The relationship I have wanted to manifest, just plain isn't here. I know it is not best to be noticing that, but I feel that I have made so much progress in many other areas, this one thing is becoming conspicuously out of place in that I haven't succeeded yet.

And now, I am beginning to see that what I wanted in March of this year, when I asked the Universe for this, is a bit different from what I want now. My loving partner will really need to have some level of spiritual understanding and strength that I would not have been looking for then. Also, I have learned that I can ask to be with someone I can look up to, respect and admire - something I wouldn't have dreamed I'd be so fortunate to have in my life before. In the past, it has always been me to look for higher perspectives, to at least try for pure, loving thoughts and actions, make goodness, peace, kindness and harmony common goals.... It's hard to explain, but up to now, I have never been with anyone who loved me without me having to guide and take care of them, with none of that care and guidance coming back for me, when it was my turn to need a hand. So when I wrote what I wanted in a relationship, I would not have dreamed I could have such a beautiful thing for myself. I want that now. I have made huge leaps in my own spiritual progress and thinking recently, and I feel like a very different Grace now. So should I start again?

The fact that I am on my own is telling me I must have lost my way somehow. I know it is time that I stop living my life without love. If you have known me through my posts on this site, you know more of me than anyone on earth; no one else knows any of this about me. So I'm coming to you with this.

So far, I have manifested male attention, a few dates, casual friends. People have said some nice things. I have been interested in one or two men, but they do not appear to have any interest in me. The men who have pursued me, have not been the kind of people I can get close to... Ok, I will go ahead and say it plainly. They have wanted me for sex, and when they find that I won't, I really can't, share myself in that way without being loved, or at least feeling some sort of shared connection, they are gone. To be honest, I am so disappointed in what I have manifested for myself. I thought I would meet someone I could really talk to. Someone I could trust and respect, share a friendship and a bond with. Fall in love with. This is not what I have done. Not even close.

I need to know if I should open up the Manifestation Box, burn the letter, start again? And I need to know where have I gone wrong up to now? This is a very difficult question to ask, for many reasons. If you have been paying attention, you know me better than anyone. I am bracing myself for hard truths, so please tell me. I would rather be stung by the truth than go on living like this. I don't know how much longer I can take it. Please tell me why I am still alone.

asked 04 Nov '12, 00:03

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I really felt that I could answer this question for you ,but what happened was I have never felt such a deep sense of self doubt in my life.Your answer will come,it"s all about a perfect unfolding.You are LOVED without a question of a doubt.Thank you for helping me find my answer to a question not asked,love and light.

(04 Nov '12, 01:26) Roy

@Grace- +1000 votes for this question! I feel we're in the same boat (though I'm still a virgin and cant even manifest a kiss for the tragedy!!)

Also to chip in with the question, I ask all, what is the difference between self love, accepting yourself, loving yourself unconditionally and being ok with who you are? I personally LOVE being me, though obviously this is something not fulfilled because, well, I don't have my Danish girl back yet :)

Would love your output @Roy. Good to see u btw

(04 Nov '12, 03:06) Nikulas

@Grace- Don't worry, we will do this together otherwise I'm going to die trying. I'm not leaving this earth until I get the French style, deep romance I've done somersaults for (literally) my entire life!

For Grace to find her soulmate- Done, that's in my manifesting box, (not 'box', actually an old perfume bottle.)

(04 Nov '12, 03:09) Nikulas

@Grace I have asked myself the same question should I start over. I chase ghosts. Women who are from my past that were interested in me when I was married but don't have the time of day for me now. Ghost in my dreams that turn out to be my ex. Ghosts of ladies in the egde of my vision. I am happier than I've evere been but much more lonely in a crowd. It has given me material for my little writtings but confusion in my life. So I move from romance to romance in search of returned love.

(04 Nov '12, 09:19) suds

simple because you did not find the right person yet. it is very hard to find the right person because every one wear mask.and play games rather then being who they really are.they make promesse and do not keep them.they take and do not give back. and even when it seams to work the mask eventually drop off then they start to blame you for things that they have agree to when they where wearing the mask.but if you do not wear mask is it your fault?

(04 Nov '12, 10:15) white tiger

and some other will tell you that is how the game is play and there is always someone that loves more then the other and that one is the sucker. so they decide to make their heart hard like a stone to not be the one that loves more and they play the same game. and they do what they you know the truth about what you see inside the cup and outside of the cup. and what cause the imbalence and the inequity.and the question you are asking now is where will i find true love?

