on your behalf?

If you don't feel at least a bit better for handing over your request, then doesn't that imply that something is not right?

Perhaps it indicates you don't really trust them after all? Or perhaps it indicates that you don't really feel you've given them enough information to get exactly what you want? Or perhaps it indicates that you are feeling too needy or impatient?

All the same things that would apply in the real world apply also to putting your paper in the request box.

If you don't feel some feeling of relief, or perhaps positive expectation, then something is wrong somewhere in the way you are approaching the process.

You will need to think carefully about what it is you are doing (or not doing) that is not making you feel better about handing over your request.

If, on the other hand, you do definitely feel better once you have handed over your request then everything is going just like it should.

Don't rush

There can be a great temptation with this method to just rapidly write out everything you've ever wanted and dump them all in the box. That's not what I do and I'm not sure if you will get reliable results if you apply that level of impatience to this approach.

Take it easy with your requests. I generally leave a gap of at least one sleep cycle for each request. So that means that if I wrote the request today and it feels ready, I will not put it in the box until tomorrow. This gives me a chance to make any last minute amendments. Often, you can feel a slight pressure to put the request in the box as soon as possible, and once you force yourself to delay the request, this pressure goes away and you will perhaps think of other things that should be added to the request.

When the time finally comes to put the request in the box, I like to be feeling fairly relaxed about it. I want to have the feeling that the request is as complete and clear as I can make it, so that I can have confidence in handing it over to someone else knowing that they will understand clearly what I want.

What kind of box to use?

It will probably help to have a box that is special in some way to you. The idea is for you to think of this box as a place where, once you put a request, it is being worked on without any further input from you.

So pick some kind of a box that gives you that kind of feeling. It doesn't even need to be a box really. It can be a file or folder, or container...what it is doesn't really matter, it's the feeling it gives you when you put things inside it that matters.

I personally just use a metal bankers cash box with a lockable lid. Once I put the request in the box, and lock the lid, it feels to me like the request is out of my hands.

STEP 3 - Forget about it

This is another step that seems like it doesn't need to be a full step by itself.

But again, it is a critical step.

Every time you think about your request again, you are are effectively stopping work on the request and taking it out of the box again. I know you are not physically taking it out of the box, but you are mentally doing so.

In the real world, how is anyone supposed to get anything done if you keep interrupting them? How is a seed supposed to grow, if the gardener keeps digging it up to check if anything has happened?

You're reading this posting because I presume you want these things effortlessly so why not just let it all go and go do something else instead while your request is being worked on?

If you really want to put in lots of effort towards getting the thing you want, then why are you using this process?

Sometimes you can't forget about something because you desperately need it. Well, as I mentioned earlier, asking for things you desperately need is probably going to get in the way of you getting it. In that case, this is probably not the process to be using. See this answer for some tips on dealing with things you need.

Inspired Action

Remember I said earlier that you cannot contact the person you are handing your request over to. Notice that I didn't say they couldn't contact you.

Well, they can contact you - and that's through the feeling of inspiration.

Have you ever done something when you've been feeling really inspired? Can you remember how effortless that felt? Often, it felt like fun as well. It just felt like doing the right thing at the right time - it felt effortless.

That's what I mean in the title of this posting about manifesting effortlessly. Sometimes, physical action may be required in order to bring about a manifestation (or vibrational match - we'll talk about vibrational matches next) but it won't feel like physical action to you. It will just feel like doing something inspired or fun.

And, often, you won't even consciously realize you are taking any physical action towards a desire. Remember the example at the start about someone having a fun conversation on the train with the person that they eventually end up marrying?

This all comes under the category of inspired action and this is really the purpose of physical action in manifestations. It is something enjoyable on the path to what you want. You can rest assured that if you are in vibrational harmony with what you want (by following the previous instructions) that any action you are required to do will not feel like action, as you normally think of it.

But how can you forget about something and then watch out for any required inspired actions?

The answer is you don't look for inspired actions. Just let them come to you. You'll be living your life and then something might suddenly grab your attention as being something you really want to do in the moment. In that case, just go along with that sudden inspiration.

And even if you miss that moment of opportunity, don't worry. The Universe has a backup plan, and if you miss that one, don't worry, there'll be another, and another, and another, and so on. So just relax and trust that if you are required to do something, it will be so obvious that you just cannot miss it and if you do miss it, it will come another way.

Does this mean that all manifestations have some element of conscious action? No, not at all. Often, things just seem to come out of nowhere and, other times, just through your living life normally, you'll be taking any necessary action without even realizing it.

STEP 4 - Record your vibrational matches

So what's a vibrational match?

A vibrational match is just something meaningful (to you) that brings your manifestation closer.

There isn't really a hard and fast definition that I know of. It will mean different things to different people.

For example, let's say you are looking to buy a new car. A vibrational match to one person might be suddenly realizing exactly what kind of car they want. A vibrational match to another person might be a friend calling them and telling them they have a car for sale, and then the person realizing that this is the kind of car they want to buy. Or, to another person, a vibrational match may be seeing the car you want drive past you on the road.

Whatever seems significant to you as evidence that your manifestation is on its way can be classified as a vibrational match.

You can consider them to be a snippet of manifestational evidence.

So what's the use of noticing (and recording) these vibrational matches?

It's mainly about making you feel better that what you want is on its way to you.

As you see a bit of evidence that the process is working for you, your belief that the process is working will start to increase. In turn, that belief will allow more evidence to manifest itself that the process is really working, which in turn will make you believe even more that the process is working, and so on.

Now what would happen if many people were using a process and it was working well for some of them, but not so well for others? Wouldn't seeing evidence of it working for some people also make the others more confident about it working for them?

That's why I want you to record your vibrational matches in public on this website as answers to this posting.

Whenever something meaningful happens in your life related to something you have asked for, just write it below. It doesn't have to be long, and it can be vague (if you don't want to divulge too much about what your desire is or what has happened).

So your vibrational match can be as specific as:

Uncle Joe called me today about the Audi R8 sports car I've been looking for. He said a friend of his knows a showroom 15 miles away where I can get one at a huge discount and the discount is so huge that it means I can afford it right now. I am going there tomorrow to take a look

...or as vague as...

Heard about a big discount on something I am looking for

As I said, the point of recording your vibrational matches is to increase your belief in the process (and make your own manifestations come more quickly) and also to provide evidence to others that the process is really working. It might also encourage others to try the process who presently doubt that anything can come about in their lives from just putting pieces of paper into a box.

One final point, as with inspired actions, don't go consciously looking for vibrational matches.

Let them come to you. If you go looking for them, you risk thinking about the things you want too much and, as mentioned earlier, repeatedly thinking about what you want - by noticing it hasn't come yet - will interfere with the manifestation of it.


So that's it. That's all you have to do to manifest your desires effortlessly.

  • STEP 1: Decide what you want and why you want it, and write that on a piece of paper
  • STEP 2: Put the paper in the box
  • STEP 3: Forget about it
  • STEP 4: Record your Vibrational Matches below

As I said earlier, if you have any questions about this process, just ask them as normal Inward Quest questions, tagged as Manifesting-Experiment-1. That way, others can share their own experiences regarding your question (rather than just me) and also it will be easy for others to see all questions related to this process.

I will edit the instructions for this process as necessary to make them clearer based upon the questions that are asked.

Please record your vibrational matches as answers below.


I just wanted to offer a quick note of thanks to everyone that is trying out this manifesting method and sharing their vibrational matches (and manifestations) below.

It certainly makes for interesting reading, both for me and, I'm sure, for newcomers to this website who are wondering if this sort of thing really does work.

And many congratulations to those of you who are already seeing some quite positive results.

Bear in mind that this can be - though not always - a fairly long term approach. Sometimes you will see results quickly (even immediately) and sometimes it may take a while, perhaps weeks or months, so don't be concerned if nothing appears to be happening for you yet.

Just relax, enjoy life, and let things happen in their own time.

And, as I'm sure you've experienced before, it is sometimes when you have completely given up on a desire ever coming that it suddenly appears in your life. :)

Finally, just something to consider in case you haven't realized it yet...there is nothing to stop you from putting an unlimited number of requests into the box about anything.

In fact, you can turn this method into quite a systematic on-going process where you daily make notes of things you want in your life (as you think of them) and then later (over a period of days) write requests for each one and put each one in the box when you feel it is ready.

You'll end up with a steady stream of requests going into the box, and a steady stream of manifestations and vibrational matches coming from the box.

And this means that eventually (as you become proficient with this process) you can spend your life mostly doing things you enjoy doing and leave everything else to The Box to sort out for you. :)


There is now a sequel to this experiment which you may also wish to try.

It is called Manifesting Experiment 2 - The Focus Blocks Method

UPDATE 3 (October 2011)

I've added some more advanced ideas about writing the requests in this answer: Can we put requests in the “Manifesting Box” for other people?

asked 02 Jan '10, 14:18

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edited 13 Oct '11, 10:47

well, but when we record our vibrational matches, aren't we focusing on the fact that our manifestion isn't here yet , but is only on the way to us? wouldn't that make us feel a bit needy for it too?

(19 Jan '10, 06:24) kakaboo

It would be better if you ask this as a separate question and tag it as Manifesting-Experiment-1. There is only a limited amount of space to respond in these comments

(19 Jan '10, 07:32) Stingray

@Stingray: I have only recently noticed this is quite similar to the Abraham's "Magical creation box" and "Leave it to the manager" in Ask & It is Given.. had no idea how I missed that before!

(20 Oct '11, 12:22) kakaboo

@Stingray- Curious, did you attain your cool sports car through this process? If so, or you deliberatly did it through a process, would u mind sharing the story?

(11 Dec '12, 22:51) Nikulas

@Nikulas - No, I didn't use this process because I wasn't really aware of it back then like I am now. I did it the "hard way" through visualizing, scripting etc. My belief system wasn't as flexible either so I believed I needed a large income from somewhere. So the car eventually came about through finding an avenue to make a relatively high income, applying physical work, and then just buying it in a conventional manner. People aren't impressed when you manifest by just buying stuff :)

(12 Dec '12, 06:04) Stingray

@Stingray- Appreciate the share, thankyou.

(12 Dec '12, 10:18) Nikulas

@Stingray , I'm not sure where but someone mentioned they were concerned about privacy , so just thought I might mention there is an App for Iphone called The Vault which is free and one can add folders for what ever one likes and of course is has ones own secret password to access . I love the many things that can be done on my phone , completely addicted and appreciative of those who created and all the lovely geeks < endearing term, who make the apps available :-)

(24 Dec '12, 22:25) Starlight

I bookmarked this one. Thank you for sharing @Stingray.

(29 Mar '13, 04:54) Romel
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stingray thank you so much for this. you are a person with a good heart always doing your best to help people.i wish you all the best in your life. i started writing my requests sunday night and am now finished. i have now put them in my box and i am feeling pretty good. once again thank you stingray


answered 27 Jan '10, 00:16

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mark 4


You're welcome, Mark

(27 Jan '10, 12:01) Stingray

I just ate dinner. I had just begun clarifying one particular desire (to eat at a particular Indian restaurant - in a certain area of the restaurant, with a specific group of people and a bit of direction as to how it begins and ends).

