The law of attraction says we can be, do or have anything that we desire. But oftentimes we get peripheral things that satisfy us to match our good vibration but don't really see our deepest desires fulfilled in their glorious manifestation.

More like what Bashar says that we get what we need when we are aligned and following our excitement but not exactly what we want.

So what's really going on with these two opposing ideas of being able to manifest anything and getting exactly what we need but not necessarily what we want?

Because based on the outlandish things that people have asked Abraham over the years, they sure make it seem that it's all game if you're in the right receiving mode.

So what's the barometer to set apart what is game and what is not in this area of manifestation?

I've recently had experiences of having ideas with vivid details play out in my mind spontaneously - does that mean that they will eventually manifest down to the details or even in better ways? Is that a suresign?

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When you start receiving a positive image in your mind, and you do not contradict it, does it mean it will manifest down to the details or even in a better way?

Yes, you can manifest it right down to the details if you genuinely are in that dominant state of non-resisted alignment.

I tend to use mindmaps for this to guide my focus so the details get as specific and focused as possible, often in incredible detail...then inspirations/impulses from those mindmaps can sometimes lead into inspired actions, or else they can manifest themselves.

I manifested the Manifesting Lab in this specific detailed way (The Manifesting Lab is the organization that sponsors this Inward Quest website).

In the Manifesting Lab's Ultimate Manifesting Framework teachings, I call this specific detailed super-aligned focus (which usually uses a mindmap) an Advanced Emotion Overlay.

The idea is to only access that mindmap at the beginning in a dominantly aligned state of mind and let the ideas/vision flow naturally.

Here's the aligned mindmap I used for manifesting the Manifesting Lab:

alt text


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Stingray- I love Manifesting Lab.what a great place to learn alot of things.

(21 Mar '20, 15:21) Zee

@Zee - Thanks for the nice comment. I'll send your payment to the usual place ;)

(22 Mar '20, 02:35) Stingray
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