(04 Nov '12, 10:37) white tiger

@grace n nikulas- same here, infct,grace i was abt to post the same question today..- same to same, word to word..,thank you for posting this question. even, i am not getting what to do next? i had planned by entire life with him n evn,he did.. n i even,wrote evythng n same like u grace,put it in manifesting boxx, but,what shld i do next.., burn them ? / write a new list ? .i even,brought him back twice.., i have so far used evythng

(04 Nov '12, 10:47) supergirl

focus wheels,affirmattions,visualizatns..etc. , n let me tell u i attracted him by using loa..,n even,universe gave me lots of signs that he is one.., thn,i don't knw wht went wrong..,my feeling are exactly same grace as u have described.., he did not respond the way i was expecting. the love which i want is still not there in my life. n i am now tired of all these things. now..,i am just flowing with the flow.n left this complete area of my life to God.

(04 Nov '12, 10:49) supergirl

n yh..mine manifesting box is "my titan fast-TRack watch box"..

(04 Nov '12, 10:52) supergirl

n same here grace- even, i am determined to try untill i get the guy of my types.

(04 Nov '12, 10:53) supergirl

well grace at least you did not have sex. then you would have fell even more sorry for your self. but do you like having sex? it seams to me that you fall on guy that want sex right away and if no sex bye bye. you must be beautifull if they want sex? but i agree with you that it might not be your kind of guy.since you do not want only a physical connection.

(04 Nov '12, 17:37) white tiger

@Roy - Thank you for your encouragement. I'm not sure - did you mean you doubted yourself? Or do you mean my self-doubt made you feel uncomfortable? If it was the former, I would really like to know what you thought. I respect your opinion, and your ideas would be welcomed, even if only your first impressions. Whatever you decide, I appreciate you thinking about me, and your good wishes.

(05 Nov '12, 14:06) Grace

@Nikulas - :). Seriously. :D! You rock. We will work this out, and we will each get there in our own way, in our own time. Knowing you are on my side, and he and I are in your perfume bottle, (!) I feel better already. I have no doubt, we are both going to get home, somehow. I will send you our photo....:)

(05 Nov '12, 14:17) Grace

... Also, Nikulas and his soulmate, together, happily ever after. Done. It's in the secret drawer of my jewelry box. Picture it, sweets - it's cream colored, with little gold fabric roses all over the lid. You and she and my heartfelt wishes and determined vision for you are in there. :)

(05 Nov '12, 14:18) Grace

@suds - I truly believe, if you follow the advice I have received since coming to IQ, you will have all you need to have all you need. It may not be this red hot minute, but you can get there. So can I, and our @Nikulas, and our @supergirl... all of us. Don't despair.

(05 Nov '12, 14:21) Grace

@Nikulas - I ask all, what is the difference between self love, accepting yourself, loving yourself unconditionally and being ok with who you are? Why not ask it as a new question? We all need to know, I think.

(05 Nov '12, 14:58) Grace

@supergirl - It sounds to me like you are very good at intentional manifestation. It is so good to have all of the wonderful advice on this thread, for all our sakes. I really believe you will be successful - you will need to feel your way through this, too. :)

(05 Nov '12, 15:05) Grace

@white tiger - I see what you mean, I have not found (or recognized) him yet. I friend said to me once that you may have someone in your life already, but they have layers of protection around them, just like you do in other ways. You will not know about what is really inside them, until they are ready to show you.

(05 Nov '12, 15:15) Grace

@white tiger - ... your other comments... Yes, I'm very glad that I don't have sex with men I don't love, but no, I am not wearing a neon green jacket. And yes, I do like sex. And yes, I am beautiful. And you are right, for a girl like me, that is not the right kind of guy. :)

(05 Nov '12, 15:16) Grace

what is the meaning i am not wearing a neon green jacket? i am french it is the first time i ear that expression. je suis francais premiere fois que j'entend cette expression:je ne porte pas un manteau en neon vert.

(05 Nov '12, 16:30) white tiger

@white tiger - It was a little joke, sorry.- It's a reference to some advice from Abraham-Hicks. It means that I don't think that I am feeling sorry for myself, any more than I think I am wearing a neon green jacket. I am expressing my frustration and hurt to the people I respect and trust, and asking for their help. I learned here, not to accept what isn't mine. :)

(05 Nov '12, 16:36) Grace

well grace i was thinking about what you said and i would say try to send them on the subject with out being to obvious. if it catch like wild fire from only a small spark.then what you are looking for will show it self. and from what you ear or see you can have discernement to see if it is true or not.and you should know if the mask dropped or if another mask as been put on. experience and enjoy.

(05 Nov '12, 16:58) white tiger

@white tiger - I think that is really good advice, I like it. I like to think I am firing off some little sparks. :) If he's who I am looking for, it will catch like wild fire. If he is not, I would not want him, anyway. I like the visual, white tiger, it will help me to remember that. Thank you.