During this clarification I realized I didn't know whether one of the people I wished to enjoy themselves with me at the Indian restaurant actually liked spicy food. This question was answered within an hour when I sat down to eat and they had come over, and my nan (who was cooking dinner) had made a chilli salsa (which she has only ever made one other time in the last year I've been living near her)...the person in question exclaimed they "love chilli" and proceeded to take a big helping.

Of course - this isn't a full manifestation of my desire. In fact, truth be told, I never wrote down this concern...only thought about it a bit while clarifying what I wanted in the experience. (I haven't even yet put it in a box, as I am going to wait until I've slept on it, as Stingray mentioned he does) But, it was a very fast manifestation...within an hour of thinking about it (being conservative with that estimate). At least, it is an interesting 'synchronicity' :)

EDIT: Another vibrational match for a different desire. Last night I finished up clarifying a desire (concerning wanting to connect deeply with one of my cousins who I haven't seen for years) and just dis-morning I got an email in my inbox - not from her...but from one of those social sites saying "Do you want to be friends with Katrina C" (Same name as hers, and same last initial) Just another interesting 'synchronicity'. I wonder if I should click yes... :P

Two more vibrational matches today. First, my brother told me he, his friend and other brother etc are trying to convince my mother to go to the restaurant I identified. (Though, his friend was not in my plans...).

Second was, I was called up by someone asking me if I wanted to go to the Gold Coast for a week or so...and they'll pay.


answered 03 Jan '10, 07:26

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edited 10 Jan '10, 03:12

Thanks for sharing, Liam. This is exactly the sort of thing I'd like to hear from people trying out this method. It's nothing spectacular in this case but it is a demonstration that something unusual has happened. As you've discovered already, sometimes you get what you want even as you are still thinking about it. This has happened to me many times also.

(03 Jan '10, 10:43) Stingray

Not exactly a vibrational match to report but just to let you know I felt amazing today when I put my list in the box and handed it over to the Universe ( after rescripting, and adding more detail, a few times over the last couple of days). Thank you:-)

Jan. 05 - Wow! I can't believe I've manifested something already. A new and bigger bookcase ( for my growing library of self-help books ) was on my list, but so soon after Christmas I knew I couldn't afford one yet. Then my hubby came in this afternoon and told me that we had, unexpectedly, saved money on a bill for car repairs that we had to pay today. Even more amazing was the fact that the bookcase was on sale for 40% off and I had never seen it marked down so much before. Right now I'm a little speechless and excited!!! Thanks Stingray.

Mar. 07 - I found a local yoga class within walking distance of where I live which was one of my original requests - I should have posted this several days ago.


answered 04 Jan '10, 21:52

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edited 07 Mar '10, 13:58

May 08 - I just got news yesterday of a relatively, completely unexpected, sum of money which I am going to receive within the next few days which will allow me to attain a few of the desires in my box - Thank you! Thank you! Thank you :-)

(08 May '10, 13:12) Michaela

Vibrational Match. 09/01/2010

I had a vibrational match manifest in the form of a book by Marc Allen called "The Greatest Secret of all" it has truly opened my eyes to a new way of attaining my one and only "wish". And the fact it was on sale for Two dollars makes it all the sweeter. :)

11/01/2010 This has nothing to do with my original wish, the one in my box. This has taken me by surprise. I answered Vesuvius's question, yesterday and at the end I made a comment that I would like to acquire a copy of Illusions. And today Michaela and I went to Goodwill to drop off some clothes and other things. We did'nt have to go in the store for this, but we decided to go in and take a look anyways. They have quite a large book section and we like to browse through it. I always look in the Spiritual section and although there were some great books nothing caught my eye, so I moved so Michaela could look. I never look in the romance section, but sticking out like a sore thumb because of it's shape was a well read copy of Illusions which I promptly bought after letting out a little yell which made an older man who was looking at the books smile. It can't be that easy to manifest something or can it?


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Yes, it can be that easy to manifest things, Roy. That's pretty much all I do to manifest easy (in my mind) things like parking places, restaurant tables, train seats, clear roads...the list goes on and on. I just think to myself, for example, "I would like a parking place right next to [shop name]", then I immediately release the request in my mind. Invariably, the thing I want happens. It's really just about practice and some confidence in the method.

(11 Jan '10, 20:47) Stingray

Thats awesome, Thanks

(11 Jan '10, 21:01) Roy

Sorry Stingray, I havent been keeping upto date. We have been contacted twice by referals by a northamerican wide agency and have two new clients.I see myself takeing a whole new path right now and to say the least, I'm getting a wee bit excited by this new challenge :) I appreciate your Help.

(14 Feb '10, 05:33) Roy

Great to hear that things are moving for you, Roy

(14 Feb '10, 12:02) Stingray

That's a cool story. It reminds me very much of the "blue feather" story in Illusions itself, although it appears that you got the actual feather. :)

(22 Feb '10, 21:32) Vesuvius
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As I didn’t feel confident to go for anything spectacular, I went for a relatively simple request, although to me, I feel that even a ‘little’ result is spectacular.

So, we have had the most snow recently that I can ever remember for yonks and we set up a bird station [it’s a bird table and bird food hanging in things from close by tree branches, but they call it bird station on TV so that’s what it is;) ] as the small birds are dying through lack of food and water. Anyhoo, I asked for 1 rare bird to come to the bird station and that I would see it [didn’t want to risk it being there and me not see the thing]. I put the paper in the pink box and promptly forgot about it.

Next day I was watching the birds in the big old pear tree whom I call The Elegant Gentleman [no laughing now!!] and I thought to myself that it would be nice to see the pair of doves that come ever summer and I was just wondering out of idle curiosity where they go to in winter time.

Yesterday my daughter turned up here and said “Guess wot!!” I asked wot, she replied with “I’ve got 2 rare birds in my back garden today” and went on to describe them. I just had to laugh about it! The Universe clearly has an ironic sense of humor;)


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Things will come to you in the least possible way that you would expect, but it will come to you in good time. The Universe will continue to manifest for all of your wishes, so continue to ask, and you will continue to see how the Universe will unfold for you, your every wish.

(11 Jan '10, 15:05) Inactive User ♦♦

I just put my first request in my box. I was having diificulty thinking of an appropriate box but thought I could empty out an old shoe box I had and lock it back in my cupboard. I opened the shoe box and it was full of memorabilia from the most exciting and happiest times of my life, so I knew I'd found the right box - I didn't empty it, I added my request to it. As I was writing my request yesterday, it became apparent to me that what I really wanted wasn't the money I thought would help me keep my mortgage payments up to date and maintain my unit. I started writing down the house I wanted instead. Strangely, as soon as I re-read my request aloud, I got a call from a former colleague offering me work which I haven't had for nearly six months. An immediate job to help me cover my next mortgage repayment.


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Phil 1

Nice story. Congratulations on getting the job :)

(13 Jan '10, 06:52) Stingray

Great I am so glad this is helping you and Stingray is showing us how to use this information to manifest better Thanks Stingray.

(13 Jan '10, 07:29) flowingwater

Hello! I have just listed my wish list. I'd like to share though an experience I hold dearly. I was on a plane, sitted by the window. I asked the Lord for a rainbow for no reason at all. I said, just to tell me that you Love me Lord. Nothing else. I didn't see any. However, when the pilot announced that we were already decending for the final approach, I saw a white arch and just when we were about to pass it, colors came and it bacame a rainbow! How God must love me!!!


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Sansan F

That is so great that made me smile when I read that. He does love you very much! Sansan F

(04 Feb '10, 11:43) flowingwater

Hello, This is a different kind of manifestation but I find it awesome because I (all) can use it for life. I read sometime back that you can cooperate with nature instead of harming or poisoning it so I had the chance to put it to the test. My spouse was driving a bobcat leveling out the new driveway and everytime he got to the fence at the end of the driveway he disturbed a hornets nest attached to the underside of a 2x4. They flew around him but neither of us were stung all day. I thought that a miracle on it's own!. I was still uncomfortable with it there and so I asked the Universe to take care of it. I couldn't begin to figure out what would happen but I was stunned to have it taken care of the next morning. Sitting on my deck having my morning coffee I saw a black and white crow land on the roof of the house then fly to the roof of the shed, then fly to the wooden fence above the nest, then fly to or hop I should say to the intersecting chainlink fence. Then he flew about 2 ft twisting his body, grabbed the whole nest, fly to the shed roof again and he put it down and held it with his feet and ate everything in all the chambers and grabbed a hornet trying to escape in mid air!! I've had other garden experiences also.


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Sheila 1

I have been struggling with severe financial problems and a massive debt which nearly stopped me breathing every time I thought of it. Ever since I started working on manifesting financial abundance and debt elimination 2 really major things have happened:

1 - I'm getting business without having to even sell my services - clients just keep calling and I'm getting large projects at my prices.

2- And this one is really amazing - my grandfather had left some property for my mom but due to the partition of India-Pakistan the records were lost and my mom only had a few documents of the land. People had illegaly taken possession of the property. Frankly I did'nt think that there was any possibility that we would ever get that land. But it seems that we now miraculously have managed to vacate the place from illegal occupants and we may be now able to legally get our claim. That would me a truly massive windfall for me and the elimination of all debts!



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I Think Therefore I Am


Thanks for sharing this. I think it gives people in troubling life situations considerable hope when they hear of the successes that others have had in applying the principles.

(16 May '10, 19:11) Stingray

Congrats! Everyone loves to hear a success story :)

(16 May '10, 20:19) Michaela

Am happy for you :)

(17 May '10, 13:50) AVBhat 1

Congratulations... Remember one thing tho...

Money makes money... invest wisely to create more money to pay off the debts don't make the mistake I made of using windfalls to pay off debts therefore not creating a flowing income for your future.

(26 Jun '11, 16:29) Arti Joshi 1

By-the-way the update on this answer - just as things started going well I started focusing on it so much that I caused major resistance in this area. But thankfully I reaslized that and also started working on the more deep seated limiting beliefs and things are slowly turining around.

(26 Jun '11, 20:14) I Think Therefore I Am
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Would just like to say I had some success with this method a few days ago. I manifested a 4 figure sum of money in a fixed time period of two weeks. The figure was £60 pounds less than I had asked for.Not far away.:) Again I must say that the action I took to use this method felt inspired like it has worked before.What I mean is it didn't feel as though the desire started was like just a part of step 3 of the process like a way to receive the money.whenever I feel inspired to use this method I'm almost know with certainty it's going to work:) Happy days:)


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great to hear that !

(04 Feb '12, 12:32) kakaboo

@kakaboo-thank you:)

(04 Feb '12, 13:56) Satori

@Satori - yes, great to hear. Congratulations :) ...and thanks for sharing. I'm sure it will inspire others to try it for themselves.

(04 Feb '12, 14:08) Stingray

@Stingray-thanks,yes hope it does inspire more people to use this's the easiest way to get what you want if you believe you can have it:)

(04 Feb '12, 17:11) Satori
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I am very new to IQ and am finding treasures here. Have been doing manifesting for many years, but really needed a better format. A more precise method Thanks Mr Ray for providing it!

