Does a Spiritual Awakening always have to be painful?

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Well to answer your question correctly, no transformation doesn't need pain.

Pain is the INDICATOR that transformation needs to take place.

We are all non-physical beings having a human experience. What that means is that we come here to experience life for growth and learning, because that is our ultimate goal.

There are many planets, many realities and many new diffrent planes of existence where diffrent themes in general are being played out.

Right here on our planet we, as a species, are playing out a theme of limitations. We have set upon ourselves the idea of disconnecting ourselves from the Source of All existence so much, that we almost forgotten completely who we are.

This is a very exiting theme because all over the cosmos there has never been anyone so bold and brave to try to do this. We are called by many species "The masters of limitations" by the degree of limitations we set upon ourselves. We are now in the center of intergalactic explorations. We are being watched and assisted by beings which are, as you can say, cheering for us, because they recognize how important role the human race is playing in the cosmos.

The ascension of our planet began in 2006. It means that Earth became slightly more on the positive side than on the negative (as it has been before, as for thousands of years when we were in descension).

So as descension was a process of forget-fullness, ascension is a process of re-membering of all different aspects, all different lives and lessons we were playing out in our past lives.

So as poeple began to awaken more and more to the truth of our true nature, we need to let go of the limitations we were given upon by our society, our parents, because now we are changing our theme from limitations to lack of them.

Let's use a rubber band analogy. If you pull a rubber band as far as you can, almost to the point of breaking it and you can't pull it any longer, it's gonna shoot out so much further and so much higher then if you would pull it just slightly.

Knowing that we have been in our dark side to such a degree that the band almost snapped. 20th century was the time when the human race had to decide either we are going to ascend or perish.

In about 1970's we decided as a collective consciousness that we are not going to perish. Instead we're going to ascend and claim our birth right which has always been living in bliss.

So for that to happen we have to leave aside our old belief systems, our old structures, as now we can see they begin to crumble, and replace them with new ones, which will more and more reflect our TRUE nature and true mission in the Universe.

So to be able to do that we are now in a mission on clearing our old feelings, our old emotions and beliefs systems which don't serve us anymore.

Pain is one of the indicators that our belief systems are out of balance. In our natural state of being, which is light, there's no such thing as fear, doubt etc. All these "negative" emotions were superimposed upon us in order to play the game of limitations.

But as you begin to recognize, the belief systems that you incorporated are not your own, but in fact are a product of a society which has nothing to do which who you really are, you start to let them go.

Little by little you start transforming your old belief system into one that you prefer. You can do that by recognizing that fear is in fact the way when you should look for answers. If you look as a situation and you don't like the way you react to it just ask yourself: "Why do I react to this situation the way I do? What belief do I have to hold that makes me feel that way?"

When you identify your belief it automatically disappears, right then and there. Now you can change it, because you cannot change something you do not own. So now replace it with what you would like it to be "Oh so now when I feel this and this I want to react such and such". Now it's there. To lock it in, as you say, when a situation like this occurs ACT IF the new belief system is already installed and in place and you can start feeling the profound effect it has on your actions.

Now you say you feel kind of down, kind of weary at times. Well working with your beliefs and changing your energy is a process, it doesn't happen overnight. It produces a thing called the limbo state. It means that for some time you may have feelings of great joy and ecstasy, whether the next moment have feelings of great sadness and despair.

That's quite alright. It's going to pass I promise you. One of the things you can do to speed up the process is to follow your excitement, follow your bliss. It means that if you hate your job, quit! If your spouse keeps you down, evaluate the relationship and ask if it isn't time to move on. Really, it's the time to be selfish, but in a good way. It's a time to find your way and stick to it, no matter what other people might say. You might feel that your going crazy and nobody else is experiencing any of that, but your not.

There are thousands and thousands of light workers awakening every day. Collective energy is now slightly positive, so we all need to do our part to raise the vibration of our song even higher.

That's why it's crucial that you start doing what you love, what excites you. That's the only thing you HAVE to do in your life. Sure you can procrastinate, but the truth is that change is coming and for people who don't recognize it in time it's gonna be very painful.

Heck many of them won't be here when it happens. Many souls aren't ready to move up, and that's why it's so important that YOU do.

You are not alone. You are not alone.

Emotions of




transmute and transfigure everything. Be great-full for what you have. Love yourself and love others cause they are the mirrors that reflect to you what needs to be still to overcome. Have fun with it. Have as much fun you can. Be enlightened. En-lighten means lighten up. Don't take it so seriously. Have fun, love, praise and pray. Be the person you always wanted to be. Create your reality. You deserve it.


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Thank you. Some helpful insights.


(24 Oct '09, 14:24) Roy

Very informative and beautiful. I love it!

(24 Oct '09, 20:55) Asklepios

NO, Spiritual awakenings are never painful. Pain is associated with your physical being. An awakening of any kind might be preceded with a painful experience, yet that is not always the case.
Spitual or Higher vibration is always uplifting and joyful and pain cannot be associated with it.

Love and harmony, Your cosmic sister in truth

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Thanks. I like your positivity.

(24 Oct '09, 15:33) Roy

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(24 Oct '09, 17:41) Barry Allen ♦♦

Some people have a vested interest in the way they are.

In order to progress spiritually, most people will have to change some of their beliefs. Some of those people will not go quietly. They will go kicking and screaming, because their beliefs are comfortable, familiar ground. To change their beliefs requires that they endure some discomfort for awhile.


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Thank you. That makes sense.My ego is not letting go without a fight.

(25 Oct '09, 00:38) Roy
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