(05 Nov '12, 17:19) Grace

@Grace- A unique strategy I'm using the past few days has been thanking God for my partner (even though it's not physically here.) Thankyou God for giving me a partner. Appreciation for it NOW, for its future arrival. Im giving this advise because I'm having lots of romantic dreams these few nights after undergoing this exercise.

It's like an expected xmas present wrapped under the tree- you don't have it yet, but you dont have a energy of lack, because you know its there!

(05 Nov '12, 17:37) Nikulas

Grace, the self doubt I was talking about was my own.I had written 136 words of an answer for you, only to realize what I wrote was a message to my self.Thank you.You received many wonderful answers.Love and Light.

(05 Nov '12, 18:17) Roy

@Nikulas - More good advice. I like it, thank you. Nice feeling, that.

(05 Nov '12, 18:33) Grace

@Roy - That's cool. I'm glad you got your answer too. I did receive so many wonder answers, it is amazing, isn't it? To me it's a priceless collection of advice, information, kindness, friendship and encouragement. I am so glad I asked. :)

(05 Nov '12, 18:37) Grace

yes gift wrapped under a tree the that would be fun to

(05 Nov '12, 18:53) white tiger

Hahahaha wicked tiger!

(05 Nov '12, 19:05) Grace

I am glad you asked this question as well.

(05 Nov '12, 19:14) Roy

well grace nikulas is looking for a women. and so am i. why am i wicked? christmas is the time of and receiving. why not experience and enjoy life? we came to play in this field anny way. so let there be light,Be light that you can be, experience and enjoy. have some fun also and smile.

(05 Nov '12, 19:18) white tiger

@white tiger - In this context, I meant wicked as a very good thing, it was a compliment. ;) I need to be more careful to write correctly when I'm talk to you, I'm so sorry.

(05 Nov '12, 19:23) Grace

and you grace do you like to have fun? or maybe you see that as wicked? well at least you are having a laugh.

(05 Nov '12, 19:25) white tiger

stop wearing a neon green jacket under a christmas tree. try a red ribbon, .o my i am wicked again,smile. it is ok grace. don't worry be happy.

(05 Nov '12, 19:32) white tiger

@White Tiger I know it is only meant as fun but I'm feeling uncomfortable about these images of women wrapped as presents - I don't wish to come over all killjoy on you but could you just tone it down a bit please.

(06 Nov '12, 04:18) Catherine

@Nikulas The strategy you describe is much more of a 5D way of operating (because time doesn't exist) - You ARE/HAVE the thing you want to be/have rather than a 3D way which is more you throw out the signal and it loops back to you in time. Essentially you are playing with 5D and you've just inspired me to do the same today with my issues.

(06 Nov '12, 05:07) Catherine

@Catherine - :) I hadn't thought of it this way. When you put it in those terms, it solidifies my belief in it all the more. Also inspired, again (still). Thanks!

(06 Nov '12, 08:44) Grace

@Catherine- Nice to hear from you, very lovely to get alot more views upon @Graces subject than us two. Cheers girl :D

(06 Nov '12, 09:20) Nikulas

i know @ursixx but it seams that i am to wicked for @Catherine she as problem seing women wrapped as a gift. and i have to tone it down a bit. but if it where the image of a men wrapped as a gift i wounder if she would have the same problem? seams that @Grace also as that issue since she did not made anny more comment after ward or maybe she did not understand what i told her? but now do you understand why i said what i said? it was not because i did not understand the term wicked.

(06 Nov '12, 16:08) white tiger
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I am bracing myself for hard truths, so please tell me. I would rather be stung by the truth than go on living like this. I would rather be stung by the truth than go on living like this.

Okay, you asked for it so I will give it to you straight up. I hope you are prepared for this.

You are a being of pure love and pure light. You are very powerful for incarnating on this earth at this time. It is the toughest game going in the universe in this now moment and it has never been done in this way before. It takes a rare individual being or entity to have the strength and courage to come to this most dense and physical 3D experience.

You are an absolute Master Creator and you can't get anything wrong and you will never get anything done. You are sifting and sorting through experiences and becoming a more powerful and knowledgeable being of infinite existence.

I hope that little intro wasn't too harsh. Actually I wanted to help loosen the sting that you are feeling right now a bit. Everything I said above is exactly how I see you, which at least for me, means you can't really do anything wrong. So just be easy and let yourself off the hook a little bit. Everything that needs to happen in your experience is happening for a reason large or small.

As for the relationship aspect, I truly believe that there is one thing that needs to come to the surface first and foremost. You need to find out what your relationship is to yourself. Are you really and truly okay with just being with yourself and is it okay to just be alone.