Yesterday I was working on a project when my old belt sander gave off a noxious cloud of electrically generated smoke and died. I had also run out of sanding belts. I thought about the concepts and put a request in my box (an old Nepalese wooden milk mug).

We are "packrats" and live in a huge old machine shop/warehouse. I continually buy things on sale, stash them away and forget about them, so we have stuff everywhere!

I had decided to go to Home Depot and get a new belt sander and belts, but did not have time yesterday, so I put it on my list and forgot about it.

Today I went out in my shop to look for some bolts for another project and there in the darkness was a large plastic case I didn't remember ever seeing before. I opened it and found a heavy duty belt sander, brand new, with extra belts. I also found a receipt showing I had bought it about a year ago at a fantastic price! Normal price, $200, I bought it (clearance) for $30!

A vague memory came to me that I had bought it a year ago, bu it seemed like a deja vu experience! Almost as though I had made up the memory to explain the sudden appearance of this belt sander. Did I manifest it, or just find it? Whatever, I really enjoyed using it.

I am going to do more of this manifesting experimenting!


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Dollar Bill

Thanks for sharing your story, @Dollar Bill :)

(11 Mar '12, 16:48) Stingray

As a start, i want to manifest Rs. 15,000.00 per week sale. I think this statement is enough. Let me put this inside the box and see what happens! All excited for the vibrational matches..

Waiting for vibrational matches.. well i think i need to get detached first. I put some 3 more wishes in the box.. lets see what happens

Vibrational Match(8thJan): I got a customer interested in buying the product. I did not have to give the information, he has it all!

Vibrational Match(12thJan): I got a wonderful marketing idea.. and i know the action was an inspired one and tomorrow is the acid test for the idea implementation which was partly successful yesterday. Wish me luck!

Vibrational Match(13Jan): This is unbelievable! I happened to talk to my friend about a product (sort of an inspiration) and he bought it. Yeah.. this works!

Vibrational Match (18Jan): I talked to another friend of mine and she paid instantly for the product. also i got a repeat order for another item.

Vibrational Match (20Jan): One of my friend unexpectedly showed up at my place and bought few items.

My sales are increasing.. this stuff surely works..


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I don't know whether this counts, but I just found it really weird. Although I didn't really write down anything about this and put it into my 'box'. I was just thinking of a car, how nice it would be if I owned my own car, but I didn't know what type of car I really wanted to drive, etc. Then out of a sudden from nowhere as I was minding my own buisness, some stranger in the same building as me walked up to me, and asked me : hey you don't have an iphone cover for your iphone right? (I was holding my phone in my hand) Here, I don't need this cover anymore, I bought a new one. Since I am about to throw it away I might as well give it to you.

and guess what?? the picture on the iphone cover was the logo of a Ferrari =.=


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I guess Universe has the sense of humour! And your gift was a vibrational match. Indicates that your wish is in progress.

(17 Jan '10, 17:32) Asklepios

I am giving it a try too. For the main things in my life I actually enjoy putting effort but it would be fun to try an effortless approach to manifestation. Choosing something that I could easily forget was a bit of a challenge. Without going into too much details, on 4tht of January I asked for increase in sales of certain affiliate product that I am marketing.

Vibrational Matches
-5.01.2010: I got notified of a sale. That's nothing unbelievable as I have been referring sales from time to time till now... nevertheless it was nice to see a match on the very next day after writing the wish and putting it in a box
-6.01.2010: Another sale. I also got notified that someone signed up for the affiliate program as a result of my referral (it's a two-tier program, so I receive some rewards for second tier sales). That's interesting! It makes forgetting about the whole thing a bit more difficult but I'll just concentrate on something else
-11.01.2010: One more sale :)
-13.01.2010: Another sale
-16.01.2010: Someone I refered signed up for the program
-22.01.2010: 2 Sales
-01.01.2010: 1 Sale
-04.02.2010: 1 Sale


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Hello Stingray!

I heard about the "box" sometime last year in 2009 and I did write out a list of the things that I know what I want and to tell you the truth, I have not thought about that list until today when I received the e-mail.

Now the question is what was on that list? I made the "decision" to not open the box to take a look and see. Perhaps at the end of 2010 I will. Does this method work? I would say yes even as you write out your "intention" on your list. A very good read and reminder and this is just further confirmation that this method is a good one to use.


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Flowingwater Likes to do this Usually Eldon and she would say your very welcome here:) And I'd like to add It's nice to see your face.

(14 Feb '10, 05:11) Roy

Thanks for your comments, Eldon

(14 Feb '10, 07:31) Stingray

thanks stingray for taking the time to help us, i desperately wanted a new home and it did not manifest, and i knew why...hard to detach, but i guess that if we don't it shows a lack of trust... so i will use your method and just try to be happy now, i know i have manifested in the past, even things i've thought of fleetingly, just by being ecstatic about living!! god bless


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naomi 1


Hi Naomi, yes, things you want desperately are hard to detach from. It is sometimes easier to practice with smaller, insignificant things rather than going for the big thing first. Though there is no harm in trying for the big thing as well provided you can remain in a happy place about it.

(14 Feb '10, 07:34) Stingray

I have only recently discovered manifestation but I immediately remembered an experience I had 20 years ago. I fell in love with a fiat X19 sports car and was determined to buy one. I researched, worked out how much I could afford to pay weekly, calculated that if I received $5000 for my then current vehicle I could afford to buy it. My current vehicle was in very good condition. When I talked to the salesman the most he could give me for my car was $3000 which meant i couldn't afford the fiat. the next day a friend invited me to join him and others to spend the evening watching the wimbledon tennis finals. I arrived at his house in the afternoon and was reading the newspaper when i read an ad for a private sale of a 2 year old fiat X19 with low milage. the person selling lived in the street behind my friends house. I looked at the car the next day, sold my car privately and bought the X19. 1 week after buying it I was promoted at work and my pay rise was slightly more than the weekly cost of the car.


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hi everbody, let me tell you my story, in 2007 i was pregnant and homeless sleeping on friends sofa's and spare rooms, i knew i didnt want to have the baby and still be homeless so i decide to ask the universe personally to help me out and find me somewhere of my own to live before the birth of the baby. I wanted to live in london so i was specific and asked for a house (not a flat or a bungalow) and i was also adament that i had a frount and a back garden and also a garage, anyway i verbally placed the request and was taken into hospital shortly after because i had pre eclampsia so naturally i'd forgotten all about it and it didnt even cross my mind. A few weeks later after i'd been discharged from hospital after having a caesarean and having the baby early (the baby was kept in on an incubator because it was born too early)i was informed that i'd been offered a property in londonderry (remember i'd asked for london) this wasnt in london but it was a very nice area, and it also had a very reasonable sized frount and back garden and my house was the only house on the street with a garage and i was offered the house four days before my baby was released from hospital. To say i was happy is an understatement i was ecstatic and very much over the moon, i love my new home its comfortable, cosy and everything i've always wanted, i am so greatfull to the universe i feel well and truly blesssed


answered 14 Feb '10, 15:51

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Thanks for sharing your story, Sheila

(14 Feb '10, 16:37) Stingray

Did you mean Londonderry N.Ireland? - That's where I was born and grew up. Welcome to the site and thanks for sharing:-)

(14 Feb '10, 17:20) Michaela

I was just reading this and wrote down about a publishing deal for music on my label and before I found a box to put it in I got an email from a music licensing co asking for some samples of my work! Thats fast!! if you fancy tuning in!! much love Dar.Ra


answered 15 Feb '10, 11:30

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Nice to hear, Dar Ra - thanks for sharing

(15 Feb '10, 12:00) Stingray

this happen 5 years ago I was driven a small pickup truck, and I realize I need a big truck but I have no enough money but I pray for a way to do that after 3 months a friend of mine call me because he was working in a car dealer like salesman and offer me a used blue chevrolette silverado with really low miles on it but when I pray before I asking for the same vehicle but red(my favorite color). when I told him he said I am crazy. 2 days later he call me because just arrive at the dealer that red truck i wanted. He said I am very lucky.


answered 17 Feb '10, 01:12

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juan carlos

Thanks for sharing your story, Juan Carlos. I prefer red as well :)

(17 Feb '10, 01:18) Stingray

Ah ... Yes!

I used to waitress as a second job so I could save money to travel overseas. I LOVED it. Although I am accountant (that surprised you didn't it!) when I returned from my overseas trip I decided to resume my waitressing career. I was one of only 3 women employed at Australia's top restaurant at the time (they preferred waiters) - silver service, cooking at the tables all that stuff. I met the rich, famous, infamous, interesting etc etc.. as I said I loved it. My best friend was getting bored with her job so I suggested she join me at the Hotel. She told me her father said he didn't educate her just to become a waitress. I can understand that sentiment now, but at the time it hurt me to the core. That very week I read in a magazine that a visiting Sheik had tossed the keys to his mercedes as a tip just before he left the country... the story made the papers. I remember thinking quite strongly ... THAT could happen to me. (Like -that'll show them :) )

Just a year or so after that an older couple whom I took care of for their 3 month stay at the hotel were most grateful when they left and kept in touch for the next 20 years. When they passed on I was left an income for life... and the beautiful part of the story is that I was only one of twenty.. other maids, doormen, waiters, cleaners - who had genuinely shown loving concern for them were likewise rewarded.

Now I have not bought a Mercedes, but I could if I wanted to. And even after all this time there is not a year goes by when I do not send out thank you's too them.

Their generous gift changed my life immensely - they kept me afloat when I could have drowned. And they taught me the value of really taking notice of everyone you meet in your everyday life.


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Inactive User ♦♦

Touching.... :)

(16 May '10, 13:41) AVBhat 1

Awsome ! Thank you for taking the time to share this... its very encouraging.

(26 Jun '11, 16:32) Arti Joshi 1

How awesome is that !
This whole thread is amazing from Stingrays original how to and then all these great stories , think I am going to make a point of coming in here each day , for a Vibe Tweak ;-)

(24 Dec '12, 22:31) Starlight
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Dear All,

I am a newbie. I was reading this last night and decided to do it. I even asked the Universe that I shall attract the perfect box. So last night I was vividly imagining my box - black, looks like a secret box, nothing fancy. And this afternoon, I passed by an office supply store, decided to ask for a box, and MY BOX WAS THERE! I am ecstatic. Bought the box and is still empty till now. I have been doing the LOA for years now and I know to be very careful what I wish for. Haha. I am actually thinking of having the box blessed by a priest.

To Stingray: you are God's angel. I wish I have your skills in writing things down here in this website. I have so much to tell everyone about manifesting and the LOA but I cannot seem to find the words.

I think I even attracted this site. A lot of my questions about LOA are now answered. Smile. It is a friendly Universe.


answered 23 Nov '10, 16:57

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Thank you for your kind words. Yes, it is a friendly universe :)

(23 Nov '10, 18:15) Stingray

Since I wrote this last Nov 23 and did this method, I put 100 items in my box, separate index cards, one card for every desire, I manifested 72. I even bought a stamp saying MANIFESTED as I stamp the cards after the physical manifestation. Very fun. Very very fun.

