This is a question that has been on my mind for some time.

As a kid, I use to fantasize about things all the time. I was often told by teachers, coaches, adults, etc., that my "head was in the clouds." And in a sense they were certainly right, but I didn't mind it and liked being that way. I enjoyed imagining that I was experiencing circumstances far more interesting, exciting, and wondrous than what was physically around me.

Decades later, when I look back on my life, I see that in several big ways, the circumstances which I repeatedly envisioned as a child have come true (while some of those visions were "fantastic", I would say that they have come as close as possible to what my belief system, up until recently, would allow).

However, there was about a 15-20 year lag.


In the last ten years, it has seemed to me that anytime I wanted something to happen, and I fantasized about it, it DIDN'T come true. Thus, I began to think that maybe fantasizing was somehow jinxing it. Or, as "Message of a Master" talks about, I was giving the desire some sort of outlet to manifestation, and so physical manifestation didn't occur.

After spending some time on "Inward Quest," I am now thinking that maybe I was confusing things. Perhaps my childhood fantasies came true, but only over a great length of time, because the visions/fantasies were weakened or unfocused, and because my belief system wouldn't allow for quick manifestation; while my more recent "failures" to manifest were not due to the fantasizing, but because I was too needy in wanting them to appear.

Does anyone have any insight, and does anyone know what role fantasizing about a result has in terms of manifestation...positive or negative?


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Kathleen Kelly ♦♦

The funny thing is, as I read this, I could have written most of it. I even had my son read it and he thought the same thing.

(24 Jul '12, 18:32) Fairy Princess

Hi Lozenge123

It all simply depends on how it feels.

If fanticising about what you want makes you feel good it's bringing you closer to what you want.If it doesn't feel good then it's not helping you.

As Abraham says, every subject is really two subjects. There is that which you desire, or Having and then there's the lack of it, Not Having. Attention from a place of Having feels good.Attention from a place of Not Having doesn't feel good.In time you will get better at this and instantly know where your attention is.

Remember you don't have to think about what you want to manifest it.Attention on anything else that makes you feel good will bring you into alignment with it eventually. 


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I believe the visualization that is usually talked of in the movie The Secret and in books like The Secret of the Ages are much more close to fantasizing than what is commonly thought of as visualization. The reason being is that they talk of visualizing and enjoying the visualizing like you are there. This seems like work I have to make some time to sit down and visualize that I am there enjoying this. It also seems forced but fantasizing about it seems so much fun! It is like playing the, "Would this ever be cool if..." game! You deeply enjoy it, thinking about what you want and how great it will be having it. I think The Secret missed the mark when they said visualize because visualization takes work. Okay I have to imagine I am enjoying what I don't have now for about 15 minutes. No, fantasize about it, let your mind wonder "what if..."

I have found fantasizing about what I want to have as a help. When I fantasize about having something I feel like I am enjoying it now. I get excited thinking about, "This would be so cool to have this I am going to have one of these!"

The fantasy is involved and filled with excitement, it is in the moment enjoyment of what I want. I would have to say almost as if I projected myself to the future when I actually have what I want.

It makes me have an outlet of appreciation and I look in catalogs at pictures of what I want and think of having it, I might see the price but don't let it discourage me because I and thinking of having what I want.

I learned a way to turbo charge it with praying for the thing I want first this is like God asking you what you want and you say, "I want this" like he brings you a menu. But the thing is the menu is anything you could ever want so you say I'll have this or that only I want mine to be like this. You can say things like that, I have all my life said oh "Cool I am getting one of those only mine will be like this." It always came even as I specified.

I did this for my dirt bike, my friends had dirt bikes I didn't I had my old chopper. I said I am getting one of those only mine I want mag wheels and higher handle bars. This bike I never saw in any catalog as a matter of fact I never saw anyone else ever have this bike but me. It came to me exactly like I wanted, I wanted it to have much better forks then the bikes at that time. It came with real heavy duty forks too. The same thing happened when I wanted my chopper bike I saw CC rider and wanted a chopper bike of my own a bicycle of course but I wanted it to have big handle bars and be chrome like the motor cycles in the film. Well my bike came exactly like I wanted and I never saw another like it ever again. More recently I wanted a fold up bike that could fold very small. One came to me for only $40 at some flee market, it had two flats so it has slow leaks in the tires and the bag it came with the zipper is broken but that is what it took for the seller to sell it for $40 so I didn't mind.

I was for a wile looking at various fold up bikes, even though the prices were very high I was fantasizing about getting one I was thinking I'll get one of these. I looked until I saw something closest to what I might want and that was what came to me. I would look through the catalogs and even on the net at the bikes and think about having one and using it as I needed it.

Usually what I want comes within the year not years later.

It is a looking forwards to the day I own it not about price because it comes affordable to me. I don't care if it is used, that is fine by me as long as it is affordable.

It always comes to me affordable so I can have it.


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Imagining , visualising, fantasizing , really are just different words for the same thing . I read somewhere in IQ the other day about not using daydreaming , yet , this is slipping into an Alpha state and is taught through the Silva Mind method people as an easy way to create .

(21 Jul '12, 20:13) Starlight

My Daughter used daydreaming and created two different houses in circumstances that others would consider impossible :-)

(21 Jul '12, 20:15) Starlight

Yes exactly but daydreaming or fantasizing seem fun like play. Now visualizing or imagining seems like work, we approach each differently.

It is like, "I have no time for daydreams or fantasizing. I have serious work to do trying to create my future. I have to visualize and imagine so I can manifest here."

It is different words for the same thing but visualization and imagination are treated as the adult grown up work version.

The most successful are those that play, there is no attachment

(21 Jul '12, 20:28) Wade Casaldi

I love how you answered me Wade , the nutshell, fun version is what I like . Hope things are on the Up and Up for you NOW :-) xxxx

(21 Jul '12, 20:34) Starlight

@Wade Casaldi, great 'from the heart' answer. Love it:)

(22 Jul '12, 00:55) Xoomaville

Thank you Starlight and Xoomavile I am so glad you liked it. Starlight yes I am (I just caught myself mid sentence about to say "Working hard at getting better and trusting God will provide." I need to play at it!) Humm would it be fun if I were this healthy again, and had this much money type of fantasy daydream. :-)

(22 Jul '12, 22:45) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi - This is all great, Wade. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer.

(24 Jul '12, 15:04) lozenge123

@lozenge123 You are very welcome I am glad to be a help. :-)

(24 Jul '12, 18:32) Wade Casaldi
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Fantasizing about something , imagining, means you are on the vibrational wavelength of it so yes it's a positive :-)


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It is your beliefs that slow them down or keep them from coming. The more you change your beleifs, the more your beliefs change and the more you change your beliefs. So believe what you want to experience what you want. You find what you look for, so look for what you want.

So feel good about your fantasy, believe it and look for evidence of it.


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Fairy Princess

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