Now I'm not saying that you just have to be alone or think you are alright without anyone. I'm saying that at the core, you need to find out if you truly can love yourself unconditionally first. There could be a subconscious belief in there somewhere that is saying you are not worthy of a certain kind of love or you are better off being alone.

Bashar talks about an easy to use technique that I find myself using more and more all the time. It helps to bring some subconscious beliefs to the surface.

Ask yourself...

What would I have to believe is true about my relationship to this circumstance in order to feel the way that I do? Then sit quietly and wait for the answer.

You could use this question for many different things but just do it in an easy and fun manner. Try not to force an answer and be okay if you don't get one right away. The answer may come in a totally unexpected fashion.

I am so disappointed in what I have manifested for myself.

You may have expected me to pick this out of your question;) This is similar to what we talked about in the comments about the signpost. If you can somehow learn to appreciate what you have manifested and understand that it is reflecting where you are vibrationally back to you, then you can put more focus on getting your frequency in the desired range that you prefer.

Focusing on what you have done wrong is keeping you in the vibration that you don't prefer.

Try telling yourself something that has a little lighter feel to it.

"Even though I'm not seeing my companion at this moment, I know that they are on the way. They will come at the right time and in the right circumstance. I am allowing myself to see the reflection of my manifestations and am using them as a guiding light in a dark forest. I know everything will work out just fine for me. The perfect match for me exists right now and our frequencies will connect at the perfect place and the perfect moment. I love myself and I love knowing that everything will work out just the way it is meant to."

I need to know if I should open up the Manifestation Box, burn the letter, start again?

My suggestion would be to not use the manifesting box method if it is something you can not easily forget about. To me it sounds like this is something that may be too in your face on a regular basis to be able to forget. Every time you notice you are alone and don't have the person you desire, the universe halts in its tracks because of your vibrational outpouring of what isn't there.

I am definitely not an expert on romantic love and am not trying to be. I do know though that if we have a subconscious belief (that we may not realize exists) that we deserve to be alone, or we are unlovable, or we just can't find love, it will manifest in our reality. Getting to the core of those opposing vibrations could bring things up to the surface.

Put emphasis on loving yourself first. We are never really alone anyway. We just sometimes perceive it that way in our human-ness.

Change your Self Talk about your current situation. Focus on what's going right instead of what isn't. Be clear on what kind of person you want and have a pure knowing-ness that that person does exist in this very moment.

There was a point a few years back in my life where I didn't have the desire to live anymore. I was very habitual with negative mental and verbal self talk. Once I changed those negative thoughts into positive habitual self talk, my whole world changed around. So I have confidence in the power of talking to yourself in a positive way. Choose the wording that you prefer and make it a new habit of what you desire. It really can change your life.

Know what you want, know that it exists, talk like it exists, and more importantly be easy on yourself and feel good just for the heck of it. Allow your good feeling vibes to connect with your ideal partners good feeling vibes. That person is out there right now searching just like you are. They just need to find out which radio station you are tuned into.

I know you are a worthy and loving being. You are deserve to share that powerful love with another. I have faith that you will find that person when the time is right. Everything happens for a (vibrational) reason.


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@cory-super-dupper likes to this 1. excellent answer cory...

(05 Nov '12, 01:05) supergirl

@Cory - Thank you so much. There is so much good advice here, I don't know where to start. One reason I got mad enough to let loose this question, is that it hurts, and I feel that I am doing very well with so much of what you suggested for me. I spend most of my time very happy and peaceful, so when this comes to mind, it really bothers me. But you are dead-on when you said there has to be ...

(05 Nov '12, 13:43) Grace

...something else come to the surface. I have been on my own a long time, and until early this year, I was fine with it. So I do feel ok to be alone, and I really do enjoy my own company. Now that I have decided I want to experience something else, it has been so frustrating to succeed and flourish is so many other areas, other than the one that means the most to me. What is coming to the surface, is that I have not ever really considered myself to be a blessing to ...

(05 Nov '12, 13:43) Grace

...anyone else. Somewhere, I learned that my presence is a burden to others, no matter what I do. So I just try to sort of mitigate the damage I cause by taking up your time by giving you as much as I can, and then getting out of your way. That's why in my "real life", I'm kind of known as a "runner". I don't want to hear that you don't want me around, I already know that, so I take what love you offer me, and get away before you can tell me that. It's an old, old thing, stuck ...

(05 Nov '12, 13:44) Grace my heart. I will spend time now, getting rid of that belief. I know in my head I am just as worthy as anyone else. I just have to get my heart to believe it. Thank you again, for your help.

