Allow me to explain ... It was a typical friday night and the energy of my city was chaotic. I went for a walk and cars were speeding, college kids screaming, dogs barking, police sirens screaming out all over the city. Fights breaking out here and there and my drunken neighbors were partying out of control once again. You know a typical weekend of releasing and partying after a long week of working hard and studies.

Out of the blue I decided to slow down the energy of the city and surrounded the city with White Light then I envisioned the Violet Light emanating from the White Light with pure loving and peaceful energy. I meditated for almost 15 minutes then suddenly the city was peaceful and quiet for the remainder of the night. I didn't know if this was merely a coincidence or did I just actually just change the energy of the city.

So I did it again the following night and sure enough after meditating for 15 minutes the same thing happened. The following monday I did my meditation 1st thing in the morning for about 30 minutes this time then went out to the city to observe. Even one of my closest friends who house was always filled with so much chaos and drama with his wild kids and drama filled wife, even their house was peaceful and loving. I also noticed people were super friendly to me when I walked pass them, and no matter where I went people were offering me things for no apparent reason. I came home that 1st day with an extra 40 bucks, a large bag of baked goodies and groceries, 2 free meals and a few other treats and I never asked for anything, I was just simply observing. This went on for two weeks straight, people acting out of the ordinary and being very nice and helpful without judgement. No wild weekends were people were going wild and crazy and out of control, no police sirens, everything was peaceful and loving and caring for 2 whole weeks straight. I even had a few people tell me that something inside of them was changing within them and felt this need to do something good for others who were struggling and going through rough times. Then I decided to stop the meditations to see what would happen. Within a few days everything went back to it's old ways and the chaos began once again.

What was going on here?

So after a week of observing people without me meditating for the whole city it was as if those 2 weeks had never happened and the worst part people were so immersed into the BS of their lives that they couldn't even remember the good deeds they did for those 2 weeks. My friends house was chaotic and out of control once again, police sirens blaring in the background especially on the weekends and I could even see a darkish haze over the city.

So the following monday I restarted my meditation exercises and sure enough the positive energy of my city was restored and I could see the darkish haze lift from the city. I did this for a month straight and I couldn't believe what I was witnessing.

Then I stopped doing the meditations completely after when one day while I was at the riverfront enjoying the elements ... I started to realize something ... Was I actually controlling people's freewill by changing the Energy of the city?

Because it sure seems like the negative energies came back strong when I stopped the meditations and people were once again back to their old selves in no time. I feel a deep sadness for humanity after doing these energy experiments.

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All entirely valid situations. Done it myself :)

When you are connected to the power of who you really are - pure meditation is one way to connect - you have the power not just to influence cities, but countries, even the entire planet.

You can influence regions of the world that are in dire circumstances (natural disasters etc), you can influence people who are unwell, you can influence people who are upset.

We all have the ability to do it but few of us choose to deliberately "connect" to that powerful, broader aspect of ourselves.

And to answer your question, No, you are not controlling their freewill, you are merely offering them the choice of feeling better by engaging with the pure good-feeling energy you are flowing...and they are choosing to accept the gift you are offering.


answered 17 Dec '19, 15:57

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Thank You Stingray for your wise and enlightening words and thank you for showing me a different light to my situation. Peace, Love n Light

(21 Dec '19, 22:18) Moonbeam

@Moonbeam - You're welcome

(23 Dec '19, 05:19) Stingray

A favorite line in the matrix trilogy - You're not here to make a choice, you already made it... You're to understand why you chose."

Control isn't possible or advisable... We only enhance the whole from within or, dominated a few by vacuums of fear.. Enhance the whole. Clarity Matters


answered 06 Jan '20, 18:07

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