If the truth is the truth then why do we have to believe it?

asked 21 Apr '11, 10:22

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there is a balnace between the truths and percption. if 5 people see one event (a car accident) you have many diffrent oppinions and this is how most will see it, BUT, the truth is that we actualy have 5 truths because no matter what video or what proof you have, it will NOT be the truth of the one man who claims diffrently than the other four on whos fault it is!( nor can you change the minds of the other four!) and no matter how much "truth" you have to proove them wrong, you will NEVER be able to! and that is the truth, or maybey just mine..... see what i did there? pretty neat huh?

(21 Apr '11, 22:43) TReb Bor yit-NE

Great question Brian... I really think you're on to something. I often ask myself who would I be without my beliefs? I think the answer to that question is probably liberating and closer to the truth of who I am.


answered 21 Apr '11, 11:10

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I dont think we do Brian,or at least not right now.

I think if God insisted we all know the truth now then we would do. He would make us know it.

There are so many belief systems because were most of us on a journey.We travel to the same location but by differing routes.We all see different scenery and have varying journey times and experiences.

Ultimately we will all arrive at the truth.Whether this happens by physical death,or in later incarnations of being i dont know.

If we are to believe we are "ONE" with all that there is ( God ) then we must eventually become aware of who we really are.

Truth is about that i think,who we are.



answered 21 Apr '11, 11:30

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Monty Riviera

Truth is relative. People have an innate desire to search for knowledge, to understand, to know why and how. As children we ask many questions of our parents and teachers, trying to understand what we don't know. We all have different interests though. The Bible says that some are given as teachers, other prophets, etc... Some people are not really interrested in spiritual matters, they have other interests that they pursue and investigate.

We also have an innate desire to survive. We survive by eating and having shelter. To do this, we must find something that we can do or make and sell to others for money to buy the food and the shelter. The Bible tells us how to pay our tithes to the church so that they can survive while providing the service of spiritual guidance. The Bible also tells us to watch out for wolves in sheep's clothing. There are many people out there who are ready and willing to sell you their spiritual ways. Not all pastors, teachers and evangelists, really have a relationship and calling from God. They have corrupted the Christian Church even. Some people were given a spark of truth and then other people turned it into a religion. So we have people running amock searching here and there, high and low for the truth out there somewhere. What they don't understand, is that Jesus ripped the veil and we have access to God directly now, we don't need a priest to go between.

When we discover something "new" that we want to share, we put a price tag on it because our time is worth money. So people sell the truth for money, but this dilutes it or makes it inaccessable to some. Jesus said, "Freely you received, freely give." He understood the LOA though and knows that we can do that and still have our food and shelter. But WE don't know that, so we bottle it up and sell it for profit. Just like we can't take the whole plant and use it, but we can use a version the pharmaceutical companies made instead. When humans organize, they corrupt. People don't want to buy the truth, they want it for free. However, when they are told the truth, the don't believe it unless they paid money for it. You get what you pay for after all. How much could it really be worth if it is free?

People use fear tactics to get other people to choose their religion. Come to my church or you will burn in hell for eternity. When Jesus came, it was the teachers and prophets, or pharisees, that Jesus called hypocrites. They had corrupted God's house and made it a den of thieves.

So the questions is, how do we fix this? Jesus said to be a light on a hill. Too many people go shining their light in other peoples' eyes, you can't see when a light is shining in your eyes.


answered 21 Apr '11, 13:47

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Fairy Princess

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Now you Fairy Princess just spoke the "TRUTH".

(23 Apr '11, 03:47) flowingwater

Thank you, flowingwater.

(23 Apr '11, 14:47) Fairy Princess

there is no one truth, the diffrent peceptions ARE the diffrant truths! for instance, seth speaks is a great book and it makes this point GREATLY!!! listen here! it is the peception of your own that CREATES the TRUTH!! i hope that helped!

love n light,



answered 21 Apr '11, 22:28

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TReb Bor yit-NE

if there only WAS one truth then there would NOT be so many veiws.

(22 Apr '11, 02:25) TReb Bor yit-NE

There could be only one truth, but millions of variations of describing it.

(12 Aug '11, 12:46) Fairy Princess

lol,, yes but in a way ,,, it is teh same,, just another veiw of the SAME veiw ,, hugh?? lololol... i just made u 10x more confused huh? lol thanklu m,y freind love n light , rob

(14 Aug '11, 15:58) TReb Bor yit-NE
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many truth can exist in the (abselute truth) it depend of every one perception and level of knowledge and belief! also man have often twisted the truth to serve there objective! if you want the real truth it can be found in silence contempletion! or in god over the mirroir! if you want to find that inner gate to get there! you need to master body (be still) and mind (see what is in turmoil in the mind (though linked to emotion) understand it put it to rest) have devotion be able of let go of everything and be pure(innocent like a child) have no fear! then the physical sense will go away and you will see with out the physical the golden light will come to you! and you will go in it! I hope that help you to find it! good luck on the quest!


answered 22 Apr '11, 04:51

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white tiger

I think the only truth that's indisputable and doesn't require belief is the fact that we exist. That's it. Anything else is open to individual interpretation, hence belief. And then, based on our beliefs, we'll say: my God or my country or the color of my skin represents the truth. Then we'll disagree and fight about it and then: er, oh no, we've already been doing that for at least 5,000 years and we’re still doing it...
Isn’t that the truth 8-)


answered 21 Apr '11, 14:17

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good call, u got somthin there lol :-)

(21 Apr '11, 22:30) TReb Bor yit-NE

The TRUTH has many facets to it and it depends and what perception you are looking at any given time. For we as humans only see parts of the truth and even than it is left up to our interpertation of what we are seeing and believing. Only God/Jesus sees the whole truths, for is The TRUTH has many facets to it and it depends and what perception you are looking at any given time. For we as humans onky see parts of the truth and even than it is left up to our interpertation of what we are seeing and believing. Only God/Jesus sees the whole truths, for is looking at truth from all sides, within and without, above and below. Looking at truth from all sides, within and without, above and below. Truth shines with the brilliance of of a muliti facet diamond, the clarity ofa running spring of water and the wisdom of of all mighty God. When Truth is rung within your mind it will register as right or wrong within your spirit. Listen and pay attention to your "Spirit".


answered 23 Apr '11, 04:05

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Please forgive my typos what I am using want let correct all the time, you are free to correct. My computer died. I might just have to read and not respond until zI am able to get another computer.

(23 Apr '11, 04:25) flowingwater

This question assumes that there is only one truth, and assuming there is only one truth is a belief...so where is the truth? Our truths depends on our beliefs and beliefs are subjective and depend upon culture, education, upbringing... Belief is the basis of spiritual expansion and so we can hope that when fully spiritually awakened we will no longer need to believe, we will know the truth.


answered 12 Aug '11, 04:49

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blubird two

bluebird, the nature of things (truth) is not dependent on mankind's ability to believe or perceive it. it is and we are a part of it. if we get to know ourselves we have a better understanding of real reality (truth)

(12 Aug '11, 10:57) fred
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