(24 Sep '11, 08:57) Aphrodite

Wow, I love the stamp idea, @Aphrodite! And the index cards!

(19 Jan '13, 19:03) Bedazzled

Wow, me too. Love the stamp idea. Looking at the all the stamped cards also reinforces the fact that LOA works. Great to look at those when you're feeling impatient or discouraged that your "other stuff" isn't coming (yet) :)

(20 Mar '18, 02:01) GrowthSeeker
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I have three requests so far. One of them was to be able let go of the results and remove any doubt and worry about manifestation. Within the next day I was able find a way to remove the feeling that was holding me back. I understand that some things take longer to manifest than others. I’m now feeling much better. Thanks


answered 13 Jan '12, 23:46

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@Jason1 - Thanks for sharing your experience

(14 Jan '12, 04:19) Stingray

Ok I put in the description of a motor saw I wanted when I first read the experiment... I never got it ... but I thought about why. I really dislike using motor saws .It's hot sweaty noisy dangerous and and is the beginning of a enormous task that is just not in my fun list.
Now I didn't give up. I just forgot and moved on...

So tonight I'm cleaning up my inbox on gmail,had over a thousand unread after vacation and was down to last page 11 unread .I get a nice little positive letter everyday from a site called tut I visited once and like it signed up and again...forgot about it.
Well you have to fill out a profile ,very basic I did and then a little about your goals.

The following goals will occasionally be woven into your private emails!

Well one of the goals really didn't fit me anymore(wrong vibration?) . So I thought I'd log in and change it. Well there were two goals and the second one never appeared in any of the daily mails I received "
not need to call anything work"... Is what i wrote in the box there.

Now at the place I am employed now. I tell the story (as A-H would say) and it feels like it.
That"I don't have a job I just go to a place and they pay me to be there.
So IQ'ers find a box either a real one or a digital one and use it and then forget about it.


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@ursixx - Thanks for sharing

(31 Aug '12, 20:29) Stingray

@Ursixx what a great goal. I'm so glad you are living it. Thank you for the inspiration, that is going to go in my Manifestation Box.

(01 Sep '12, 01:57) Grace

I keep posting answers to this page but I'm not sure if they ever took.

I'm new here (and pretty new to manifesting as well), and joined IQ specifically because I tried this experiment for fun and it came true.

Here's the story: a lot of my work is done over text, and my phone is really, really old. It takes forever to text on it and it can't store a lot of messages. However, money is currently an issue, so I put in the box several weeks ago to get a new cellphone for free.

Lo and behold, two weeks ago, a co-worker who knew I was looking for a cellphone asked me to write part of a report and in exchange he'd buy a me a cellphone. I was freaked out because I thought maybe he might reneg but I kept releasing the fear. Last week, he mentioned the phone again and I casually asked if I could pick which one I wanted. He said perhaps it would be better for him to give me the money and for me to buy whatever I wanted. That's pretty much the perfect situation! I don't have the phone yet, but I'm 99.99999% sure I'm going to get it.

This manifesting box thing works! I'm also really glad I found you guys. Maybe our group intentions will make things happen faster for everyone, be it abundance, health, wealth, whatever! :)

UPDATE (Dec 31, 2012) I got the money for the cellphone. Now I actually just have to buy it. The method works! Thanks again, @Stingray! :) Happy New Year!

UPDATE (Jan 19, 2013) Whoa, Nellie. The Universe is amazing. This may be tl;dr but I had to update. I originally wanted Phone A, which was out of my price range, even secondhand. At around the time of my original posting, I looked at my original budget and settled for within-budget Phone B. Although Phone B has a faster processor, was released later and I would buy it new, it's effectively a cheaper phone and always felt like a "settle." In any event, I put all thoughts of Phone A out of my head and concentrated on Phone B. Vibrations were showing up as Phone B. I held Phone B. I released on Phone B. Everytime I saw a cellphone store, I asked about Phone B. You get the picture.

Looking back on it now, however, while I had the money and so knew a phone was coming, my "feeling of having" was not 100% Phone B. Then again, I couldn't say it was Phone A either. All I had was the feeling of knowing the phone was on its way and pressure whenever I ran into trouble with my current, old phone (which I released, of course).

Recently, the price of Phone A went down because of the new year, but it was still slightly out of range. I was going back and forth between the two ("Aren't I worth a better processor? Aren't I worth buying new instead of used?") when a friend of mine two days ago said, "You want Phone A? I own it. I'll sell it to you for $X." Here's the thing: $X was about half the price of the new year's sale price, which was the original budget I could afford. "Original budget" meaning what I okay to pay with even before I got the job and money to pay for the phone. Phone As, new or used, were/are not selling at my budget price!

The friend takes good care of his tech, so I basically have an almost-new Phone A for around the original budget I wanted to spend for it. I still have to buy an SD card, but who cares? $X is way less than the money I got paid to pay for phone, so I either have seed money for the card or I might stick the SD card in the manifesting box. :) In any event, the point is, You go, Universe! And again, you go, @Stingray! I feel like Tiny Tim, post-New Year. I am so stoked I have this phone. It will be so much easier to do my job and text. Thank you all! :)


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@searcher - Very interesting story :) Thanks for sharing - and welcome to IQ :)

(28 Nov '12, 04:44) Stingray

@stingray - Thanks, Stingray! Your suggestions and contributions have been really, really helpful. Like others on the forum I have learned a lot from your posts - thank you! :)

(01 Dec '12, 11:28) searcher

hullo there, I'm not sure if we are supposed to acknowledge this and say 'hey I've seen this and off I go to find my box' but just so you know... I've seen this and off I go to find my box:)


answered 03 Jan '10, 00:14

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Good luck with your box hunting :)

(03 Jan '10, 00:52) Stingray

So, far I like your plan of action. I have manifested many things, since learning to ask the Universe for what I want. I would like to suggest a good book on this topic: The Three Magic Words by Joseph Murphy.


answered 03 Jan '10, 06:43

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Inactive User ♦♦

Thanks for the book suggestion, Elsa.

(03 Jan '10, 10:45) Stingray

I have made sixteen wishes and put them in my box afterwards. I think it is a good method to forget about your requests since you will not remember that many of them. And if you get any vibrational matches it would be easy to recall one of your wishes.

My vibrational matches:
1. My wish was to meet and have a spiritually oriented friend that would embrace me on my path (because lately there have been too much wordly, sinful people around me). The next day wildlife posts about the book that he has written, and the he appears to be Polish (I am Polish too). It is not extactly what I have wanted, but is is a good match anyways. I did not expect this to be so quick.

2. My other wish was to get some money for my studies. Today I read about a competition in writing. The prize is 5000.

3. Slight success on the field of my relationship wish.

I will update this post with time.


answered 03 Jan '10, 11:21

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edited 06 Jan '10, 20:55

Stingray, thank you, thank you, and thank you for your wonderful approach to manifestation. I wanted to acknowledge you effort right away, but I am, right now, distracted by work & things that should have been done last week. So I am going to post a better response in a couple of days (there is a lot I would like to share in response to your experiment).

At first glance I like what I see. Keep up the good work!


answered 04 Jan '10, 21:34

The%20Traveller's gravatar image

The Traveller

I have put a total of six wishes in my box. Some are old wishes, and some are new wishes, but they are equally important to me.

I am waiting on a vibrational match for each of these wishes.


answered 06 Jan '10, 19:46

Inactive%20User's gravatar image

Inactive User ♦♦

Hello Stingray I have not put anything in a box yet I am just now getting back into this site and reading this and I love it I will be trying this very soon. I am so glad you are doing this and by the way thanks for explaining down to very simple detailing of everything for you broke it down so someone like me who is new to this can do it. Even though I have done similar things and I called it a petition to Jesus and I write it down and sometimes I forget about it.

So that part is interesting that is my problem I be needing something so badly and it is hard to get it out of your head when you need it so badly and your world will collapse if you don't get it. I am still needing and wanting a very nice top up the line gas saving car and it does not have to be new it would be great but it doesn't have to be. Oh I just forgot what you said we can ask for anything. Well now I am going to ask for a new top of the line car, WoW. I am excited just to think about a new car. A 2001 would be great to me, Wow. I have a friend who just for Christmas got her another car a lexus and it is very much top of the line it has more than her Jag she said she use to have. I am so proud and happy for her.

But Stingray you remember right before Thankgiving I ask a question about manifesting food for Thanksgiving and a car. You told me it was too close too Thanksgiving to make it work but go ahead and give it a try anyway if I just wanted too for I was so insistant.

Well, Stingray I would like to say to you that you were right about not having enough time to manifest plenty food for Thanksgiving and I had just a little bit of food and I tried to have dressing but I didn't have anything to really go in it but the broth of a turkey wing and a little onion and it was not realy good. I was a live and I was thankful for that.

But Christmas I have a very nice Christmas Dinner someone brought me a very big Ham, I had dressing that was delicious, macron and cheese, greens, potatoe pies, cream cheese pie, and a peanut butter pie, and very delicious brownies that were so good and light that they still talk about them because a person ate one that did not like brownies slip and got one of my daughters and said they were lovely and she doesn't eat brownies. I got a Christmas present which was a stocking with, different little things in they like a coupon for two to eat somewhere, fruit, candy, house shoes, and I was so happy about that that I sleep with the stocking for I can't ever remember of getting a Christmas stocking before and I hadn't gotten a Christmas present in so so long. I almost cried I was so very happy.

And I am still hearing from my family about how good the food was. So thank you Stingray for answering my question if I needed food and a car for Thanksgiving with such caring and meaningful words and didn't try to make a joke of me Thanks so much and I had the food I wanted for Christmas and I was happy.

Stingray you can add the link like you have done on your answers to my answer so they can go back and read that about Thanksgivng and the chart you had created.


answered 11 Jan '10, 04:43

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edited 11 Jan '10, 07:04

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Hi flowingwater, thanks for your kind words. I've added the link to your previous question about Thanksgiving into your answer. Yes, go ahead and try the method. It is more tricky for things you need badly but it still sometimes does work for those as well...and it will only cost you a piece of paper and a box to find out :) I'm glad you had a nice Christmas Dinner and I hope you get that top-of-the-line car soon :)

(11 Jan '10, 07:08) Stingray

Thanks Stingray much appreciation. OK I do see the link good now they can see your chart as well. When I write it down I am going to try and forget about it or either think of it as I already have it.

(13 Jan '10, 07:37) flowingwater


I went thorough your experiment of mainifesting, one thing i would like to clarify. You have said once you desire the thing for manifesting write it and put it in a box and forget it. But other LOA article suggest focus on the thing things what you want. I am always focusing on to the object of my manifesting. Feel it as if it is alreaady obtained. I do that too some time. Since two years i did not got the thing what i wanted. In fact things went went worse from better. can you clarify in helping me please.....


answered 19 Jan '10, 14:50

marathisend's gravatar image


Hi, please can you ask this as a separate question on its own? There is only a limited amount of space in these comments in which to answer (about 500 characters). Also, asking it as a separate question will allow others to also provide answers. Thanks.

