In Access Conciousness I came across the belief that you have to be willing to lie to get money if you want money in your life. Those certain things we define as good or bad limit us and we need to let go of that. The government is reviewing my disability and I no longer feel disabled. They will send me a piece of paper where I have to argue my limitations. I no longer want to accept the label of disabled whether I am able to work or not. I do not know if I can maintain the long hours of full-time employment with how long I sleep, but that choice has never becomes a choice for me. For some reason, no matter how well I do an interview I am not hired. Therefore, I cannot test whether I can or cannot work. Without disability income I would likely be forced to move back in with my parents. Yet, saying I am disabled is a lie. Part of me thinks it is best to be honest. In a infinite universe why would untruths be needed to be said for the support of the universe to continue? So what do I do when the government sends me papers to fill out that if I just wrote "I am not disabled" on I would be kicked off disability income? Do I write I am not disabled on them and just hope that other forms of support show up? Do I tell the truth knowing it would be a wound to my life?

Similarly do I tell all truths knowing they would be misunderstood and people would think me in need for more medication? So do I follow the belief system that there is never a need to lie because lying is just caused by a misunderstanding of the support of the universe? Or do I follow the belief system that it is sometimes nessasary to lie because the complexity of situations can be misunderstood?

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what is more important, to
be true or to have assistance
when no longer qualified,
do our choices return

(29 Sep '18, 20:35) fred

I am afraid, but I do not want to move back in with my parents. I'd rather become homeless and take a flight to a warm climate where it is easier to be homeless. I no longer want to just move in with family. I am tired of playing within the limitations of my family. Even if I lack the passion for being hired in interviews, I am not disabled. I will fill out the form as honestly as I can and let the government decide.

(29 Sep '18, 21:14) Igot7

Ironically after worrying about how I should fill them out the forms arrived and only a third party can answer them. This holographic reality saw my move and made a countermove. I guess it doesn't think moving to California to be homeless is a good plan.

(02 Oct '18, 17:44) Igot7

life is a gift to learn more,
some start ahead while others
challenged, does one sell out,
surrendering soul or grow

(08 Oct '18, 19:37) fred

All is divine There is no wrong move Every step is on the path There is no start or finish Just a circle, no one ahead Everyone is in a different stage You can run but there is no race Taking time and not worrying Following the flow of the circle The secret is that it is impossible to sell your soul The secret is that it is impossible to not grow The secret is there is no way you can mess this up!

(08 Oct '18, 20:03) Igot7

The circle of life is multi-d Within each circle is a different element of life. One circle is the family circle. One is the wealth. One is self worth. One is expression. Just to name a few. Within these big circles are other circles. The point of the circle is to generate movement. Inside the circle is the yin and yang. The point that exists in all circles at once is you. You experience the change, yes change instead of grow How do you approach change is the question.

(08 Oct '18, 20:20) Igot7

On second thought the circle of life is so mult-d it is a globe. You can head in any direction you like. You can create race's with finish lines, but those are constructs. In actuality, you are free to do anything you like because it isn't a contest it is a world for the exploring.

(13 Oct '18, 16:00) Igot7
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listen- the only thing you need to do is figure out what feels worse for you option 1 or option 2.

option 1. i write down that i am disabled although i dont really feel disabled- i feel bad about lying to a piece of paper. i will get the disability income. this way i can ponder my lying whilst being able to live alone.

option 2. i refuse to lie to a piece of paper! i dont feel disabled at all! my disability income gets cancelled. this way i can be proud of my honesty together with my parents with whom i now am forced to live with because i dont have any income.

and this is just my opinion, but when the universe gives you a form of abundance- which literally just means you have to fill out a form and get medical help if you need it (things could be worse)...just fill out the forms and get the money until you feel better and are ready for a job or another avenue of abundance opens up...why kill this one- its not something unethical or illegal...its a disability income ok- just when filling out the form YOU know YOURSELF that you are not disabled and this is just a temporary- and necessary- form of income until you figure things out...who cares what they think- what you write down on a piece of matters what you KNOW in your heart you are- if you dont feel disabled- you are not. but you have enough brains and logic to understand that you need to live and eat...and money is part of that. now if you really dont like this disability income- i would start looking for something else that will feel better- maybe...a job? until then..i wouldnt stop the income- also if you are truly not disabled- whatever that means- why dont you just look for a job, that way you wont have to lie anymore. if that doesnt sound like an option for you now- dont stop the disability income- i think source/god/the universe will totally understand you not wanting to live with mom and dad now.


answered 09 Oct '18, 04:41

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I have been working part time and applying to full time employment for years. I have been getting interviews, writing cover letters etc. Why I don't get hired when I have a college degree and years of working experience is beyond me. I have been working part-time for 7 years in my job and still I get no promotion, but also no job elsewhere. If it were that easy as to just suddenly get a job I would. The truth is I have no passion for most the jobs I apply for, but I like money.