P.S. Cory, I am so glad, a few years back, that you decided to stay. We need you.

(05 Nov '12, 13:44) Grace

@Grace It's always my pleasure to help you in any way I can. So you are very welcome. You seem to be a very intelligent and caring person and I truly find it hard to believe that you will not find your perfect match. We all get the things that we desire in due time and I know you are on the right path. Just try not to beat yourself up too much because it's all about experiencing and then growing from that experience.

Yes, I realized I have far too much I want to do before I transition ...

(05 Nov '12, 14:28) Cory

@Grace ...back to who I really am. There are too many exciting things happening in the near future and too many wonderful people like yourself and the rest of the folks at IQ to interact with to leave the most exciting spot in the universe at this time.

(05 Nov '12, 14:30) Cory
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I am going to provide some insights into your situation first and then attempt to answer your question.

The Manifesting Box experiment does not strike me as being the correct method to use in your situation because from your question above, this issue is something that is pretty much always in your face. And I quote from the Manifesting Box experiment, 'When NOT to use this method':

When NOT to use it:

(1) You are under pressure to meet a deadline.

(2) You have a specific plan of action that you believe needs to be done in order to reach your goal and you feel like you need to get something done now.

(3) These ideas regarding The Law of Attraction seem a bit ridiculous to you and you just cannot allow yourself to believe that anything can come to you without putting in a lot of physical effort.

(4) You cannot let go of thinking about what you want because you feel you need it or you are worried about it.

And it seems to me that in your case, the points (1) and (4) apply especially the latter.

As long as you are experiencing the feeling of lack about this particularly relationship in your life, it cannot manifest in your physical reality, even though this perfect relationship already exists in your non-physical reality.

Remember, it is not only about what you write or speak about that determines your manifestations. It is primarily your day to day thoughts or in other words your dominant vibration.

What I am trying to say is you could write what you want and stick it in the Manifesting Box but unless you are vibrationally aligned with that desire (in the case of the Manifesting Box, you have to completely forget about the desire), it cannot manifest in your physical reality.

The key is always to accept yourself and your present reality as a starting point. This is very similar to what some people call 'letting go' or 'surrender'. Just be happy with what you currently have and when you start to do that, things that you desire will come to you without any effort. The methods that work well are consistent Positive Aspects and Rampages of Appreciation.

In your case though, because you have strong emotions of lack about this subject, you really need start by tackling this issue head on and get neutral with regards to that subject. I have found that EFT and Focus Blocks are the best at neutralising emotions.

It also does not matter whether what you want in a partner has changed or not. You have already made the universe aware of this fact or desire through just thinking about it.

Lastly, it seems to me that you have made significant spiritual progress in the last few months ,more specifically, still discovering who you really are and what you really want. So, from that perspective, it might be a good thing that you have not yet met your life partner. But now that you seem to be much more certain about what you want in a partner, this seems to me to be a better time for such a thing to happen. In fact, I have just found a post of Satori quoting Bashar that sums this up nicely:

"I always get what I want.I always get what I want". If it's not available now, then my Higher Self must have some experiences it wishes me to have first, so that when I do get what I want, I'll be able to enjoy it even more. I'll be able to enjoy it on a much richer, deeper basis."

Iasos's interpretation of Bashar Core Principle's


answered 04 Nov '12, 14:14

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Pink Diamond

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@Pink Diamond Love your point about Grace manifesting something much better .. that's my feeling too.

(04 Nov '12, 16:05) Catherine

@Pink Diamond , thank you for the Link to Bashar , I had forgotten about it and it is such a valuable tool , a timely reminder for me Blessings ♥♥♥

(04 Nov '12, 23:33) Starlight

@pink diamond- perfect answer..thank you!!!

(05 Nov '12, 00:48) supergirl

@Pink Diamond - Thank you for your thoughtful and helpful answer. I think The key is always to accept yourself and your present reality as a starting point is a very important point that I have been missing. I am not accepting where I am, and I have never really accepted myself. That is a goal I really had not specifically set for myself...

(05 Nov '12, 13:28) Grace

It's just a belief, basically, isn't it? And I have learned that I can change beliefs. I appreciate the encouragement you gave. I am indeed better off manifesting now than I would have been six months ago, that is very true, and is making me feel a lot better. Not only about today, but about tomorrow, too.

(05 Nov '12, 13:28) Grace

@Pink Diamond - I never really saw how to integrate getting neutral with this desire - it seemed that the the fact that the desire is so strong works for me, not against me. Now, all I can see in that regard is that it does not feel good any more. I have had wonderful success with EFT and Focus Blocks in other ways - thank you so much for pointing this out. I will get this awful feeling gone using these terrific methods.