(19 Jan '10, 16:05) Stingray

Once, may be in 1975, I had a "Dale Carnegie" course for sales-men. We had to write some quantified goals. One for short term, another for a middle term and one more for long term... I wrote I wanted to earn, may be, 1500 $ a month I wrote I wanted to be commercial director I wrote also I wanted to do some car races...

I succeeded in every thing.

In December 1985 I was coming in my first own house I had bought a month before. There was so much work to do inside but we entered the house. In a sort of "portefeuille" I found a paper, on this paper was written: To Universal Intelligence: In 5 years, I will have my house. It was signed on 12/80!!! Fantastic.

So I let my wife see the paper and we wrote at once another one for the next year. We will have at the end of 1986 the sum of $10,000 . My wife was laughing because it's a fact, we mathematicaly could'nt have this amount in one year. So much credit for the house, a second baby was going to come...

You know what? At the end of the year, we had exactly $9,998.00

I am so sure that this works that I think I had certainly $20 somewhere... I won't explain how I did it only if you want to know it, neither when it began to function.. But I can assure you : That it works.

I made others goals in function and I think they all were realised. The next one will be to write and speak good English. I have also created a new concept I call "Positive Subliminal Pictures" which goes very well too. You can have a look on my web site: Thanks anyways for remembering this


answered 13 Feb '10, 13:59

Le%20B%C3%A9mo's gravatar image

Le Bémo

edited 22 Feb '10, 21:38

Vesuvius's gravatar image


Thank you for sharing. I think Stingray's purpose for doing this was to help strengthen our belief in the process and it is hearing success stories from others that helps do that so thanks again for sharing your success.

(13 Feb '10, 14:46) Michaela

Very interesting stories. Thanks for sharing them

(13 Feb '10, 22:22) Stingray

Wow! I had completely forgotten about this process! Years ago before I discovered Abraham through a friend I had started meditating using a process called Holosync. I found this process of meditation wonderful and then worked through the course notes from Bill Harris the founder. In doing that combined with the meditation I discovered that I had no idea what I wanted out of life really. I just kind of went along like most of us I guess thinking that I could only have what I wanted at any given moment by working hard and therefore deserving. Through the course I released a lot of my old belief systems about this and created for the first time in my life a list of what it was I wanted. This list I remember quite clearly was very specific as I spent a lot of time on it; included things such as to have a kind and loving partner who adored me and respected me; to be surrounded by love from family and friends; to have a successful family business building villas; to have a big beautiful house in Bali;to have a good understanding of who I am as a person and to develop a spiritual awareness of self; and one or two other things which escape my mind. It wasn't a huge list with too many features - quite simple really. I even designed my house and drew a picture of it on the bottom of my list to add visualisations. What is incredible and what you have reminded me of with your example of the train journey, is that during this time I was living in Jakarta (I'm originally from Sydney), I was wanting a change and a school in Bali asked me if I would come and help out for 6 mths. I happily moved to Bali, in a very short time I was offered a permanent position; met my now husband -WHO IS A BUILDER - but wasn't working as a builder at the time! He is kind, caring, adoring and although on his own spiritual path is supportive of my journey and built our big, beautiful house!! We are surrounded by love from family and friends which is wonderful. We would now love to have the opportunity to travel and build a business. So I'm going to try your method of manifesting and see what comes........ maybe we'll have a travel business!! Who knows what life may bring..... but I do know for certain it will be wonderful! Thank you so much for reminding me of this........


answered 30 Nov '10, 01:58

LiZuL's gravatar image


Thanks for sharing, LiZul

(30 Nov '10, 02:55) Stingray

Something happened yesterday that simply amazed me, and I'd like to share it here so you can make of it what you will.

Early 2010, I made a request regarding a friendship (with an ex) that is still important to me. I was very detailed about how I see this friendship improving with time and getting past the awkwardness etc. However, a few months after putting in this request in my manifestation box, the friendship degenerated greatly because she pulled away and stopped communicating. Meanwhile, my other requests were manifesting fabulously.

Yesterday, I went through the box again to throw away those requests which have already manifested. I re-read the one regarding the friendship, and made up my mind to stop wanting it anymore. I then put it in the shredder.

7 hours after I shredded this, and after 6 months of no contact, the ex said hello online, and proceeded to apologise for her behaviour and everything that had gone wrong! And that she'd like to be friends again etc. It is amazing that she actually said sorry because she is a proud person and I totally hadn't seen this coming! :D

All I can say is, this stuff works! But you have to be in the right frame of mind, which can be hard to do sometimes.



answered 11 Jan '11, 02:02

Pat%20W's gravatar image

Pat W

(11 Jan '11, 02:47) Stingray

Indeed! Haha, I didn't even connect that - thanks, Stingray, for the very useful advice.

(11 Jan '11, 03:26) Pat W

Wow this is amazing...coming up on this sight is a vibrational match. I have been learning about the law of attraction but i felt like i was losing faith so for about a week I have been searching on line for manefestation success stories...IN the middle of reading this post I realized that my desire has manefested..Also I have been desiring a new relationship with my ex...It seeems like everywhere i go I hear his first, last or middle name...I believe my desire will soon manifest.

Thank You sooo much


answered 07 May '11, 01:26

Believer's gravatar image


Can somebody say WOW!!!!! mom is out of a job.. so I placed in the box about 3 days ago that she would find a wonderful job before the end of this month (May),one that she loves that offer's her wonderful pay..well yesterday a friend called and offer a contracted Job for two weeks and because of her experience she is allowed to state the amount of pay....WWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWW...THIS BLEW MY MIND....I wanted to tell her my process but I changed my mind because she is very skeptical about the whole law of attraction stuff...My intention is for her to receive a wonderful permanent Job because I desire to move on my own by the end of june but i don't want to move if she doesn't have a job...I know my intention will be manefested....I am soo grateful...Oh..I am intending a wonderful apartment before the end of June I will keep everyone updated...thank you God


answered 08 May '11, 18:55

Believer%201's gravatar image

Believer 1

Thanks for sharing, Believer. I'm sure your stories will inspire others to try the method

(08 May '11, 19:10) Stingray

he stingray is giving the though to god good? and also i have read somewhere in magic book that the moon cycle affect this and depending on the moon cycle you should ask for positive things when it is positive cycle and negate what you don't want when it is negative cycle!what do you think about this?


answered 03 Jun '11, 07:52

white%20tiger's gravatar image

white tiger


I'm sure you'll probably find a book somewhere that will tell you just about anything you want to hear :) And I'm sure that if that moon cycle idea makes sense to you and you decide to make it part of your belief system, it will work as claimed - because anything you begin to believe is true for you will become true for you and will present evidence, because of the Law of Attraction, of it being true. But constantly checking the moon cycle is probably quite hard work :) My view is that if you are going to pick a belief system to believe, you might as well make it an easy one :)

(26 Jun '11, 08:42) Stingray

Hiya, Stingray,

Just thought I'd bring this question up from the depths of Inward Quest. I wanted to reassure all beginners to this site and to your methods that THIS REALLY WORKS!!! Read this beginning exercise and DO IT! Why? I put a name in my box...let it go...and I am now
writing this entry in his home, 1,100 miles from my old home, happier than a clam! (I think he is happy too!!!)

But it is more than romance. I put into that box a plan for my future, and it is unfolding...

Despite my recent post about being stalled, I am nonetheless delighted with the results of this "experiment" so far!

Do not be afraid to dream! I did, and I am in bliss, living a Happy, New, Christian Life!

Blessings to All, Jaianniah

P.S. I should mention that patience IS a VIRTUE and is a REQUIREMENT to success...(Hey, maybe I should take my own advice...Hmmm....LOL!)


answered 25 Jun '11, 16:21

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edited 25 Jun '11, 16:57

Thanks for your story, Jaianniah. I'm sure it will encourage others to try this little method

(26 Jun '11, 08:36) Stingray

Thank <you!> for coming up with all your wonderful manifesting ideas. You are truly a blessing to the site. Now, if I could just "unmanifest" the "troll" that is haunting me here ...we would ALL be in bliss, I think! LOL! Food for thought: We may just succeed at teaching this little troll some new tricks...stay tuned to "As the Quest Turns"...Love you, Jai <giggle>

(26 Jun '11, 15:57) Jaianniah

I read the information and decided to give it a shot... I have three properties up for sale and have found it a struggle to find buyers in the current market. I put my desires on paper and placed them in a box. The next day I receive alerts that people are going to my properties to preview them. Within the last week I have had between 15 - 20 notifications of people previewing my homes. I have one property under contract since then. I have had more showings in this past week than in the past month. WOW!!

I have since placed another more ambitious request (which I truly believe can manifest) in the box. I'll let you know soon!!


answered 25 Jun '11, 16:25

Joe%202's gravatar image

Joe 2

Thanks for sharing this, Joe. It's great that you're seeing such dramatic changes already

(26 Jun '11, 08:35) Stingray

Thank you!!! Update. I made this post yesterday and got an offer on my second property for exactly the amount I requested on my letter. This is amazing!! All of this has happened in about a week. 2 down and 1 to go. WOW!!!

(27 Jun '11, 03:32) Joe 2

what about feeling "normal" or "neutral" when writing desires? To be more specific its related to the state of letting go of desires, not really caring about them. I have desires I've been wanting to manifest for about a year but I didn't because I was looking deeper into LOA and by now, the fire that I once had is gone, I'm sort of emotionless towards them and any desire I have for that matter. I still want them but when I think about them I don't get super happy as when I just heard about LOA. I KNOW they will manifest but I just want to know; do I NEED to be in that positive state in order for them to come to me in the physical world?


answered 19 Oct '11, 23:42

hailey's gravatar image


Don't think for a moment that feeling emotionless about what you want is a "bad" thing...quite the opposite actually. See the principle of Next Logical Step: . That's why it is so easy for people to manifest things they are not particularly bothered about but so hard for them to get stuff they are really excited about (and thereby noticing they don't have yet)

(20 Oct '11, 08:17) Stingray

I have done this method before a few years ago with regards to getting a job and it worked very well.

Just recently, I decided to give it another go. I decided to use this method to help me find the perfect house for me for the time being.

I just brought up a text document on my computer and in preparation for writing the request, I made a list of all the attributes that I wanted in the house such as number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, number of parking spaces, house should have a conservatory and other such attributes.

I then left it for a day as I thought I would get some more ideas of what I want in the house and then write the final request.

In the end, I did not even get to write the request. I found a house online, arranged a viewing, loved the house, my offer was ultimately accepted for the house. This sequence of events literally happened within 4 days and I am currently making all the other arrangements around buying the house.

