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I have been using Astral Projection/traveling for many years now and have met many Beings from other Worlds in this Dimension and from many Planetary systems in Higher Dimensions and not once have I ever met a so called Archangel no matter how High I ascended Dimensionally. As a matter of fact what I did observe in my Astral body were spacecrafts just outside our World unseen by our 3D technology studying the mass population and controlling the Peers of our society, this 1% as we believe it to be, when in actuality it is a much lesser than that.

I have met and communicated with many see'ers and psychics with so called insight on this planet who claim to be communicating with these so called Archangels and when I asked them to describe any particular Archangel they all had their own versions of what these so called Archangels looked like in which I found totally hilarious. There are even those who have drawn what they thought resembled these so called Archangels and the majority believe them to be white skinned humanoids as themselves lol. I suppose the white race also believed Jesus to be white with long flowing hair lol when in fact he was a tanned skinned being from the middle east with curly hair especially in that time period of close to 2000 years ago lol and who was merely a Prophet and nothing more. Any REAL Psychic could tell you the same facts.

Unfortunately there are only a very small handful of Real Psychics on this planet who know the real truth and the rest are simply impostors making a buck from our vulnerability and ignorance and who haven't themselves Awakened yet and just can't see beyond their own prejudices and beyond their limitations of the 3D Earth Realm. I know I was able to control what they saw when they tried to do a reading on me and all of it was just readings of what they thought I was in this world. None of them could see any of my past lives and most just made up things that I wanted to hear. Nothing but a lot of BS which is flooding YouTube and the Internet. Real Psychics are humble people who keep to themselves and I guarantee not one of them has an webpage or a patreon page or a YouTube channel that you can visit so that they can profit off of your hard earned money. These false psychics are being controlled by their ignorance and couldn't see the light of day even if they were standing in it. They are being manipulated by those Higher dimensional beings who are in charge and controlling this World. They keep you limited and rarely tell you the Real Truth only the truth you expect to hear.

Anyways while communicating with outerworldly beings from other Planetary systems in higher Dimensions while astral travelling from my physical body, not one of the beings I spoke with knew of the existence of any of these so called Archangels and I hate to say this but they were all Higher Dimensional Beings who possess information way beyond our understanding. They all insisted that it was merely folklore or myth in which Earthlings and only Earthlings believed in because of the lies and corruption written in books like the Bible from individuals who wish to control us by keeping us limited and distracted with absolute nonsense and slaves to continuously work Raping our Planet from all of its natural resources and then guess what happens next ... When they no longer need us anymore and there are no more resources left ... They will destroy us all or leave us to fend for ourselves! Instead what I did find is our consciousness is tapped into these same alien beings who control what we see and experience as we pray and meditate and so many as you can see all over the internet who truly believe that they are tapped into this Divine and Holy Energy and beings such as Archangels, Elves, Fairies, talking Dragons and so on lol ... There are a few groups of Alien beings working together from nearby galaxies and beyond who control our World with ulterior motives unknown to the mass and only known to less than .01% of Humans who have direct access to them.

When most of us were 1st created we were created in the 5th Dimension and higher not in the 3rd Dimension as we all believe it to be so. This planet is filled with "Fallen Beings" from every Planetary system imaginable from the 5th dimension and higher and beyond. In other words WE ARE ALL HERE BECAUSE WE MESSED UP ONE WAY OR ANOTHER OR OUR HOME PLANETS WERE INVADED BY OTHER ALIEN PLANETS AND OUR SOUL ESSENCES ARE PRISONERS WHO WAS FORCED TO DESCEND INTO THIS 3D WORLD KNOWN AS EARTH AND INCARNATED INTO THESE 3D BODIES WITHOUT MEMORIES OF OUR PRIOR LIVES. They, our enemies, have technology to trap and capture our Souls and to transfer them into a 3D bodies of their choosing. It saddens me to say, the 3rd Dimension is a slave Dimension where slave trading is still big business in the higher Dimensions. What we are all trying to evolve to is nothing more than an illusion created by those who control us. Only less than 1% of us will ever Ascend and go back to our original homes if it is still there whereas the rest of our souls are trapped then sent back down into the 3D Earth realm to continue doing their dirty work into another incarnated 3D body. The reason for the sudden overflow of population since world war 2 is to quickly strip this planet of all of its natural resources and to eliminate all if not most of close to 8 billion souls trapped in the 3D Earth realm as they have other Planets to destroy of its natural resources. They gave us the technology to create Nuclear Energy with Nuclear Bombs and Power Plants which will in turn eventually kill us all with poisonous radiation like it did with other Planets before Earth. The waste alone from these Nuclear Plants are poisoning our lands, air and waters. That is their backup plan if we decide to challenge them in the near future. They will bomb all nuclear plants Worldwide if need be. Remember Chernobyl? What a catastrophe and the radiation that affected the whole world just from one Nuclear Plant. Imagine all of them Worldwide blowing up at the same time the repercussions it will have on our Planet. The radiation will kill all living things everywhere.

AWAKENING TO OUR TRUE SELVES IS THE KEY TO ASCENDING/ASCENSION. Otherwise we will be sent back down into another physical body here in the 3D Earth realm without memories just to do it all over once again. Trust me when I say we are NOT who we think we are and the Higher Dimensions are not as Spiritual as we believe it to be. After all there always have to be a balance between Light and Darkness no matter how high Dimensionally we evolve. There Are No Fallen Angels as the Bible claims but "WE ARE THE FALLEN ONES" no matter how righteous and spiritual you think you are otherwise you wouldn't be here.