(05 Nov '12, 13:59) Grace

@Grace, @Catherine, @Starlight, @supergirl - Thanks for the comments.

(06 Nov '12, 11:18) Pink Diamond

@Grace - Unfortunately, for people like you and I and others on the IQ site, the stream of energy is flowing so fast that not only do we flow significant energy towards what we want but we also flow significant energy in terms of resistance (when we have negative emotions such as lack) which works against what we want. So, consistent vibrational work almost becomes a necessity to clear up issues that come up.

(06 Nov '12, 11:22) Pink Diamond

@Pink Diamond There is a lot of valuable information in this answer, Thank you for sharing.

(06 Nov '12, 13:19) Cory

@Evolutionary High This would be a great new question to ask. People other than yourself could see it more easily and get benefit from answers as well

(06 Nov '12, 15:22) Cory
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Hi Grace

Two excellent answers from @Cory and @Pink Diamond so I can't really add much.

Im wondering is this an out of the Vortex question? As Abraham say every subject is really two subjects, something that you desire, and the absence of something that you desire. These are two very different vibrational frequencies. When your out of the Vortex you tend to look at what you desire from the absence of it.

I know this is a bit cliche on IQ but the key is to get yourself into the Vortex daily because,

When you are Vortex-aligned, you can certainly notice what you don't have...but you don't care that you don't have it. Stingray

In the Vortex your becoming a vibrational match to your desires. What you want feels closer to you because your in the same vibrational vicinity. Your back in that place of Knowing. That place is the Now. Keep yourself in the Now moment. Remember your point of power lies in the Now . Your vibrational offering is Now . What you desire exists Now. Your life is Now. It is all happening right here in the Now.

When the Vortex spits you out. Great, no problem. There is value in this to. Life is telling you exactly what limiting belief your holding that's getting in the way of your desire. Mold these limiting beliefs, feel some relief and get yourself back in the Vortex. Don't analyse too much from out of the Vortex. This is where we go wrong sometimes. We percieve and judge our life up to now from out of the Vortex when all we should be doing is getting ourselves back into the Vortex. This process gets easier as im sure you know. When you start spending most of your time in the Vortex then what you want absolutely must come to you. :)

Grace, here is an excellent excerpt from Abraham on the subject. I didn't have time to type it but here is the link.

I cannot find a mate pages 125 - 129


answered 04 Nov '12, 18:47

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@Satori- Don't know if you can help, but it appears I'm only able to honestly vortex align perhaps once a week. I cannot just do it at will, even though I'd like to. Any tips mate?

(04 Nov '12, 20:21) Nikulas

@Nikulas- Are you sure? Abraham say that we effortlessly enter the vortex everyday at some point, maybe only for brief periods though. Feeling good is our natural state of being. I use Stingrays Advanced Focus Blocks Method every morning. It works great for me. Have you used it? I cannot recommend it highly enough:)

(05 Nov '12, 03:32) Satori

Have to agree with @Satori on that @Nikulas , have heard Abraham and experienced (consciously noticed) it just today myself , was having a magik time this morning grooving to the music (vortex), after lunch a business company was briefly mentioned and I came crashing back out , now easing back up the scale again, interesting rollercoaster ride . ♥♥♥

(05 Nov '12, 04:29) Starlight
1 Right now) Hey! It's your tomorrow (Right now) Come on, it's everything
(Right now) Catch your magic moment
Do it right here and now
It means everything

(05 Nov '12, 04:33) ursixx

@Satori - thank you for your answer. I think you have pointed out something I needed to hear, especially in regards to over-analyzing when I'm not in the Vortex. I have been getting so frustrated, because I really do spend about 75% of my time aligned, happy, really in my flow and enjoying things, maybe 20% feeling at least philosophical about it. But when I am chucked out of the Vortex by this, I am so depressed, it gets scary. And, it makes me mad at myself. It just hurts...

(05 Nov '12, 13:52) Grace

...too much to go on wanting something that you can't get for yourself, it sends me in a spiral of self-doubt and depression, which of course does not help at all. I don't feel like I can take it any more. I have to let go of it. Just seeing your name makes me think it is time.

One more favor? :) Your words, your voice, have an effect on me. I have this feeling, if I hear from you, just let go, dear Satori, I may be able to do it.

(05 Nov '12, 13:54) Grace

@Grace - Thank you for the kinds words and your welcome:). Being out of the Vortex is nothing to fear Grace.

Those negative feelings are just uncomfortable sensations. When you take out the story your mind weaves with these feelings, what are you left with? An uncomfortable sensation in your body in the present moment. Thats it:) Relax into it. Welcome it. Don't think or judge just observe.....