But the most important point is that the house fitted all the attributes that I had listed in the word document. What can I say...Another example of how well this method works...


answered 07 Sep '12, 06:00

Pink%20Diamond's gravatar image

Pink Diamond

@Pink Diamond - Thanks for sharing your story

(07 Sep '12, 18:31) Stingray

Amazing! This website in itself came to me as a vibrational match. I've been reading up on deliberate intent and increasing ones vibration to align oneself with the things we desire through creative visualisation (the first author I read on the subject was Shakti Gawain and was quickly introduced to the teachings of Abraham who really struck a chord with me). The thing is I've been caught in that place between "I think this actually works" and "does it, really?" but I've tried a few things and felt like the universe was actually responding to me. The way I ended up here is that for the past few weeks I've been trying to focus on a certain desire and was starting to feel like perhaps I was asking too much... so I came online searching for answers and the first hit was this website where- and this is where the magic started happening- the question I landed on was exactly my situation, almost to the letter. I got all the assurance I needed and strengthened my affirmation of getting what I want. I was amazed at what I had stumbled on and started browsing through the forum when I came to this post.

Through Abraham, I learnt about the 'Creation Box' method and had already gotten myself a box where I whimsically deposited anything I felt like I would like to see manifest in my life but it was more with a fun, "why not?" kind of approach. As I read this post however, my belief in it slowly solidified and I decided to put in some more of the things that I want to see in my life. This time with a "if it works for so many people, I know it will work for me" approach. I begun working on my list, which included an opportunity for a scholarship that I want in order to pursue my postgraduate degree next year. It's something that I really want and I thought about maybe not including it on the list since you said not to put in anything we're too attached to but I decided I was in a good place with it (and can always try again in a year or so since I'm still young, so it won't break me) so I wrote it down anyway. A vibrational match came almost IMMEDIATELY- before I even finished or put my list in the box: in a few minutes an ex hit me up (which he does ever so often) and as we were talking about work and the like, he bid me- out of nowhere- to consider going for my Masters degree (the first DING!) I told him I was considering it and if everything works out I'll enroll next year. He then proceeded to tell me he has a cousin who knows a lot about getting scholarships in the UK and that he can get us in touch (DING! DING! DING!) I was dumbfounded. My eyes literally widened at my phone screen and I was thinking Wow, that was QUICK! I told him how awesome that would be and true to his word, he sent me the details this morning and I feel really good about my chances of getting this scholarship.

If I doubted this method before, I'm thoroughly convinced now. Thank you to everyone who contributed on this post and gave me all the assurance I needed to go through with it! I am amazed.

update: another vibrational match for a separate item I included on my list came through the same person (my ex) and the vibrational matches are too in line with precisely what I asked for that I'm starting to think there's more to him being the vehicle of these matches. I've always felt like we were on the same wavelength and connected deeply so perhaps this is the reason the universe is using him to reach out to me? He has always been adamant that we'll get back together and while I don't mind being friends, our relationship is not something I would want to go back to, which is why these vibrational matches have me wondering where the universe is going with this! But like I said, I believe perhaps it's because we have always connected really well :)


answered 23 Oct '13, 05:13

ms_evanescent's gravatar image


edited 24 Oct '13, 08:36

@ms_evanescent - Thanks for sharing :)

(05 Nov '13, 03:36) Stingray

I am reading this phenominal stories and I am inspired. I would like to share my small story to contribute to this beautiful blog. I didnt have any source of income in this year. Finally I decided that I will cook for people. I got my first order for $45 than it was quiet a while that i didnt get any response from anyone. Two days back i kept the money in front of God and asked him to give me more and started reading a book. It was amazing, I got a call yesterday to make food and i earned more $45 and i am sure God is in his way for much more than this.

Thank you Stringray for sharing your technique i have a very beautiful box and i will start working on the list tonight.


answered 14 Feb '10, 20:40

Bina's gravatar image


Thanks for sharing, Bina. I wish you success with the method.

(14 Feb '10, 21:29) Stingray

Thank you for your wishes. I have an interview next week and i have included the details of the kind of job i want. Waiting for the vibration match.

(14 Feb '10, 22:52) Bina

I was a bit rattled yesterday when somebody seemed to know my every move on the Internet, and started posting messages relevent to my belief system and ID info.

I remembered reading about this experiment so decided to give it a try.. the only 'box' I had available at the time was the bottomless pit called my handbag. Problem appeared mid-day, I was led to discovered how the perpetrator managed this feat mid-afternoon... and the culprit and all trace of him has since disappeared.. It work so promptly and so well, I am actually a little concerned for 'his safety'.. lol


answered 17 Feb '10, 02:42

Inactive%20User's gravatar image

Inactive User ♦♦

Interesting situation. Thanks for sharing, Lorraine - I never thought of using a handbag as a box before. Fascinating :)

(17 Feb '10, 07:25) Stingray

A stingray with a handbag, now there's an amusing mental image :)

(17 Feb '10, 21:52) Inactive User ♦♦

Wow guys, I had an interesting start to this.

I made my own "box" on Friday and put in my very first request. It's for a relationship with a specific person. That very night, she came back online after 10 days (as she'd gone on vacation) and the moment she logged on, she said hi to me on IM. This is a girl who's been hot and cold to me for several months.

Then on Sat night I decided to write a couple more requests, but I hadn't put them in the box yet cos it's in the office. So I simply typed them out in my word processor, and then went to bed, thinking I'd put the requests in on Monday. One of the requests was to get a nice luxury sedan.

That night, I dreamt of myself owning and driving a red Corvette. Woohoo. But the best part is here - the very next day, Sunday, my dad called to tell me about a sale for certain car makes, and then my parents went and booked a car for themselves!!

Haha, would you say these are vibrational matches? All within 24 hours... For the 2nd one, I hadn't even put in the request yet so does it count? It's a great feeling cos I wasn't even looking out for these matches, and it only dawned on me a little later. :D


answered 21 Feb '10, 12:25

Pat%20W's gravatar image

Pat W

Glad you are getting some interesting things happening, Pat. Yes, those are all vibrational matches...they are just little clues that something is cooking up behind the scenes towards what you want. And they are still matches even if you didn't put the request in the box. You had the intention of releasing the request and that is sometimes enough too. Also, I often get vibrational matches that I don't realize were vibrational matches until much later.

(21 Feb '10, 13:02) Stingray

Thanks for sharing this wonderful process with us, Stingray. I hope to have more interesting stuff to report soon! :)

(21 Feb '10, 16:00) Pat W

Dear Stingray,

For the last two months I have been working on manifesting something but with no results in sight. Then I received an email on the manifesting experiment last week (maybe that is a vibration match) and I decided to try it. I put my request in the box last Monday or Tuesday. Since then I had the following vibration matches.

1- There was a major news item on TV which related to what I want manifested

2 -I had a dream

3 - I was watching Joel Osteen on TV and his message was directly related to where I am in relation to what I want to bring about

4 - I was watching a movie and something that was said just hit me and I realized the true purpose of the experience I am having.

5 - I ran into someone (out of the blue) who is directly related to circumstances that I am creating.

We shall see what happens next.


answered 22 Feb '10, 19:59

Drham's gravatar image


Thanks for sharing, Drham

(22 Feb '10, 20:06) Stingray

Lorraine, So glad to hear your story1

Thank you for sharing it with us.

Your experience is exactly the kind of "real life" story that changes non believers into believers. I'm sure this may have been your awakening as well as these events came to pass in your own life.

With regards to your profession, I personally am not surprised; the inward quest is an awakening that does not discriminate on any grounds whatsoever!


answered 23 Feb '10, 04:16

The%20Traveller's gravatar image

The Traveller


I reported some vibrational matches here 2 days ago.

Here's another, related to the car that I requested for.

Although my request did not specify a specific car make, there is a certain car model that I've been eyeing. So this morning, I was in my parents' car, and they were telling me about the car they'd booked (that was my first vibrational match for this particular request). I asked them which colour they chose, and my mom pointed to a car on the road, which was the exact car model I had in mind! :D Mind you, there were many other cars around as we were in a jam. :D


answered 23 Feb '10, 07:42

Pat%20W's gravatar image

Pat W

I have placed several manifestation desires in a box and I am waiting for vibrational matches on them. One desire that I set as a goal but I have not placed it in my box yet, is to take my husband on a fly in fishing trip. Today, one of my clients came into my salon selling a ticket for - guess what? - first and second prizes are a fly in fishing trip. Another desire of mine is to help create wealth consciousness in other people through writing. I am continuously coming across new information that I can write about. This process is helping me be more aware of vibrational matches I may have been missing before.


answered 24 Feb '10, 01:02

Green%20tea-cher's gravatar image

Green tea-cher

Yes, we are getting vibrational matches all the time to our desires without realizing it. The process does help to draw your attention to them. Thanks for sharing

(24 Feb '10, 06:06) Stingray

Feb 20 2010, I wrote my wish that my son's car would sell as no one seemed interested. He was going away for a holiday and while he was gone I wrote my wish and asked that it sell one week after he returned and for the asking price. Today is 7 days after his return. A person came to look at his car tonight, started it up said "sold" and went to the bank to get the cash for the asking price. I took the paper with my wish out of my special box and showed my son and husband. I was dancing around because this really works. They thought I was nuts,but my son asked me how to do it so he could manifest things he wanted as well.


answered 04 Mar '10, 02:30

Lorraine's gravatar image


Great story, Lorraine. Thanks for sharing.

(04 Mar '10, 06:50) Stingray

WOW!! I feel so inspired. Thanks. Your story helps to renew my confidence in the process.

(04 Mar '10, 06:57) Pat W

I Want a newer car. I really like Jaguars, and I've been seeing them everywhere since I began writing my list. And a friend called and said she "saw" me in a new car.


answered 10 Mar '10, 00:21

Ra%20Maiolino's gravatar image

Ra Maiolino

Thanks for sharing, Ra

(10 Mar '10, 05:47) Stingray

This is a wonderful idea and website. I made my box and wishes about a month ago. One was to increase my sales. I have had a steady increase in sales since then, and the people are coming to me. The increase is significant, %75! Thanks for sharing this!


answered 15 Mar '10, 14:21

TexMyst's gravatar image


Thanks for sharing, TexMyst. It's always nice to hear when people are having great success with the method...and it inspires others to give it a try.

(15 Mar '10, 14:51) Stingray

hello i just started this and i would like to record a vibrational match. i had just listed what i desire and havent actually put it in a box cos i was giving it time but suddenly i noticed some vibrational of the things i desire i want was to see a particular friend of mine behave in a certain way and be committed to a certain thing.i called him up and he told me he had gone to that place. wow!


answered 25 May '10, 12:08

Sunshine's gravatar image


Good to hear you've seen a result already. Thanks for sharing

(26 May '10, 06:22) Stingray


I am catching up on my e-mails and found this wonderful message from PsiTek. I realized that this week my intention in one direction has been unfolding and I did not see the vibrational matches as such until reading the Inward Quest post.

In summary: I decided I want to get back into public singing with local groups and I answered an ad that sounded like a reasonable match. I sent a second correspondence to a local voice coach to request a series of lessons and evaluation of my range and suitable styles. Vibration matches: 1) I received a positive reply and discussion about changing CDs to see if we want to explore our compatibility as a group further; as part of our discussion I was given a name of a group they want their sound to resemble and I mentioned that I was seeking help from a voice coach. 2) In speaking with my neighbor I discovered he had several CDs of the group the local musicians want to sound like, and I could listen to them. 3) I received a reply from the local voice coach and the two days I have available each week are days open in her schedule; my first choice fits exactly when I get off work and she is only 5 blocks from my work location!

