What does light mean in mystical, spiritual, metaphysical, religious terms?

asked 09 Sep '10, 09:57

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An illumination.Like alight or torch it allows you to see more clearly.In fact strictly speaking it allows you to see whats ALREADY THERE ANYWAY .



answered 09 Sep '10, 13:14

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Monty Riviera

Light is the absence of darkness. It is awareness where once there was obliviousness, bliss where once there was depression, knowledge where once there was ignorance.

As Graham has said, it illuminates what is already there.


answered 09 Sep '10, 13:41

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Light is our true nature. At the core of every living thing is a sphere of light. This light is the essence of God. I AM Light, and I shine my light with my smile, my love my compassion and my kindness. We all have light bodies which permeates and surrounds our physical bodies, and we can actually strengthen our light body with this awareness. The easiest way to gather more light is through deep mindful breathing.

Love and Light Hearted Bliss


answered 11 Sep '10, 08:50

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Beautifully said Brian! keep your light shining, namaste

(11 Sep '10, 09:24) daniele

What would our life be like without light? There are many reasons, and purpose why people use light, but in essence light is energy/electricity. Light gives us purpose, light gives us reason, light gives us hope, light gives us brightness, where there is darkness, and light is the open door to our soul. Without light to see we would not be able to function normally, and live a productive life.

Light is energy and is an essential part to all things in life, and can be used in a variety of ways for the intended purpose. Therefore, when light is used mystically, it unfolds mysteries of the spiritual realm, spiritually it unfolds the awakening to enlightenment in us, metaphysically it unfolds science to perform in rituals, and religiously it unfolds the teaching of religion in the church, the spirit of Light in the church, and burning candles.


answered 11 Sep '10, 06:58

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Inactive User ♦♦

like is active, darkness is passive


answered 12 Sep '10, 00:01

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being of light as pure awareness where one drop of knowledge is more then all the knowledge of the world! where the infinite truth knowledge wisdom love is! the source of all light the seen and the unseen! what was what is and what will be or might be!


answered 22 Apr '11, 08:45

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white tiger

all this in the present and eternal form!

(22 Apr '11, 08:46) white tiger

yet, all light emanates from darkness.

(22 Apr '11, 20:07) fred
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