I referred to this question in another post - http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/52952/why-do-positive-thoughts-keep-slipping-away-from-my-own-mind, and realized I've only the foggiest of ideas.

Then I began to wonder, isn't it all just energy? Are there true differences in the energy we generate and radiate out to others? Does it matter?

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@Grace "what exactly are the differences in masculine and feminine energies" @Wade and @fred have given answers that satisfy my intellect ... on a personal individual experience level that is, from an emotional point of view, if I hug a healthy young man then I hug a healthy young woman the difference becomes immediately obvious :)

(13 Jul '15, 02:13) jaz
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To understand the difference takes a little understanding of the Cabala. The first was one in unity Kether this is the supreme monad. But the God split the darkness and light.

This was the first split in the energy, it was the result of this split that gave way to motion. Here is the key motion Chokma then to Binah so there was a giving and receiving. Or pressure and a vacuum. This allows energy to flow, it also allows anything to move from one place to another actually.

It allows us to form the triangle of the trinity but I don't want to get ahead of myself, the Cabala can get complex.

Think of a pushing and pulling motion they work best when in full cooperation, that is why Aikido works so well.

This of fire and water, fire is violent expanding consuming. However water is calm contracting and does not consume but rather settles in.

Masculine energy is the force, the pushing, the expanding, the drive. Feminine energy is the acceptance, the pulling, the settling, and relaxation.

Masculine will burn something out of someone if necessary, feminine will remove pain and cool something down.

If you use Reiki it is regulated over by higher guidance of God and so can feel like your hands are like burning coals or like frozen ice blocks.

Because it regulates to what is needed, you trust it to work not try to decide yourself what may be needed.


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@Wade Casaldi, thank you, this is interesting. And strangely comforting, thought I couldn't say why. So my initial instinct, that rather than allowing hate to push me, I encourage love to pull me, more gently, towards my desires, actually is the difference in masculine and feminine energies? But don't we all need both?

(19 Jun '12, 15:36) Grace

I tend to agree we all need both energies of the masculine and feminine. I could be a highly stressed guy that must be working every moment until I die in an early grave. Totally masculine. Or be a meditating monk that never does anything his entire life but turn inwards. Totally famine energy.

But a balance is where most are and I believe in the balance is a good peaceful happy life of both when and where needed.

(19 Jun '12, 15:47) Wade Casaldi

in short yes, it is
part of the design of
creation of mankind

he be of two natures
fathered by spirit
in union with earth

for now woman possesses
greater intuitive perception
man boasts of intellectual mind


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Lovely, @fred 1, thank you.

(21 Jun '12, 13:25) Grace

grace, i forgot to interweave that womanhood is the future of mankind. she gestates and bears our children, attracting spirits of affinity to enter and bring life to her yet still fetus. so it be important she be venerated as such by her sisters as well as her father, her brothers or husband

(21 Jun '12, 20:48) fred

It seems like we are always using both masculine and feminine energies to align, especially during the letting go/allowing/manifestation process. Some believe taking physical action towards a desire is coming from a place of masculine energy, while letting go and allowing a desire to manifest [no action] is coming from a place of feminine energy. What's interesting also is when we let go and allow [feminine energy] we may receive an inspired action/idea and take physical action upon it [masculine energy?] Maybe this also applies to the stress and release we experience during the process of alignment [lack of/knowing it's ours] where we are fluctuating between the two. All part of the [purpose] perfect design of this Universe I would suppose.


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