I look forward to watching the vibrational matches continue to develop for me and for all of you.

Reading others' results is inspiring.



answered 20 Jun '10, 21:20

Gwen's gravatar image


Thanks for sharing, Gwen

(20 Jun '10, 21:44) Stingray

Hi i Got a message from my friend telling me he would assist me with my things. i had asked the universe for some help with some money and a lift to move my things from one area to another. another friend said he would help me with cas at the end of the month. So somethings working!


answered 18 Oct '10, 18:38

Lauren%201's gravatar image

Lauren 1

Thanks for sharing, Lauren. I'm happy to hear things are happening.

(18 Oct '10, 19:08) Stingray


First, I would like to say thank you for the wonderful service that you provide, as this is my first time visiting your page, I can already see that I will continue to visit and hopefully become an ative part of it. I have secured my first request for an manifesting experiment 1 into my box, I will keep you informed.

Again, thank you for this opportunity, let the manifesting begin.



answered 25 Oct '10, 18:22

Parker's gravatar image


You're welcome, Parker. Best wishes for your request(s).

(25 Oct '10, 19:12) Stingray

Stingray, I became instantly excited about the Manifestation Box; which in the old days I knew as a God Box. I saw that following your outline was the key. As I was gathering my ideas the jobs started coming in. The rough draft the next day brought in more jobs. Next day after writing my desires down came more jobs and appointments for estimates. On the way to get a box today I booked a job for tomorrow. Tonight I finely got my written page into the Manifestation Box. Also Besides the jobs I ask for Perfect Customers that understood upper end work cost more. I asked for cooperation and all the customers were glad to have everything ready to go for my carpet cleaning. They were very happy to see me and one man began to help me do the job. His wife paid me with a very nice tip. I ask to enjoy my time while being of service. Well carpet cleaning is hard work, but not when your inspired. I know there is more but It's hard to remember all the good that came in. One funny thing was the box had to be special in some way according to your outline. I didn't know how that would come to pass. How can a box be special. I decided not to worry about it and some way I would be directed to it. I found the perfect cash box but here no key inside. I ask the clerk for help explaining that this was the only box like this and it was perfect. He immediately found the same box with the keys inside. So, while I catch my breath, this is much more than an experiment for me. Thank you so much Stingray. More ideas are coming so I can manifest more good in different areas of my life.


answered 02 Nov '10, 02:51

Tom's gravatar image


Thanks for sharing, Tom. I'm happy to hear it's working for you. You did the right thing regarding the specialness of the box...just relax and let it come to you if you are not sure what to choose. The box itself actually doesn't matter at all, it's just that it should be something that makes you feel you are letting go of the request...because that letting go after the clear focus is what is making the process work

(02 Nov '10, 07:16) Stingray

Stingray, Hi, I am reaping today as well. I don't won't to hog the site. So I might wait a while and report again. Newcomers (advice) read the how to of it. More that once. I am making birdies over here!

(02 Nov '10, 22:17) Tom

I don't need you need to worry about hogging the site, Tom. If your results inspire others to try the method and get results themselves then I would say you are doing them a service :)

(06 Nov '10, 17:36) Stingray
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Hi Stingray and All

Let's see. Finished the perfect carpet cleaning job that was pending. I was out of the shoe covers I give to the customers. Gus my helper found them in the van. He found the money clip that I lost. I normally go nuts when I lose something, but I sorta new it would show up. Gus ask if we could go by the bagel sandwich place nearby on the way home. His girl friend worked there. I said yes because I wanted to tip him for a great job and finding the money clip. His girl friend was very nice. I told her to put the works on my sesame bagel sandwich. When I pull out the credit to pay for our lunches, she said no charge for lunch it was free. And boy was it good. I booked one of my estimates in the next day or so. The lady that I was suppose to do a remaining estimate for, called and said to forget the estimate just come and clean her condo. Gus couldn't work that day. So I called another guy and he helped a great deal on the job. I am very thankful for all these special conditions. I am going to write out some more desires to put into my MB. Hope you all Demonstrate a bunch of Vibrational Matches. Thanks again, Tom


answered 06 Nov '10, 14:47

Tom's gravatar image



(06 Nov '10, 15:41) Tom

Today was perfect. Today was effortless. Today was a blessing. Today I was shone how far I've come. Today was reassurance, that all is well and that I am definitely on the right track.

(21 Nov '10, 04:14) Tom

Dear Stingray, In the ongoing saga of Tom, there has been more than matches. There is and has been many Manifestations of my request or desires. The process is magnificent. Also I have attracted a great deal of knowledge about my true feeling and any blocks. Now that I have more ALLOWING the process is taking me to a more wonderful life. I made a number of request because I can be and have whatever I desire. Also more request have helped me to forget and let go of the desires I wrote about.


answered 14 Nov '10, 16:54

Tom's gravatar image


Great to hear, Tom. And you are absolutely right...making more requests, even about relatively minor things, makes it easier to let go of existing requests.

(14 Nov '10, 17:23) Stingray

So A little while back (I think I even posted about it) I got news of a promotion that I wanted and I had thought I had wanted it because I put it in my box and all. While this is going on my view of the world is changing and every day I am letting go of the old thought patterns.

At the same time I am dreaming so to say of moving back to California and living in the Sierra's in the beauty of nature, not here in Florida. I envision it every day like I know this is going to happen. now here is the thing. I DO NOT think of this as manifesting at the time. Not at all. I just got my promotion and soon I will be moving back to NJ, but this west coast thing will have to come later.

What do ya know? Out of nowhere, I get a call from an old friend who lives in Washington state. and he says come move out here, stay with us and lets start a small business, I do not need you to invest just help me. Whoa! The area he lives looks just like what I was envisioning. But my promotion? Well a few days later that fell through, my immediate boss (who knew NOT what he was talking about) said that the promotion was put on hold.

So...On February 2 2011 I will be moving to beautiful Washington state.

Watch what you wish for. And the thing is I did nit TRY to do this. The key word is try. DO NOT TRY!



answered 21 Dec '10, 12:22

jim%2010's gravatar image

jim 10


(22 Dec '10, 00:13) Back2Basics

Thanks for sharing. The key in my opinion is the LOA will manifest your desire in the correct time frame, and it has always worked for me. I have had a lot of magic in my life!

(23 Dec '10, 01:54) Inactive User ♦♦

One of my Spaniels had Congestive Heart Failure in July 2011. I have been taking him to a clinic that has a board certified canine cardiologist. She quit to do private research. I was left without a cardiologist. Good ones are hard to find. However I put my question in the box and the next day a friend called me to chat about other matters and mentioned they knew a canine cardiologist who lives near me and I have set up an appointment to see her!

I consider this a successful manifestation.


answered 27 Mar '12, 11:27

Dollar%20Bill's gravatar image

Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill - Thanks for sharing your story

(31 Aug '12, 20:29) Stingray

I just started putting the request in my folder using text file with a name for that particular manifestation. The fact is that I want to try it out and thought that I could change my camera by selling and buying back an another one. Since it is tough to sell the camera which is not a new version but tried doing that. But after a while the camera got sold for a reasonable price and by loosing few hundred dollars. Next as I wished, got an another camera for a reasonable price.

Here though I lose some dollars in selling the camera, the new camera which I was brought was almost the price that I for. Usually the new camera is priced high but luckily I got a good deal.

Conclusion is, the Manifesting Experiment worked. It is better to wait and not to rush,, that leaving some time for the manifestation to occur.

Thank you for sharing. This is very unique.


answered 30 Nov '12, 02:11

Brighter's gravatar image


@Brighter - Thank you for sharing also :)

(30 Nov '12, 05:43) Stingray

I'm trying this! I have a little wooden box with a drawer, and one of the requests in there is totally frivolous: I'd like to find a state quarter of a certain state (here in the US, our newer 25-cent pieces feature special images for each state on the back - so there's an Iowa quarter, a New York quarter, and so on). I haven't found it yet, but I've been finding quarters from other states. Some of them have been popping up in odd places, like a pocket I would have sworn didn't contain a quarter an hour ago.

My reason for trying for something so inconsequential is that I am really wanting to understand how exactly this works. I've mostly used Abraham stuff as a kind of DIY cognitive behavioral therapy, trying to feel better in general. I've really let go of trying to manifest things, let alone specifics, but I'm feeling ready to play with that aspect again.

Thanks for writing this out so clearly, @Stingray! I feel like you're a wonderful adjunct teacher to Abraham-Hicks - I think of you as "Abe for the people". :)


answered 29 Apr '13, 16:12

corduroypower's gravatar image


@corduroypower - You're welcome. Yes, starting with "inconsequential" stuff is a great approach. From the Universe's perspective there is no difference between what we think is "important" or "unimportant"...that's all just about our existing belief systems.

(03 May '13, 07:09) Stingray

Don't know, it's not working at all for me, discouraging. Just when I thought I was on to a new understanding of God and the Laws of the Universe. Sure would've been nice to see something that would've let me know I was on the right path.


answered 29 Apr '13, 17:09

zotac's gravatar image


@zotac - If you are having trouble, it might be because you are starting with subjects that you already have a lot of resistance about. If you start smaller with things that seem "trivial" to you, it will build your confidence very quickly:

(03 May '13, 07:06) Stingray

Thanks Stingray, really appreciate this and all of your answers and posts on here!

(03 May '13, 11:51) zotac

Vibrational Match 1, in less than 24 hours.....

I have briefly looked over Manifesting Experiment 1 in the past, and I just assumed that it was pretty much the same as Abraham's "write it down and put it in the box" process. It wasn't until yesterday that I read it over completely and realized exactly what Manifesting Experiment 1 entails. So last night I wrote down my first request in great detail and I was completely satisfied with my letter. The only problem was, that I did not have a box to put it in. I know that it doesn't necessarily have to be a box, but I kinda wanted a special box that I felt really good about. So, I looked around my room, and I have a little wicker basket on my night stand that I usually put my keys, phone ect. in. But right now, I am in the process of moving and I am staying at my moms for a week until the new house is ready and the wicker basket is completely empty, so I figured I could use it until I found something better, and I put my letter in the basket.

This morning I woke up, took a shower, and as I was walking through my moms room, my attention was drawn to one of her dressers. On top of the dresser was this beautiful gold plated jewelry box that I have never noticed before. It is gold plated all around the sides and the top of the jewelry box is a glass opening. I said, "Mom, I love this jewelry box!" She replied, "Your grandmother gave it to me when she was visiting but I have no use for it, take it."

Less than 24 hours, I have my perfect box!

