This Question in which I have been contemplating for some time now is a hard one to answer.

I have been doing a social experiment on Mankind for some time now by using my Spiritual Gifts to change/transmute the negative energies of my city and other cities in distress around this World to one of Love, Equality, Non-judgement and of Peace in which I have witnessed some Major Positive changes within the Human Psyche and Behavior patterns of all of those affected by my experiment. But when I stopped doing my Exercises ... within a few days I had witnessed that it was much easier for the majority to live a darker, judgmental, uncaring, ill-natured, malevolent, spiteful and less impressive way of living.

It was disheartening to say the least as I had lots of Hope for Mankind and I asked myself "Why is there so much Negativity on this Planet and Why did People just go back to their old behavioral patterns without missing a beat. Did they not remember the Great deeds they did during those positive times and the positive effects they had on themselves and others during this transition? Are we as a Human Race really wired to be bad, uncaring, selfish and vengeful Beings? Are the 1% who are controlling the all in all on this Planet controlling the Negative Energies within the Human Race OR do they know the REAL TRUTH .... Humans as a whole are just corrupted, cruel, mean and selfish Beings.

I really don't know what to think anymore ...

When I go onto social media I see how others react to those who go through distress/misfortunes and the pleasure they feel witnessing it. I also see how many people because of Anonymity have an inclination to become immoral and cruel to others and are prone to everyday sadism (trolling). Even our Leaders like the American President who is on Social Media prompting and provoking racism, bullying, aggression and insults to others who are less than him and it seems like people love it. We have people in Leadership positions all around the World who show traits of narcissistic and psychopathic traits with lower than average emotional intelligence and hardly any compassion for the majority of the world population using us as Pawns to do their dirty deeds in War promoting violence, murder, greed and control instead of Peace, Love and Harmony and we as dumbass Humans keep voting these narcissistic individuals into power. Our History books are filled with so much distraught, violence, cruelty, racism, genderism, endless wars, pestilence and the list just goes on and on and on .......

Sad to say but I am starting to see that maybe the majority of Humans by Nature are just simply wired to be mean, cruel and uncaring Beings and even if I became Spiritually Stronger and tried to change the Light and Energies of ALL of the People of this whole Planet on a continuous basis that it would be all just a waste of Pure Spiritual Energy, because if I passed on who would continue Shining Positive Light on our Beautiful Planet to ensure that Peace and Love and Harmony would continue to manifest itself among all Human Beings on Earth and how long would it take for Humans to go back to their OLD WAYS.

Sometimes I wonder if the 3rd Dimension is just simply a place within all Dimensions where Beings from all walks of life come to find the Light Within and try to Right the Wrongs of their Previous Lives ..... and that goes for all Planets with Life on it existing within the 3rd Dimension.

Don't get me wrong .... They are many Beautiful and Caring Souls spread out all over the World who are doing Their Very Best at trying to keep the Balance but sometimes it feels like We are losing the Battle as the World Population Increases and Negativity continues to be the Way of Life on this Planet. What will it take to WAKE UP the Human Race as a whole so we can All begin to Live in Peace and Harmony?

Peace, Love n Light

asked 23 Jan '20, 17:13

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Everyone thinks they are doing the right thing. The "Bad" think the "Good" are "Bad" also :)

One may say that evil does not exist for subjective man at all, that there exist only different conceptions of good. Nobody ever does anything deliberately in the interests of evil, for the sake of evil. Everybody acts in the interests of good, as he understands it. But everybody understands it in a different way. Consequently men drown, slay, and kill one another in the interests of good.

G I Gurdjieff

We live in a Universe of freewill. It's everyone's personal choice to allow themselves to be influenced by their loving, constructive, good-feeling sides, or be influenced by "something else".

And that's how it has to be. Each has the right to choose.

But whatever choice they make is fine, because in a Universe governed by Law of Attraction it doesn't matter what they choose because their choices don't affect you unless you allow yourself to be influenced by them.

It's the buffet analogy.

alt text

Pick the foods that you want to eat and enjoy them, but don't make it "wrong" for someone else to make a different selection.

Having said that, Law of Attraction is as consistent as the Law of Gravity.

So those that choose to be influenced by something other than their pure, positive essences will eventually see the results of that choice played out in their own physical realities ...and may then decide to choose a "healthier option" ;)


answered 24 Jan '20, 02:00

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I guess I was generalizing as a whole and possibly having a bad hair day so to speak when I wrote this question lol without taking into consideration the positive n lasting effects I had on others eventhough I had witnessed a dark haze descending back onto my city when I stopped doing the exercises. My Guides reminded me that not everyone went back to their old ways and that I had triggered something inside many ... a choice they couldn't clearly see before amidst all the negativity.

(05 Feb '20, 17:59) Moonbeam

Besides it was only an experiment to validate if I could possibly effect/change a complete city of 50,000 pop. instead of affecting and helping single individuals like I was previously. I was also reminded if I would have continued doing the change/transmutation of negative energies of my city and other cities in distress around this World the outcome would have been more favorable and would have prevented me from writing this question in the 1st place.

(05 Feb '20, 18:11) Moonbeam

I do regrettably and sincerely apologize for posting this question. I truly did not mean to judge anyone for their individual choices whatsoever. I have also made some questionable choices in my life which is the Human way of learning through trial and error. I do Love Everyone Equally and I guess I may have been a little frustrated with myself and with my Spiritual Guides as I try to understand/accept the Choices/Challenges I am faced with in the near future.
Peace, Love n Light

(05 Feb '20, 18:25) Moonbeam
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the short amswer is - don't watch social media unless it makes you laugh.

the longer answer is - you choose how you want to view the world, your world, our world, and also you choose with what kind of contents you entertain your psychic. if you tell yourself that there is a lot of negativity out there - that what you will find. just keep on reserching - you will keep on finding it.

actually, there is a lot of negativity, it is true. but there is plenty of positivity. if you dont like what you see - just stop entertain yourself with it, because your brain believes it. try to do your reaserch in a different place, like in nature, with your friends, with someone you love.

also - negativity will never fade away. it keeps the balance. that is the beauty! too much positivity is boring. if you see a lot of negativity and spot it, you may got to work on your balance and think - am i too positive? do i allow people to hurt me? do i not have bundaries? and the contrary with negative people when the spot a positive person - they hate him.

dark and light should live together and love each other, understand how they contribute to one another - and there you have peace.

(every one have dark and light with in them).


answered 24 Jan '20, 01:34

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Thanks for your reply. It opened my eyes to a bigger question at hand. Was I truly ready to immerse myself completely into my Spiritual Journey and Am I truly ready to take on the Spiritual Challenges I am about to initiate. I do Love Humankind as a whole and I do surround myself with Light everyday and everyone I come into contact with feels the Love within in which I emmanate. Sometimes this Journey can be a little taxing, demanding and challenging whether I like it or not.

(05 Feb '20, 18:39) Moonbeam

I do regret writing this question now after reading it once again. Maybe deep down I was fighting with myself whether or not I wanted to continue with these transformative exercises and other Challenges I have to face in the near future. I do love bringing Light into peoples lives when darkness is sometimes all they could see. If I would have continued the exercises I know I wouldn't have felt compelled to post this question. Thank You for opening my eyes.
Peace, Love n Light

(05 Feb '20, 18:53) Moonbeam
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