That being said there is Hope and the Awakening Process is the key to finally freeing our Souls from this continuous circle of BS we keep living from one lifetime to another in this 3D slave reality. But to do so we must look beyond the 3D realm and realize Who We Truly Are/Were. I really do not want to come back to this slave 3D realm ever again especially back on Earth or on any Planet in the 3rd density when I pass away in this physical body and I am doing my very best to set myself free from this Dimension and from those who has a hold of me.

I now understand why I was told many years ago that I wouldn't be able to handle to Real Truth as it is indeed a lot to take in let alone to accept considering all of the lies and deception we have been generationally programmed to believe. After going through hell and back I have finally Awakened to my True Self and I know Who I Am or Who I Was. My name is Prince Zantiev and with the help of a few close Alien Friends in the 9th Dimension they have helped me to finally make contact with my Real Soul Family in which even they had no idea that I had descended all the way down to the 3rd density and my Real Soul Mom cried when I have finally made contact with her after me being stuck in captivity after all of these 3D lifetimes which is merely a vacation in their time period and they are doing what it takes to finally bring me back Home back in the 9th Dimension to my Home World where I truly belong. Being the youngest of 8 children of my Royal Family I was the rebel and the wild one so to speak lol and I was cast out from my World by the Elders of my Planet including my Father who is the King who represents our Planet to teach me a very harsh lesson because I wouldn't abide by the rules and responsibilities of my Royal Heritage. Mind you I did have celebrity status so to speak and many nearby Allied Planets including the citizens of my Planet luved me but my popularity was an embarrassment to my lineage and over shadowed the popularity of those who represented My Planet. My recklessness caused me to eventually get captured by these Higher dimensional Dark Alien Beings who most of us Worship today and have been doing so for quite some time now on this Planet. If anything this would make a great movie lmao.

Anyways the Awakening Process will be very overwhelming to most and really hard to accept. But by continuously purifying your Soul Energy and opening up as many higher dimensional chakras as you can and looking really deep within while keeping an open mind ... Your Own Truth will be revealed to you also. I really don't know how long I have left in this incarnation and what the future holds for me when I do go back to my Real Planet but I do wish you All Good Luck in your Spiritual Awakening. Search deep within way beyond the limitations of what you know of yourself and free yourself from the lies and deception taught to you by society and the DNA Generational Programming that has been going on for far too long. There are many here on Earth who think they have your best interest at Heart but even they haven't fully Awakened yet. So the blind are leading the blind. As far as Archangels go and other spiritual entities goes ... proceed with caution because many of these false deities are there to keep you limited and slaves to our enemies who are controlling this Planet in the Here and Now and have been for some time now. I know this all sounds too far fetched and totally absurd but this is what I have experienced and have seen. You have no idea what I had to go through to finally Awaken to this Truth. They tried everything possible to prevent me from Awakening and from trying to share this with you all.

Peace, Love n Light

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in his mind they are real,
perhaps same as intuition,
waiting to guide us to
other dimensions if asked

(21 May '20, 17:33) fred

Hi @Moonbeam

I love your question "are archangels real ?"

For me an archangel is an energy being or more precisely a specific energy. You speak of astral projection, awaken to our true selues, open up your chakras, keep an open mind, D.N.A.. I'm at ease with all this...the rest of what you say is surely based on your own personal experiences and interpretrations.

I'd like to explain about archangels, D.N.A and how they link together.

For me, an archangel is a specific energy, but what exactly is energy ? Einstein states E=mc2 meaning there's a direct equivalence between physical matter and energy...following this equation, if we could take all the matter in the universe and speed it up to the speed of light (or faster) then it would become a sea of energy... but what would happen if we could reverse the process ?

All the energy would return to physical matter grass, rabbits, birds...and humans would appear but what informs the energy to become a blade or grass, a bird or a human ? In other words energy is not just energy, It also carries "information". Paul Davies wrote in his book; Information in the Nature of Reality...."The process of life including biological life would encode into a jumble of chaos if they where not perpetually stabilized by information and communication"

So energy carries non physical information that's at the origin of the tree of life. Rupert Sheldbrake speaks of energy that defines the entier biology of all living things. And where does D.N.A. fit in ? The unique shape of D.N.A. acts as an antenna to receive subtle energies from the environment and transforms them into electromagnetic and biological signals that actually influence the human body.

An archangel is a beneficial energy messenger ... we humans have free will, have freedom of choice and our thoughts, intentions and emotions can have an effect on D.N.A.

alt text

Have fun :)

References; - Eric Thompson


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Hmmm interesting read. I read all of your references to gain more insight into what you were describing in your comment above. I like how you explain how energy works through the eyes of Science. But in all of the articles none could explain what I had experienced while Astral Traveling or of the visions I saw as a child and still do today. At one time throughout my Atheist phase I did have rational explanations to most of what I have experienced Spiritually from a Scientific perspective but ...

(18 May '20, 23:19) Moonbeam

... no matter how much research I did, nothing could explain the visions I saw of future events through individuals I came into contact with which I have been seeing since early childhood and still do now let alone my experiences through Astral Traveling/Projection. However I do understand the basis of subtle energy and have developed my skills through Chi Energetics and can perform minor healing to those in need and can influence energies around me for example changing negative energy form into

(18 May '20, 23:28) Moonbeam

... positive energy form. I do respect the theory of BioGeometry but in fairness it is old science and I do find myself on the fence about the theory of "Morphic Resonance" as it seems to limit psi phenomenon through collective thought and habit. Higher dimensional Awareness cannot be explained through the eyes of Science as of yet as they can only build their theories and speculations on the basis of 3D thinking. Thanks for the interesting read as I am always open to learning new ideologies.

(19 May '20, 00:02) Moonbeam

It seems to me that you're very gifted in thjs domain ... why not just accept it and use it for the benefit of others ... you've already been a great innspiration for me :)

(19 May '20, 00:16) jaz
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