10/10/14 - Vibrational match: lost 10 lbs


answered 26 Sep '14, 09:51

Jess's gravatar image


edited 10 Oct '14, 07:16

@Jess - Nice story. Thanks for sharing :)

(26 Sep '14, 10:07) Stingray

Hello all. I am new to this forum. I made my Manifesting Box according to the info above and yesterday I got some vibration matches yesterday. I have a small trucking company and I would like to get some new trucks for my drivers. I had to put pictures of the trucks i saw fit for them, and yesterday when I was out by our yard I saw about a dozen of the same trucks all brand new as I requested in my box. It made me feel so good to experience that! I'm keeping my thoughs positive and emotions more important. By default I seem to be more of a negatvie person, but i've been practicing Positive Affirmations and look forward to what else comes about. Stingray thanks for all the info. I feel very confident! More matches to follow! :)


answered 22 Jan '16, 15:50

pisces1984's gravatar image



@pisces1984 - Thanks for sharing :) The more you are able to hold on to (and re-experience) that good feeling you feel as you discover the vibrational matches, the more it will allow more vibrational matches to come to you, which in turn will make you feel even better, which in turn will allow more vibrational matches to come...and so on :)

(23 Jan '16, 04:28) Stingray

I recently found this forum a couple of days ago. So I wrote my request on Sunday and put it into my box on Monday.


answered 04 Sep '18, 12:30

teaba1's gravatar image


Update: I received a sign yesterday for a house. As well as today for money.

(05 Sep '18, 11:50) teaba1

Cool. So were those your requests?

(06 Sep '18, 03:54) Delphine

I feel such a calling towards this. Such a POWERFUL calling. Am gonna try this now. But for me mostly I think I will focus on "Feelings" instead of things. Like for example- "I want to feel really happy today while going out with my friends" "I want to enjoy my work today" etc.. I'll also throw in some specifics from time to time though :)


answered 06 Sep '18, 04:33

edwardq's gravatar image


I have already answered but it was under my true name. I received a badge for that but as I change for a new name: "The Bémo" I wanted have my badge given back.


answered 13 Feb '10, 16:03

Le%20B%C3%A9mo's gravatar image

Le Bémo

We've merged your accounts for you into your new registered account

(15 Feb '10, 18:28) Barry Allen ♦♦

Hi its valentines today . I am just posting my notes in my manifeasting box. one of my manifeastation is to attract my loving soul mate. Janicexxx


answered 14 Feb '10, 22:35

Janice's gravatar image


Hope it goes well for you, Janice

(15 Feb '10, 07:10) Stingray

nice work i think you have hit the nail on the head which is do not ask for things you desperately need eventhough you need i will simply allow it to flow with a vivid picture in my mind just like that beacuse when you desperately need somting you push it away.i guess


answered 16 Feb '10, 11:10

steptor's gravatar image


I feel very insecure to keep a box or a file or a folder with any of my thoughts written in it at home as I know that everything gets checked when I am not there at home. If its locked, I am sure they will constantly be wondering what is it that I am hiding from them. And I am not comfortable with that idea. I will constantly be thinking about what if they have found my box and the contents, which means that I will never be able to let the thought of what I want go away from me. What can I do about it? Can you please suggest me any other ways? Thank you soo much for sharing this.


answered 23 Apr '10, 10:02

AVBhat%201's gravatar image

AVBhat 1

I guess you could try using a password-protected electronic approach if you have privacy concerns. Just create a folder on your computer that you can treat as your manifesting box and move your requests into it when you consider them complete. I do this to some extent with my manifesting spreadsheet ( and it works pretty well if you are comfortable with purely electronic documents

(23 Apr '10, 12:42) Stingray

With the above approach, I am assuming you would write them in password-protected word processor documents. For me, I actually embed Microsoft Word documents into my password-protected Excel spreadsheet on the relevant subject pages which enables me to also apply other vibrational processes to the topic, if necessary (alongside any accompanying requests). So I write the requests in those Microsoft Word documents but use Excel as a constantly-evolving notepad in which to track and work on molding vibrational setpoints.

(23 Apr '10, 12:51) Stingray

Hey.. this is something I really want to share :-)... Though I had not put this in the manifestation box, I had definitely thought about it .. Since I have been out of work for a few months now (have been studying) I was not able to contribute to the family income and was feeling guilty about it.. I just hoped that my sister would send some money to my parents for their regular expenditures, however since she had never done that before, I just push the thought out of my mind.. Guess what! My sister has apparently sent a huge cheque to my mom yesterday :)! Am I glad!

(08 May '10, 05:23) AVBhat 1
showing 2 of 3 show 1 more comments

Thank you so much Stingray for this process. They say "when the student is ready the teacher appears" I think that is exactly what happened in this case. Actually I think finding this website and coming across your post was a vibrational match in itself. I have been struggling with some wishes for quite some time now but I didn't know how to manifest them, and then I find this post.

I would like to share that ever since I was a kid I have been a great day dreamer hence I'm great at focussed and very vivid vizualizations and I have found that they usually come true, but the rule seems to be that I dream but don't really neccessarily think they will come true - but they do.

Recently I have been vizualizing about someone specific (I have been in love with person for 12 years now, but had pushed him to the back of my thoughts) recently he has surfaced in my mind and I have been visualizing about us meeting and being together, and then suddenly I made contact over Twitter and then wrote to him and he sent me a reply. Considering its someone who doesn't even know me, I think its a great vibrational match don't you think? Now I will formally put this request in a box and keep you guys posted on what else happens.


answered 30 Apr '10, 21:59

I%20Think%20Therefore%20I%20Am's gravatar image

I Think Therefore I Am

Thanks for sharing your experiences

(01 May '10, 08:22) Stingray

This is awesome stuff. Thank You so much. I have thought of using the Box technique before only just never did. The part I did not include was leaving it. When speaking of a vibrational match well this article is just that for me. Thank You


answered 18 May '10, 08:45

Geneva's gravatar image


I was reading this today for the first time. For the past month or so I have been consciously writing down my intentions and was surprised and thrilled that many of them manifested that day or within two days or a week of me writing them down.

I had a list of intentions for the year and next year (longterm stuff) as well as each night I write down three things I want to manifest for that day. They're usually small/fun stuff that are easy for me to write and forget about and then they show up that day! A couple of examples are: 1) writing down wanting to get my license by September, then going to church that weekend and a father-figure at church "randomly" asks me if I've gotten it and offers to pay for the lessons or teach me 2) Writing down I wanted a lovely surprise and then the next day my friends unexpectedly invite me to go out to a club we haven't been to since our freshman year of college, and on our way their I thought "I'd really like to be offered a drink since it seems men never do that anymore" and sure enough I not only got offered a drink, but refills upon refills if I wanted and one of the MOST surprising was when my mom was complaining or commenting that she was worried about her mortgage and I wrote down that i wanted good news about her mortgage then the NEXT DAY she gets a letter from the banking stating her mortgage has been reduced by HALF THE COST! AMAZING!

Based on those examples and more, I truly believe. However, the one thing I am most anxious about is about getting a job (I'm a recent college grad). I expected things to be slow with the economy and all but ofcourse it's been a while. I have written down my intentions for it, particularly this week I wrote that this particular job I've applied to is MINE and this week I will hear from them. I also wrote I wanted to hear from them in August. Yesterday was the last day of August and I was getting a bit disappointed so was browsing for techniques on leaving doubts behind and being trusting about the BIG things and not just small stuff.....

WELL while I was on this site I checked my email and got a message from the job saying my resume has been sent to the hiring manager (which is the step after a recruiter initially reviews it and the second stage before the interview). I WAS SOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY! And feel confident again that the job is indeed mine! I am just going to continue to live my life expectantly and trusting that when I give things over to my Universal really is DONE! :)


answered 02 Sep '10, 00:41

Missy's gravatar image


Thanks for sharing your experiences, Missy

(02 Sep '10, 05:04) Stingray

I have know about this idea for decades, but I didn't understand the art to it. It's a whole system. I'm not making any request tell I think about them more. I getting a good feeling about it though. I think all hell (in a good way) is getting ready to bust out. Thanks and Best Regards. Tom


answered 30 Oct '10, 05:35

Tom's gravatar image


lots of work on this subject based on radionic principals has been done by two of my teachers

that i admire greatly ; jacques bersez and the servranx bros.

perhaps you know them ?


answered 09 Jan '11, 10:20

blubird%20two's gravatar image

blubird two

Not heard of them actually. Do you have any links to their work?

(09 Jan '11, 13:10) Stingray

try " le blog de jacques bersez " " " " "

(10 Jan '11, 07:02) blubird two

I decided to give this manifestation experiment a try, so I thought.. Hmm I don't know of any boxes that I have that would be appropriate for something like this. But apparently, because my mom does all the decorating in the house, I had a box around the size of a shoebox as decoration in my room that I could use. At first I thought it wasn't suitable, since usually the boxes in the house are always stuffed with junk of like old files of paper or DVDs and a lot of random junk in them. I decided what the heck, since I didn't have any sort of box anyways this box will do. I opened it, and I find that it was completely empty except for my dog's ashes. I didn't even know my parents had kept his ashes! I know it might be weird for some people, but I couldnt've asked for a better box.

As for my manifestation experiment with what I wrote on my paper, lets see what happens ;D! March 28, 2012.


answered 29 Mar '12, 02:48

DiusPius's gravatar image


If I indicate a date when I need the request to be manifested by, what should I do when the date passes and nothing happens? Should I put a new future date or leave the original date?



answered 12 Jul '13, 12:53

bf2's gravatar image


@bf2 - See The date I set for my manifestation request to become tangible has passed. What do I do now? If you don't feel the answer there is sufficient for you, let me know and I'll try and clarify further

(13 Jul '13, 06:56) Stingray

THIS WORKS! Vibrational match the very next day. So, I want a new car and I know the make. As as I was leaving the gym the make and model of this car was parked behind me. Something said look up! I looked and I said...yeah. I like that model. Universe,I'm not sure if I like it in white. So, show me one in black then I'd know if I want the white one I saw at the gym or the black one. Well, lo and behold I'm driving home, I stopped off and ordered food for dinner waited for my order and headed home. I'm going down the back street where you normally wouldn't see a car of this type and I passed a black one the same exact model and make. I lol!!!! SmilING from ear to ear. AMAZING. OOHHH I DECIDED ON THE WHITE ONE! It's coming to me as quick as it possibly can.


answered 23 Feb '17, 04:24

EZforme's gravatar image


I've been "consciously" manifesting many many things for the past 24 yrs or so but I've never tried the Box Method. I've manifested a few "big" things but I've had success mostly with small requests. The big stuff I've been asking for (for 24+ yrs) are a home of my own, an income that will allow me to live comfortably (My income is not enough for me to meet basic needs) and someone to share my life with. My "requests" to the Universe have been consistent on an on/off basis. I think about it, I do affirmations, I get tired of asking, I forget about it, I start over again.

About 8 months ago, I started seeing BMW's, Audi's and Mercedes cars everywhere, either one pulls in front of me, or drives by me, or I end up parking in the only spot available (right next to a BMW) and so on. I can't afford these cars but I take this as a sign that I'm becoming more and more of a vibrational match to prosperity consciousness, like a "sneak preview" of what's coming. I hope so anyway.

I have the perfect "box" and even though I know that the Universe doesn't care how we put our requests out there, I'm going to try this and see what happens.

I loved reading everybody's success stories by the way. Very inspiring! :)


answered 20 Mar '18, 03:04

GrowthSeeker's gravatar image


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