(09 Oct '18, 16:12) Igot7

so you dont mind working jobs you dont have passion for- but do it anyway because of the money. well then why would lying about being disabled to get the disability income be a problem?

(09 Oct '18, 16:24) Januaryfeelings

working jobs without passion- isnt that also a form of not being true to yourself, but you do it out of necessity, same with the disability income- you understand that its not the perfect situation here but you do it out of necessity. if you are aligned and in the vortex you will attract another form of abundance that will be more true to you.

(09 Oct '18, 16:27) Januaryfeelings
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Sorry, I disagree with Januaryfeelings where she says the disability income is a form of abundance given by the universe. I think it is actually a test. If we believe that the universe will take care of us, we need to surrender to it. If we have enough faith in our principles and stand by them, we will be looked after. I sincerely believe that the 'Truth sets you free!' I have experienced that so many times. Also, there is the law of karma where even a penny that you have wrongly taken, you will have to give it back. So, all in all, Igot7, go down the hard road, filled with stones not roses but rest assured that that's the one where you will make the angels smile.


answered 09 Oct '18, 06:43

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If we have enough faith in our principles and stand by them, we will be looked after.

why WOULDNT the disability income be a way in which the universe looks after him?

(09 Oct '18, 10:26) Januaryfeelings

Also, there is the law of karma where even a penny that you have wrongly taken, you will have to give it back.

why wrongly taken? if he has this disability income- there must have been tests and assessments made by professionals- i do believe he is not doing anything illegal- he is not stealing- he is not killing for the money- why is it wrong.

(09 Oct '18, 10:30) Januaryfeelings

i think what Igot7 is saying is that he knows he is not disabled inherently - and he will get better and have a normal life- and that writing every time that he is disabled- is blocking his progress- same by getting the money from it- he is perpetuating the vibration of the disability instead of focusing on getting better- and what i am saying is that if he feels that way he should start searching for other avenues of abundance- until then i wouldnt discard the disability income.

(09 Oct '18, 10:32) Januaryfeelings

Hello Januaryfeelings, for me putting a wrong word (even though it may appear wrong only to me) on a form is a lie. All things judged negatively by karma may not be illegal.

But at the same time, I acknowledge that my comment on Igot7 was too hasty- his is a very complex story , hardly black and white. I will simply wish him all the best for all his endeavours and adventures!!

(11 Oct '18, 14:16) Dagny

Yesterday, while reading 'Autobiography of a yogi' came across the following and it made me think of Igot7

"The body is a treacherous friend. Give it it's due; no more. Pain and pleasure are transitory, endure all dualities with calmness, trying at the same time to remove yourself behind their power. Imagination is the door through which disease as well as healing enters. Disbelieve in the reality of sickness even when you are ill, an unrecognised visitor will free!"

(11 Oct '18, 14:20) Dagny

Yes, I have learned wellness. I still have a way to go in that my outside body does not reflect the same wellness of my soul body. It is getting closer. Yet there are two areas of my life where fear holds me back. First is relationships and second is money. I study and work on negative beliefs, but I have many layers of the onion to peal. I wish simply POD and POC really got to the center of the onion. It helps but I remain frozen in inaction not knowing what to do.

(11 Oct '18, 22:09) Igot7

BTW when the form arrived it had nothing for me to fill out. Someone else had to fill it out. So the universe countered my move for now. Honestly they were reviewing my disability because I worked a seasonal job. It was simple. They sent me a form which I channeled what to say, but did not mention disability. So they decided to do a more extensive review by seeing what those around me have to say.

(11 Oct '18, 22:14) Igot7

They asked for outside sources because a possible symptom of my illness is not realizing I am what the doctors say I am. Which I am not, but my doctor doesn't agree with me enough to let me decrease medication. And on the off chance the doctor is right, I don't decrease it either. I've come very close many times to cutting my pills and half and starting my own tapering, but my angel oracle cards always tell me no.

(11 Oct '18, 22:19) Igot7

The truth is a small part of me fears I would go crazy without medication. I want to try a very slow decrease, but need a doctor to agree with me. The part of me that still worries I am crazy would act in the opposite of the placebo effect if I were not 100% sure. Beliefs are just that powerful.

(11 Oct '18, 22:26) Igot7

Wow! To me it is simply amazing that you have so much insight about your health and you are working on all your issues diligently and consciously. If you had nothing to fill out on the form and from the other things you have described about your condition, please do not do yourself the disfavour of calling yourself disabled or calling your income a lie!!

(12 Oct '18, 18:25) Dagny

So in reply to your last comment- I have to say here that I am a doctor! Isnt the universe funny sometimes in the way it fulfils our wishes ! Feels like a partial manifestation to me .Or am I reading too much into this coinicidence? Also I am a doctor- am ophthalmologist- who is always very happy to try weaning patients off medications but of course cannot comment on any level about your case ..

(12 Oct '18, 18:31) Dagny
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