(05 Nov '12, 14:27) Satori

@Grace - Giving these feelings your conscious attention for a few minutes is all it takes. You should feel relief every time you do this. Being out of the Vortex then becomes an opportunity to dissolve these feelings for good. The way out is through. Hope this helps Grace :)

(05 Nov '12, 14:30) Satori

@Satori, thank you, I knew you would hit something, ow.... I appreciate it... Can you please tell me - The story is there, because I thought it was supposed to be part of my visualization to have a story, a picture in my mind. If I stop telling my story to myself, what am I manifesting? ....Or visualizing, I mean. I am a little confused about that.

The only way out, is through. Yes. I know what you mean now.

(05 Nov '12, 16:56) Grace
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Dear Grace,

I believe that this may be the solution to your issue:

I just did it for the first time yesterday myself. I think I had been defaulting to the Box method and focus blocks because they seemed "easier", and well, Manifesting Experiment 4 just looked so darn long, complicated, and time consuming.

It's worth the effort.

Ironically, the only reason that I finally did it was for somebody else, someone close to me. I felt that it was what "they needed", so I decided to take the time to show them how to do using myself as an example. And so I thought about, and found, an issue that had been bothering me off and on. Examining it with the experiment brought made me realize that it was tied together with some deeper issues and emotions that needed to get resolved as part of the process.

In short, it took me about 1.5 hours. A much bigger time commitment than putting a note in a box or filling in a focus blocks worksheet...


Within the first twenty minutes of having completed the experiment, I began "noticing things." Can't talk about it too much, but there was a definite positive change.

Within four hours, I had three very obvious "negative" manifestations that clearly seemed to be my old vibration trying to drag me back, just like what happened to me with a different issue a few months ago. Before, this might have bewildered me. But now I took it as a very sure sign that my vibrational state had indeed shifted, and laughed them off.

(By the way, could these "non-ideal" men you went on dates with be similar "clattering" experiences...your old vibration/belief fighting for its own survival? If so, just rest in your own confidence and stay the course with your new vibrational state).

In short, I can't recommend it enough. Well worth the time. Give it a shot. I feel very confident that you'll see some changes in your situation in a very short amount of time.



answered 05 Nov '12, 14:39

lozenge123's gravatar image


@lozenge123 - thank you! I think starting to really understand a lot more about clattering and echos and mirrors - most especially, about identifying them, and not allowing them to effect me. Your link to ME4 - I was surprised to see, when I look through this, that it was all familiar reading, but I have never really tried it - I'm sorry to say, I did't understand it. I just tried to release resistance whenever I could find it... I will read it through thoroughly again, maybe now I will...

(05 Nov '12, 15:30) Grace

... be able to understand and apply it, having made some progress in other areas. I am very encouraged by your story. Your last paragraph is a great recommendation, and coming from you, that's pure gold, thank you. :)

(05 Nov '12, 15:35) Grace

@Grace, you're welcome, as always. I think the thing that makes ME4 so valuable is that it uncovers resistance which you are unaware that you even have...and then helps you to release it. At least, that was my personal experience upon completing it. This is really valuable, if you think about it...because how can you do a focus block or EFT or whatever, if you don't even know what or where the resistance is? ME4 takes care of that. I'm still not even exactly sure how it works, but it does.

(05 Nov '12, 15:42) lozenge123

Another thing to keep in mind about this manifesting stuff is that...I find that issues which are "important" to me tend to take more time. A lot of people here are fond of quoting the phrase "manifesting a castle is no different than manifesting a button"...but this can be misleading for a beginner on a practical level. Because when you try to manifest something that seems "big"...and're left wondering what you're doing wrong, and it can be discouraging...

(05 Nov '12, 15:44) lozenge123

Stingray has said something to the effect of "Physical reality lags behind vibrational reality considerably." And although we are apparently able to manifest some things very quickly (traffic, weather, etc.), other things can, for whatever reason, take longer to gestate or germinate. This may be a "false" way to look at it, but it forces me to know that patience is necessary and not to worry about the manifestation, because...maybe slowly...but is coming.

(05 Nov '12, 15:47) lozenge123

Which in the end, for me, puts me in a state of mind that allows for more successful manifestations, rather than "crashing and burning" because I think I can manifest a castle, private jet or Lamborghini Countach within two months, and then not have it arrive by then. Right now the Universe could be getting your "soul mate" out of an unloving relationship...and then it's going to get him a new job so that he will have to move to your city...and get the picture...

(05 Nov '12, 15:50) lozenge123

It could still take a little while...but if you've made the request, it's just a matter of time until he arrives. In the meantime, I think we can all take a page from what Martin Sheen said about his time living in a rat-infested poorhouse: "I loved every minute of it. I loved it when it was happening [because] I knew success would be coming."

(05 Nov '12, 15:53) lozenge123

Thank you, @lozenge123. Your comments meant a lot to me.

(05 Nov '12, 17:54) Grace

You're always welcome, @Grace. I hope they help, if even in a tiny way. :)

(05 Nov '12, 23:45) lozenge123

Just did the resistance relief and cried a river of tears , started out with one name on list 1 but as worked through the lists , names sprang out of everywhere that belonged at list 1 , wow !

(06 Nov '12, 00:34) Starlight
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This may or may not help, but here goes!

I was in a similar situation such as you, but I had never heard of a manifesting box. The most I had ever done was write some things down on paper and then burn it with a ritual (c/o @Skuldr, who helped me through those trying times!)

I was also really wanting someone for myself. People would come and go very easily, and never stay long. I look back now and see it as learning experiences and teachers in disguise.

I found my soul mate after I stopped looking and in the most unlikely place - hotornot dot com. Kinda embarrassing now, but back then I was only 20.

So I joined the site for the usual reasons, ego boosting and silliness. Browsing around I saw some guy with a collage of pictures of him doing things, and one of them was of him mixing. At the time I was very into DJs, music, dancing and the rave scene.

I sent him one of the automated messages that you could send where you couldn't control what it said and you couldn't give out your personal info etc. I wasn't looking for anyone to date because I was going through a lot of bad stuff with someone already. He just looked interesting to talk to. I think, also, part of the reason why I sent him a message is because he paid for access of sending messages and that made things easier.

I remember how it all went. We started talking on AIM. I wasn't that interested in what he was saying because he would type a million fragmented sentences in a minute and then leave for like 10. A couple of times I would tell him I didn't want to talk because I was so sad.

We started talking about a week before Valentines Day. Valentines Day I think I told him I loved him and he said he felt the same. A month later he flew from California and asked me to marry him in my parents kitchen. We got married one week later in front of a Cheddar's Restaurant at night with cars honking with a mechanic ordained minister. We used plastic bracelets with beads to exchange our vows (though he did have a gold band with diamonds in it for me when he asked me to marry him).

Next April 10th is our 10th wedding anniversary.

Just ask @skuldr how much I wanted a relationship. I think I bugged the crap out of her for readings and everything before. That's pretty much how I met her too, she was giving readings in an AOL room.

I know it sounds really cliché, but when I wasn't looking was when we found each other. I suppose this is sort of like giving it over to the universe thing, though at the time I didn't think of it that way.


answered 06 Nov '12, 02:00

Halcyon's gravatar image


Great story! Congrats on nearly 10 years, too. You must be doing something right. I have stopped looking, really, though it may not seem so. Im just, well, just not happy about it. I just cant care anymore, you know? Its exhausting.

(06 Nov '12, 02:41) Grace

Thank you. :) We very close. I suppose I act around him like I act by myself, that might be it. It could be I'm a Scorpio and he's a Cancer. I dunno. I think by my story I think at the time that I found him I had also sort of given up and forgotten about my quests for person. I read your comment last night and the first thing I got was "well, then love is just around the corner!" but I didn't say anything because it sounds so much like "turn that frown upside down!" but I really mean it.

(06 Nov '12, 09:21) Halcyon

Thank you, Halcyon. Nothing quite like hearing that sort of thing from someone who's there.

(06 Nov '12, 13:16) Grace
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Like I used to, you seem to attract fixer-uppers that gobble up your capacity for nurturing, but are unable to give the same in return. "I have never been with anyone who loved me without me having to guide and take care of them, with none of that care and guidance coming back for me"

I'm glad to hear you want something different now. That's a sign of growth. Now, you're running into a new blocking belief that you need to clear. If you're attracting men who only want sex and that's not what you want to give until you are in love, then GOOD FOR YOU for letting them go. Yes, it hurts, but it shows that you are committed to manifesting what you want.

Throw out the list. Focus on what you want to give and celebrate who you are. Affirm that you will meet a man who will love and appreciate you as much as you love and appreciate yourself. Then get to work on doing just that for yourself. All relationships are mirrors.

I got ride of my fixer-upper and have been happily attending to my own needs that I was in denial about. I'm glad that he mirrored that back to me, so I could do something about it!


answered 19 Jul '14, 21:07

EliteSoulMateCoaching's gravatar image


that is interesting, the gender battle , no doubt, has sincere warriors yet many enlistees on either side do not share openly and choose to keep hidden agendas. where has the trust gone

(21 Jul '14, 19:05) fred
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